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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Two Ways to Be Fooled

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are two ways to be fooled:
1. To believe what isn't true. 2. To disbelieve what is true.
The truth is that the right to do something is meaningless until you accept the responsibility and exercise your right. And most of our rights go unexercised.
The truth is that Satan exists -- not as the pointy-headed horned monster we have been taught to visualize, but as the Spirit of Untruth. The Father of All Lies.
The Father of All Lies will use your virtues to fool you, as well as your faults.
He and his progeny will marginalize you, rationalize away your morality, confuse you with semantic deceits, and leave you either defrauded or paralyzed.
Or both.
He will teach you that you are weak, that you are needy, that you are guilty, that you are worthless, that you are dependent, that you are a victim. Satan makes you feel sorry for yourself. And afraid. And powerless.
The truth is that you are children of the Most High, beloved, empowered, eternal, endlessly creative, and you have sources of power you don't even dream of. The truth makes you feel compassion for others. The truth drives out all fear.
Yes, there are two ways to be fooled.
1. To believe what is not true. 2. To disbelieve what is true.
Many of you don't want to learn what I have to teach you. Many are paralyzed, waiting for someone else to do something, waiting for someone to save them.
In some ways, it isn't comforting to know that I can't save you. Or this beautiful country. Or much of anything else. What I can do is share what I know, and what I have learned.
I can use this knowledge to protect you, to an extent, but it's all ultimately about each one of you learning to save yourselves. And then, all of us deciding --- because it is a decision --- to work together to save others. To save this country. To save this world.
It's all our free will choice, each step of the way.
One step. One life. One dollar at a time. One minute. One hour. One little bit of knowledge accrued.
These are our raindrops that fill the tide, that make us who we are, and that prove the truth about us.

Don't tell me that you are willing to die for your country. Tell me that you are willing to live for your country, instead.


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  1. i can also be saved without you, without your paperwork. i do not need to know nor agree with every absolute aspect of what you are revealing and saying.
    i do without question recognize and accept 'certain' truths being discussed here.
    Do you see and recognize His Truth in what i have just said?
    i am willing to live for Him as He wills or not wills. This country? This is by His will only as are all things and plans!

    1. "I can use this knowledge to protect you, to an extent, but it's all ultimately about each one of you learning to save yourselves. And then, all of us deciding --- because it is a decision --- to work together to save others. To save this country. To save this world."
      To save this world? we as a collective or even as individuals have not this power, and i am fine with that!
      The sooner this mad world comes to that conclusion and Humbles it self, (for He will cause this first) the Better we should all become!
      If you think i speak falsely, please pray for me as if you Truly Love me as a sister or as a brother!

    2. Un known,
      i am not (waiting), and i am not disappointed.

    3. 😛😩 this is argumentative, Anna ssid:

      1. To believe what is not true. 2. To disbelieve what is true.

      The self righteous can assume her/his assumption is always true... without any proof. Only based on gut feelings.... If any one who knows their truth was judt asssumption. The self righteous will assume endlessly toxically. Like Anna assumption that the Vermin stored her imaginative Abundant wealths in the Phillipines island bogusly. There was no history neither concerning the war between American and the philippines. What exact date, when the war started and ended, what was the cause etc..

    4. 😛😩 this is argumentative, Anna ssid:

      1. To believe what is not true. 2. To disbelieve what is true.

      The self righteous can assume her/his assumption is always true... without any proof. Only based on gut feelings.... If any one who knows their truth was judt asssumption. The self righteous will assume endlessly toxically. Like Anna assumption that the Vermin stored her imaginative Abundant wealths in the Phillipines island bogusly. There was no history neither concerning the war between American and the philippines. What exact date, when the war started and ended, what was the cause etc..

  2. .

    From birth as so were the parents





    Everyone missed it all while the oligarchy created the illusion - fictional world

    1. Short and Sweet,,, and 100% Correct... well said Maximus

    2. Self-Deluded
      Beware all Lies, especially lies you tell yourself, for once you believe your own lies, you are of no use to anybody.
      - Dostoevsky in The Brothers Karamosov

  3. Thank you Anna for your wisdom. 💗

  4. I don't want a Sadine can to exchange for my "houses, properties, youth, prosperities, happiness" stolen by you Fraudsters.

