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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Another Refutation of TROH --- Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have had to comment, repeatedly, about "the Reign of the Heavens Society" and the complete bunk it keeps publishing, but this time they went over the top.
Now, they are telling people that all "Yeshuaians" --- followers of Jesus, who adopt a "33 + 3" calendar, are "sealed" by a "Blood Moon" and have to bow knee to their version of "The United States of America".
They are also claiming that this allowed them to ignore the US Postmaster General.
They also claim that The United States of America is a sovereign government.
No sane person could make this stuff up without the assistance of hallucinatory drugs.
Let's take these claims in reverse order:
The United States of America is not a sovereign government. It's an unincorporated Holding Company. It's a business with a "doing business as" Proper Name. This particular business structure was formed by the actual sovereign States of the Union in 1776, so that they would have an agent to act for them "mutually" --that is, as a group-- in international and global affairs.
As a Holding Company, The United States of America "holds" various "powers" that belong to the separate and sovereign States. It exercises those powers for the benefit of the States as a group. The United States of America is the first entity ever in receipt of "delegated powers" donated by the States, and it is the Primary Delegator of those powers from 1776 onward.
That is what The United States of America actually is and always was.
Whatever else TROH thinks it is, only God knows, but the same principle I observed recently with regard to the political Left appears to be at work here, too: these people don't actually know what "The United States of America" is or what it was organized to do, so they just make stuff up and redefine it at will.
Judging from their track record and the wild claims they have already made for it, their version of The United States of America is somewhere between the Big Rock Candy Mountain and the Province of Shangri La.
As for ignoring the US Postmaster General, I am sure that the US Postmaster General is relieved that he can ignore them and their claims, too.
The officers of the USA are not subject to the officers of the US and vice-versa.
The actual Post Master (land jurisdiction) and Postmaster (sea jurisdiction) of The United States of America can "ignore" the Postmaster General of the United States (air jurisdiction) because they work in different jurisdictions and for different employers. Go figure.
More importantly, TROH has no standing or valid claim to have any Post Office function related to the actual government of this country. Our Post Office and seat of government is founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; it existed well-before The War of Independence, and it is still there.
Once again, TROH doesn't understand the difference between USA and US and the various jurisdictions and offices and services involved, so, they apparently just made something up.
Finally, this cult-like spiel about "Blood Moons" and a "33 +3" calendar cycle and that people are "sealed" to obey some bunch of knotheads misrepresenting themselves as The Government of The United States of America---- that whole diatribe is so smelly and off the wall that even an old Dumpster Diver like me takes pause.
As we have discussed before, time doesn't exist. As a result, all calendars are fictitious cataloging systems based on various natural phenomena--- the precession of the constellations, the waning and waxing of the moon, or even the frequency of vibration of a hydrogen atom--- and it is all arbitrary and chosen by men who are about as infallible as weather reports.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing, sacred about any calendar, unless you want to talk about the "calendar" of festivals.
This same group, TROH, got all excited about the end of the Mayan Calendar, too, and were nonplussed as to why the world didn't end on the day they predicted, and why they were not raptured up to become the 144,000 Elect.
Maybe it's because none of them are virgins, they don't follow Yeshua's example, and the Mayans were pagan blood-sacrificers?
Just prior to the Winter Solstice of 2011 TROH was all over the internet, and the basic line was---- sign on with us now, or you can never be one of the super-elite leaders of the Reign of the Heavens Society. Sign up now, Buddy, or you are going to lose your slot in Heaven and never make the grade.
Oh, and send us money --- something like $1500, if I remember correctly -- a substantial sum, to mark your seat and save your place in this wonderful organization of those very, very special people who are called.
They seem to have forgotten that even Yeshua didn't have control of who is actually called, and that no money was ever involved.
The entire history of TROH is the same way. One preposterous episode after another.
It doesn't seem to matter whether the subject is religion or government with them, they just bounce back and forth, making it up as they go.
Now, I can't tell you why they are doing and saying all these whackjob things, but I can tell you that, yes, they are whackjob--- and to run like an antelope away.
Just like I remind everyone that English, not Dog Latin, is our official language --and to leave PARSE SYNTAX behind.
Things that don't make sense, and people who want to walk a crooked walk ---leave them behind.
If you have never read the Bible for yourself, now would be a good time. See for yourself what it actually says, so that you are not led astray.
If you have never studied American History (as opposed to US History) now is the time to do that, too, so that you are not misled about your government, either.
And always, let your own Shinola Sensor be your guide.

