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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

An Open Letter to The Archbishop of Canterbury

 By Anna Von Reitz

To: The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury
From: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary of The United States of America
It has come to our attention that the Queen vacated her Christian Coronation Office a mere three days after the Public Covenant Ceremony took place, and has also therefore left the land and soil jurisdiction of Great Britain vacated since June of 1953.
These facts have been definitively proven and entered into the Public Court Record in the matter of JAH v. Regina.
This circumstance has also deprived the Church of England of its Supreme Governor for nearly seventy years.
At which point, if any, is it required of you by Law and tradition, to recognize the fact that the People of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have been deprived of the Christian Monarchy they were solemnly promised, and that the sovereign is in effect, missing, from the land and soil?
The entirety of Great Britain and the associated Commonwealth is about to succumb to Claims on Abandonment brought by creditors simply because there is and has been no competent Head of State occupying the land and soil jurisdiction of Great Britain for almost seventy years.
Does this not strike you as both an emergency for the nation and a crisis of conscience for the Church of England?
Our research indicates that in this peculiar circumstance, the hereditary Lord High Steward, Earl of Shrewsbury, is responsible for caretaking and rulership of the vacated land and soil jurisdiction in the Queen's Absence.
It would seem that as the Official presiding over Royal Coronations, you would also be the Person singularly most responsible for recognizing these facts and making the announcement that the Lord High Steward has invoked his birthright and repopulated the vacated land and soil jurisdiction owed to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, along with that of the Commonwealth Territories.
This singular action by Ivan Talbot, the current hereditary Lord High Steward, stands to save not only England, but all the other states and nations that depend upon England. These same innocent people similarly depend upon you and the Church of England, to preserve and defend them.
Will you accept the role, right, and responsibility that Divine Providence has placed upon you to preserve the actual Government of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales? The Earl of Shrewsbury has done his duty by Queen and country. Will you do yours?
This is not the first time that your Office has been addressed in this matter, and we can only pray that the shock of being formally addressed by a foreign government and being presented with this Public Warning of the consequences of further inaction, will be sufficient to fulfill both our Treaty Obligations and spur you to take the very necessary actions required.
Please immediately announce that the land and soil jurisdiction has been repopulated and the Lord High Steward has taken command of it, as required by Law and tradition, in the Queen's continued Absence.
We do not at this point know where Elizabeth II is, but we know for sure that in terms of Law she has been absent from the land and soil jurisdiction for nearly seventy years, and that the Offices of the Coronation have been similarly vacated this entire time. If the action by the Lord High Steward is not immediately supported, there is the very real danger that your country will lose its standing among the nations of the world and be subjected to resettlement.
In addition to making the Public Announcement, we urge you to bring this continuing emergency to the attention of the House of Lords. The Peers of England must be summoned and made aware of the seriousness of the situation and the requirements of international land law which otherwise stand to be violated.
No other man or Office is more singularly responsible for the Conscience of the British People, no other Spiritual Leader is more critical to the preservation of the Public Good at this moment in history. Please, for the sake of the whole world, admit the truth and accept the remedy that is provided by your own country's Law and tradition. If Elizabeth II were present and occupying her Lawful Office, we cannot suppose that she would wish you or Lord Talbot to do otherwise.
So signed, sealed, and delivered by my hand on this 18th day of August in the year of 2021:

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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  1. when you're writing to these church officers, theyre a corporation too.

    its the same as writing a CEO, like Donald J. Trump.

    theyre both fiction.
    both only apply to corporations, not to man.

    why are you still writing to fictions when the MEN (collectively) hiding behind the fiction masks are the ones who stole mankinds property and much much more? the corpses didnt; neither did the corpses officers; the men Acting as Corpse Officers did.

    what good will that ever do?
    you entered their fiction world and
    they can just keep on discharging their crimes as fast as you bring them forward -- like they've apparently been doing.

    the people need to move themselves back into American, NOT British, common law so we can peacefully and lawfully make our rightful claims for restoration by the MEN who actually carried out the harm upon us.

    this writing to fictions could go on forever with no positive results for the people harmed.

