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Friday, April 2, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- 2 April 2021

 By Anna Von Reitz

Collapse of Ownership Interests
Please turn your attention to a small and seemingly unimportant part of the three original Federal Constitutions issued in our country as part of our Organic Law: Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.
All three Constitutions, the American Federal Constitution granted to the States of America, the British Territorial version, and the Papist Municipal version, all bear witness to this provision.
It allows the members of Congress to act as the plenary government of Washington, DC, the then-new Federal Capitol.
The idea was that everyone would have an equal interest in providing a beautiful and politically neutral setting to conduct business and that the members of Congress could be trusted to run a city government. They were allowed to do this as a plenary oligarchy.
But which Congress was so favored? We know for sure that it was the American Federal Congress operating as the Federal Republic and doing business as the States of America, because it first appears in the 1787 Federal Constitution.
This power to run the city of Washington, DC, as a plenary oligarchy was not a responsibility vouchsafed to the members of the Territorial Congress, even though it stands on the record of all three constitutions.
In the wake of the Civil War, the members of the Territorial Congress usurped their actual Employers and continued to operate "as if" they were the Federal Congress.
They reorganized the City of Washington, District of Columbia, and placed its administration under the auspices of a Municipal Corporation, creating the Municipality of Washington, DC, and adopting the political status of an independent, international city state, complete with their own flag.
But they never had any authority or material right or interest to do this.
The governance of the City of Washington, District of Columbia, like all other delegated duties belonging to the Federal Republic, reverted to the Delegator --- our Federation of States --- by Operation of Law, upon the incapacity of the Federal Republic.
Those Powers, contrary to some popular thought, did not just drift around in the sky or on the sea, subject to salvage by unscrupulous employees.
They returned to the Delegator, The United States of America, defined as our unincorporated Federation of States.
We remind the court that all of this skullduggery is taking place in the realm of international and global affairs, in Breach of Trust and Treaty, by the other Principals who have always owed us Good Faith and Service.
We remind the court that the Municipal Government is bound by the Roman Civil Law, and under Roman Civil Law, this fraud promoting substitution of foreign Congresses for the American Federal Congress, vitiates everything it touches.
We further remind the court that the Territorial Government is obligated on a worldwide basis to prosecute piracy, and that the applicable Maxim of Law is that: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." ---- and we are the rightful owners, the Delegators, who have suffered inland piracy at the hands of our own foreign employees and Subcontractors.
That they were paying themselves out of the receipts of their deceit and continuing to operate as if they were our loyal employees at the same time only makes the crime that much more diabolical and damaging.
Operating "as" The United States of America, Incorporated, a Scottish-chartered commercial corporation published in 1868, gained access to our credit and assets under similar constructive fraud and similar names deceit. They transported our gold and silver offshore, purportedly "for safekeeping" prior to bankrupting this corporation 1906-1907. They also used our money to buy large land acquisitions, including Alaska, Hawaii, the Philippine Islands, and more; in 1870, they began chartering corporations "for" us and in our names.
We maintain that as our intellectual property was exercised to do this, and as our delegated powers were usurped to do this, and as all of it was accomplished in our names and via abuse of our assets, all right, title, and interest vests in our Principals, the American States and People.
The first bankruptcy proved so profitable for some and so damaging to others that we all fought the First World War; instead of repenting their evil and seeking the peace we all deserve, the Perpetrators booted up another round of the same fraud scheme, took title to our land as chattel backing their operations, and fronted another deceptively named corporation, "the" United States of America, Inc..
They ran up our credit to the zenith, and again, sought bankruptcy protection for themselves and offered our States and People as the purported Secondaries and Co-signers responsible for paying their bills. And again, we were all obliged to fight the Second World War as a result of their criminal activities and Breach of Trust.
To obtain the credit for this boondoggle, they claimed that we were all Municipal citizens of the United States, slaves and chattel owned by the above-referenced international city-state government. They issued bonds on our labor as indentured servants and also issued child labor contracts. And this is again, another gratuitous lie and self-interested fraud scheme.
We need not fight World War III; instead, the courts of international and global jurisdiction and the people of this country and the people of the world, must stand united against this criminality and lawlessness and put an end to it. This is not a matter of politics, not a quarrel based on race, religion, or anything of that nature at all. It's crime, pure and simple, which is owed universal prosecution and civil awards and damages to the victims.
Our actual government is now in Session for the first time in decades, and is bringing this entire circumstance forward into the public cognizance of the American people and the international and global communities. We do not wish to be associated with these racketeers and pirates, and it stands upon the record that we have been their primary victims throughout.
We claim back all our intellectual and material assets, our Good Names, our powers, our land, our gold, our silver, our soil, our lives, our bodies, our DNA, our very souls ---- all of which these liars have claimed to own and control, and have bought, sold, and traded upon without the knowledge or agreement of the actual owners.
We have declared peace in our country and we have informed the Pope and virtually all other Principals on Earth of our will to have our erstwhile employees consigned and committed to peace. They have no right nor any reason to promulgate any form of "war" on our land and soil, nor any authority to engage in mercenary wars for profit in our names, nor any right entitling them to access credit and material assets belonging to us to pay for anything but the enumerated services we have explicitly agreed to as part of the constitutional process.
We further maintain that it is the duty of the other Principals and their instruments and Agents to abide by our Public Law, to which everyone inhabiting our soil is bound as a Public Duty. This idea that we are absent and that our Public Law is lapsed is in the self-interest of criminals and is purely absurd.
If this comes to anything but a logical and just resolution, it is upon the reputation of The Court of International Justice, upon the Officers of Interpol, upon the Magistrates of the Holy Roman Empire, upon the Vatican Chancery Court, and upon the United Nations Organization, the World Bank, and others who must otherwise admit to being accomplices to these crimes for failure to resist their continuance.
We are currently being accused of "criminal activity" for bringing these matters to the attention of the international and global authorities. We have done so after exhausting all avenues of good sense and liability within the "corporate government" and have served Due Notice and Due Process against the same as part of our Public Duty and as part of our own responsibility to avoid liability for these crimes.
The perpetrators continue to pretend that we are "combatants" in their fictional "War on Terror" while they persist in acting as the primary terrorists wrecking damage at home and abroad. They also persist in promoting the idea that this country is at "war" when in fact, it has been owed peace ever since President Andrew Johnson declared it.
They persist in deliberately misidentifying and mischaracterizing us, Americans, as "citizens" of both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States, when in fact we are the population of The United States ---- to which they all owe Good Faith and Service.

