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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Lofty Ludmilla

 By Anna Von Reitz

Imagine a fabulously wealthy American Heiress --- Diana Marie Tobler. 

Now imagine that someone, an Agent for the Lithuanian Government, sees a news article about Diana Marie Tobler in the local newspaper, and notifies the Lithuanian Government.  

They promptly name one of their own citizens "Diana Marie Tobler" and provide this person with an ID issued by "The United States of  America, Incorporated"--- a Lithuanian corporation formed in Delaware.   

This corporate ID looks just like an American State Department ID, except for a few subtle changes nobody would normally notice.  

So this Lithuanian has the exact same name and "appears to be" the American Heiress Diana Marie Tobler.  Her actual name should have been something like Ludmilla Aszbremov, but who cares?  

Now, Ludmilla has no common sense, but she can spend money like water.  So she does that.  She buys the Ritz Carleton and the Port of Helsinki; she buys diamonds and pearls, and jet airplanes and aircraft carriers, a small island in the South China Sea, and all sorts of other things to the tune of trillions of dollars, and she charges it all against the credit of Diana Marie Tobler. 

One day, as the actual American Heiress is sipping her Camomile Tea, two thugs from the Lithuanian Government show up on her doorstep and tell her that she owes them trillions of dollars, and if she doesn't pay up, they will seize her bank accounts, her home and land, her investment portfolio, her businesses, and all her corporate assets.... and furthermore, they are suing her in international court and placing liens on all her property. 

But wait.  The existence of the Lithuanian imposter is entirely the doing of the Lithuanian Government.  Lofty Ludmilla is their responsibility.  And the victim, the American lady, the actual Diana Marie Tobler, doesn't owe the Lithuanian Government a dime.  Far from it.  

They owe her for "borrowing" her good name and credit. 

Plus interest. 

So the American Heiress says, "That's bunk.  I didn't buy an island in the South China Sea and I don't know where Helsinki is without a map and what the..... "  And then she narrows her eyes suspiciously and roars, "And who do you THINK you are?"    

Now, substitute "the" US Government for the Lithuanian Government in this little story, and you will have the whole picture nailed down tight.  

The only thing confusing about this, is that most Americans don't know that the US Government is a foreign Subcontractor--- just as foreign as the Lithuanian Government---  and don't suspect it of wrong-doing. 

When the US Government sends its thugs we don't recognize them as foreign. We don't see that they are acting under color of law.  We don't know that they have no authority related to us.  

We are confused.  Stymied.  We don't know what they are talking about.  Who is this other Diana Marie Tobler?   We don't know what is going on. 

How could we?  That's the whole point of a good con.  

So, what the "Lithuanian Government" in this story is aiming at is to exhaust our purloined credit, and then seize our actual assets as payment for their own theft. 

And the "US Government" is aiming at precisely the same thing in real life.  

Now, to say that this situation is urgent would be an understatement.  

Millions upon millions of Americans, just like Diana Marie Tobler, are about to get the bill for all this chicanery.  

Gigantic IRS bills and property tax bills and pension tax bills and "state" franchise taxes are set to show up in mailboxes nationwide, and what will you do? 

Let me suggest that you report the crime to the Lithuanian Government and the United Nations and the Pope and the Queen (who are the master-minds responsible for this crap) and all the actual Americans, and prepare your pitchforks.  

The Guilty Parties are preparing to offer you "debt forgiveness" related to all these debts that aren't yours.  

In "equitable exchange" --- according to the Perpetrators anyway -- they will agree to leave you alone and give you a pitiful little "settlement" which will be enough to buy oatmeal gruel and pay a small light bill the rest of your life. 

Let me suggest that what they need is a Pink Slip and a prompt reply -- something to the effect: 

"Get thee behind me, Satan.  Go into the Abyss prepared for you.  Leave this Earth and call down no debt and no infamy on anyone but yourself."  


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  1. Patrick Henry said unfortunately tyrants only understand force either an actual honest justice system that ain’t happening every AG Norman Ashcroft said “disagree with federal gov your a domestic terrorist” Fast and furious Holder,UN safe cites Lynch, Jeff Scessons.prison system agent,Barr the cover up agent for Ruby Ridge etc.

  2. .
    Most of the American people; run on envy,greed and F.E.A.R.

    The chance of each one helping the other is not to great.

    There are some but when pus comes to shove as in the 1776 war only about 5% of the populations fought; the other 95% was happy to be the Kings subjects

    The PTB have ah 150 years to indoctrinate the people into being sheeple

    My hats off to those who will support there fellow man - unfortunately it may be for the wrong reasons

    Best of luck in the coming month.


    1. P.S.

      look how the people have reacted to the alleged undocumented and unverified virus.

      Whats even more ironic is that every 4 years the US has had a virus - during an election year ........LOL

      Wear the mask - that gives no protection -yet will degrade you health and cause permanent damage.

      Do you own do diligence and find the truth


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