    1. all:
      are manmade fictions.

      proof: none are found occurring in nature.

      man, being under our creators authority:
      we are not bound by them, or to them, unless we choose to be from our own genuine freewill.

      janmarie on bluebird acre.

    2. theyre all together, money, politics, religion.

      repeating obelisks:
      1.Religions fiction:
      vatican city: st peters square: from heliopolis, egypt; built by Pharoah MENCARES 1835BÇ in honor of the sun; brought to rome 37AD from alexandria by Emperor Caligula.
      (source: and
      2. Finance Fiction:
      city of Westminster (London) England: Temple Bar.
      London Needle.
      Cleopatras Needle, from egypt.

      3. municipality of washington, district of columbia: washington monument: political fiction.
      cleopatras needle new york city needle: secured in 1877 by JUDGE farman: general consul general at cairo, egypt.

      *****it seems that FRANCE AND BRITIAN TRIED TO TAKEOVER CONTROL of the egyptian government in 1870s
      ... WHILE PRETENDING TO BE FRIENDS with the egyptian people and their leaders.*****
      anyone know about this?
      if true, is there ANYone theyve made friends with that they didnt (read in piglatin):ab-sta in the back?
      Looks like theyve done the same damm thing to everybody.

      hell theyre out there telling everyone "the Americans" are doing it??!!!??

      they need a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long time to think about what theyve done... then come and tell us all what they think their "consequences" should be.

    3. Fictions are part of the Cover-up scheme, to not have to explain the western Massive Gold Theft.... associating with their secret Fractional Banking, secret CIA, Vietnam war...

      Winston Churchill, Mountbatten, Truman, Eisenhower,...JFK...Nixon... the Chinese First Communist Party, the French, all coordinating things up, to affecting this generation diabolically.

      Their Karma now after them in this age.

    4. GoodE2boots, Why in pig latin?, and it would be: tabsay niay hetay ackbay. For pig latin. Seems irrelevant tough.

    5. just james,
      thanks for interpreting. im a little rusty on my igpay attinlay. will have to brush up.

    6. in general, good boots sounds correct: common law flesh and blood should not address legal fictions, go for the real man or woman.

      however, this is oversimplication. once you have: father, mother, daugher, son, get "titles". nevermind "jobs" and other titles, or all the other family relations, wife and husband, etc. even "neighbor"

      "persons" personas. even outside of roman civil law. call them what you want, same thing. EVERYWHERE. all types of law.

      ditto "family" look now you have a "body" of people just like a "corporation" or "incorporation". it is another "corporation" (group of people belonging to "one body" or representing the single family name, etc.)

      and, as good boots claims "the creator" -- look a spirit. same as roman law. so a group of people claiming to represent a spirit. wow, exact same as roman civil law "incorporation" (provide a body to a spirit; spirits have no bodies; see dictionary).

      so, you get these corporations and incorporations and spirit games no matter what type of law you are in -- roman civil law alone does not do this, so does goodboots and many others.

      and religions have nothing to do with nature? ridiculous. you literally quoted a sun obelisk. as above so below. that is the ENTIRE religion game. its why we have quintessence kabbalistic jesus, morning star venus apocalypse jesus, "the lord" saturn who makes all things new again -- these are all nature entities.

      matthew 16:19 without hermes/mercury/thoth "as above so below" there is no religion PERIOD. "above" is going to always be star, planets, or alchemy quintessence -- something from nature. maybe a magic mushroom of growth. maybe a magical elixir of life. maybe purifying waters (as baptisms are).

      as you see, good boots is doing the same person thing, which is inherent to all law. she claims to be some body with "the creator" spirit inside here. wham bam, we have a legal fiction person once again. call it what you will. exactly the same as roman law "persons".

      this is one area the "common law" people need to get a clue. there is no escaping persons or corporations or incorporations. these are just word games. while that does not excuse them ignoring american law and taking over, there is no real difference in reality.

      chesterton's fence. do not "reform" until you understand something first. else, you can and will make things worse.

      declaration of independence, america is under nature's god. hermes/mercury/thoth. quite the cognitive dissonance to say this is not "religion"

      its only religion and persons when you do it, when i do it its not.

      common law people and "americans" need to come back to reality on these issues. lies enslave. truth sets free.

      truth is more nuanced than these one-dimensional shallow oversimplications. word games is how things got into this mess. more word games will just make things worse -- and might even lead to a worse mess.