We pray for permanent protective injunctions from every court having jurisdiction over these matters on Earth, for support from all people of conscience worldwide, for an opening of the books and accounts to determine possession of the lawful ownership interests and intellectual property rights that have been purloined, a correction of the political statuses presumed to exist, and the loyal support of our own military forces to resolve this Mess without further violence or pretense of war.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. These above concisely stated points can be adopted and expressed by American State Nationals in a manner that addresses more local jurisdictions like matters with "Superior" court, State of State Courts, and municipal District courts. Also with attorneys who assert a legal position to an American State National. Along with the emancipation paperwork recordings our claims of rights to self govern these points become a powerful shield against usurpers. Putting the ideas together coherently in writing is excellent practice in mentally mastering the issues so we can effectively defend ourselves and advance our causes fro self government and living in freedom from tyrants.

    1. Anna works in vain, Who would ask a liar to tell the true?

      The ICJ is the facade of Plutonium countries, like the British UK*13*2, FRANCE *5, VATICAN*3.



  2. Hey Anna i dont question whether your right or not anymore. I just question will anything change. You have been fighting for decades and been right all along. My doubt is was was it all to late? After watching the plandemic i have to conclude maybe it is?? So many are waking up but so little changes. We cant give up but there must be a point in time when have to call it as lost. A time to face the reality that the Trumps and Qs come and go and we march on into loony left oblivion and the chip. I pray i am wrong but im prepping.

    1. From all I have red and learned -WE THE PEOPLE must take a stand and and to do our part to take this country back and stand up and say we are not taking this anymore!!

