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Friday, January 8, 2021


 Bombshell evidence of Treason

Trump has all the evidence now with the list of traitors.


  1. 'It had to be this way?' Or, is it possible the opposite is true?

  2. So this just confirms my gut feeling on these other two bozos here with RDS

    Trump is a well known actor folks in a MASK

    All of this internet shit is being produced by the same families and I have no doubt these three stooges are also members of the families

    Look for their fake ass fireworks and the shit show to continue

    They own all the media folks all of it

    1. The plan is to shell shock the nation just like they did in 63 with the fake ass Kennedy BULLSHIT

      And Martin Sheen aka Donald Trump will walk away free folks
      At the 48:01 minute mark have a look and see

  3. You said their loans seemed sustainable! They must be real?

    NOP, in the last 84 years Great gold theft committed, how great? At least xxx X... 1933. combining with human retirements, savings, slavery insurance, 16 types of taxes, all in their controls, to make unlawul loans seem real.

    Of course they reap what they saw immediately for their circle. (to back their illegit $, banknotes. Bookentry = IOU$, wall street, etc.. to reap max.benefits they block people access to our transformed fatty HJR192, values increased by their secret g'theft).

  4. He said he worships the guy (in a manly way like thats any better) and I should follow him? Also, whos bright idea was it to talk about the secret air force?! And lastly, did the good lord create us in his image, give us the ability to to move mountains? And we're to expect hes going to save/damn anyone in the near future?! WTF people now seriously?! Group think much? I guess idk my head from my ass legally speaking,but I'm not that dumb.

  5. And what makes anyone here in the comments more knowledgeable than former agents, when the other side has former agents stating the opposite? Follow the play book, the dirt is out there, it's been presented as such for the dumbing down of America started along time ago, depends on how dumb you wish to remain, the government indoctrination camps don't teach, they condition, I saw that at a young age, wasn't buying what was being sold,The system was designed to keep you down for a reason, and by allowing it to continue, in a fraudulent election as well as all the other fraud thrust upon man by man, is insane. Decipher what the truth is before passing judgment on all of it. The clues have been given, it you can't see it,and it's right in front of you, are you really looking? The movie is about to get started, get your popcorn ready, the capitol building incident was a staged event, just like the reported wearing a hazmat suit in front of the camera, and the cameraman wearing a t-shirt and jeans, gives away the story automatically when you see it. The BS is deep, it's how big your shovel is to dig your way out of it, you choose to use.


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