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Monday, October 19, 2020

False Suppositions Waste Time

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the melee of waking up we are seeing a lot of Patriot Pundits springing up, having discovered one or another piece of the puzzle, and they then go running off at the mouth, convinced that they have the answers, when they are just chasing another round through well-known rabbit holes. 

The Act of 1871 (that was repealed in 1874) is one such Red Herring.  

In fact, it doesn't matter and it's none of our business how our Subcontractors organize their own internal business affairs.  If they want to operate as a sole proprietorship or as an incorporated S Corp or LLC, we could care less --- so long as they are not committing constructive fraud or evading their duties under their Constitution.  

As I said yesterday, the problem isn't that they chose to form incorporated business structures. The problem is what they did with those structures, how they deceptively named those structures, how they used those structures to promote credit fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and other crimes.  That's the rub. 

A similar misunderstanding arises from the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA) which was ratified and added to the American Federal Constitution in 1819.  That Constitution, which was designed to organize and define the duties of the States of America organization (also known as the Federal Republic) is called The Constitution for the united States of America.  

The only Constitutions we commonly see today are: (1) The Constitution of the United States of America and (2) The Constitution of the United States. 

This is because the States of America organization which ran the American portion of the Federal Government stopped functioning during the Civil War, and was never reconstructed afterward.  The Constitution for the united States of America was therefore no longer in use, and the Titles of Nobility Amendment was no longer seen to be part of this separate constitution. 

Knowing that TONA was ratified, and observing that it is not part of the Constitutions that are in use today, patriots have jumped to the conclusion that the Titles of Nobility Amendment was removed--- but this is not the case. 

TONA was never part of either The Constitution of the United States of America nor The Constitution of the United States.  It was and is part of a completely separate document --- The Constitution for the united States of America.  It pertains to a separate, different, and American-run Subcontractor that has been "pending" reconstruction since 1865. 

We already know this, so please, don't waste time or energy chasing false leads and red herrings. 

Spend your energy and time restoring and reconstructing the government you are actually owed, beginning with the reconstruction of our Confederation, and following with the reconstruction of the States of America organization which is supposed to be acting as our Federal Services Subcontractor under the direction of the Confederation and according to The Constitution for the united States of America.  

Please note that the Confederation was responsible for running the States of America (also known as the Federal Republic) under The Constitution for the united States of America, so the Confederation must be restored first. 

To restore the Confederation requires action by the Federation of States. 

So the actual States of the Union must be brought into Session and each such State must create its own State-of-State organization, which will then become a member of the Confederation. 

And the Confederation thus repopulated will resume the operations of the States of America under the original American Federal Constitution known as The Constitution for the united States of America.  

We have thoroughly researched this.  We know how it works, why it works, and how it used to work.  We know that the Union created the Federation and the Federation created the Confederation and the Confederation created the Federal Republic.  Water flows downhill.  

So we also know that in order to reconstruct the Federal Republic and to operate our fully functional and restored government requires bringing the actual State Assemblies into Session and requires individual action by the State Assemblies--- and there is no way around it.  No short-cuts available. 

Fortunately, lawful Assemblies of properly declared Americans have been assembled in each State, and those States formed during the Civil War and in the years afterward, have been formally Enrolled as States of the Union, so all fifty (50) States are now present, accounted for, and on equal footing. 

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  1. ..
    What people refuse to recognize is that the B.C., which everyone claims (almost) as theirs is their downfall, the real "Man" does not exist until he proves life. Going from the real world to the fiction and back to the real world. Can anyone prove they are alive and have the PTB recognize them /it?
    Can a UNITED STATES person (etc.) get out of the fiction “The Constitution of the United States of America or The Constitution of the United States” and claim superiority over the PTB that are in control now – will they just step aside ? Where is the authority and enforcement to take over – the united states [America] back?
    The calendar was changed on or about 1550 from a Julian to Gregorian to assist in the theft of the worlds wealth including the souls of Man.
    Need to ask why and who and for what propose it was changed.
    How can someone go from a real Man to a [as the PTB have erected a wall of CODES, (etc.) with the help of the BAR and fellow man] decedent, debtor, enemy of the state - who crafted the fictional sham on the world?
    Thereby how can one go from the correct world [united States of America] to the captured [The Constitution of the United States of America nor The Constitution of the United States] world and for what reasons was it done to everyone?
    How can you / we expect to do what the article states above, when the American people have no authority or enforcement to take power from TPTB as stated ?
    If you read the Federalists and Anti-Federalist papers you may get a clue.
    Why was a Central Bank created several times and for what propose [1913] ?
    How can a corporation – government -subcontractor grab power over all people and the people believe and accept the chains of their masters?

    I am confounded!

