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Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Sheep and The Goats

 By Anna Von Reitz

Psalm 9:17--  "The wicked shall return to Sheol, all the nations that forget God."

Psalm 145:20 -- "The Lord preserves all who love him, but all the wicked he will destroy."

Daniel 2:35-- "Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold, all together were broken in pieces, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors; and the wind carried them away, so that not a trace of them could be found. But the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth."

Matthew 25: 31-46 -- "....Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. And he will place the sheep on his right, but the goats on the left...." 

All these words quoted above have been preserved for thousands of years for a reason. That reason is you. They have been preserved for all of you, for Jew and for Gentile alike. For all Mankind. 

What is the "image" that is shattered?  The Fake World that men have created and imposed over the Earth.  

What are the metals and clay that are scattered?  Those things that men thought were precious and made into idols.

We are the ones who determine our fates.  By what we remember and what we forget,  by what we do and say, by what we think and believe, by the way we live our lives, by what we value and what we love. 

Do we love peace? We shall have it.  Do we love sharing? Our opportunities will abound.  Do we have compassion for each other and for the Earth and for the animals?  Our care will be rewarded. 

This thing calling itself "the" United States has forgotten God.  They fulfill prophecy about themselves, without even realizing what they have done.  But America has remembered God and loved the Truth. 

There are the sheep and there are the goats; by our own choices and natures, we are rendered one or the other. 

As in the days of Noah, lies and illusions, perversions and lawlessness, are sought and celebrated.  Those who promote "relativism" are given high regard, so that nothing is sacred and law is perverted. 

All the brainless, soul-numbing talk, talk, talk of the broadcast media harangues us every day and night, until we can no longer hear the Quiet Voice of God.  

We can't even hear ourselves think above the blaring constant media messaging telling us which car to buy, what food to eat, which politician to vote for, and how to think and behave like good little Consumer Slave Workers, standing at the counter in The Company Store. 

There's a reason that Russell Means said, "Welcome to the Reservation." 

There's a reason that The Eagles wrote "Hotel California". 

You are looking at that reason right now.  Heaven or Hell. Your choice. 


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  1. Sorry Anna, you have your own internal corruption yourself.

    Claiming go be King and Queen of America, untruthfully is sinful.

    The org. CANON LAW requires honesty.

    Yup folks, I affirm your posts, except Anna should repent first. Why? The Pope's sign is a Firesign = TROUBLEMAKERS.

    The (non-noble) Queen of UK♤♧ is also a Firesign. Strange encounter or compatible energies? They rule people by deceptive (pretending good) passion. To get your polificians yo work for them....

    PS. When i talked about the planet's Names, or energies type, i mean the 3D analog science (similar to waveforms, not digital) that God created so many million years ago, that men had no clue on how to interpret them.

    1. >> Neg. polificians yo work for them....

      Sleepy politicians to work for them...

    2. Hey Carpie.. using astrology to label Anna..? may be you should examine your own soul..

    3. I have nothing but gratitude to Anna for all the things she has brought forward for all of us to educate and open our minds up to all the corruption Americans are going through ! She has been upfront and honest to us ! We all are sinners have no right to Chuck stones at each other !look into the good stop judging each other that's God's job ! God hears us and I believe he is with us now and when the time comes for the people to pull together stop the fear and prejudice and work as one against the evil doers God will be on our side for our new world where humanity wins! Thank you Anna your true in heart don't even care about the criticisms from those kind who judge!

  2. God Bless all of you who have worked day and night to help President Trump make America great again!

  3. Excellent commentary, Anna. And so timely. When the U.S.A. Inc. is about - just about - to be 'called'. And the New Order of Things to start to go into effect. Being the reverse image of the Dark side's draconian New World Order.