    2. Just hold the Line President Trump will be back sooner than you think.

    3. Anton, Anna sees fraud in words. I see fraud in images like a puzzle patern.

      It is easier to explain fraud in words. But it is not easy to assemble images to demonstrate fraud.

      Tarot card readings is like assembling the invisible fraud, the crime, the good and the bad in images.

      Some people think that Tarot card reading is so Randomized but it is not always. There are patterns of consistency.

  3. .
    Where is this alleged courts (BAR Guild) authority and enforcement to rectify or change any wrong doings of a country or purported government.

    Where is this alleged courts (BAR Guild owned and run) authority and enforcement to rectify or change any wrong doings of a country or purported government.

    1. .
      How do we the people of the world hold these alleged judges accountable

      How do we the people know they are not bias or being blackmailed
      [like the US CONgress persons are]

      How do we hold this purveyors of justice accountable

      All just diversion and illusion to reality

    2. .
      Why do our countrymen (police etc.) act and support the corporations will and orders instead of what the (alleged) oath they have supposedly have taken.

      there was a son - Blowing in the wind............... corruption to the core as we are seeing now to convert America to Marxism(china's laws)

    3. Because to prove fraud is more difficult than to manifest fraud.

      Fraud is something the British UK*13, FR*3, JEWS*, POPES ARE VERY GOOD AT.


  4. Would it make sense to rebuild our county churches? It seems to me that rebuilding our lost government is only part of the problem we need to return to the churches that got us to the governmental stage in the first place. Following what happened to Daniel Shays it is apparent the churches did not hold up to the tyranny faced by those outside the 495 belt in Massachusetts. Could the Jesuits have had a part in this?

  5. For 317 years, the British enjoy defrauding the whole world, Using American Traitors.

    The Traitors ego boosted, they like it... A lot. Because it's such an easy job to put words in deceptive certificates to steal, to deceive the world... For free lunch free properties and free weapons.

    But watch out fraudsters, the prices for each Theft is 10 X standard charge. Not 3-4 X.

  6. I don't want a Sadine can to exchange for my "houses, properties, youth, prosperities, happiness" stolen by you Fraudsters.

    So don't come to offer me an apology. My family and country wanted justice. You and your Masters are too sneaky, and had been stealing for 85 - 170 years.

    You want the next 200 years of prosperities on top of your last 170 year Great Theft? Yes that long, based on your Masters, not yours alone.


    Gosh Anna, look at all those potential ASN's to make America Great Again... & a lot less White.... just sign them up, right Anna??

    Lets send 20,000 to Big Lake Alaska so Anna can enjoy her gimmigrants all she wants.
    Borders are wide open, just like Anna said... everybody & anybody can be ASN's, & she will give them specific instructions on how! Even if they're a criminal... it does not matter... just don't get caught by the Feds.
    Right Anna? Ya happy, Anna?

    Border guards have released 30,000 illegal immigrants ...
    Mar 31, 2021 · Since January, the border guard has released about 30,000 illegal immigrants directly to the country as a facility designed to contain the overflow of migrants in the current immigration crisis.

    Here's Jim Fetzer on some points:


    Just keep the focus on the Catholic Church so all your little Banana followers will never see whats coming. NEVER CALL OUT THE JEWS BEHIND IT ALL.

    We're being Bolshevik'ed... DID YA WRITE A LETTER or ARTICLE ABOUT THAT TOO? Of course not. That would put jews where they belong, in the cross hairs.


    1. Oh lookie, a jew just expressing itself! But, but, but... Anna says we're "alllll equal"... Hummm, maybe the jews didn't get the message:


    2. In 1965 America was 90% White. jews ... jews are behind it all.
      So how to rid America of its major cancer?
      Then start mopping up its filth left behind. And all its African slaves now our most murderous burden... soon to be replaced by latinos.
      Diversity = Die-versity
      They killed Kennedy. Did 911. Faked Sandy Crook using their own childrens photos. Repeatedly say they want Whites wiped out. Jab our babies with toxxines. Now we're all wearing face diapers.
      The jew laughs all the way to the bank.
      And that is why the jew must go.
      And this vid is from 2012.

      How the Jews opened America's borders - Part 1


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