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Friday, November 20, 2020


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  1. Jimstone
    Serious problems posting. HOT TOPIC
    Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Barret and Alito have been assigned full control over the circuit courts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. This is a new development that just happened today. This marks an EXTREME escalation in the election fraud issue, and as a bonus, today it was revealed that it was indeed Trump that seized the server and his team has it.

    Justice Roberts, who is not considered trustworthy, cannot get in the way of the election lawsuits after these re-assignments.
    This is the development of the century. It means the election lawsuits WILL be put before righteous judges.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: An extremely high number (if not all) deep state trolls have changed their Twitter profile pics to black and white, including even Obama. This is a message of some sort, and it just started happening today. What for? A false flag? Or are they getting arrested? Who knows. The only certain thing with this is that it is obviously a message.

    Joseph L Trahan@jltrahan
    Sidney released the Krakenpus and there’s not an Octo-damn thing the career criminal democrats can do to save their asses except turn on one another and make deals with the military tribunal... Because Trump’s Sep 2018 Exec Order made foreign interference in US election TREASON

  2. Per Sidney Powell, additional Evidence coming. It's beyond impressive and absolutely terrifying. Lawsuits will be filed by Nov 27th. China, Iran, Serbia, Liechtenstein (Swissy Land), CIA, and many more were involved in interference in our elections:

    Videos 1-7


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