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Saturday, November 21, 2020

About the General Jural "Assemblies" and Their False Claim

 By Anna Von Reitz

These are District Assemblies and contain a mish-mash of confused Americans, actual U.S. Citizens, and even some Municipal citizens of the United States, all milling together in ignorance.
Their most recent contribution to the overall confusion is a false claim that they have "settled" the Alaskan land issues.
They have no standing to settle anything.
The properly recorded and declared People of this State have received the enrollment of Alaska as a full-fledged State of the Union as a result of work undertaken by our sister Assemblies that are up and operating in the States of the Union that were already enrolled prior to the Civil War.
They, the pre-Civil War State Assemblies, have acted to accept our enrollment as Union States and that is what settles the land and soil jurisdiction of Alaska.
Nothing that any so-called "General Jural Assembly" has done has any effect at all, because the people in those assemblies have no standing -- not as district employees of bankrupt Municipal and Territorial corporations, and not as Americans, either, because they have not bothered to declare and record their birthright political status.
Despite these wrong-headed and actually illegal activities by both undeclared Foreign Agents and well-intentioned but ignorant Americans, the actual State Assemblies have continued their well-reasoned and lawful course of action and have continued to grow and to secure relief for their members and their States.
The Settlement of not only Alaska but all the Western States and even West Virginia, which entered Territorial Statehood during the Civil War, is a great and long-overdue achievement of the American People standing in their correct political status and having the actual standing to act.
Our gratitude duly extends to our sister States of the Union and all those who have taken the time and made the effort to study and to declare and to record their proper standing as birthright Americans and as members of the actual State Assembly in their pre-Civil War States of the Union. Without them and their action on our behalf, Alaska and many other States would have remained indefinitely in a vulnerable and quasi-legal Territorial Statehood status.
So the final Settlement of our Land and Soil is done, but not by the hands of the "General Jural Assembly" and not even by the hands of The Alaska Assembly.
This was done by the primarily Eastern States Assemblies, by The Texas Assembly, by The California Assembly --- by all those that were already enrolled as States of the Union prior to the Civil War.
This is their victory and their doing, and they are the only ones on Earth who were ever capable of making this Settlement possible.
This Thanksgiving we can all reach across the miles to our brothers and sisters, Americans still standing, who have made this watershed event possible against all odds, and we can be forever grateful to them for their help in time of need, for their generosity and steadfastness and their careful due diligence. It's because of them that our land is our land at last, and our soil is vouchsafed to us retroactive to the date that each Western State entered Territorial Statehood.
I cannot think of a greater gift than to have the land and soil under one's feet and under one's home, secure at last. Thanks to all the pre-Civil War State Assemblies with all our hearts!

And as for the shameful attempts of the General Jural Assemblies to take credit for this, we can only chalk it up to Bad Faith and ignorance.


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  1. .
    TWTEA and the B.C. is the entrapment; before anything else, they must be removed, otherwise you/we canNOT be recognized under the CODES of the UNITED STATES[Inc.] But real original Republic Laws and justice established on or about 1789 - 1791.

    BUT the Paris peace treaty gets in the way also.[created in/as fraud]

    Bless your Heart

    1. Thw Paris Treaty..( laughs ) have you read that,er,excuse me, them ( as the 1791 is contingent upon there being established peace between France at the time of signing , yes, the two countries had a loose peace. Which only lasteda coupleyears.

      Does that mean the English surrender was no longer valid?
      It was contingent upon an earlier draft, which details are not included in the 1791 treaty. Conveniently, the 1791 treaty does not specifically mention the Colonists accord with then King James, the version penned two years earlier at Versailles makes small mention of the King James /Colonists compact when referencing that "King GEORGE releases all claim to the colonies except where provisioned in the 16( i've forgotten year, please pardon me) Compact in title and acknowledges...' I believe it is in clause 4, subsection II, where we pay tribute to the crown, with ought discussion, documentation, without ceasing to the crown, his progeny for here and everafter.

      Have you read the rest of the treaty, though? Seriously.. Does that read to you as a peace treaty between two countries, or a divorce, and the absent husband got to keep all his stuff, his people got to keep all Thier stuff, if we took it, we will give it back, and if we sold their stuff, we will buy it back out of pocket and give it back to the English possessing that property at the start of the war. Oh, and if any English remaining here in the states have affairs to close up, they can stay here a year, a nd go about their business unmolested, and to be given every civil courtesy and privilege of priority.??

      Sell me again how we won the war?

  2. All political power is inherent in the people!
    Juris diction
    You status is what you say it is
    We’re in what book does it say the people have to do some trick to be able to exercise what we were created in a confederate republic .
    Not a aristocratic republic,a monarchy,popular democracy.
    A new kid on block confederate republic
    Executing a republican (form) of government.
    During reconstruction the zionest who took power vacated even nutural states saying they were not running a republican (form) of government.
    There by violating the guarantee clause of constitution a republican form of government.


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