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Friday, November 13, 2020

An Afghanistan Vet

 By Anna Von Reitz

Of all the horrible correspondence I get, the talks and letters from veterans and prisoners (who are often veterans) are the worst. 

This week I got one from an Afghanistan veteran, 44 years old. 

He was “dropped off” two hundred kilometers from a base camp and he and his buddy were left to “crawl home”. 

His friend didn’t make it.  He described the death and his own ruminations. 

It only takes seven days for a man to die from starvation and thirst.  Seven days to create and seven days to die.  That is the time frame and scope of our existence — whether we realize it or not. 

Within that span of days, that time allotted, we live or we die, the world is born, or it fades away.  In that short span of days, Empires rise and Empires fall. 

Then he scribbled his name and his rank and his serial number.  

I was taken aback.  It seemed like there should be something more— some further comment. So I dug back into the brown envelope this letter came in and found a note from his wife. 

This soldier didn’t make it home. He died in a cave in Afghanistan.  His remains and that of his buddy were found side by side.  This letter wasn’t written to me. It was written to his wife, forwarded through whoever might find his remains. 

I sat down in the middle of what I was doing and cried until I couldn’t cry any more, until I was wrung out and dry as his dear bones — and I thought, my God, my God— what madness is this?  

That we have sent our sons and daughters to places like this, to suffer and die for no good reason, on the False Presumption that this ever had anything to do with protecting America? 

May those responsible for his innocent death and the misery of his wife and children suffer the fullness of their debt and know the cause of their suffering. 


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  1. A 1099 A is filed with the IRS and death is profitable

    1. you nailed it Mac.....all to enrich the Rothschilds' and their Vatican pals

  2. just like Vietnam it was all for corporate profit at the expense of our brothers and sisters, and continues with our children and grand children.. its time to wake up and stop the madness. my heart goes out to those two.. yes Amen

    1. That's a part 2 mercernary war. Pary 1 started quietly for 20 years. Left of Vietnam. Proof? See FDR 1937 INCREASING Govt spending for foreign gold theft.

    2. That's a part 2 mercernary war. Pary 1 started quietly for 20 years. Left of Vietnam. Proof? See FDR 1937 INCREASING Govt spending for foreign gold theft.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. AND the CIVIL War...
    AND WWI...

    It is ALL about $$$.
    They want WAR becasue there is BIG MONEY in MUNITIONS!!!
    There is BIG MONEY in LOANS to governments during war;
    loans are secured by TAXES levied by the govnmts,
    to repay the bankers.

    Hence, when LINCOLN refused to BORROW money from the bankers, he had the US make their own fiat money - GREENBACKS. THAT is when the ASSASSINATION MACHINE began to be cranked up. You 'play ball' with the BIG BANKERS, or get put out of office -
    Lincoln - murdered
    Kennedy – murdered – gave us REAL currency (i.e., red seal dollar bills TRULY backed by gold and silver,
    as opposed to the fiat Federal Reserve Notes (FRN's) we have today –
    A 'note' is a promise to pay that may or MAY NOT be HONORED; NOT backed by gold and silver.
    Nixon - disgraced out of office; he was put in by Rockefeller money,
    but began to do what HE wanted to do - no dice jack!
    While I'm at it...
    WOODROW WILSON was put in office by big money as well -
    he was only a college president (Princeton, NJ) before!
    The deal was - WE give you the Presidency -
    SYSTEM, so we'll have private control over PUBLIC
    money. Wilson admitted / regretted this BETRAYAL
    of his country on his deathbed.
    Also - to make SURE this unknown WIlson won against Mr. Taft - an obviouds 'crowd
    favorite' AND PATRIOT - they induced (big money rep and flunky) Teddy
    Roosevelt to run as an INDEPENDENT / PROGRESSIVE to draw
    votes AWAY from TAFT, who would have easily won. The ruse worked.

    These 'behind the scenes' manipulators have done IRREPARABLE HARM to our nation and the integrity of it's government. They have MURDERED thousands and thousands of American youth in wars that need NEVER have happened. They have murdered millions of people via COMMUNIST governments they have set up using their power and influence, while they themselves live ABOVE 'national boundaries' and considerations of 'national sovereignty'.

    Russia (under CZAR NICOLAS) and China (under Chiang Kai Shek) were fine, until the inteference of the Big Bankers!
    The RICH BANKERS and their lackies have a LOT TO ANSWER FOR!
    Meanwhile, since they 'own' Hollywood - they continually DISTRACT the SHEEPLE with...
    movies – getting more and more fiulthy, by the way -
    the Kardashians and other TV ROT -
    while they hold the knife CLOSER and CLOSER to SHEEPLE throats.

    The REVEALING of this election fraud is going to open up the eyes of a LOT of people. FILTHY SHAME we let them get that far in the FIRST place!

    turn off the TV (establishment hypno box) long enough to LEARN some TRUTH!
    You SNOOZE, you LOSE baby!

    Go with GOD (through Jesus Christ) -
    He WILL go with YOU!

    Jim Harris
    Former Captain
    USMA '75 - Co. H3

    1. You are right. Just go a little step further to the “source”. All ways lead to Rome.
      Infiltration by Jesuits 500 years ago with the goal to control everybody to the tiniest detail.
      You see how this is playing out more clear today with this fake COVID. CCP was used (and is just a layer in the middle) to further the interest for global control with all this AI.
      In Hitler’s time the IBM machines were just a pioneer to set up the rest of the world as a camp with same style, only more precise..... These sick people will perish with their diabolical plan.....this is what will lead to Armageddon, no doubt at all about it.
      History is already written in the Holy Scriptures and there is no mistake to find in....

  4. Absolutely heartbreaking.😓 What's sickening is the psychological manipulation by Satanist/Luciferian controllers persuading good people to sign up for this inverted "fight for freedom," turning soldiers into order followers with the blood of innocent men, women, and children on their hands.

  5. Two Medal of Honor recopent gen smelly Butler book war is a racket.

  6. My mother once told me I was scared (coward) to go into the military!!! I told her the ones who start and support the wars should be on the frontline themselves, it's not my responsibility to fight their illegal wars and plus it's a sin!!! She didn't say anything after that!!! Fake wars are based on killing innocent folks, destroy their habitat, steal their property and enslave the rest, when true war is for self-defense only when attacked first on your own land and soil, (read one of my other post for my experience in self-defense, it's a thriller)!!! The real war is in our hearts and minds and it manifests into reality!!! Know your enemy and the enemy is self (self-enemy)!!! World peace starts with inner peace (self-peace)!!! Amen, so be it!!!

    1. We don't need gun control, we need self-control!!!

    2. ..
      Gun control is hitting your target the first time as we relate to the Man- people in America, not the UNITED STATES Inc.

      All gun laws are in violation of Gods Laws;

      All gun laws (CODES) are in violation of Law of Natures God - Natures Rights;

      All gun ( BAR - attorney made - Corporate Government) laws are in violation of 1902 Dick Act.

      2nd Amendment is made of UNITED STATES citizens.

      Gratitude – keep moving forward

  7. Why is there discussion about attacking Iran after Chris Miller has announced that ALL WAR MUST END ?


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