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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Rain on the Roof

By Anna Von Reitz

I awoke this morning, Easter Sunday, to the sound of rain on the roof.
This can only be understood as something odd and unbelievable, when you consider that I live in Alaska and it has been many months of nothing but snow here, and no warning was given in the weather reports of any change. When I went to bed, the same high snowy berms were firmly in place, the sky overcast but quiet, and it was far too cold to rain.
Yet, this morning as soon as I woke up, I could hear the rain drumming on the roof. I heard it, but I didn't quite believe it. I had to get up and open the door and actually see and hear it more clearly to be sure. And yes, I wasn't imagining it. We are having a downpour.
Spring has come like a thief in the night.
That sense of incredulity stuck with me as I read the four Gospel accounts of the women as they found the empty tomb very early on the first day of the week.
The Gospel accounts of how people became aware of the Resurrection vary considerably, but they all agree that it all began very early on the first day of the week. And they all agree that Mary Magdalene was there. They all agree that at first, people didn't recognize their beloved Teacher.
In three of the Gospels, Mary Magdalene comes to the grave with Mary, the mother of James and Joses, and other women who had followed him from Galilee, to finish anointing Yahushuah's body for burial. They found the empty tomb.
In the Gospel of John, Mary Magdalene comes alone and finds the empty tomb, but is only confused by this; no helpful angels are there to give her the news and she weeps bitterly, thinking as we all would, that someone has taken his body somewhere.
Then he appears to her and asks her why she is weeping, but she mistakes him for the gardener, and doesn't know him until he calls her name, "Mary!"
Then she knew his voice, despite his altered appearance.
This same situation applies to us. We are told that we will know him by his voice. As God the Father spoke the Creation into being, so the Resurrection begins with Yahushuah speaking to us. And we will know it's him, as a sheep knows its shepherd, by his voice.
My Father died young; emphysema took him slowly, a tiny bit at a time over the course of fifteen years. We all had to live knowing that he was dying, but never being sure of the details --- exactly how and exactly when.
We are all dying as we live, and living as we die. With or without emphysema.
I saw my Father a couple of times in dreams after his death, and it was the same way as the Bible describes what happened with Mary Magdalene and the Disciples. I didn't immediately recognize my own Father.
He had been changed. There were things about him that were familiar and I somehow knew it was him, but the similarity was like the similarity between brothers, and he was younger than I remembered him.
Like rain on the roof. Like a thief in the night. When we don't expect anything to be different than what we've known before, everything is changed. The spring comes. The resurrection sweeps over us. A mysterious feeling of bliss and profound peace comes and makes its home with us.
And I stay still in the pre-dawn dark, listening to the rain on the roof, and I think of the words of John 3:13, about being born of the flesh and born of the spirit. I take another deep breath. I count my blessings. I welcome the glad spirit within me. No, I don't understand it all, and I don't pretend to. I only share my own small epiphany.

Someday, he'll call my name. Somehow, I will know his voice, and I will know it's my true name. And I will answer, "Here I am, Lord." and he will know that I am willing to go where he sends me, to do what he bids me, now and forevermore.


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  1. How odd Anna, that this statement gets posted; "Someday, he'll call my name. Somehow, I will know his voice, and I will know it's my true name". I have been telling my family, and friends the same thing for over 20 years. We will all get to hear, and see the Holy One's Verse. The only true, and just Creator of all. Anna Blessed Disciple. Christos Anesti. Thanks.

  2. So very beautiful, Anna! Thank you so much for your reflection on Easter Sunday. Jesus is Risen! Alleluia! He is Risen, indeed!!

  3. In john 3:3 Jesus told Nicodemus, a man must be born again of water and Spirit or he cannot enter the Kingdom of God. In the book of Acts, Apostle Peter told the people when they asked what they should do in Acts 2:37 & 38. He told them to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, for the promise is unto you, your children and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call. Read Acts the 10th chapter and see what the evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost is and they were baptized in Jesus Name in water. It's wonderful and life changing. The Holy Ghost is the Comforter, Christ in us the hope of glory.