Truth can be stranger than fiction at times, and I can attest to that; but fiction is more usually the strange part of the equation.


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  1. Obviously, they are a cult, no different than Jim Jones etc... Why does anyone waste the energy on them.. ??

  2. I’m in agreement with Anna 100%. I have her back so it is.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Totally in agreement Anna Thank you

  5. I think historians are smart. The delve deeper into their subject matter more than anyone. I can spot them easier as I go. I also see that they are usually spiritually minded or religious. And I also see that because they research so well that they come to conclusions that seem to be worthy of inspection because they do this critical work. I learn a lot. But none of them ever agree. Yet they all continue to believe wholeheartedly what they have found in their perspective timelines and throw each other under the bus, not just these 2 but I notice it within this whole freedom movement. No consensus. No respect. Tough to figure out which way to go.

  6. i just want out of this shit show and there's too many articles on Anna's website that don't exactly point to what to do when one is being handled by the municipal government for driving "offences" where no one was hurt in any way shape or form...

    1. Dillen Shards - Go see I think Alphonse Fagiolo could help point you in the right direction

  7. The Mayan’s were probably some of the greatest astronomers ever.some of thair artifacts like the tomb lid of lord Pascal would take a computer and knowledge of science we can barely understand.
    Go easy on the blood sacrifice.
    They view it as the afterlife is heaven and reward the captain of a ball team who just won with death
    . Definitely into reincarnation.

  8. The super gods great leaders called super gods lord pascal of Mayan,Lord Chrisna of Hindu,Jesus of Christians,super enlightened in the words of Dan Winter who top physics would ask his advice.
    The enlightened spoke in the language of math atomic weight of substances,astronomy in zodiac,
    The super science of the sun.
    How to speak the truth as it tunes your heart much like children visioning forests creat vortex tube in mind they can see without thair eyes .
    Pyramid builders ,Mayan,celts.jesus .
    “God is who can steer the biggest tornado.”
    As Dan says..
    Mastered the power of nature.

  9. It’s like university’s are stuck in sir’s Einsteinium/ Rockefeller educational system akin to U.S. history vs America history.
    Herbert Dorsey’s book secret space program although out of the closet now.
    The technology is 20,30 years ahead of who funds them our labor our land .
    Common criminals hideing stolden nukes Israel,our gold in port a Rico ,Marianna’s, Philippines..
    space force commander says Marxist or origin of communist Jewis rabbi Karl Marxx .
    Eternal Enemies follows the Babylonian Talmud of telling lies and sexual deviants con artists Hollywood East west and in between Terrorizing our congress,the space force etc etc.

  10. Kieth Livingway is perhaps the craziest of the crazies....yes Anna..I have history with him too...nothing beats actual experience...right ?

  11. One frequent visitor to Tesla’s lab French Anton prierie.
    Noticed frequent visitors were healing serious health problems.
    He created what become known as prierie machine reproducing Tesla high energy he doused terminal cancer rats .
    They all lived and one step further he took a drop of blood from the survivors and cured more terminal cancer rats.
    Unfortunately they at the time didn’t comprehend the exact science and replicateing the experiment was not scientific so French gov killed the project.
    We now know the math certain frequency’s plants need and only that .
    The frequency is golden ratio similar to what makes plants grow
    It energizes your bio active energy .
    But you can do a lot without tec equipment getting away from metal of all sorts belt buckles pocket change .
    Natural fabrics , far away from electrosmog. 5G etc .

  12. would love to comment, but I have a rule and that is I never comment on stupid

    1. Oh pleas bring it you so smart prove it jack wagon

    2. I recognize your insignificant troll don’t mean a thing I am confident in what I know and can back it up eat s


  14. Thank you, Anna! God bless you ❤🙏

  15. Post Master (land) and Postmaster (sea) Post master general (air) .
    1776 created a holding company called The United States of America.
    Believe that is called the original equity contrast .
    1789 contracted with British against the will of many anti- federalist .so the duplicitous Alaxender Hamelton (Cohen) couldn’t be trusted on anything.