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Friday, November 20, 2020

Common Misconceptions-- 7.0: Lawful Fictions and Legal Fictions

In our discussion about "states" we got a glimpse of how many different kinds of states there are, or which may be defined and labeled, and thus come into a kind of existence that we accept as being real, much as we suspend our sense of reality when watching a movie.
When we describe our States of the Union as physical places with political boundaries, most of us realize that the political boundaries are fictional and more or less arbitrary. These political borders exist by social convention, a sort of mutual group acceptance that agrees to honor the existence of the border between, say, Wisconsin and Minnesota---even though we know that there is no such border mandated by Nature and no fence separating Hudson, Wisconsin from St. Croix, Minnesota.
We call these mental constructs "legal fictions". And yes, Hudson, Wisconsin and St. Croix, Minnesota, are legal fictions, too. They don't really exist, but we name a spot on the globe --- give it a label, and voila--- a "mixed reality" is born. The actual place is wedded to an artificially constructed location and an arbitrary label, resulting in: St. Croix, Minnesota or Detroit, Michigan.
It's handy as can be, if you need to get to Detroit, or want to tax property located in and around St. Croix, Minnesota --- but we need to realize that this is all fictional and arbitrary, a sort of matrix or grid superimposed on the factual world we actually live in.
Yes, there is a town built at the location we call St. Croix, Minnesota, but the town isn't the location, and the name is arbitrary. We could just as well call that location Lumsdil, Umpsaquah.
Once you become aware of legal fictions you can see them everywhere. The title or patent to a piece of land is a legal fiction. The name of your bank is a legal fiction. Even your Proper Name can be unlawfully converted and construed as a legal fiction.
While we all know that "GM" and "BMW" and "IBM" are big commercial corporations in various lines of business, it's generally harder for people to see that DOJ, FBI, CIA, USMC, US DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF GEORGIA and IRS are all commercial corporations in various lines of business in exactly the same way. The Department of the Army and the Oconto Fire Department and the Greenhills Food Cooperative are all legal fictions, too.
These organizations which appear to be part of the government aren't part of any sovereign government at all.
They are subcontractors -- hired professionals who are employees of corporations that are, in turn, subcontractors of various incorporated Holding Companies, who are, in turn, subcontractors of Principals who are obligated to perform under the Constitutions.
More legal fictions.
With every layer or compartment built within this system, both knowledge and accountability are lost, until we have subcontractors of subcontractors of subcontractors of subcontractors.... and often, the "endline" subcontractors are being misguided and are ramming around terrorizing the people who fund their paychecks.
This is what happens when we let legal fictions run wild, and fail to recognize the difference between all these "persons" and living people. Or even worse, forget who we are and where we are.
We can "lose our way" and become lost in a fictional world, at the mercy of the monsters who inhabit the realms of fiction.
Thought-forms, or as we call them, thought-constructs, are very handy for organizing things, for making useful plans and agreements, and for defining functions and duties.
Thus, especially in terms of business and government, thought-constructs and legal persons are common as dirt --- and most of us can readily understand that "Mayor" or "Governor" or any other such "office of personhood" is a legal fiction. Both private corporate offices and public offices are all legal fictions.
Each such legal fiction has to be defined and a label or title has to be applied to it, in order to give it form and certain meaning, just as GM had to define itself with a name and trademarks and copyrights in order to distinguish its products and business "persona". Each office has to have duties and rights assigned.
One of the pernicious evils of using legal fictions as we use them today, is that the lines between fact and fiction can become blurred and our awareness of legal fictions can become dulled to a point where we no longer realize that we are dealing with fictional entities --- like the State of Georgia.
When this happens, the meaning and importance and "standing" of actual and factual people can fade away and be lost in a hall of mirrors.
Let's take an important example -- your name.
Let's say that your parents named you "Ellie Mae", which is your Given Name, and also say that you inherited the family name "Johansen".
Your Proper Name is then "bicameral" --- it has two parts or "houses". Ellie Mae is your own "house" and Johansen is your family "house". We see this same system in play in legislatures, congresses, and parliaments the world over.
Taken together, this yields your Proper Name: Ellie Mae Johansen.
Your Proper Name is called your Lawful Person.
It's a "person" --- that is, it is a fiction, but it is lawful -- and therein lies an important distinction.
Lawful Persons stand under and are protected by the Public Law, such as the Constitutions.
Legal Persons stand under various forms of private corporation law, and have no such protections --- and here's the rub:
In international jurisdiction there is no practical way of telling the difference between your Lawful Person standing on the land, and a Legal Person of the same exact name, employed by a corporation.
Ellie Mae Johansen looks and sounds the same whether "she" is standing on the land or drifting on the sea.
But bear in mind that the Lawful Person known as Ellie Mae Johansen is owed the Public Law and all her constitutional protections, while a Legal Person also named Ellie Mae Johansen, is subject to whatever whims and private laws and statutes and codes her bosses dream up for her.
Your Given Name -- in this case, "Ellie Mae" is your own property, a gift from your parents.
Your Family Name -- in this case, "Johansen" belongs to all the Johansens that are scattered around the world.
Your Proper Name, also known as your Lawful Person, in this case, Ellie Mae Johansen, stands on the land of your birth and under the Public Law (including the Constitutions) of your country.
Your Proper Name, however, can be mistaken for the name of a Legal Person operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and such legal fictions are subject to whatever abuse and whims and codes and regulations may befall them.
Why? Because legal fictions are unhinged and detached from factual reality.
I was recently sent an article in which the UNITED STATES BAR ASSOCIATION --- a Municipal Corporation franchise, voted to implement forced vaccinations and make them mandatory.
But we can't prosecute them for it. It's almost a joke. You can't harm a corporation by vaccinating it. Bring on the needles!
You can only harm clueless people who have forgotten who they are, and who "voluntarily" line up and obey mandates issued to legal fiction PERSONS, like ELLIE M JOHANSEN.
The tragedy is that there are plenty of clueless people who do accept such bogus mandates and who do act upon them to their own serious detriment and the detriment of others around them.
When they come back to the UNITED STATES BAR ASSOCIATION and to PFIZER and the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT because they are the "one in twenty-five" who has been crippled, maimed, or murdered as a result of obeying such a mandate, they (or their devastated families) will be told --- we're sorry, but you did this to yourself. It was entirely voluntary.
Just like paying Federal Income Tax is voluntary.
Just like Selective Service is voluntary.
Oh, and by the way, since the 1980's all the vaccine manufacturers have been released from any responsibility for adverse side effects caused by vaccines. The UNITED STATES CONGRESS used to stand good for it, but they are bankrupt and permanently out of business, so.... take your misery and your injuries down the street, because there is nobody here who owes you any care or consideration for vaccine-related injuries.
PS ---- We are all legal fictions, and you are a living man. Too bad you got confused about that.
Let's see if Facebook has the balls to ban this information as being contrary to their "community" --- i.e., corporate --- standards.