  4. Too bad we weren't there yesterday, 1 day ago, to declare and establish our choice , at the time and place of that decision. The high contracting powers met to decide the system of government for America since the US is no more. The people were notified that Trump was there to return power to the people. The people were invited to the table by the President. Some people showed up but didnt know what to do, like we wouldve. Anna wouldve had us there prepared. Every doc ever filed, all of the assembly people there, each knowing his part. Yeah if we were there and went inside, and as we suspected the hirelings fled, handing the house to the children and heirs, we wouldve had the exact words prepared and we'd have told em "we choose neither of you. Youre all fired. Your fraud is no longer allowed. You performed services on behalf of our mighty family, for which you have your reward. But we are no longer children, and choose our covenant birthright and first estate! That government of, by, and for was reborn in a day! A few hundred of us at least wouldve been there in both chambers, reading the Law for the first time in how long?
    And it was streaming live through our cellphones and the 150000 people outside began to grasp what was happening. The roar! Some said it thundered. And the crowd grew til the city was filled. We had every i dotted, every t crossed. Were ready at the appointed time, and God divided the swamp!
    Yeah if only any among us couldve foreseen the table set before us, and felt addressed by the invite. We couldve prepared and been there. All we had to do was be there. But somehow we thought what was going on was nothing to do with us?! Hmmm. Too bad cuz since we werent there they told us we failed. And they chose for us without us. We couldve had it all, now, today and beginning work of restoring all things. Instead, while we were focused on other things, more pertinent and important to the assembly, another unimaginably diabolical corporate monster is being birthed on our land. Another giant in the land, the communist technocracy of America unless the people wake up by 1/20/21 = 8 new beginning. Thats gonna be true for all. Doesn't look good for justice though. Such a sickening tragedy ive barely slept. To think so much couldve been gained by so few for so many. And just by showing up and being adults for a few hours?! Strange. Was it that hard to see? I mean by those who know about this stuff? Im a newbie plowing thru mountains of lies and omissions to discover nuggets of truth. Finding enough to connect dots like the rest of us. But the ones who lead us to believe they know, behind the curtain stuff, date of final settlement specific and minute. They didnt see this as any opportunity for us, is clear that they express no sense of loss for us at the outcome. The outcome being the greatest fraud in history replacing the former greatest fraud in history. Achieved by the greatest lies in history and the greatest theft ever! Something has really emboldened darkness for behold the waves of lawlessness and betrayal, and all manner of evil.

  5. Anna reminds us to seek the quiet Voice of God amid the incessant chants of lo here! lo there!, drowning out the quiet Spirit of the "still small voice" inviting us to return our thoughts and devotions to our God. The hundreds of millions of dollars and hours spent, the words spoken to cast spells over others in their beliefs and allegiances, the hatred and distrust generated in all these recently seen self aggrandizing rituals of corruption, in none of that have the people come to learn of or more deeply know and serve the Lord their Creator.

    There is only one true Light of the world, all else is darkness. No matter what may be around the corner in this country or in the world, there is no one on earth that cannot make it their deepest purpose to draw themselves closer to the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. He IS the light sent by His Father to show mankind the way of godliness. He shows us how to cast off the worldly cares and take up our own cross of obedience and discipleship to Christ.

    Even if total chaos or societal collapse may ensue, a deep personal focus to make himself more clean from ignoring Gods commandments, seeking more purity in thought, becoming more forgiving of others, more devoted to emulating our Savior, is the best hope and plan for all people. In so doing all these ills can be healed, all the hatred put to rest and day by day every man can fashion himself more fully to prepare for the once again meet God and give Him his good report, and show the masteries over evil gained by disciplining himself in Christ's ways while on his turn on earth.

    Yes, there shall be a final restoration of all things, His sheep who have heard and followed His voice will be separated from the goats, the stubborn who refused to receive Him and His Word. Good will be restored for good deeds, evil for evil deeds. That is the perfect Justice of God.

    The Word of God is the only sure definition of what is truth, what is good, what is of good report before our Creator. Searching His Word often is the only way we can avoid becoming enveloped in darkness and spiritual death. That is the truth. Come what may let's pursue a more personal and reverent relationship with our Creator by following the Words and example of His Son.