    7. it never ceases to amaze how people say with a straight face "the creator" and "nature's god" is a) not religion b) religion is not based on nature c) this is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than roman civil law persons and spirits and corporations and incorporations

      same exact thing, just more word games. there is no salvation in law. "the creator" does not save. nature is not god.

      its only religion when other people do it, not when i command people obey my "creator" and respect my fictional "persons". never ceases to amaze, some of the "patriot" myths.

      there is enough crime and fraud to go around everywhere, not to devolve into this type of nonsense and chicanery and "ruses".

    8. besides, declaration of independence is just "transfigured" king james "true law" where the decided they themselves were "kings" who 'precede" the state/gov/etc.

      so, it most definitely is "religion". just "transfigured" and put themselves as having plural "kings" title. again, persons.

      king james fell into worship of nature idolatry, to justfiy his position, and americans followed suit, and decided to spread it further. to justify their "fall" into worldliness.

      so, imagine a million king james's who fell into nature worship idolatry, and here we are today. not much changes in the long term.

      yes, king james "true law" is totally not religion. because when we do the exact same thing "transfigured" for multiple people, its magically not religion.

      these kind of deceptions are how things got so bad.

    9. I believe in a higher power which is the one true most high God the Father and the son our Lord Jesus Christ who is our Commander. To be positive and fighting Tierney injustices at every turn. I am against the Cabal/blue blood 13 families & the Crowns worldwide.

    10. xerces,
      Am reading your comments again...
      Again. (3x). im serious!

      i "get":
      para 1, para 2. para 3.
      really like para 4.
      para 5: yes (i believe) i am connected to my creator even though i cant see him; yes, he shared his life with me/us.
      para 6: agree: yes being part of a group requires agreeing to do certain things you might not otherwise have to do. you have to be TOLD ABOUT IT THO before you "join". and nobody can join up FOR you. you have to agree.
      para 7: para 8:
      a. i said you cant find a religion, money, or politics in nature. theyre manmade fictions and you are not obligated to a manmade fiction unless you agree.
      b. when do you think i said as above so below?... i dont think ive ever said "as above so below" in my entire life.
      however, i see the point youre making here; that is that: man takes things that occur naturally IN nature and makes a god/religion out of them himself.. manmade gods from created things. that was my point too. we agree on that.
      para 9 para 10:
      man is man first, then if he wants to participate in fictions, he can do so if he chooses to.
      ex: i (am) woman.
      i can choose to be an American state national, State Citizen, student, best friend, justice of the peace.
      if i want to.
      fictions are secondary. i can pick them up or put them down.
      theyre man made. i, being creator-created, am always woman, even when ive chosen to act like a State Citizen at times, im still ACTUALLY (a) woman and man is not subject to fictions he created.
      ive said this a couple times before:
      natures god as you define it is different than my definition.
      you bring in thor and hermes and all these Myths that im not even interested in, so know virtually nothing about them and so could not possibly be applying them to my definition of natures god!
      all that you wrote is your definition of natures god.
      not mine.
      heres mine: the self-existent one who created all things.
      thats it.
      thats what *i* mean.

      second comment: see above

      third comment:
      para 1 and 2:
      i dont recall anywhere in the decl of Indep where they referred to themselves as kings.
      ...they took their separate and equal station among the powers of the earth.
      para 3 and 4
      agree: nature worship is "idolatry".
      adoring and recognizing the one who created nature itself is very different than worshipping a star or any other created thing. imo.
      para 5 and 6:
      if you still meant me:
      i dont think kjv is "true law": i suspect its been messed with;
      nor do i believe in magic.

      i dont see a whole lot of difference in our conclusions about these things.

