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Saturday, November 21, 2020

What Happened?

 By Anna Von Reitz

It was Halloween, 1960. I and my version of the Peanuts Gang were Halloweening. In Black River Falls, Wisconsin, we didn't go "Trick or Treating". We went Halloweening. Every year. No exceptions.
I was a hobo with a crushed hat, patched coat two sizes too big, tattered pants and big, scuffed work boots. My best friend, Ann, was a Gypsy Lady with a shawl and a silk scarf over her head and a pair of the biggest hoop earrings any of us had ever seen. Her older sister, Lisa, was a pirate, and she was riding the Spook-Spackler, a giant, ramshackle bicycle that once belonged to a much older (male) cousin.
To ride the Spook-Spackler you had to line it up with a stairway, like on a porch, and leap onto the seat while wobbling forward, then wait for the pedal to come up before you could hit it with your foot, and then wait for the other pedal to come up and hit that. It was like riding a bicycle in slow motion.
We were accompanied on our mission by Sam, a giant reverse-spot Dalmatian, who, strictly speaking, belonged to our neighbors, but he loved kids and was always ready for an adventure, so.... he was AWOL that night and we simply brought him home after the festivities. Most Dalmatians are white with black spots, but once in a while, you get one that is black with white spots. Sam was one of those, so it was almost like he was in costume, too.
The Transylvania Twist and The Mummy and all the popular silly doo-wop Halloween songs were playing on phonographs all over town as we tromped from house to house. It was a memorable night that involved dust devils, Lisa swooping up and down the street behind us on the Spook-Spackler, the dog chasing behind her, a white cat attacking Sam and riding him like a horse down the middle of the street, and the biggest, weirdest haul of Halloween loot ever.
We were less than a week away from the 1960 Presidential Election, the great debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon was a very recent memory, and both the Republicans and the Democrats were pulling out all the stops, trying to capture the Kid Vote, vying with each other in lavishing treats on us, and stuffing our plastic pumpkins full of campaign buttons and pamphlets.
We all agreed that Democrat Snickers bars beat Republican popcorn balls, and therefore predicted a win for Kennedy. And we were right, as kids usually are.
I still have a large JFK campaign button gifted to me that night, one of the really big ones, with a photo of him on it. He's smiling that all-American smile of his. I always thought he should have been a pilot instead of in the Navy, but what do kids know? Besides the outcome of elections?
Every year on the anniversary of his assassination, I take that campaign button out, hold it in my hand like a Magic Token, and wonder --- what happened to this country? What happened to the Democrat Party?
It used to be fun. It used to be high-minded. A few weeks later, in January of 1961, Kennedy gave his inaugural address and we heard, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."
That's such a far cry from the whining and victimhood and loser narrative that is now the stock and trade of Democratic candidates. JFK's Inaugural Address is so completely foreign and removed from the dreary self-pitying, self-absorbed, partisan, anti-American drivel that pours like poison out of Democrats today. The entire Democrat political party is unrecognizable, but the Republicans, aside from the RINOs, are still the same.
Maybe it is the fact that conservative values are conservative, or simply a firmer grasp on reality that goes along with less imagination, but I can still recognize the Republican Party sixty years later. At the Fall Festival parties that have replaced Trick or Treating in many communities, popcorn balls are still featured. Cake Walks still happen. Life goes on and Snoopy still sleeps on the roof of his dog house.
But among the Democrats, it's a completely different deal. They are giving the kids condoms as "treats" and passing out pamphlets about "liberation theology". There is no connection between JFK's clean, expansive, inclusive vision and what's on offer from the Democratic Party today. Today, it's the party of wanton disrespect for life, disrespect for God, and disrespect for country, all salted down by snarky, holier-than-thou news commentators.
What happened, people? What kind of poisonous evil, what horrible betrayal of JFK and everything he stood for, has come to pass in the Democratic Party?
The American People have spent untold trillions of dollars on every Democratic Party Sacred Cow and things have only gotten worse. Test scores in the toilet, crime statistics in the stratosphere, Nanny State oppression at all time highs, kids afraid to go out at night --- because there are real vampires on our streets.
It has to end.
Somewhere, somehow, Democrats all over this country are reading this message and in the back of their minds they are wrestling with my question---what happened?
Whatever happened, we, Americans, have to get the train back on track, and that can only happen if we have a common vision. JFK had a vision in common with all people, everywhere. And he was a Democrat. So you have no excuse for what is happening to this country now.
Go back and read his speeches, take in the self-reliance and optimism he taught, and the truth that he and his brother, Robert, served up so bravely and on so many occasions. And then, shake off the lies and the snarking and the self-pity and the cheating. Rise above the criminality that has infested every vestige of political reality.

If there is one rallying cry left that can heal this country and bring back its dynamism and joy and sense of self, it's a bequest from a Democrat, and you know who he is and how he died. You owe it to yourselves to find out what happened. And you owe it to him to uphold his vision for all mankind.


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  1. "If there is one rallying cry left that can heal this country and bring back its dynamism and joy and sense of self, it's a bequest from a Democrat, and you know who he is and how he died. You owe it to yourselves to find out what happened. And you owe it to him to uphold his vision for all mankind."

    i owe nothing to him, or his vision for mankind. This is where many seem to go astray.
    Consider the Bible? Little children keep yourselves from idols. This means all idols. What is between your frontlets?
    Douay-Rheims Bible
    Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.

