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Monday, August 30, 2021

In Memory Of Robert David Steele

 By Anna Von Reitz

The mainstream is out in full hue and cry, crowing that Robert David Steele, affectionately known as "RDS" -- died of a disease he never believed in, but in the current atmosphere, we don't even know for sure that RDS is dead, much less what he died of.
We do know that the treatment they gave him was not the treatment he repeatedly requested: Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine. We do know that they put him on a ventilator, and that ventilators kill lung patients on a regular basis, simply by being improperly adjusted.
There were always questions about Robert. He openly admitted his shadow past as a CIA agent and informant. We were led to believe that he was a good guy who turned against his old pals, and that is certainly how he lived his life for the past dozen years or so. He became a white hat's White Hat in a sea of black hats and did such laudatory things as exposing the theft of trillions of dollars by Wall Street insiders, Goldman-Sachs, and banks.
His attack on the Securities and Exchange Commission is second only to those similar exposures made by his British counterpart, Christopher Storey, who proclaimed to the world a simple truth that everyone has yet to hear: "Securitization is illegal!"
RDS always claimed that, while he believed my integrity --- probably because of the way I answered questions more than the content of what we were talking about --- he never understood how it all went together, and how the American Government was different than the US Government.
Now, it wasn't that he couldn't intellectually understand the relatively simple facts I was laying out. It was that he couldn't agree with it in public, as an officer and a gentleman who was still holding a commission. He couldn't "understand" in the legal sense of that word, yet he wanted to help me get the word out to people who would be able to understand and help change the world.
God bless him for that. He was sticking his neck out and he knew it and did it anyway.
We had a falling out of sorts late in our relationship, over the "Arise, America!" tour. He wanted us to get more exposure for the Assembly Process, so he invited us to participate in that, too, but it quickly grew and changed into a multimedia Hollywood-style blitz with professional lighting and sound crews and multi-million dollar budgets.
It wasn't our style of operation any more and for people scrabbling around spending money on brochures and renting meeting spaces, it was too rich for our blood, so we withdrew. We didn't mean to have our motives for that withdrawal questioned, as it really was a no-brainer.
Our idea of a "nationwide tour" is the old-fashioned kind, where you take a couple of buses, half a dozen talented people, and roll from community to community, setting up educational programs in town halls and school gymnasiums and church basements, hand out more educational materials and contact information and roll on..... a "bologna sandwich" kind of tour, where there aren't any celebrities, sound stages, and a hundred roadies to carry it all.
Our idea of a nationwide tour is more like a High School Variety Show, less like a Hollywood movie.

I explained that to RDS, but he was convinced that what he was offering us was the Big Time and he got angry amid the constantly changing and expanding parameters of the endeavor.
He said he would never speak to me again, and now there is little doubt that's true. I am sorry for that. I'll miss his constant updates. His generous spirit. His upbeat, energetic attitude.
Much as he believed me, but couldn't understand me, I will raise a glass to him, too.


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  1. this was reported several months ago,... like six? on david zublick rumble channel and others... that time it was a false report.
    what is going on with this?
    they later said that before he went on his 100 day tour this summer, that he had packed up everything out of his home, as if he was not coming back; getting a divorce or something?
    i mean, im just posting what was "out there" before the tour.

  2. I forget what website I was on...but clicked a link (couple or three words in red) and wound up on a McAfee site...thought that was interesting. Too soon to really know what happened-- heart attack sounds right, but I'll keep looking around for several days. He, while touring, got right with God and was believing in Jesus Christ--- even ended some of his Patriot relationships like with Scott McKay... so, we'll see.

  3. RDS TRUTH will no doubt be shared resulting from his passing. The logo for his Anti child trafficking group is oddly antithetical to the mission statement. I will say no more this day.

  4. I was expecting this to happen to Robert! I have followed him for several yrs. I hope he had a dead man switch in place because in my opinion Robert was murdered for the stuff he was putting out there esp about the trillions stolen by wall st. and the Pedo's,,,

  5. Because I could never figure him out, I found I could never trust him to the extent necessary in order to grant him some credence. There was always this nagging doubt, because there were too many mixed messages or mixed effects that emanated from RDS. It was not a matter of personality, as I know that any war will always benefit from having a Patton-esque character. Anyway, I suspect that many mysteries of this time will have to remain unsolved. However, in the end, we will learn enough in the process so that we will be able to decide what we allow to haunt us — or not.

  6. Robert David Steele's Friend Mark Tassi Says Hospital Killed Robert Steele. Hospital wouldn't allow Robert to take his HCQ pills. Robert was improving until hospital forced him to take medicine that made his lungs fill up with fluid. He also says Anthony Fauci is a member of a Satanic Cult. It's a good video.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing. I enjoyed watching his presentations.

  8. Wow!! Very passionate message from Mark Tassi on Instagram. Fauci is a part of Satanic Syndicate.

  9. As there is information that many got sick on these tours, there is certainly the possibility and credibility of 5G attacks on these occasions. There is evidence for this possibility:
    This is a way to easy target individuals which are undesired to the coming technocrazy.

  10. RDS would finger Israel as a world mafia head quarters.
    To his credit,
    And attacked the rip off of Wall Street trading with fake investment (naked short ).
    Foolishly loyal to government and couldn’t comprehend what Anna was telling him it’s all fake news, fake corporate courts, fake bills of attainer.roman civil law code and statutes for internal operations of government employees.
    Sheriff Mac refused to take it to the next level and comprehend the not only the dual system of laws common law vs Roman civil law state edict.

  11. "Hospitals are Death Traps," says Reader
    "They probably poisoned David --he went to the hospital and then they finished him off."

  12. Hospitals have been given federal money to place people on respirators - they get over $30,000 dollars to throw your ass on a respirator. So you are more valuable to them dead than alive.

    The irony is that he had the following posted on his web site:

    Posted on 2021/08/27
    Mirror: Ventilators Kill! One Out Of 32 Survive

  13. I followed his information on pedophilia, etc. but never thought the EXPENSIVE bus tour was a good idea.I also distrust most people that have been in the C.I.A.

  14. The militarization of the derp state Home land security for fake 9/11 dude we were attacked but not by Muslims.
    The bearcats in every Andy of Mayberry town swat was barely used not its thousands of predawn invasions.tempel Texas was the site of a bundy ranch type stand off 400 Texans with rifles stood in protest of the unlawful seizure of Texans guns .The
    Deep state responded with every school cop DEA , ATF , FBI ,cop, state troopers, ,constable,sheriff and deputies, Home land security both showing force .
    They will definitely go against the people for a paycheck.a Tobert David Steele would say Israeli training out law enforcement to treat people like cockroaches.

  15. It makes me so sad.. All of this fakery.. Parse, syntax... Flags!! What IS THE TRUTH!??? TALK ABOUT. .correctiong your course?? Who can move without feeling like youre going to get your toes shot off if you move a muscle towards where you think you should go!! DAMN IT!!


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