    1. Taking actions from what we are taught from the scriptures (The 10 Commandments [please read the following posts below from "Make it happen" if you want to know the absolute divine truth about yourself]) is what is going to save humanity from our self-caused extinction, not mortals babbling scriptures all day long, lead by example, be in this world but not of this world!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

  6. Excellent post Anna, I absolutely agree!👍🏾

  7. Thank you Anna
    A good reminder of the TRUTH.

  8. Make it happen- January 8, 2021 at 6:40 AM

    This is exactly what happens when humanity as a whole has committed absolute divine treason against our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!! This is why I keep telling everyone on this forum and worldwide about the divine deadline between 2025-2035 of total extermination of humanity!!! All these folks (all popes worldwide, all priests worldwide, all monarchs worldwide, all royals worldwide, all politicians worldwide, all attorneys worldwide, all military generals worldwide, all soldiers worldwide, all police chiefs worldwide, all police officers worldwide, all government employees worldwide, all rapist worldwide, all thieves worldwide, all liars worldwide, all murderers worldwide, all elicit drug manufacturers and dealers worldwide, all weapons manufacturers and distributors worldwide, all bio weapons manufacturers worldwide, all money changers worldwide, all corporation executives and employees worldwide, all terrorist worldwide and all the rest of the sinners [criminals] worldwide which is pretty much everyone on Earth who have disrespected and destroyed his original divine creation) will be wiped off the face of the Earth very soon, as soon as January 1, 2025 and as latest as January 1, 2035!!! It does not matter what Anna, The Assembly or what anyone else says on this forum or anywhere else on the internet, it is all 100% absolutely divinely irrelevant!!! Which part does anyone worldwide not understand and comprehend???!!! The ultimate and absolute divine truth has been spoken!!! "Those who (sinners) try to save their own lives (by committing crimes against original divine creation to survive) lose it"- our Father (Yahweh)!!! "It is better not to be born than to commit a crime (sin) against my creation on Earth"- our Divine Father (Yahweh)!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

    1. William D. January 7, 2021 at 9:08 AM

      @makeithappen: what makes you such an authority that you KNOW what God is going to do and when? You should state plainly that it is your opinion. Not that I disagree with you, I feel something like what you describe is likely but its just a gut feeling. Why do you think everyone should just accept what you say? Priests have been "speaking" for God for a long time. Guess what? They DONT.

    2. Make it happen January 7, 2021 at 2:17 PM

      William D.- Thanks for your response!!! "Priests have been "speaking" for God for a long time. Guess what? They DONT."- William D.- You are absolutely correct in that statement and I am impressed that you acknowledge that, who we call "priest" are nothing more than wolves in sheeps clothing warned by our Father (Yahweh)(misleading the children of our Father [Yahweh] to self-condemnation which is the objective of anti-creation and anti-humanity entities and we all know who they are, that is why we were warned to have discernment and not to fall into their trap [to be used and abused and discarded like trash which we are all currently going thru as humanity] to separate ourselves from our Father's [Yahweh] salvation and Kingdom of Paradise/Heaven on Earth)!!!

      I am with the Father (Yahweh) and the Father (Yahweh) is with me until end of mortal time (I seeked the Father [Yahweh, my divine mentor] and literately found him), you personally acknowledge the Father (Yahweh) yourself [not through a third party {middleman} such as a "priest"] the Father (Yahweh) himself will personally acknowledge you)!!! What I say is absolutely not my opinion unfortunately but absolutely from the mouth of our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven from many decades of research of divinity (I personally wish it was just my opinion because it is very disturbing revelation [I cried for a week straight when I became exposed to the near future of divine extermination of humanity itself] because it effects every Earthly mortal including yours truly and my son [my son is aware of this issue when he was just six years old, he asked me when he was just five years old "who are we???, where did we come from??? and where are we going???], I was shocked that he ask me those questions [I asked him who told you this and he said no one but I believe it was our Father {Yahweh} and at that moment I did not have the answers but I told him that soon as I do he will be the first person to know which I was able to inform him a year later through research on who we are, where we came from and where we are suppose to be going to and unfortunately about ours and humanity's demise between 2025-2035, as soon as January 1, 2025 and as latest as January 1, 2035, it depends on humanity's correcting their mortal mistakes {sins, crimes}]), absolutely no one is exempt except those exempt directly by our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven personally himself!!!