    So don't come to offer me an apology. My family and country wanted justice. You and your Masters are too sneaky, and had been stealing for 85 - 170 years.

    You want the next 200 years of prosperities on top of your last 170 year Great Theft? Yes that long, based on your Masters, not yours alone.

    1. "Sadine can" is an expression of stingy to pay back in kind, at least.

      International law requires 10X, see the bible, in Theft, what did Jesus teach?

    2. The Fraudsters only show 1 of 32,000X and 1 out of hidden 100,000X perpetual deriveratives.

      In their Written fraudulent bailout request, to their US TREASURY.


      😂😆 The parasite or the brigands making fun of you all. Your Constitution REplaced by

      The top 50 companies on the list of the “super-entity” included (as of 2007): Barclays Plc (1), Capital Group Companies Inc (2), FMR Corporation (3), AXA (4), State Street Corporation (5), JP Morgan Chase & Co. (6), UBS AG (9), Merrill Lynch & Co Inc (10), Deutsche Bank (12), Credit Suisse Group (14), Bank of New York Mellon Corp (16), Goldman Sachs Group (18), Morgan Stanley (21), Société Générale (24), Bank of America Corporation (25), Lloyds TSB Group (26), Lehman Brothers Holdings (34), Sun Life Financial (35), ING Groep (41), BNP Paribas (46), and several others.

      These parasitic Corporations robbed my houses, retirement, other properties, prosperity, youth, future abundant projects, including my ancestors assets. etc..

      Nothing happened by accident ! !

    4. So true Carpenter. "They" hold to the mantra; "We're too big to fail". I reply; "I am is larger". Matthew 17:20. Their high tower is coming down.

  5. Anybody have a contact to American states and nations bank???

    1. Go search on "Security Exchange Commissioner" website.

    2. I don’t see it there either.
      It’s not incorporated?
      It’s only in Alaska?
      I’ll keep looking.

    3. Looked for ASAN Bank by ‘Alaska banks’ and at
      Still haven’t found it.
      This is one of the statements that has me believe this bank exists.

      “With this as a background then, the unincorporated United States of America has recently established an equally unincorporated International Trade Bank called The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN). This is the bank that the American

      states and people will use to trade with other nations that wish to trade in currencies backed by precious metals, and the currency we will use will be the old familiar American Silver Dollar.
      The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN) will naturally want to belong to the BRICS banking group and have access to the Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System (CIPS). The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN) is chartered directly by the unincorporated United States of America, and is the private International Trade Bank equivalent of the commercial central banks.“

    4. “ We look forward to speaking with the BRICS alliance and to working with each one of the fifty States to open up state-level International Trade Banks. We know that the American people and small businesses are eager to have honest secure local banks available. Americans want access to the many advantages, services and business opportunities that are unique to International Trade Banks--- and with the advent of

      The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN) the real America will be open for business with the rest of the world.
      So that is what The American States and Nations Bank (ASAN) is and where it fits in the grand scheme of things. It is a uniquely American bank and in the months to come we will be working in tandem with the Bank of Dene, the sovereign indigenous bank of the Athabascan people, as our federal interface. In this way the actual Constitution and the Law of the Land is preserved for new generations to come, undergirded with lawful money and honest banking.”

    5. Those are Anna’s statements above.

  6. Need a clear vision of who is the perpetrators .
    Noah cursed the sons offspring who married a kushedy/Africa woman creating the Canaanite tribe ,cannibalizes cannibal +Baal .
    Associated with that tribe .
    Jesus was asked by a Canaanite woman to heal her child Jesus ignored her she persists finally he spoke I cannot give what is for my children to Dogs!
    Bet he healed the child.
    Our race is Altruistic the one who send missionaries and peace corps to impoverished people .but realize there is different species some good some not so good.

    1. Missionaries mixing with Clandestine mercenary war profits ? That's one side of the surface views.

      Deeper inside, ordinary people cannot see or tell. Generally because common people have low frequency, they cannot discern, the great sins below the surface.