    11. GoodE2bootsn I think I may have botched it do to the single syllable words, regardless I was more curious is to why you made mention to pig latin. Pig latin reminds me of indoctrination camp, when they told us you could win prize money for anyone who could come up with there own unique and functional language.

      Translations always seem to be murky if you dont know all the rules to each language your translating to and from (Or your trying to deceive someone). It makes for getting into the minds of the past that your studying up on a lot more interesting aswell.

      But as we progress into these agendas, most Americans cant even speak properly in their native tongue, let alone a foreign one. Then you say "hell they're telling everyone the americans are doing it." Its also in the back of my mind, how its so important they come up with a new language for the new world that they inscribed it on granite stones in 8 (specific) modern languages (of the 7000 currently used today). And trying to talk to todays youth, sounds like it can get a "lil cray cray" for some elderly.
      One would think is easier to keep us compartmentalized with 7000 languages as opposed to one. But then again how easy it would be to cut generations off with a brand new language no one knows, except those whose survived the pandemic...

      Xerces yakir is keen on cognitive dissonance revolving around religions. Extremely more elaborate than I could have ever been, but its obvious they exist due to "murky" translations and interpretations. Mans writings have left me to only have beleif in myself and the abilities I've honed in on. Until god reveals itself/thyself? to me I can only hold on to that one belief to keep me moving. And if I come across god, I can at least say, I gave it my best with what I had forgive me if it was not good enough... is there a smoking section up here or can I just burn one freely :)

      I've always felt politics were pure distraction from what we should be focusing on, which is us, taking care of us, and not crying out for some savior. The only way out of it, is by walking away. Not expecting anything to be returned to anyone. And just moving on to the next chapter in our lives, were we won't need papers to tell us how to treat one another, or how to identify one another. We deal with each and every individual situation with our minds, hearts, and experience. There will always be decievers but if we got rid of the monetary system by just doing what we do, that would eliminate more than half the deceivers off the rip. If everyone is taken care of, alls you would have to fend against is murder, everything else is material.

      So you start off bartering amongst locals till everyone is well maintained. Start exporting and importing goods with the next towns over, and one day before you know it, everyone is saying, "oh you need some carrots for dinner, heres a dozen. Dont mention it." Just ignore the bad behaviors and they will all go away, like the imaginary monsters you've only manifested upon yourselves, by crying out for a savior. I mean, with solar panels, 3d printers, old school lathes and some good ol can-do attitude, we got this. Let them "take their bat and ball(even if we paid for it) and go home".

    12. just james,
      we just used to goof around with it in elemschool.

      you have really good ideas, imo.
      there are going to have to be people who self-start and get the ball rolling.

      i want to ask bubba about how to start a local community bank, but yes, barter is straightforward. we could have local "scrip" too.

      it will be fun.

      we have to at the same time or before, tho, dismiss the crooks from where theyre burrowed in pretending to be public officers working for the good of the people.
      theyre not gonna wanna go. :)
      theyve been living on easystreet for a long time.

    13. Haha, thats funny. Is she part of the assemblies, because if she is theres a 50% chance she doesnt. How many times I've read repost and reiteration of previously stated logistics and procedures you guys continually get wrong... again and again (reminds me slightly of voters, but their still at it, and harder than ever). But here you are (anonymously non the less) jeering at others like your on some kind of a high horse. Some self governing your capable of while spewing devisivly against, for alls you know, is an honestly lost american looking for honest rebuttal. I do believe most of these comments started out in respectable manners, as they were ignored time and time again, they have just been blurted out everytime with out regard to how intelligent you all think you are. AND THEN you speak, in turn, proving otherwise.

