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Monday, August 30, 2021

Remember ---Our Warning About SEDM Materials

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have provided the Assemblies with the SEDM "Bible" --- with the warning that it is written from the perspective of a Federal Citizen. It applies to them, not to us. It gives us insight into their system, not ours.
Don't get confused and start using SEDM material with references to our stance and status, because it does not apply to us.
It applies to THEM and is to be used as a reminder of their self-published obligations ---- we are not at all obligated by any of these Federal Laws, except in the very rare cases where we are engaged in federally regulated activities. Period.
We are not "Taxpayers" for example. We are not Federal Employees nor are we Federal Dependents. We are not "Voters" --- we are "Electors".
As exhaustive and enlightening as the SEDM materials are in casting light onto the Federal laws and processes, we are Americans. Not Federales.
And Americans don't do "Affidavits" when they are standing on the land and soil of this country. Americans do "Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit".
Americans standing under the Public Law have no reason to reference the private law of the corporations, except to remind them of their own published obligations.
As Amendment XI provides --- Americans are not responsible for knowing or obeying any foreign law and the only reason we reference SEDM materials is to shed light on the foreign corporate laws that are supposed to be binding upon our Employees, not us.
Pay attention to our side of the argument, which is basically, that as long as we are denominating all our money as lawful money and not engaged in federally regulated (for us) activities, we have no obligation to obey their private corporate laws. They have an obligation to obey our Public Laws, including the Constitutions.
All Americans need to remember and assert that they are exempt from 90% of all "federal laws". The only federal laws that apply to Americans (as opposed to U.S. Citizens) are those published in the Congressional Record (8-10% of all federal laws). The bulk of federal laws published in the Federal Register (90-92%) don't apply.
And of those 8-10% of all federal laws that do apply to Americans, they only apply if we are engaged in federally-connected and regulated activities.
So reminder to everyone in receipt of the SEDM materials --- those materials are about THEM, not about us. Apply them as reminders to all federal officials, but do NOT subscribe, submit, or imagine that these forms, practices, or procedures apply to us. They have been provided to the Assemblies to inform the Assemblies of what the Federal practices and requirements for Federal Employees are.

They say virtually nothing about us or how our government is set up and what requirements we have as Americans standing under the Public Law. To fully inform yourselves as to the contract between us and them, learn the two Constitutions that are readily available to you.


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  1. Has any of SEDM material help people more the Annas material ?

    1. SEDM cites lots of court cases and is very thorough in explaining/defining words. I have found this helpful even though, as Anna says, the writings are from a Federal Citizen's perspective. Take a look.

  2. Replies
    1. for answers. Sovereign Education and Defense Ministry.

  3. So if someone is awarded a lot of money and they don’t give the government their cut, they will just take it and arrest you. Your article is great but if we tell them that it doesn’t apply to you, you’ll end up in court and they will bankrupt you. So how to protect yourself and your money?

    1. Jon: You protect yourself by declaring yourself as an American State National (or American State Citizen, if you become active in your assembly) and giving "THEM" notice, along with your Mandatory Notice, which clearly states you're not any type of corporate citizen. Until you separate yourself from the corporate government, it/they will want their cut. GET OUT OF "THEIR" SYSTEM NOW!!! Go to:

  4. denominating all our money as lawful money and not engaged in federally regulated (for us) activities

    Is there a place where you have previously identified/listed the steps or process of what is required to denominate money?

  5. See articles 115 and 1832 on, and probably others.


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