  2. Maximus, I would suggest, you're confounded, because you forgot that the government has, absolutely, no power save that which is delegated to it via the Constitution for the united States of America. The power dwells in the sovereignty of each man and woman who prove they're alive and no longer involuntary servants of the usurpers. The alleged powers that be are "paper lions", prowling around seeking whom they may devour/destroy. They will cower in FEAR when the True heirs awaken and throw off their self-imposed, chains of ignorance.

  3. Cindy Kay Currier did an entire video dedicated to Anna and her work.

  4. I am a supporter of the united States of America, State Nationals, State Citizens and screw being a 14th Amendment Citizen... The 14th Amendment, amended... what? If we contest that Lincoln didn't have a full Congress in 1861, and we present that the Congress was never "restored"? What is the proper term for filling vacated seats of congress with elected members post war? Was there some big declaration stating that congress wsa broken in 1861?
    Oh, and Ms Ana, is has been repeatedly stated that when the eleven states walked out of congress that Marchin '61, the 37th Congress didn't have a Quarum.
    let's take that back a step Each State delivered it's own Order of Session. any reporting congress memeber from those states who Ceeded, were ejected frrom thier seat, which remained vacant until the end of the War.
    remember, 4 more states joined the Union during the war, one of them being Texas whobrought a huge population, and that emans senators. Kansas Territoty did too.
    but... let's back this while this up to before the 14th Amendment.

    In 1819, TONA was added to our Constitution, yes? In holding TONA as part of the Law of the Land, that makes Lincoln an unlawful electee, and his subsequent actions defunct, regardless what the 1861 Congressional "Yes- men" said "in full support of the President".. he WAS NOT the President of the United States, so how could they, the condoning congressional majority, acquit Lincoln, "Territorial President"?
    So, given that Lincoln was, in violation of TONA, that he did NOT have the authority to make and pass laws as the Executive, thats the job of the Legistaltive Branch, therefore, the 14th Amendment is also reniged. ( do you know it took until 1992 until the 14th was completely ratified? Slavery was technically legal until 1992)
    There is another thing about the 14th Amendment, that I keep asking the question, but noone here answers for me. There is a legal term, which basically means " (shrug) well, it's the way we've been doing it for so long, that's just the way it is." which goes hand in hand with " Well, they made it a a rule,/ law, they couldn't MAKE it a law, unless they had all the prerequisite work done filed.. yea.. why question it?"
    The 14th Amemnd ment, was ratified without congressmen having the luxury to read it. A few gentlemen over the following decades have petitioned lower courts regarding the validity of the ratification of the 14th. IN which, the response of the great courts has been to label these attempts as frivolous lawsuits, to shrug of the facts presents, citing the term ( that I keep forgetting) which menas " well, they MUST have ratified it correctly, otherwise it would not have passed ratification. the ONLY amendment in our history, whose ratification, was the responsibility of just a single person. The courts say, hey.. if HE says theat state's redraw of the amendment was in SUPPORT of ratification, who are we to question, plus, it's been 100 years. IF it "wasn't done correctly,it woud not have been done"/.. How do we avoid that legal, how do we fight TPTB from pulling that same B.S> on us?

  5. ( second half)
    IN support of Maximus.. How DO we know that Just because we say we are in the right, that we will be recognized?
    ANd again.. WHERE does it say "Please note that the Confederation was responsible for running the States of America (also known as the Federal Republic) under The Constitution for the united States of America, so the Confederation must be restored first. ??
    Um, the CSA adopted the Articles of Confederation. They seperated from the US. It was not a Civil War for the South. They started their own new COuntry intheir mond sets... and you want us to adopt a ceeded State emntality, withthe supposition that is the correct course of action ? DO we have a congress making these decisions, these course of actions? do we have a committe of law historians - some group of esteemed fellows who are telling us that the South was the Federated States, that they continued the Constitution, the real America.. so that we don't have to study and research, beleiving what they tell us, or, actually, what oneperson is telling us, without specifying wherer in our historical Alw of the LAnd, it defines how to restore a congress after individual states ceeded, and created their own Country? Where are the guidelines, so we know that we won't be screwed by the pope, the skeleton of England,the IMF, the ABC's, hiding in their DUMBs waiting to just deny all our claims of soverignity, of birthright, of... what happens when they do not recognize what we say is true right and correct? 'Just because that's the way it's been all this time.It wouldn't be this way, if it were filed incorrectly in 1861..."
    Finally... where are the rules on how to restore the Southern Congressional seats? It seems allowing the voted congressmen entry into the next ession, and all subsequent sessions, seems normal to me. Again, unless there is Federal proclamation back in 1861, stating that congress was no longer whole due to the ceeding of the States... How do we know that's not already fixed?
    And who decides the the Nomenclature of the Historica Documents? "Constitution of the unitedStaes" " UNITED STATES" United States, STATESof Incorporated Constituion..
    I know. I don't want to waste time looking over what is being accepted blindly, however, the devil is in the details, and from what I am reading, the North, just refused to let the South leave, however, kicked the southern representation out, evicting them from the roll.
    Show me where that action is the default .
    thank you,


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