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Monday, October 19, 2020

Where Did They Go?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ever ask yourself what happened to the Tories?  You know, the British-Sympathizers who undermined the patriots?  

This is a very important question.  They didn't all disappear after the Revolution.  They didn't all migrate to Nova Scotia.  In fact, only a very few of them left this country.  So what do you suppose happened to them?  

They were allowed to stay as part of the peace settlement and to retain their "personal" property (business property interests).  They could even retain their allegiance to the King, if they accepted Territorial Citizenship as U.S. Citizens.

What happened to all the Papists who likewise didn't support the patriots during the War of Independence?   

They stayed here, too.  Only they became Municipal "citizens of the United States".  Decades later, they would side with the South in the Civil War and become liable to pay undisclosed War Reparations to the Territorial Government --- see Amendment 14 attached to the Corporate Constitution published in 1868. 

And stop fussing about the Act of 1871.  That is a Red Herring.  They were, as foreign subcontractors party to the Constitutions, free to organize their business as they saw fit -- so long as they did their duty and stood by their agreements. 

Think, people. 

Does it matter to you, if your Lawn Care Service is unincorporated or incorporated?  No. 

The harm that resulted from both the published Corporate Constitution and the Act of 1871 creating a Municipal Corporation for the District of Columbia is entirely in the way that these corporations were used to promote crime and evade constitutional obligations.  

In other words, it's not the fact that these organizations were structured as corporations that caused the problem.  Just as with guns, it was the men operating these corporations and using them to commit crimes and evade their constitutional obligations that were and are the problem.


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  1. Maybe all the "citizens"that vote for the satanic demorats will take all the vaccines and we won't have to deal with them any more!!!!!

  2. So business like following parliamentary rules like a corporation but then forcing the entire country to
    Adopt corporate (((FDR))) 1937 buck act overlay of postal roads with shipping lanes or sea jurisdiction
    Declaration of Independence sited you king George have brought ancient sea jurisdictions beyond its ancient limits..
    Using Declaration of Independence as a to do check list .
    Quarter troops against our will check policy enforcers armed .
    Multitude of agencies and sent out your officers to eat out our substance . Check.

  3. So in that way of thinking, bad men with guns a analogy, these treasonous little bastards who have committed these crimes against us should be punished to the fullest extent of the law , meaning hanging. Does anyone get their energy back ? What about the children kidnapped, people killed, fortunes stolen , property taken ? We cannot allow them to get away scott free. They must pay the price for their crimes against humanity.

  4. When you incorporate, do you not become part of something bigger? And, if of, by, for is the dejure and first estate, why exchange this for another state? The corporations were fiercely resisted when they threatened to become commercial weapons. 1844 the brits allowed corps to define their own purpose, which before were used by governments for International trade and public projects. 1886 gifted the beast with natural person status, thus constitutionally guaranteed rights and protections, like mitt said.
    But, unlike man of mankind who are liable for their actions and accountable to God and men, the corps is the scapegoat for the sins of its makers, owners, members. "We didnt do it. The thing did. Bad thing!" So I disagree with the notion that the corporation idea is fine, its just the way it was used? Some clarification would be appropriate, and appreciated. The very notion of corporation in commerce derives its entrance into this world from sorceries and devilish perversions of the Truth , the glorious and real,living, many-membered body that is assembling and standing, and waging war with the sword of his tongue (words)


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