  4. Almein Anna! Yahushuah and Yahuah live

  5. Thank you for your thoughts Anna. I myself have had a wonderful day 70 degrees, just beautiful. Calmness/serenity.

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  7. Thank you Anna and you other commenters who expressed your faith in and gratitude for our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ as the resurrected literal Son of God. God himself reveals He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son to show us the way to return into back ion to His presence, by obedience to His commandments, repenting of our sins, and by making the covenants like baptism which Gods law has set before us in order to meet the requirements to receive His Grace, after all we can do to keep ourselves clean from the blood and sins of this generation. By persevering in faith in disipling ourselves to His law to the end of mortality we have the promise of returning to our Father in Heaven.

    What would have become of our spirits without Christ's Atonement and resurrection? Our bodies will eventually die as does all mortal life, and we could rise from the grave no more, and our spirits would remain in their fallen condition being subject to Satan who lives in spirit only and is co eternal with God, and we would have become eternally bound in darkness by his spirit captivity, and would live in a spiritual hell forever.

    God is perfect in Justice and in Mercy. Justice would have claimed exaction of the laws' condemnation of our sin. But Mercy satisfies the demands of Justice through the perfect pure sacrifice of the Lamb of God as he willingly laid down his life showing no man has greater love than he who lays down his life to redeem sinners who repent from the demands of Justice. Without the miracles that Christ wrought for us during the last week of His mortal/eternal life he was crucified yet spiritually remained alive and by His Godly power raised up his lifeless mortal body to rise in resurrection from the tomb, to continue to live as our Light and our Savior and to continue providing that Light which shines in the darkness of a sinful world.

    The events commemorated in the past week and culminating today in His resurrection mark the greatest events in this worlds history, and truly deserve our closest attention and reverence.

    Christ was long foretold by prophets. The Law of Moses with its sacrifice of the unblemished Paashal Lambs, in keeping with the Passover covenant, was fulfilled in Jesus Christ's atonement and crucifixion. He IS the promised unblemished Lamb of God whose life, like the sacrificial lambs of the Law of Moses, was taken - despite his being EXEMPT from punishment for sins - since he was WITHOUT sin. Thus being an immortal being from His Fathers lineage and being sinless, his perfect life was taken to redeem (pay the requisite price demanded by justice) repentant sinners who do all we can to follow Him as disciples, but who still fall far short of being perfect in keeping His commandments. Christ's Atonement and our faithfulness to Him meet the qualifications set to provide us the hope in our own resurrection and eventual receiving by the way we lived according to the law we freely chose to abide in during our probation in mortality.

    Jesus Christ Lives today to lead us by his ever shining Light of Truth, to follow Him back in to the presence of our Father in Heaven. His Words Testify of this fact. The prophets testify of this fact. The Holy Ghost testifies of this fact. Jesus Christ himself testifies of this fact. We are left without excuse before his matchless law of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are accountable before Christ, God and Angels. Mortal life is serious business. I know that Jesus Christ lives today and is the Savior and Redeemer of mankind.

    1. anna chose holy spirit 2nd coming/revelation/apocalypse last i checked, rejected holy ghost. this was years ago. has anything changed?
      The Law of Moses with its sacrifice of the unblemished Paashal Lambs, in keeping with the Passover covenant, was fulfilled in Jesus Christ's atonement and crucifixion
      again, anna and team seem to have rejected that in favor of:
      the Geneva Bible as our authority for that Law, the Ten Commandments as the form of Law governing relations between living people
      likewise, paul appears to reject new test too, in favor of 10 commandments instead. "the law".

      noone can serve 2 masters.

      would be nice, but i see zero evidence of holy ghost in america. its all old test "the lord" instead.
      way back when, anna did some "bind satan for 1000 years" revelation/apocalypse thing.

      note that middle ages didnt even do johns apocalypse -- it was esdras apocalypse.

      so it still appears cloudy who actually owns anything in america -- since its a mishmash of old test new test and revelation/apocalypse.

      still just exactly as it was 30 years ago -- illuminism, ever-shifting "god" -- fail to bind any trinity

      Matthew 18:18

      as above, so below.

      which god is claiming to own america today? noone knows.