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  1. corporate law :law of the sea
    Land. Law ::natural law


    1. Has anyone tried this "Land. Law ::natural law" and has repeated success against any issues; such as C.C., foreclosures....etc. ?

    2. Kirk Pendergast at you tube kirks law corner channel is indeed having success.
      Issue a warning letter to school who had a young girl detained three hours after they called the parents to come pick her up.
      Justice scillia was aske by judge Andrew Napolitino why do you refer to natural law as fundamental rights he replied it sounds to catholic.
      It’s our bill of rights that’s the law of the land
      To do actual law congress has to have article 5 convention then have the states ratify it.
      American jurisdiction prudence says statutes are for government citizens ( public servants).

  2. .

    The final resolve for humanity

  3. .
    America has not had a Lawfully seated CONgress at least since 1860 Coup d'├ętat occurred!

    What do we have ?

    Could be a Democratic communistic corporation that runs on CODES, rules, statutes, regulations of a private corporation with the support and enforcement of the BAR Guild - Ass. and Bankster [police] and now others.
    American patriotic song by Frank Loesser,[1] published as sheet music in 1942

    “Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.” - W. Clement Stone
    “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” - Socrates

    “Si vis pacem, para bellum”
    “Only the educated are free.”- Epictetus
    "Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it" ~ Pericles

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

    1. .

  4. Why don't you bring in the COLB (certificate of live birth) and the BC (birth certificate) to help people see that the COLB has the word LIVE in it and the BC does not. The COLB refers to the new born as John Doe (Proper name) and the BC shows the name in ALL CAPS: JOHN DOE One is flesh and the other is PAPER. Disparata non debent jungi (dissimilar things ought not to be joined) Law Maxim. The BC ALL CAPS name is not you! This is the foundation of the NAME GAME. They have built a PRISON for your mind. ~Morpheus~ (THE MATRIX 1)


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