      I became self-aware at the age of three when I was sitting on some steps in the orphanage making mud balls by myself while the other orphans were playing on the playground!!! When I became self-aware at that moment all of a sudden questions of "who are these people I am surrounded by???, where am I at???, why am I here???, who put me here??? and who is responsible for for mine and the other orphans suffering (starvation, diseases)??? popped into my mind and I also told my self-awareness that I will not die until I get all the answers first (I feel like I won the ultimate lotto being born in the first place when I became self-aware), I also had a gut feeling (intuition, divine six sense) that all life would be destroyed eventually because of my awareness of my own tragedy but I also told myself that humanity can do a lot better than this indifferent world that I was born into!!! And when I became self-aware in the orphanage dying from starvation and diseases (such as tuberculosis, osteomyelitis [a deadly bone infection] and heart murmur), I personally asked our Father (Yahweh) when I was about 4 years old to give me a chance at life to serve Him by serving his children and his original divine creation even though I did not know or spoke my own language and was not made aware of our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven by any mortal souls on Earth!!! Continue in the following post (too many characters):

    3. Make it happen- January 7, 2021 at 2:21 PM

      Continued from previous post:

      Then one day (soon after making such a request to our Father [Yahweh]) after all the orphans were asked by our caretakers to come back into the building after playing on the playground something told me to to go back onto the playground by myself and stand on a dirt mound and look up into the sky (I was surrounded by four 30 feet high walls) which I did and obeyed (no caretakers stopped me from leaving the building which I believe was a divine intervention, normally if you leave the building without permission you will get punished severely with lashes across your hand by a switch, it hurts like you know what) and then I personally got a message (telepathic, mind you) that I would be half way around the world in the near future and sure enough soon after that divine revelation I was informed by the caretakers that I will be leaving soon and was giving gifts (clothes and toys) by my new adopted missionary parents in USA (I did not know where I was going, never heard of USA before that time) and a year later I landed on US soil!!!

      It was not Paradise/Heaven as I was expecting when I became aware where I was (I feel like I went from one tragedy to another tragedy) and realized that I had my work cut out for me to spend rest of my life to make good on my promises to serve our Father's (Yahweh) children and return his Earth back into Paradise/Heaven for Him at any ethical and moral cost for saving my life (blind faith works wonders [I came, I saw, I changed what I saw])!!! I was hungry (starving spiritually) for the uncontaminated absolute mortal and divine truth and knowledge about myself (who am I really???, where did I come from??? and where am I suppose to be going to???) and the future of humanity and original divine creation and was committed and determine to get those questions answered no matter what it took in resources (10,000 plus books and still counting [a lot of psychological self-help books]), what it will cost me (over one million dollars and still counting) and how long it would take (30 plus years and 25,000 plus hours and still counting)!!! After researching researchers on every subject I could get my hands on I was able to verify my predictions and was shocked that I hit it right on the bullseye about my intuition (divine six sense) in the orphanage of total elimination of humanity which was very frightening and devastating to me (I was very suicidal [suicide is a sin] many times because of this divine and self revelation and had to convince myself to hang in there no matter how disturbing or shocking it was about the divine revelations I ran into accidentally because lot of it was not expected [I think anyone would be suicidal after being exposed to that kind of realty], I shed a lot of tears to fill all the oceans in the world it seems like)!!! Continued in the following post (too many characters):

    4. Continued from the previous post:

      So now I have arrived here (found through prolific addicting research) with The Assembly and other powerful organizations that are pro-creation and pro-humanity to divinely guide them to Paradise/Heaven on Earth if they are willing!!! I am the only person on Earth with my unique experience and ability that aligns with the mortal and divine objectives/mission of Paradise/Heaven on Earth, in other words I found all the mortal and divine pieces of the puzzle and know how to put them all together because I see the ultimate big divine picture (the good, the bad and the ugly), I humbly with humility and grace offer my mortal and divine services to all of them, "Those greatest among you on Earth will be my servant"- our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!! Tears want to come out of my eyes writing this post, my severe emotional and mental mortal pain is the humanity's and the original divine creation's gain if they let it be!!! For me to divinely save myself I must divinely save humanity and original divine creation first, it works no other way and that goes for all Earthly mortals!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

      P.S. William D.; if you need any more answers to clarify your previous questions please do not hesitate to ask them, thanks!!!

