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Monday, December 28, 2020

Alex Newman – No Happy Ending for Election Fraud

Journalist Alex Newman says No matter who is crowned the winner of the 2020 Election, Newman predicts much stress and consternation in 2021. Newman points out, “There really is not a happy ending. No matter which course we take here, there is going to be a lot of turbulence. If Donald trump manages to stay in, the Deep State will explode. They will send out their terror mobs. They will try to crash the economy. They will try to destroy the value of the dollar. They will get the fake media to call him a dictator. They will get the United Nations to condemn this undemocratic coup. . . . It will get intense and very serious very quickly. If Biden manages to get in there somehow through fraud, it won’t be smooth sailing either. In fact, the party told us what they are going to do. They are going to try to pack the Senate . . . They are going to legalize tens of millions of illegal immigrants and put them on a path for citizenship. Almost all of them will vote Democrat. They are going to pack the Supreme Court with new Marxist anti-American judges. America will become completely unrecognizable if these people get their way. . . . This is a very dangerous time for America.”


  1. That explosion in Nashville happened on 2nd st and was a clear notice to trump that if he doesnt step down there will be a lot worse happening..!!
    What can we do..??

    1. What we do is make sure Trump stays and then go after them full on. First however we need to lose these stupid masks and and breathe like God intended us to, open our business as backup and tell them to bring it!

  2. I am 67 years old and i contracted a wasnt the covid flu but it was so bad that if i had to work i wouldnt be able to..
    These flus are getting very bad, they dont have to be covid. Covid itself is mutating into other viruses.
    These globalist will try anything to get their way...they will not stop..!!

    1. @James You are declaring your illness/dis-ease wasn't the "covid flu". What exactly is "covid flu"? Where is the "COVID" or "COVID-19" scientific evidence published as an isolated virus? You are declaring it isn't "covid flu" but acknowledging there is such a thing by declaring it wasn't the "covid flu".

      I have had bad colds in my 62 years. I have had the Flu. The most recent I remember was a summer cold, in June 2017, which took a month to shake off. Never heard of COVID-19 in June 2017.....

      Corona Virus is defined as the "Common Cold", physicians manual 1986, so please how can a common cold be "Novel" or how can a common cold be "new"?

      Establishing FEAR is the goal. The Media has done that quite well. It doesn't matter what the Truth is as long as FEAR exists.

      You are making the reality of the existence of "COVID-19" exist just by declaring what you had is not "COVID-19"!

      So now until it is published that People wearing Masks are causing bacterial infections ending in "Death" which have absolutely nothing to do with a Virus of any kind will the stupidity of this nonsense turn around. Will there be a "Wall" with the CORPORATE NAMES of those that have harmed themselves because FEAR is more prevalent than Common Sense?
      Are you drafted into the belief of a Killer Virus so you will harm yourself?

      Annie McShane©
      Delaware Coordinator

    2. They just want to see how far they can control more people and bring in a one world governance, they depend on stupid

    3. Up your zinc and vit. D3 and stop wearing a mask...unless you absolutely have to and then pitch a big

  3. .
    The problem is everyone’s immune system is compromised

    With the correct vitamins and minerals, the body will heal itself; most of the time
    Some people have not has a vaccine in 30 years..
    Too bad the people want to remain willfully ignorant

    Gratitude - We Bleed Red White and Blue

  4. Nashville explosion sent vibrations in to AT&T building that houses NSA data and the switch that a worker reported years ago he installed that routes data, like phones internet into a highly secured room. He reported knowing everyones data going in that room but no apparent reason. Reports of spying on people, data from voting computers several things that could be the reason for the blast and pictures of FBI showing the motor home in a driveway of the suspect and the one parked where he allegedly chose to commit suicide are painted different clearly not the same motor home and more findings on the details of the blast are ongoing.


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