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Tuesday, November 17, 2020



  1. I tried to post that video on Facebook and they block it from being posted. Freedom of speech as long as you say what we want! lol! Crazy and sad honestly!

    1. freedom of speech does not exist on the internet, you are ALLOWED to give your opinion, and that is all!
      All of you are considered their citizenry (by the use of...) on the internet.

      Let me ask the room.....
      Where oh where, is your OPTION to counter-offer a contract on the internet????
      Ever notice you only have Yes or No???
      This Option in contracting law has been stripped from the internet!
      Therefore any sign-up, membership or the like to a website binds you as a user accepting the RULES of their operation, control and censorship.

      Y'all need to pull your heads out and fight proper, get out of the box you are trying to change!!!! Your simple existence in the "rat race" benefits them not you.

      people! Wake up and smell the BS!

      Anyone saying "should", "could" or "would" when talking about how the sub-contractors operate? You guys are a problem, stop thinking they have a heart and soul, they LEGALLY do not.

      Documented Americans Assemble and Educate/Inform your family, friends and neighbors to each and every aspect of the great fraud.

    2. None of the "Contracts" on Line are lawful contracts. They are an application to "use" a service. Don't like it, rescind the application and stop "using" the service.

  2. Where has our America, the one we saluted in grade school every morning, the one we were raised with, where has it gone to? Does anyone other than me , miss that AMERICA?

  3. They assume we are incorporated entities because we are forced to operate in commerce by using the internet but this is the only way, except snail-mail or phone, that we can get the information we need and communicate in a timely manner. To presume anything about us and mis-classify us because of this, is an unconscionable contract, similar to an adhesion contract. But if we have no choice, we really can't be held accountable for it. Sometimes we just have to make deals with the Devil to get anything done at all.


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