  2. Here's what I find disturbing. In the following Paulstramer blog. Patriot58 and Shelby questioned how Anna could have participated in the Halloween activities BECAUSE ANNA WOULD HAVE ONLY BEEN 3 OR 4 YEARS OLD. I did a little investigating myself and found the following information. I was going to post my information as a response in the Paulstramer blog but now I see that Anna had Paul DELETE the posts by Patriot58 and Shelby about her age issue. My question is, if Anna is lying about that and another issue I found; what else is she lying about - speaks to her lack of credibility. Now she's getting Paul to delete the comments to hide the fact that she's lying! The coverup is always worse than the crime. Here's the information I was going to respond with.

    Friday, November 22, 2019
    My Thanksgiving
    “My husband, who according to the experts, should have died a long time ago, is similarly ill-disposed to comply with the opinions of the doctors. His cheeks are pink, his eyes are bright, at pushing eighty, he is shoveling snow and clicking right along.”

    I thought your “husband” was James Clinton Belcher born 1/11/1977. That would make him 43 years old. I thought Anna was born 6/6/1956, that would make her 64 years old – she’s 21 years older than her “husband” James Clinton Belcher. The husband she refers to in the above article must be an older ex husband or she is still married to him and not married to Belcher - go figure.

    Saturday, November 21, 2020
    What Happened?
    And, if Anna was born 6/6/1956, that would make her 4 years old in 1960. A Four year old would have great difficulty finding their way around and why would parents let a four year old out at night without parental supervision? Additionally a three or four year old would not be capable of recalling events in such vivid detail. And there are many more discrepancies that don’t add up. Unless of course “Anna” is an alien who is 80 or older but looks 64 years old. Maybe she’ll share her fountain of youth secrets with the rest of us…lol. With all the lies we’ve been fed, that story is as plausible as any at this point! Oh my - the things kept hidden…very interesting credibility issue. How about the following.......

    Tuesday, October 27, 2020
    What Election?
    By Anna Von Reitz,%202020%20at%209:31%20AM
    Bellerian1October 28, 2020 at 9:31 AM
    "Anna is military. She worked with Bernard Eastlund on haarp and that's why she’s in Alaska. There is some sort of pincher move going on between the incorporated fed gov and this military releasing of the information that was intentionally withheld for a couple hundred years... it wasn't lost, it was intentionally hidden and forgotten so that this day could come."

    1. James Clinton Belcher ,,,is Anna's, son,,, this article,,,, you reference mentions members of her family and she names and dates none of them.. When Anna and I were kids and up until the early 70,s , If you could walk, your parents took you trick or treating.. I remember halloween's from the age of 5 or 6 and I certainly think Anna has a better memory... Quit claiming guilt by association, Anna worked with Pope Frances and that certainly does not make her a Nun by association.., ANd now praytell, who/what is your source of information that allows you to know "that Anna had Paul DELETE the posts",, about.. Whatever,,?? YOU ,, sound very SHILLY to me...So read the message for the message, and realize Just how POSITIVE it is.. and if you are a shill,, you should find a job more suited to your skillset...

    2. ps. the above was a reply to Ready007..

    3. Times were much different in the 60's. I was born in 1959. At 9 in 1968 I took my brother 3 and sister 5 with the neighbor kids all various ages under 10 up and down the rural back roads in our Pennsylvania neighborhood in the Dark on Halloween. Miles of walking in the dark. No Fear, only Fun. Halloween never started till after dark in the 60's and 70's when I was enjoying being a young girl. Parents didn't go with us then. Now Halloween isn't even on October 31st exclusively and all activities are done before dark descends. My granddaughter has never been allowed to even play outside alone or ride her bike to a friends house by herself. We are all now imprisoned by fear of whatever boogyman you care to imagine.

      It is amazing how people would rather point fingers and pick apart an article Anna posts rather than seeing the root of the parable. Anna did not say she was alone on her adventure. Hell a dog is better protection than most people.

      To remember JFK and his words is not to worship Idols, what kind of nonsense is that type of thinking. I remember my mother and her words of wisdom everyday. She died at 38 when I was 14. I can hear her tell me there is no such thing as "Can't". Because I remember my mother and her words doesn't mean I worship Idols. God sends me her words in her voice to help me keep on keeping on in this craziness we are living in today.

      I for one am thankful for this wonderful story of Halloween. Life was something to look forward to in those days. Today we get up and go out to see People living in so much Fear they are purposely causing themselves harm wearing face diapers because they don't have enough courage to say NO!.

      Annie McShane
      Delaware Coordinator

  3. There's Always a sniveling complainer who has to anything and everything and everything. Go back to your basement you creep

  4. I agree Buck Rogers How do you spell trolls lol If they found some thing positive to come out of their pie holes they would have a LIFE................

  5. Sorry you have to deal with all these side reactions Anna. These people can always go somewhere else if they don't live the food that is being served or if they think they have all the answers why not start their own group.

    1. If she didn't want to deal with all the side reactions why would she fight for things like freedom of speech? Also where is this elsewhere you speak of or these other groups we can start? Because the tribalism here is like every where else ,rampant. I thought this was the group our founding fathers started but if this is Anna's heard please do point me in the right direction away from the sheep.

  6. I sneaked off to a neighbors just recently learning where the house was and climbed over a fence and walked the field over there about 1/2 mile and do recall my mom must have seen me cause she showed up nick of time. The kid about my age of 3 1/2 or 4 was alone and no one else in the house. He pulled a knife on me and I was running around away from him when mom showed up lucky perhaps for me and it is still pretty sharp in memory like many little things I recall that were big like events that stand out.


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