    5. Make it happen- January 7, 2021 at 4:24 PM

      Now after saying what I said in the above previous posts (and all other previous posts) I want to sincerely and gracefully thank Anna, Paul and others involved for giving me and our divine Father (Yahweh) an opportunity on this platform to disseminate to all of humanity the ultimate and absolute divine truth (as much as it is disturbing, shocking, hard to believe and accept) about humanity's indifference towards our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven and His original divine creation and the divine consequences of it in the near future!!! We as humanity still have an opportunity and a chance (time is of the essence, all Earthly mortals are all running out of time [no matter who you are in the original divine creation], the hour glass is almost empty) by the divine grace (divine warning first to give humanity a chance to save itself before etermination) of our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven to make it divinely right for Him and us and be in His divine presence on Earth)!!! Our divine Father (Yahweh) loves us dearly (it hurts Him to see us suffering from our own making) as His divine Earthly mortal children (offsprings) and wants nothing but the best for all of us but can only help those who help them selves first and is willing to do only so much!!! Our divine Father's (Yahweh) ultimate and absolute wish is for his divine Earthly mortal children to divinely mature spiritually, emotionally and intellectually as one so that humanity may endure and enjoy his ultimate gift of life in His original divine creation for millenniums to come!!! So let us divinely make it happen because we have nothing to lose but our very own existence as humanity, what ever it divinely takes my divine brothers and sisters worldwide, I love you all till the end of mortal time!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Folks in The Assembly and worldwide please read all these post and repost from "Make it happen" because they will be updated constantly and stay tuned for divine revelations (Apocalypse) from our divine Father (Yahweh) as they come out and what has already come out (I have the divine ability to explain to humanity in simple terms that even a five year old can understand and comprehend of their own divine fate what is sometimes difficult for most mortals to understand and comprehend from our divine Father's (Yahweh) message directly from his own mouth)!!! What I scribe in these posts are the direct divine command and mandate directly from our divine Father (Yahweh) to post these divine revelations, absolutely not mine, I'm just a divine scribe (no more, no less)!!! Any Earthly mortal who delete these posts from "Make it happen" for any reason (no matter how emotionally and mentally disturbing and uncomfortable these messages are from our divine Father [Yahweh]) are self-condemned, you have been forewarned by our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!! The whole point of all these divine messages on The Assembly's forum is to give humanity options that most mortals are not aware of and one last divine chance to correct their fatal mortal sins (crimes) before the final commencement of extermination of humanity as we know it as soon as January 1, 2025 and as late as January 1, 2035!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

    8. Oh Paul is deleting but it's not your comments

  9. I see Paul is deleting away today

    Can't have the sheep know the real truth

  10. Anna: All the brainless, soul-numbing talk, talk, talk of the broadcast media harangues us every day and night, until we can no longer hear the Quiet Voice of God.

    Father Finnney: “Having a television in your home is like having a jew in your living room” Father Leonard E. Finney MICM the Point Magazine 1957

    Americans, require Anna to reveal her contract with Hein III, that Anna tells jew Mnuchin to place our American assets in the control of Hein III. Is Hein a jew? Where is the contract? Who is Hein? What is his responsibility to Americans? What is his role in dealing with our assets?

    Monday, April 6, 2020 Dear Mr. Trump - 6 April 2020
    Your Administration must without further delay contact John Franklin Hein III and establish the means to move the "legacy trust assets" and actual money and verified credit back into circulation. Mr. Mnunchin in his capacity as an Interpol Officer and as both private and public fiduciary needs to get on the stick and set up the necessary mercantile bank accounts to do this.

    Further, require Anna to reveal her contract with Americans, America as Fiduciary. Has Anna simply appointed herself as Fiduciary based upon her bloodline heirship, as she claims European & British Monarchs have done?

    Do we see why Anna vilifies Great Christian White Europeans, British, Americans,
    Catholic Church, Rome, Vatican blaming them as evil rulers, when in truth, it is the JEWS who have rewritten our history, infiltrated & usurped upon us?

    Has Anna done the very same thing she proports done to us?

    When Anna fills her articles with fiction, Talmudic inversions, lies, blasphemes the very ones who have made America Great, who have made 97% of all inventions & advancements for the world, who are the most generous peoples on Gods Earth, is this a con? While Anna simply assumes upon us, her role as an heirship?

    One doth protests too much.


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