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Friday, November 13, 2020

How Trump Can Win WITHOUT 270 Electoral Votes

While Democrats are busying measuring White House drapes and making lists of political opponents to persecute, some observers are saying that you shouldn’t count your chickens, well, when they may actually be coming home to roost.   

Even if the vote fraud this election was as massive as appearances indicate, the chances of President Trump flipping enough states to get him the 38 electoral votes required (I’m counting North Carolina and Alaska in his current total) to reach the 270 needed to win may seem remote. After all, vote “fraud on the scale seen this week can hardly be quantified between today and when the Electoral College casts its vote,” as American Thinker’s Jay Valentine points out.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. The Electoral College should landslide in favor of Trump to put these fraud debates to sleep once and for all.

  3. We all need to get Beyond Politics and realize that all politicians are traitors committing treason and working for foreign commercial corporations and to not have ANYTHING to do with any of it! Our electoral system is deeply flawed and corrupt and this is yet another 4-year cycle distraction and hoodwinking of Americans and U.S. Citizens to make us/them believe that politics and politicians are doing anything at all in our inherent, core best interests. Not! Toss them all in Chesapeake Bay with millstones around their necks. Full stop.

  4. Need a New Executive Order any States found with smoking gun proof of election fraud in a Federal election looses their Congressional Votes for 1 full year! Congressional Penalty Box!


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