    2. remember, the devil always plays both sides.

      there is a pillar and post thing going on where some people shove old test down your throat then hide behind new test. then they shove old test again, and hide behind new test again, repeat over and over.

      "hit the one in the middle" -- rocky

      it is kabbalah -- neither christian nor jewish -- and a phony "gnosticism" (actual gnosticism basically rejects "the lord" as fale demiurge "blind god" for the blind -- nature) that tries to merge old test and new test -- "their lord and his christ" of apocalypse/revelation. also known as enoch/metatron/cthulhu/atlantis/hermes/... lol.

    3. Brother Joel, seems like ewe have fallen for the new age teaching that "Satan" is equal to "God"; ..."our spirits would remain in their fallen condition being subject to Satan who lives in spirit only and is co eternal with God...". This type of teaching has infiltrated most all of the U.S. mainstream "Christian Churches”. This type of “Religiosity”, and “Beliefs” are very damning to our psyche, and Soul. I know that this ideology that Satan is equal to God belief system is being taught because twenty years ago it was revealed to me. This happened during a sermon when a “Pastor” who was 30 years my senior after reading Mathew chapter 4 made the claim that “Satan” knew that Jesus was God. As soon as that statement was made all kinds of bells, and whistles went off in my head, and the Comforter told me clear as day “He doesn’t know me, and I have to tell her”. At the end of the service I was given the opportunity to tell her that she was mistaken when she made the claim that “Satan” knew that Jesus was “God”. I used Mathew 4 to assert this, however she still held fast to her “belief”. For many months after I was subjected to this same ideology from different televangical pastors, and priests. I was even able to pose the question “did “Satan” know that Jesus was “God” to “The Bible Answer Man Hank Hannegraph” on his live radio broad cast show. He also made the assertion by using Mathew 4 that “Satan” knew. His assertion was so hard core that it made me feel that if he could find me he would have killed me. I know what I heard, and I know it was the truth. By being subjected by those in authority teaching false doctrine at every turn I was ready to walk away from the whole “Christian Establishment”. I gave it one last try by positing the question to an old man who was a retired collegiate Philosophy Professor. He immediately said No, and he made this proof by also going to Mathew chapter 4. This renewed my faith in the “Church”, but set me on my quest to find out who, or what was/is behind promoting such false doctrines. There is no doubt now who, and what is behind this False teaching, that is so sublime that even the “Teachers” have fallen for it. “Satan” is not “co eternal”. Anyone/thing that lives apart from “God” is dead, and has no Life. This is quite simple, and I pray that this helps others not to give any Credence to the “Father of Lies”.

  8. Correction to last sentence of 2nd to last paragraph;
    "eventual receiving" of that degree of blessing we have attained to by our obedience to the law pertaining to receiving Heavenly blessings, given by the way we lived according to the law we chose to abide during our probation in mortality.

  9. sadly america rejected new test in favor of:
    the Geneva Bible as our authority for that Law, the Ten Commandments as the form of Law governing relations between living people

    so like 4th of july, not much reason to rejoice. just another deception.

    thats actually the law of dead people. new test had a new commandment.

    noone can serve 2 masters.

    out of the frying pan into the fire.

    1. america appears to have chosen old test. phariseeism instead of new test.

      you can literally wait a few days it will be back to quoting old test and "the lord" instead of "our lord" again lol.

