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Friday, January 8, 2021

Victory Update: What Happened in D.C. with Sarah Palin

 Sarah Palin Discusses ANTIFA Infiltration of MAGA

This was forwarded from one of our readers of this blog:

Friends and Associates:

Fakestream Media continues to manipulate the world into thinking the U.S. Capitol insurgency was the fault of President Trump, calling for the 25th amendment, while Schumer and Pelosi et al are pushing the DoJ to go after Trump for inciting a riot to overthrow the government.

THEY are saying that all MAGA / Trump supporters are now "Domestic Terrorists," especially "Q-Anon followers."

The hypocrisy by the communist left is over-the-top as NOTHING was said by these bastards about ANTIFA / BLM fire and destruction on the streets of America.

What THEY are not wanting the fakestream media to talk about is....WE in the Patriot Movement have the intel and WE know that ANTIFA led the MAGA cattle to a deadly slaughter at the Capitol. WE all have the footage and intel on two particular ANTIFA thug leaders. See Video...

The American public are being hoodwinked by the communist force that continues their coup against President Trump.

Trump MUST prevail and if he has NO support in-order to begin massive arrests of all TRAITORS, then at least...HE MUST expose, expose and expose the foreign interference and traitors aiding and abetting the Chinese Communists.

Word tonight is that Pelosi's laptop was grabbed and shows emails with ANTIFA leaders. NOT CONFIRMED.

I am also seeing reports from credible sources, a U.S. military operation (during the night) was conducted in Ukraine, a raid of a known Biden (owned) building and some very disturbing items and black tar heroin was seized.

The next couple of weeks could further entice the mental trip we're all experiencing...WE ARE AT WAR.

Regardless of what Trump finally has to do, which WE might NOT agree with, the revolution and resistance against an illegal government will not end, but will become extremely dangerous, but righteous and our duty under the U.S. Constitution.

---Dave Bertrand 

Here is another longer video that shows a lot more:

Vid’s a bit long but shows police escorting 4 white vans full of antifa pukes to the capitol area, and that’s just the beginning.


  1. GENERAL Rule:
    PROPHETIC = Wd from either [ AIR SIGN or WATER SIGN.]

    Both of them, usually screw your [ Mind & Emotion ]
    Why? Empty or deceptive Hopes, associated. Fake $, fake loans, fake foreclosures are driven by fake laws / authorities.

    Trump is a transcendent EARTH sign = REALITY, TRUTH. weak Truth, = weak hard work. Truth requires works.

    Popes & Queen are FIRESIGN, Ruling ppl with passion
    Passion can be WARM, and WISHFUL = NO guarantee.
    Humans can have COMBINED ENERGIES. Like mixing colors.

    When energy turns NEGative (-12V instead of +12V), we get unexpected outcome, malfunctionality, unless NEG is part of the normal function.

    Once you know these simple rule. You will know who you deal on earth. With a spiritual scope = averaging tarot results. You see your opponents motif beforehand.

  2. I wad a mice like many of you, but the angels woke me up, to find these truths:

    In the last 84 years Great gold theft committed, how great? At least xxx X... 1933. combining with human 8-type retirements, savings, slavery insurance, 16 types of taxes, all in their controls, to make unlawul loans seem real.

    Of course they reap what they sow immediately for their circle. (to back their illegit $, banknotes. Bookentry = IOU$, wall street, etc.. to reap max.benefits they block people access to our transformed fatty HJR192, values increased by their secret g'theft).


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