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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Take Your Positions

 By Anna Von Reitz

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of very confused people out stumbling around jabbering all sorts of inane nonsense, claiming this office and that office for themselves, for example, claiming to be "Executors" and "Executrixes" of their own estates.

With regard to probate and estates, what is an Executor/Executrix?  

Answer: a Person, as in the Office of Personhood, whose job and duty it is to administer and dispose of an estate.  

You could be a Private Executor, appointed by the deceased, but then, in the instance of your own estate, you would have to knowingly be the deceased and act as the deceased to appoint yourself the Executor of your own estate and carry out the duties.  

That's a good trick, if you're actually and factually dead.  

And if you aren't actually and factually dead, what does acting as the Executor/Executrix of your own "decedent estate" mean?  

It means that you gave up your estate and "waived" your natural claim to it, in which case, you can't appoint the Executor over something that isn't yours, unless you happen to be a Judge in a Probate Court having jurisdiction over the "abandoned" estate.  Which you are not. 

End game. 

So, stop claiming that you are the Executor or Executrix responsible for administering the phony infant decedent estate that the rats created "for" you. 

You aren't dead and you don't have to be intestate, and since the purported waiver of your estate happened when you were a few days or weeks old, you don't have to be disinherited, either.   There is no valid "conscionable" contract binding you to any waiver of your estate.  

Your Mother's signature lacks that power once you reach the age of 21, and so long as you "wake up" and consciously reclaim your birthright at any age by declaring your political status and recording it and proving your identity --- you can play the part of your own hero.  

You can step forward in your true character as an American and declare your political status and record it --- which throws the chains of the Constitutions over the rats and binds their little paws --- and then, you can further call them to account as the "Presumed Donor" of the "Presumed Public Trust" who has "miraculously" returned from "over the sea" -- a reference to that human trafficking trip into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea that your erstwhile employees sent you on when you were just a baby in your cradle. 

And then, as the Presumed Donor, having properly identified yourself as the victim of an institutionalized personation fraud scheme, you can stand back and whack them clear across the room. 

You do not want to be the Beneficiary of the Trust they formed "for" you, because that leaves them in control--- and even worse, gives them tacit permission to act as your Trustee.  

That validates their whole fraud scheme and leaves you dependent on whatever
crumbs the vermin throw you, or they may give you no crumbs at all.  

So don't take the bait and claim to be the Beneficiary of your own infant decedent estate or any other trust.  

Stand forward as the "Presumed Donor" of the entire shooting match and watch them crawl, scatter, run down the rat-lines, flee the building and otherwise back water like cockroaches disappearing down a drain. 

So who and what are you?  An American State National (or State Citizen) born in Minnesota, for example, who is the victim of an institutionalized personation scheme, seeking redress owed to you by your employees, who have harmed you in Gross Breach of Trust. 

You are the Presumed Donor of multiple public and private trusts held in your name and variations of your name, both foreign and domestic, and located both onshore and offshore, and you are here to liquidate all of them and reclaim the assets.  

There is no infant decedent estate and no derivative thereof to administer, no valid waiver to base any legal presumption on, and nowhere for the rats to hide. 

Stand on Terra Firma in the gallery outside their special magical railing defining their courtroom into the realms of the living and the dead, and broadside them as they sit there in dry dock.

Think of all those terribly smug British dramas and hand them their asses on a nicely polished silver platter.  And then go do the same thing to the bank. 


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  1. exactly do we do this , in regards to the bank ? Is it the Federal Reserve bank referenced on our BC ? SS account ? All of them ?

  2. This was a good article, Anna. I know you grow weary of trying to find a new way to say the same things you've been saying for years, but once in awhile the way it comes out on the page really does help put the process into better focus. I think the problem for many of us is that we think we know what a word means and we simply are mistaken. I have known this for a very long time, but still find that I am taking for granted that I know what is meant by a particular phrase, when clearly I don't nearly so often as I would like. I was a fighter in my younger days, and one of the things a fighter does in training is practice combinations. I had a combo that I had been taught by a national champion that consisted of about 7 or 8 strikes. I never landed that entire combo in an actual bout, but I used pieces of it many times over to finish someone. That is in a way analogous of how I would see this sort of training as well. Teach us combos, and the when's of their usages. We may never use a specific combo, but we'll definitely use pieces of them. #GiantKillersOfAmerica #UNDUST #UNRIG

  3. ..

    not quit right - half right for the wrong reasons

    But getting there

  4. all this really sounds good until you try it in realtime, then the snakes react using violence because they know that if they allow a prisoner to get away with it that it will start a wave of others following in pursuit. No one can tell me any different because I "actually, factually" went through it personally, served ten yrs and during the pendency of it all, was very busy filing any and all of her suggestions. I was brutally beaten and assaulted by fifteen masked guards who swatted up in SWAT gear, boots, mesh gloves, face masks and all. End result was broken bones, cracked eye socket, and torn ligaments and tendons. The problem is NO ONE is policing the police. And when we as sovereigns in our own right stand up to defend our status and declare that all our rights are held in reversion, the snakes just laugh and point fingers smiling. This is FACT. I was there. I am victim of this bullcrap. So nobody can tell me otherwise. Unless you spent time inside, then you have no clue what you are talking about. These snakes have gone totally rogue, and it is worse now than ever before. Just so everyone knows, this is all very recent too, because I just got released.

  5. Everyone is entitled to believe in whatever they want to believe,unless u choose ur state of mind to be controlled by another state of consciousness that is holding ur state of mind captive to its belief system.
    That's a psychotronic psychopathic control freak,who cant let go and be in peace,love,Harmony and balance with Nature and all life we hold sacred in the Cosmos.
    That's basic logic.

  6. Replies

    2. It would be neat to read a courtroom role play of what to say and when.


  7. Sydewayz62- It's no different than a elephant who has a thread around its neck with a threading needle anchored into the ground!!! It's starts in the mind and ends in the mind!!!


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