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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Do You Hear the Fear in Their Voices?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Tonight, on Mainstream "news" or what passes for it, I heard the fear in the voices of the Talking Heads--- the telltale lapses, the uncertainty beginning to creep in, the shrill little stentorian high notes.
It's coming and they know it. Half the Congress has stopped talking to them and the other half is ditching the pitch.
And nothing they can say about Donald Trump, no sleazy innuendo, no amount of puerile Junior High School put downs or vicious personal attacks will save them now.
God knows, it has been a long time coming, ever since the Second World War.
And I just can't wait for the retirement party.
We've got a generation of actual American Journalists standing in the wings ready to take over, people like James O'Keefe and Dana Ashlie.
I'll finally be able to stand more than five minutes of the "Evening News" again.
And in the meantime, there's The Epoch Times-----a real newspaper. Shhh! -- it's the fastest growing newspaper in America.
Imagine it. A newspaper that offers practical information that actually counts for something. No useless blather. No political propaganda masked as "news". No editorials on the news pages. Recipes. Health tips. Crossword puzzles. Funnies.
The Epoch Times has got it all, online---- and here's what we Old School Girls love, a hard copy newsprint edition, too. Color me happy. Easy chair. Sunday morning. Irish coffee. And my hard copy edition of The Epoch Times.
See what a real newspaper looks like if you are under forty, and if you can actually remember real newspapers, welcome home!

A gift subscription to The Epoch Times is the Number One easiest Christmas gift on my list. And it sure beats another Cap Snaffler.


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  1. I find the Epoch Times to be just about a FOX Lite, or FOX XTRA Right maybe, but still sprinkled with bs

  2. This is definitely a keeper article Anna! Can't wait to download it from your site. Thanks Paul!

  3. Not impressed with Epoch times alleays fails to identify the elephant in the room good controld opp.

  4. epoch is still pushing the left vs right narrative instead of exposing the real enemy and the real truth! Tr

  5. Hi Paul,

    Do you not post every article Anna writes to her page in pdf? I'm still looking for this one to surface. Thanks!

  6. The Epoch Times is made from dead tree's.

    The recent hit piece they did on Cannabis is disgusting. Epoch Times not worthy to even start the fire in my wood stove every morning.

    We can do much better than that Anna.


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