    14. within about the last 24 hours i read from imo a credible source that the obelisks do NOT just have to do with mythological isis osirus 14 pieces/pisces fish pregbelly erecpeinses!!!!

      they said that those obelisks are symbols of pead oh. fell e ya!!

      what if they just made up the damm fish/ pregbelly/ 14 pieces:pisces storyline to cover up what those stone cement erecpeinses REALLY symbolize???
      maybe they are just really a marker showing those who know the "code" that the land has been claimed by the "leaders" for the things we are hearing that the "EL-ites" (world-wide) do with mankinds sons and daughters?
      it does sound like the way they do things.

      reading over the above makes me feel sick to my stomach. nauseated.

      if true, *IF*, then BAR members? ("judge"-1877) is accepting and allowing those kinds of symbols/markers to be placed on our land?? (its our land because we were and are composed of it. its our "dust to dust".):
      1. in new york city where original CORPORATION gathered (fact check pls);
      2. AND in washington dc??

      if those are markers for pea dough, then were British and French then trying to *protect* the people when they attacked egyptian "friends"?
      or maybe it was yet another group altogether who was posing as British, French, or Egyptians.

      now i certainly do question the storyline weve been handed.

      were going to find all this out.
      all records of facts are stored somewhere, probably in the vatican or jerusalem catacombs; maybe pyramids too, or other secret hiding places.

      one thing im speculating on:
      if we are told things happened a certain way, then its likely that what is actually true is the exact opposite.

    15. anonymous,
      ref:HEY BOOTS.

      Give me a verifiable example of what youre talking about and i will answer you.

      without a verifiable claim, youre just wasting peoples time.

    16. goodE2boots - on the Obelisks, they're many of them & you're correct, its not a Osiris penis, they're land grid markers, as conductors of energy, & water. I think many, if not most the big ones, are made of geopolymer, the recipe is stolen, harder than actual stone.
      The jews vulgarize that which they don't want us to know = jew Baalsh**t.

      Here's some fun info: What if: Also, Liberty Enlightening the World was changed to "Statue of" Liberty by the jews, who also hexxed it, placing a bad poem by jewess Emma Lazarus 'The New Colossus' with that baalcr*p 'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses' made onto a plaque & 'screwed' onto Liberty. The other jew Israel Zangwell wrote The Melting Pot play, which is also associated with Liberty. ITS ALL JEW LIES. At the time it was made into fiction 'Statue of' & all the filth attached, which we have imbedded so deeply in our psyche we think its true.
      We think its law, ok. No it is not. We are told thats what America is all about.... for the jew to destroy America.

      Liberty Enlightening the World's frame was built by Eiffel, of Eiffel Tower, which is an energy tower, the energizing elements have been removed. This is Free Energy from the ethers, as Tesla produced. White Christian America gave Free Energy & the jews came along & destroyed it, monetized & harvests us for that which was free, natural, non-polluting. Whites gave it to the world for free, easy tech.
      The buildings are extravagant architecture, built long prior, & sits upon whats called a Star Fort. Look up Star Forts, they are beautiful & not forts. We're so lied to about every friggin thing.
      Kudos to those who venture for the truth, goodE. thanks & stay sane

    17. quick note: Now Juan O Savin is piping the idiot narrative that its Osiris' penis & all the trash, vulgarities associated with it. People think they finally know. Keep pushing forward. All the ugly is there to hide our recent magnificence.
      WHAT IF: America had 100 great cities prior to 1776, with magnificent architecture that could never have been built by 'horse & buggy'. No it most certainly was not. Canals lined with precise even stone. Railroads existed prior to the lie of Railroad Barons, look at the photos, they are digging the rails out of mud, not constructing. Look at the attire, the lack of building equipment.
      Salt Lake City cathedral was NOT built by said Mormons, no possible way. It was already there, by a salt lake = Cathode = Cathedral = divine energy built under Cath'lic Church, which was integral part of governance, as Christian schools, orphanages, hospitals, agriculture, homes for disadvantaged, widows & so on. This is why its important to propagandize the Catholic Church as bad, as Anna does all the time.

      What if it too is all a lie to destroy what was so great, prosperous, productive, abundant, charged with divine energy? Dunno... just saying.