      The Illuminati loved this camouflage environment. Otherwise they wouldn't have dwelled in such a long long 45 😢 year profitable wars, misnamed as cool WARs

    2. That's right Carpenter, the "Peace Corps.(e) is a front. The ex Health Commissioner for SUMMIT COUNTY "retired" and was "sent" to Mongolia to do work at a major Mongolian Hospital for 3 years. More than likely was setting up the "Birth Certificate Person" scam.
      Came back rich. Strange how our Creator gave me the inside scoop on this info. Now it is known to all. That's right nothing from now on will be hidden.

    3. Mongolia has some of the richest deposits of Mineral wealth that is waiting to be mined, and the CCP is chomping at the bit to get at it. The only thing holding them back is the Mongolian people. So they are coming through the back door with the "Birth Certificated Person". When I've said for ten years that the "Birth Certificate" is "their" Foundation Stone, and "their" whole system is built on it I meant it. Eliminate the foundation and the structure collapses immediately. Like right now. Period.

    4. Carpenter, please read my posts again. I won't assume to know what ewe know, however with ewe making the remarks; "Are you akay? Nor smoking anything?, should be beneath even ewe. With these links that I am providing, and those that know anything of the Mongolian people should know that there is a big difference between them and the Chinese, as the same between the Korean people, and Chinese. Not to mention the Geographical distances between Mongolia, and North Korea. Tighten it up son.
      Mongolia - Wikipedia
      North Korea - Wikipedia
      How North Korea-Mongolia Relations Have Jump-started the Korean Peninsula Peace Process | East-West Center |

    5. Foscolos00
      Yes Iam aware of their differences. Saying I heard, doesn't mean I investigated. No business with them to waste my time. I thought I saw your associate Mongolian with CCP. Sorry

    6. Let me reiterate; A newly retired Summit County(Ohio) Health Commissioner goes to Mongolia with the "Peace(Piece)Corps.(Corpse). To “help” with the Administration of a "Mongolian Hospital" for 3 years. Whose climate is so brutal especially in the winter that would make a Canadian freeze. The people there have well known long standing historical rights to the land that no one could ever dispute on paper, unless they were unknowingly goaded into having their rights usurped by being collectively pooled into the Birth Certificate Scheme. This is done through the use of a "Non Profit Foundling Hospital". By taking advantage of the total ignorance of every local Mongolian population, coupled with the total lack of "Christian" teachings it becomes a slam dunk for the usurpers ie., the "CCP" to waltz right in through the back door unnoticed, and take over this whole Country "Legally" without having to fire a single shot. Thus owning all of this Countries vast mineral wealth. All this was done with the help from an unobtrusive 60+ year "old man" that came for Summit County, Ohio. Does everyone now see how this scheme is initiated? Does everyone now see how a "Nation" is slowly usurped, and eventually ruled by a "Foreign Power" that can buy, sell, and create large insurance policies on these "Bonds" legally. The "Foreign Nation" now legally has all the "Rights" and the original folk now have none. When this scheme is implemented, and carried through, and the good folk don't have Biblical Law there can be no redress of any grievances. No Local, State, or World Court can make any rulings. Sound familiar? Do we all see now why all Communistic Factions world wide have had the motive to kill all of a populations "Christians" as priority one. I don’t have the ability to make this any clearer. If my above Posts caused “Carpenter” to be sent down the wrong lane(in which even took me by surprise) how would one relate this knowledge, and all the intricacies of this Birth Certificate Scheme to those whom are totally unawares? When I say priority one is to collapse the Birth Certificate now, I meant it. Period.
      "I thought I saw your associate Mongolian with CCP"
      I have no associates, let alone a Mongolian. I do however have many brothers, and sisters in Christ. Most people will end a message like this with “God bless ewe all”, however I won’t do this.
      The Blessings will come from our Creator(Father) when those that read, and comprehend this Birth Certificate Scheme fraud, and do everything they can to break free from it. I shall see ya'll on the other side.

  7. I would be willing to kill for my country...what are they paying ?

    1. I am willing to live for our "Country" ewe don't have to pay me a dime. Do ewe get paid every time ewe do what's right? I know I don't, I just do it, because it is right. Then I just move on. Maybe that's a big part of why we all are in such dire straits because so many expect to be "paid". What could anybody pay me to do what is right? If that's the case no little one could ever pay their parents back.

