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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Mega-Drought & Mega Food Shortages – Dane Wigington on USA Watchdog


  1. So, we are being killed. Name the murderers. Then we kill them first. What other option do we have ?


    1. I am NOT stupid enough to work freely for the Two_to_Ten TOP financial & Property MANIPULATORS, ROBBERS, NARCISSITS, 😈😠 and the Antagganizers again.

      Their IOU $¥£ they recently created with the CCP are FAKE MONEYS, backed my Ancestors, people and my Gold. 😴😢 That could explain why the dollars losing values.

      They OVER MANIPULATED, and over STOLE EVERYTHING, from yours, snd my people for 170 years. I've made things clear, in writing in 2020 to the Sneaky Thieves, with their deceptive Corp. Names. They must clear their ROBBERY STATUS first. with their own real money: Gold and Silver only, they missed the deadlines, and Hidding their stolen assets of ours away on purpose.

      Watchout top 5 Banks. BoA. Jpg, FHHL fake homeloans, NationScam mortgages, BNP, Barclay, Fannie etc. 745+ All Corporate Water _Air signs. Mr. Peter Makowieki.. . < 1 of the Top Masters of Manipulations, known as neg. Pisces with Taurus, with their Neg. / Reversed Capricorn + Jupiter(Saggi), Pluto(Scorpios), all Reversed, or Toxic 😈😬😠😡 energies. He knows how to manipulate people emotions for profits in all cases.

  2. Food shortage lies.

    The lying corp. guys used illegal tools to snoop people emails, to steal people informations for their inside tradin activities in the last 35+ years, and more to rob, gps in secret, and to murder all walks of life. They packed their Google play and Google Maps in 1_piece 😈😠😬 to control our cell phones, 110% unlawfully, to control, manipulate everything, to abuse people around the globe, under the Govt Names. Are these the type of beginnings, you want from them People?
    It's madness, they are killing themselves together with us, due to their stupidity, and imbalance.

    If you doubt, or if you want to learn more how to stay away from the Robbers, see their Toxic Energies first, for yourself. Here is a good sample of their top Master Manipulator, to inspect . Add 60 days to this birth date: 27 February, 1960. That means 27, April 1960, City of birth? Eitheir Texas or a bit above it works fine. You shoul see his Capricorn in Reversed at house #9 (law, legal screwed) , Pisces #6, reversed (deceptive works, products), Jupiter (Saggi) and Pluto reversed, #8, people assets robbed etc.. The judges he communicated with, to rob people have lots of reversed energies likewise. Go online astrology site, to get a free chart if them. Adding 60 days means to get a progressive chart. At his current age. All psychologists used astrology tool to predict human misbehavior.


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