  2. Vacated same reason Aberham Springsteen aka Lincoln bankrupt the federal territorial contractor to declare an emergency martial law.
    That way have a pretense to evoke some boozo professors Leiber code fake laws.
    The unsupervised setting up straw man governments that’s corporate and offshore so can’t be touched as the Australian Justinian code reveals.
    If the did it there you can bet all nations have shadow governments.

    1. rosicrucian lincoln. rosicrucian woodrow wilson. more?

      yes, shadow governments is known as masonry. opposite of building on christ.

  3. .
    So far which was better living conditions DJT or the DNC ?

  4. .
    Like the Vatican and Rome are not the real cause of the worlds evil!

    What humanitarian rescue efforts has the church done for the world with the Billion they have stolen and is in the Vatican in the banks?

    Talking to the same people that caused the wickedness in the world to make amends..........LOL

    1. .
      What has changed in 4,000 is still a slave but the people are willing to be a obedient slave (wearing masks that dont work) now, before the people were forced

    2. vatican II is just doing johns baptism for the "new age" and supposed 144000. so yes, they are trying to damn everyone to apocalypse jesus of hell.

      holy ghost saves. johns baptism does not. they didnt start the fire. yes, they are currently engaged in pouring napalm and gasoline on it.

      so, they have gone "millenialist". identical to masons and their love of saint john. identical to anna's "2nd coming" too.

      so yes, the millenium heresy is all around. as are the fake baptisms/mark of the beast. this is why we battle not with flesh and blood.

      yes, there are 1.5 billion (their numbers) marked vatican II people. + whatever other masons. + whatever protestant "marked" people and others.

      so yes, apocalypse rolls on...with vatican II leading the way. but many others as well.

  5. Painting with to broad a brush Maximus,
    Far more complex
    You say 4 thousand years the world was survival of the fittest.
    A mix of good and evil the Evil Canaanites were the word cannibal canaanite plus Baal worship .
    Jesus told the Canaanite woman “I cannot give to dogs.”
    In same vein Hittites,scribes,Pharisee,Edomites , Assyrian, Egyptians, .
    God said must wipe out the enemy .
    Progressing forward 1200 BC Canaanite changed thair name to Phoenician,who teamed up with the other black nobility types and stormed Constantinople and the 770 ad Jewish Moors attacked Christian Spain and held it till 1492 when the rats (Columbus) got out of Dodge.
    Teaming up with Turk Mongolia road toll booth operators.
    Perfecting thair art of offshore banking Monopoly money murder inc.

    1. Bubbapatrick, how do you know what God said?? The word written in any form have been done so by man...

    2. Can’t site bible verse but many preachers repeat the intent but I could research it .

    3. heres one:
      deuteronomy 20:17.

  6. The Catholic Church was deliberately sabotaged
    With creation of Jewish Jesuits and till today the Babylonian Talmud worshiping masons pay homage to founder Ignasious Lylola who had a bad foot by untying a shoe in rites also see James fields challenger spitting out tennis shoes and in Charlie Hebdoos false flag .
    1970 they succeed in all Bishops being communist and gay .
    Catholics are firmly aware of situation.

  7. The barbarian Alexander madisonian was not Caucasian Greek and had to get special approval to participate in Greek Olympic Games .
    Creating the Library of Alexandria were Babylonian Talmud is the teaching child rape and one world order .
    To this day the zionest declares the secular humanism of Alexandria the intellectual foundation.
    The opposing Caucasian in Greece lost and victor writes history.
    All races know we’re they came from but not white boy truth is Saxon is Issac’s son , the tribe of Dan up the Danue river the Danish .
    Yes the erasing of history by Egyptian Baal worshippers priest who hated fair hair /skin blue eye sons of Shem who build the pyramids.
    The black Egyptian claim it was built by a wondering Shepherd.
    Egyptian chief Archaeologist identifies builder as Shem who behead the Evil Babylonian king Nimrod who the masons worship.

    1. Tony Blair, and GW Bush also used the term "Barbaric" to apply to Saddam, as excuses to take Iraqis Gold and Oil. Pretty clever weren't they? using Scapegoat excuses to rob some countries..