    2. Funkadelic - Can You Get To That (HQ) - YouTube
      Funkadelic "I'll Stay" (HQ) @jenewby on IG - YouTube

  8. Calgary Canada
    God Bless this Pastor - They came to his church armed with guns to close down his church service. Pastor told them to get out of my church and don't come back without a warrant. Nazi's, brown shirts, gestapo are not welcome here.
    Ian Miles Cheong@stillgray
    Calgary Police get told to leave while interrupting church service.

    1. Propaganda , brown shirts . Churchill told Montgomery “if Stalin dons stop give the Hermans back thair weapons “
      Like the Mossad 9/11 and for that matter uSS liberty they desperately tried to sink killing 130 wounding 50 .
      In the words of Swedish researcher Ole Demoguard

      falce flags globally is like Shakespeare’s Hamlet without the Prince “
      Thair fingerprints are on all falce flags
      Illunati the leaders of world zionest Alpert Pike who wrote the plan for three world wars wanted to call them selve Lucifer the Italian masons wanted to be referred to as Satan.
      So Lucifer was agreed upon.
      There’s your Illuminati.Lucifer light bearer.

  9. Google algorithms will not allow key words like Germans .
    If Stalin Don’t stop give the Germans BACK thair weapons we’ll know mad dog Churchill refused 30 peace offerings homosexual opulent Rothschild bought like his grand dad sold out England to William of Orange . Treasonous scum .

  10. It big lie it the taking over Education system and Mandalay holohoax indoctrination,the complete take over of all electronic and print form of communication telling Trump he can’t communicate on Twitter now the communist like Gov Graig Abbot is banning GAB in the state of Texas
    The zionest see us coming together and thinking alike .
    Anna has never attacked the real power only the lie by after number one experts testified about Mossad conquering all countries or thair tank the Masonic lodges were its manditory by your LIFE to obey orders. SERCO largest company you never heard of specializing in country take overs rent a mob .orhell just go first class hire the CFR created CIA.

  11. Experimental untested rDNA insane the Rockefeller take over by license only puppets get license homeopathic (herbalist) the least evasive are ostracized.
    No quinine or ivermectin or just improve immune health.
    No death by injection 🇦🇷😡.
    Dear leader is facilitating the number one destruction destroying culture and mongoliazation.
    Cancel culture , culture of critique.

  12. Thanks, good news for me, since I ran 7ghz CPU, I haven't been affected, that means I don't have their Covid19. But still the sad news Below:

    18 U.S. Code § 1918 - Disloyalty and asserting the right to strike against the (Corp.) Government / the agents of the UK*13*3, FRANCE*5,VATICAN. Plutonium Scipio's energies.
    Treating us like their ants, when we`re their employers.. Some of us are their top creditors. They CHANGE this code entirely, based on the video instigator.

  13. ARIZONA, Your Maricopa Board of Supervisors are ignoring a COURT ORDER to permit access and auditing of 2020 election ballots. They most likely have been bribed with Big Bucks to stop the audit. Where are your US Marshalls to arrest these criminals. GET ON THE PHONE to your legislators.


    The attorney letter states that an agreement to review the materials inside the county's facility has not been reached & any request is beyond the scope of the subpoena. The Board is pushing back based on technicalities.

    If the Senate requested cooperation in the past and that was rejected, it is still not the same as a legislative order from the Senate. They must clarify and give the orders - period.

    See Professor David Clements post here:

    "The remedy is simple. AZ legislators——get the presiding judge on the phone now. Get the matter on the record now. Demand access pursuant to the court's order now. Ask the judge to hold the BOS in contempt if they do not open the doors now. I ask all here to contact the AZ legislators to get the judge to exercise control over the Maricopa BOS. This is an embarrassment to the court."

    Email the Senate now, see template here:

    1. Consider for a moment the fact that confidence in the vote is rather important. Now explain the reason why actual audits of the ballot is being fought tooth & nail on every front by those trusted to make sure our elections are safe from corruption.

      What's He Hiding? Georgia's Secretary of State Raffensperger Petitions Court - Prefers State Not be Forced to Hand Over Ballots for Audit



  14. I know scriptures say in the words of God. "At any time if your choose to love and choose life all the curses will be removed and things restored. Yet many seem to be waiting as though we must wait, go on destroying things, and wonder why all the bad things must play out before when God says "anytime". Tends to point out the perhaps people are not capable of it.


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