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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Take Heed

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let's make this very, very clear for everyone in the Patriot Movement. 

Our State Assemblies are the Government of each State of the Union.  And as Governments, they are not social clubs. The use of the word "membership" in reference to a State Assembly does not imply "club membership".  

We are part of a State Assembly the moment we are born.  

Our nationality is set by the land and soil on which we are born.  Period.  We start our lives in "original jurisdiction" ---- as State Nationals of a State of the Union.  We are born as Virginians, Wisconsinites, New Yorkers, Texans, etc., and there is nothing we can do about it. 

It is a lifelong, immutable, permanent identity marker and we are owed this political status as State Nationals  throughout our lives as long as we claim it.  It can't be taken from us by any amount of legal chicanery so long as we know who we are and declare it and record it.  

To change our basic political identity once claimed and declared, requires a lengthy list of actions undertaken on our part to become anything else, including any form of U.S. Citizen or citizen of the United States.

However, as I explained to a reader this morning, our political status is something that we have to actively claim, declare, and record before it properly attaches to us. 

If we leave the question of whether we are Americans or Brits or Portugese up in the air, anyone is free to presume whatever they want about our political status and nationality.  It's a fine thing to be eligible to claim our birthright as Americans, but if we don't actually do it and don't publish our claim, our failure to do the laundry list to change our political status proves nothing. 

Non-action only becomes evidence in our favor by averment.  That is, we have to take the positive action of declaring and recording our political status as Americans before our inaction in failing to claim U.S. Citizenship becomes indicative of anything.  

If we were born as U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States, no such action to adopt those political statuses would be necessary, and our inaction with respect to the foreign Naturalization Statutes would be taken for granted. 

As I taught my son early on, hot metal looks like cold metal, and a baby Brit washed up on American soil looks identical to an American baby.  So "Whose little girl are you?" becomes a question requiring an urgent and definite answer. 

We all start out in this same political status as American State Nationals and absent a bunch of crap from our erring employees making False Claims otherwise, this is our political status from birth to age 21 when we can choose to stay in the State National status or accept the rights and responsibilities of State Citizenship.  

State Citizenship is a grave responsibility and requires us to do the work of self-governance, including serving on juries and in the Assembly militia.  It requires you to participate in elections, attend meetings, and make decisions.  

There is only one automatic way to lose State Citizenship once you've accepted it, and that is by accepting a job with the Federal Government or some other foreign government or becoming the Dependent of such a foreign government.  

In actual life, we may "unchoose" the State Citizen role and fall back into State National status as a result of other circumstances, too.  You are a mother with ten kids below the age of fifteen?  You are 75 and don't want to be bothered with Public Duty anymore?  You have cancer and are fighting for your life?  Your Mother has Alzheimers and requires constant care?  

We may go back and forth from State National to State Citizen to State National repeatedly in the course of our lives, but the only thing that will reliably and definitely remove us from the State Citizen status once we have accepted it,  is employment or dependency on a foreign government. 

And in no case whatsoever does any State Coordinator or any Assembly Officer have any authority at all to deny the nationality of anyone nor any power to strip any American above the age of 21 of State Citizenship --absent the one disqualifier of working for a foreign government or being a dependent of a foreign government.

So maybe I need to make it clear what "dependency" on a Foreign Government entails.  It means that you are receiving sufficient unearned support payments known as welfare benefits from the Federal Government or other layer of foreign government to live on.   

Note--- the payments have to be: (1) unearned, and (2) sufficient to pay for at least a minimum lifestyle with food, rent, utilities, clothes and other basics of life included.  

This means that EARNED retirement pensions and services of all kinds, Social Security, Military Pensions, Civil Service pensions---- anything that you earned or that your spouse earned or for example, Social Security Dependent benefits paid to children of deceased parents who vested in that system, or anything spun off of such earned pensions and insurances like Unemployment Insurance that you paid into, do not make anyone a Federal Dependent.  

To be a Federal Dependent and disqualified from State Citizenship as a result, requires that what you are receiving from the gubmint is free gratis, unearned, simple, flat-out welfare. 

Acceptance of a gift, like the one-or however-many-time CARES Act disbursement don't make anyone a Federal Dependent, either --- it's not sufficient to stand as a full living grant and as a gift "conferred" without asking for it and without reference to any need on your part, does not qualify as any kind of welfare, either.  