    2. nothing actually changed -- its still "completely kabbalistic" "their lord and his christ" of apocalypse/revelation

      just the perpetrators of this fraud have now toned down apocalypse/revelation and are trying to bounce between old test and new test as a disguise -- same old kabbalah, despite the revelation/apocalypse appearing to be dropped.

      so, both old test (actual judaism, not kabbalah "secret books") and actual new test still look to be "technical difficulties" at the moment. grab a snickers, its gonna be a long wait lol

      1000 years of heretics and false apostles trying to order everyone else around? thats what it looks like lol

      meet the new boss, same as the old boss

  10. Duality of nature ,north south,positive negative.male female,hot cold ,good bad.
    The ancient book of knowledge Kabbalah
    King Solomon had turned to the dark side and the
    Supposed to be able to talk to demons.
    Nature is structured and contrary to the education system it’s not just entropy or decay law of thermodynamics conservation of energy.
    Antiquated not realizing how nature works Tesla was almost there he knew the type energy just not the structure it obeys geometry and you need to be on a node To send and receive similar to standing under a cell tower .
    Obey nature’s law and your cell phone works !
    Don’t think evil thought is won’t propagate .
    Send a rusty nail back in Time it returns clean but a clean nail will not return rusty.nature loves order!

  11. .
    Why did men remove from the book the information that pertains to reincarnation ?

    Do they have something to hide?

    Did "God" write in stone the 10 commandments and Man writes words in the book................LOL

  12. It seems you struck a dark cord Anna, they are coming out if the woodwork. That's what Truth stirs them up.


    1. Classic liberalism make it personal because your ideas can’t stand up.

  13. The Declaration of Independence not only established a public trust within the sphere of the Law of Nations of which all nations are bound to Observe, when combined with the other Organic Documents, did so in nature of Romans 13 and Psalms 91 through which Malachi 3:7-11 and Matthew 6:19-21 can be observed and the Law Fulfilled as instructed with Galatians 5:13-15
    Article 562-578
    1) Define Usufruct:
    Usufruct is a real right by virtue of which a person is given the right to enjoy the property of another with the Obligation of preserving its form and substance unless the title constituting it or the law provides otherwise.
    2) What are the three fundamental rights appertaining to ownership?
    Ownership consists of three fundamental rights to wit:
    a)Jus disponende (right to dispose)
    b)Jus Utendi (right to use)
    c)Jus fruendi (right to the fruits)
    We exercise our inalienable rights, the State makes sure these rights are protected, the State becomes the storehouse as Lord
    (ref: Malachi 3:7-11)
    Although the so-called "moral issues" were raised, in view of the Law of Natural Selection, it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence, are no better than animals,who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden, and steaks on the table by choice and consent.
    Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jellyfish, father,mother,son and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or treasures of the same.
    Thou shall not bear false witness, Else thou shall be fuct.
    The moment someone uses that Birth Certificate NAME to "recognize" the user, that one had better show where the act of the one using that BC NAME is, one immediately dangerous to the lives of others or is in an act not Pursuant of a legal duty, else bear false witness which is a sin which now results in "Personal Accountability".
    The one who bore false witness immediately becomes the usufruct and is in breach of the duties because the false witness
    "did diminish the substance" of the "person" which is to attack the Glory of the Nation,The Purpose of government is to protect the exercise of inalienable rights, Tarnishment with false witness is an attempt to deprive exercise.
    The intellectual property laws are the Liquidation mechanism," for this false witness" and the injured party would be the "STATE", because the violation is "Blasphemy" for "taking the Lord's name in vain", Which violates,"fair use" for "vengeance is mine , sayeth the Lord".
    To Force one to be "recognized" as that thing registered and recorded is to legally call his children "corporations" and "bind into performance" as one who exists only in contemplation of law. and Force of Law, and where the Law ceases to operate, the corporations can have no existence, and a STATE cannot impose one of it's artificial creatures on another Sovereignty nor confer on it's incorporators powers to lawfully exercise beyond it's jurisdictions thus converting the People from "natural phenomena"(Act of God) governed under the "Laws of Nature" into "Creatures of Statute" governed by Congress and State Legislatures.
    Remember Your calling as you are not a NAME.

    1. Good job jrodriguez. "They" get away with this scheme through "EXPILATIO"(Black's Law 3rd Edition). These are the proverbial needles in the haystacks.


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