    2. thoth says he built the pyramids. ibis needed a warm perch to keep him warm i guess lol. phi.pdf -- look there. yezidi peacock angel, jupiter, mercury,.....and a wave of pyramids as hermes sometimes holds up on a globe. just a claim, certainly dont agree with everything on that site or that document, etc.

      just matches thoth's claim about pyramids were built to harness earth energy.

      jewish encyclopedia "hiram" "hyrum" -- you will see that was onyl reason "god" announced death on adam and everyone else.

      so, it was all hiram's fault, lol. masons/alchemy tend to love "bad" bible characters, especially old testament. those are always the ones claiming "secret knowledge"

    3. and, hiram's cursed damned "artificially constructed" 7 heavens sank into the revive in the world to come. see apocalypse "sea of glass" etc.

      so, now you understand masonry. try to revive hiram's temple that was buried in the earth, totally invert new testament. (as well as judaism, not unlike frankism)

      so, that is hiram. compare yezidi peacock angel. this seems very common "archetype". except the yezidi never claimed the peacock angel was god. but it is a common "fall" story of someone inflated with pride. solomon, david, abraham, moses, .....lots of bible characters fell into one sin or another. noah did too IIRC. masonry seems like they purposely choose and idolize all the "bad" bible characters. tubal cain too.

      so yes, supposed "2nd coming" and "millenium" is the triumph of hyrum's "artificially constructed" idolatry/temple rising from the ashes.

    4. bubba, if you get a chance:
      the video reffed below: shelby says is buffering like hell: talks about Dan being the Judge.
      lots more.
      do you agree?
      dan danish
      issac son saxon... puzzle pieces, coming together.

  8. Wow Anna!
    Very Well said!!!
    All The Best, Wirkin

  9. Troth Amon, there’s Ra the god of Shem Troth
    Not even going into Sumerian clay tablets with Enki and the hybrid genetic manipulation.
    Lots of ancient artifacts they shouldn’t be here or how all our domestic grains domestic cattle , mathematics,astronomy, zodiac,all appeared one one place on Earth at one time .
    Have read all of sitchens books twice believe he has it cold save that for coffee chat some time.
    Warp your mind
    Mankind child of the stars .

    At video marker 23 minutes he begins to discuss the current push for globalism and how it fits into the Bible and Revelations. He discusses the 13 bloodlines. A Pentagon insider states US Joint Chiefs waiting for the return of the old gods Zeus and Apollo.

  11. The movie the 4th kind is made be an actual language expert in 6 thousand year old dead language.
    Appears a high incidence of disturbing dreams in Nome Alaska so remote only can be accessed by plane husband and wife , team of psychiatrists using hypnosis and video recording sessions.
    The discovered that people were being visited and blocking dream could be removed in hypnosis the recall was so terrifying people were killed thair families on live sheriffs official cam.
    So we have variable official evidence .
    The producer sumarian language expert concluded visitors were speaking Sumerian and were identifying them selves and what they wanted .
    Dialogue going with the annuiki who claimed to be GOD so you see it’s another way of viewing our origins.

    1. Its funny when someone with an american "accent" can stump a hispanic, while speaking fluent spanish. Lets not mention chinese speaking english. but we're sure they were speaking sumerian when we hear a 6000 year old dead language. I guess the dialect is close enough to akkaidian, we can catch the jist though. Hes gotta be a mainstream scholar. Because he is quite the expert.

    2. Not sure your intent , you can watch the movie/ documentary.
      There’s always skeptics, the jist is it syncs with all Zachariah Sitchens life long research.
      Believe we came from apes if you want .
      Top scientists know the truth and indeed we use alien technology.
      Enough said .

  12. They've been stealing shit and putting in legislation to fleece the populace for decades
    Governance by the charities you built with your ignorant donations over the last 50 or so years, as we see children’s charities run riot to collect your offspring into the asset base of the social services, now fully incorporated and serving only profit.