I have heard that some State Coordinators are getting too big for their britches, and have been requiring "background checks" as a requirement for people to join their State Assembly.  

So let's put that to permanent rest, too. 

Background checks may be a reasonable condition of employment in sensitive jobs, such as Assembly Sheriffs, or State Assembly Treasurers, but conditions of employment have absolutely nothing to do with political status or being part of the State Assembly. 

There is no requirement for background checks to join a State Assembly and I am appalled that anyone thought, taught, or said that there was. 


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  1. Thank you Anna for explaining to all current and future members that this is not child's play, this is life and death situation for each individual folks, state, country and humanity.

  2. i was born overseas, immigrated in 1973, naturalized in 1995 in Portland, Oregon. I recorded both the super deluxe 928 package, and 1779 declaration,
    by "Conveying", not "Reconveying" myself, Oregon state citizen.
    Did i properly change my political status?
    P.S. Since i was born at home, my parents did not record with any government agency. It does not exist!

  3. If one is accepting the "cares act" monies, one must qualify by having filed a 1040 confession form and be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or qualifying resident alien. You encourage people to accept this as a "gift" and give to you if they could. So on the one hand you tell them they can't be a U.S Citizen but did you know the only way to get these "gifts" is to claim you are via the 1040? Of course you know that. And people who are still filing are STILL in the federal jurisdiction aren't they?
    When we did our Revocation of Election and our Expatriation and our Re-patriation and recorded them we removed ourselves from their jurisdiction. You say now we have to be part of our "assemblies" or we are stateless. You are wrong in saying that in previous articles as you just said. We are part of the land and soil and are automatically American State Nationals with or without an "official" assembly.PERIOD.
    The IRS will tell you this too...
    The use of the term 'American National' is a non-statutory phrase created to eliminate confusion with the statutory term "U.S. Citizen" as referenced in various sections of Title 26.
    It means those born in one of the 50 states of the Union, those born to parents of which at least one of them were born in the 50 states, or those naturalized into the Constitutional Republic.
    "An Individual is a Nonresident Alien if such individual is neither a [statutory] citizen of the United States [District of Columbia per 26 USC §7408(d)] nor a resident [Alien or foreigner from
    another nation] of the United States [District of Columbia per 26 USC §7408(d)]."
    The true meaning of the statutory term Nonresident Alien Individual is none other than American Nationals who were born in one of the 50 states of the Union [the Constitutional Republic].
    This is amply illustrated in reading 26 CFR 1.871-1 (b) (4) Expatriation to avoid tax. This regulation section reads as follows:
    in regard to Expatriation, only American Nationals [those born in one of the 50 states of the Union] can give up their Constitutional U.S. citizenship status and become a former member of the Constitutional Republic. Therefore, the term 'Nonresident Alien Individual'and'American National' are synonymous.
    The Legislative Intent of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, written by former President of the United States [POTUS] William H. Taft documents that Congress was only able to levy the
    Federal Income Tax upon the National Government itself. Therefore, American Nationals who choose to work for the National Government are the primary statutory 'Taxpayers'.
    The Internal Revenue Code is only applicable in the District of Columbia & US Territories for those born there, those who work for the National Government, and those who are US Resident Aliens.
    So stop spreading disinformation about people HAVE to belong to your crazy NEW government in order to be free men and women on the land and soil.

    1. thank you so much. She had me believing at one time I had to register in one of her assemblies to be free which made absolutely no sense. thank you again!

  4. I personally do not accept any monetary benefits from federal employer, including COVID19 stimulus checks, don't miss them even though it would be nice to have extra. These monetary benefits are legal official federal documents (aka cash) that have strings attached to them with a higher price to repay than the valued received. It is an investment of the Federal Reserve with an expected return of above and beyond their original investment perpetually. They have had decades of practice and perfection to the detriment of the collateral which is you. The investor never dies, only the collateral when used up!!!

  5. Wink, All three of Joe Biden's Catholic children married Jews. And the Jewish mother refused to attend her own daughter's Catholic Confirmation. Dis-functional family big time - see Henry Makow article.

    G-news talks about Hunter Biden from a Christian perspective.

    Joe (and Hunter) Biden for Dummies


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