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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Trump attorney Sidney Powell declares the Kraken was already RELEASED

… and the results are just beginning to emerge.


  1. And it depends on what you can prove in a court of law, beyond just hearsay evidence. But I trust Sidney Powell when she says that they have sworn affidavits to that effect. So let's hope that the majority on the SCOTUS don't succumb to increasing pressure that will be put on them in the following days - increasing, and possibly excruciating, pressure, since so much is a stake in this outcome. May the Light prevail. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

    1. Sidney Powell wouldn't put out statements on world stage without being able to prove it in a court of law.

    2. There is in DC Article 3 court every other court is color of law incompetent .

  2. Not to worry Stan.
    The Light will prevail.
    God has said so!
    Give it time ...
    Let's see what transpires by 13 January.
    God is with USA in this matter.

  3. Just pray the rosary! God's Mother has never let anyone down who sincerely sought her help.

  4. Cynthia McKinney PhD@cynthiamckinney
    THIS is a good one!!!!!
    Mini AOC@RealMiniAOC

    When the Presidency is taken away from Joe Biden his voters will be rolling over in their graves.

  5. Lol........
    Grab your DIGITAL Pitchforks and Torches

  6. Espionage for Dinner. Treason for Dessert - British Election Meddling and Espionage in America

    BRITISH-AMERICAN ESPIONAGE-TREASON ON FULL DISPLAY AT "DINNER WITH THE OHRS" Alison Saunders, CB, the Queen’s top prosecutor came to dinner at Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s home four days before the infamous Trump Tower meeting Election interference by a Queen's agent is espionage and for the Americans who helped is treason.,%202019.pdf


    Arvinder K. Sambei is also a former chief Crown prosecutor, like Saunders. We also now know that Sambei was working for the FBI and Robert S. Mueller after 9/11. She was engaged in pressing false narratives in the UK about the alleged 9/11 hijackers within days of the event. That case was eventually dismissed in 2003 for lack of evidence, but it served to shield Sambei from any inquiry into her personal complicity in 9/11. Remember, Mueller was appointed to be FBI director on Sep. 04, 2001, just a week before 9/11.

    These resumes alone make Saunders’ role abundantly clear. She was put in place as a functionary, a face,to carry forward the Cecil Rhodes 200-year plan for one world government being implemented by the Queen’s Privy Council through its chief proponents: the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY, SIR MICHAEL RICHARDSON, SIR GEOFFREY PATTIE, LORD MARK MALLOCH-BROWN & GEORGE SOROS

  7. mmark... really? there are SONGS about her letting people down. She had, ( because she's dead) absolutely no power. none. She was born in the House of David and Cousins with John the Baptist's mother. She gave birth to her children sired by her husband joseph, some became disciples of Christ, but that's it. no jedi - joan of arc - roman stopping - sin reversing - demon casting - leper healer - water to winer - mover of mountain.. no.. Mary... did none of that, that which Jesus and all of his disciples did, one without even meeting Jesus in the flesh... mary... His own mother, was not bestowed with supernatural powers none Above those of the disciples, above Jesus, the Holy Spirit, above God the Father the creator of all.... no.
    none equivalent, none minor.
    none. She was blessed among women, yes. She gave birth to the Messiah, yes. That's it. shrug. no other by-line.


    1. People need to understand this fact: Voting doesn't make a difference. It never did. People need to stop playing ball with this system. They want to lock you down and drug you with a dangerous vaccine.

  9. Ok but all that have to be presented in a court of law. That's Chavis but not America. Trump trying to stay out of jail.

  10. Did they consider that he will sell information to Americas enemy for 800 million
    Pay the 400 and disappear? Leaving the country wide open for attack. Just to save his own skin!!!


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