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Friday, July 24, 2020

We Now Know

By Anna Von Reitz

There is no longer any mystery about Covid 19 or how to treat it. 

The Italian Government found out and apparently, numerous other governments worldwide did, too, because they have developed a simple and effective protocol to treat the actual problem. 

Here's what happens. 

A man or woman shows up presenting asthma-like symptoms.  Everything indicates that they are having respiratory problems.  The doctors rush them in and give them oxygen.  If simple oxygen doesn't work, they put them on ventilators.  

But what is actually happening is that an agent, a bacterium, is causing micro-blood clots.  The tiny blood clots are impairing the ability of blood to carry oxygen and that is what is causing the asthma-like symptoms.  

It has nothing to do with any coronavirus at all. 

And it doesn't help that the amount of atmospheric oxygen has declined precipitously in recent years, nor does it help that the remaining oxygen is being denatured by high frequency microwave transmissions.  

And masks, though they might help a little bit in slowing the spread of the illness, more than make up for it by forcing you to re-breathe more carbon dioxide and providing a more hospitable environment inside the mask for other pathogens. 

My advice?  Good hygiene practices are always the best answer at all times, but no, don't wear masks and don't go crazy.  We now know what the actual pathogen is, we know what it does and how it does it, and we know how to treat it with a simple and inexpensive protocol that you can safely exercise at home. 

My "living wall" of spider plants remains a wonderful alternative to mechanical air quality machinery and also provides a tremendous amount of free oxygen in the house.  Giving these or other leafy house plants a home will repay you with clean air and abundant oxygen in your home environment year-round. 


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  1. So what is the simple and inexpensive protocol?

    1. Did you not read the first of these three articles???

    2. Thanks Vic. "The successful treatment protocol being used by the Italians: 100 milligrams of aspirin and prescription strength Tylenol and Aleve."
      The above quote can be found here:

  2. You are INCORRECT. That is NOT how it works. You are "guessing" and exposing your complete lack of knowledge. Just STOP. You have No appreciable medical knowledge and are spreading complete misinformation and disinformation about how clinicians evaluate and treat those with respiratory or circulatory compromise.

    1. And I suppose you are an expert on the subject?

      All these so called outfits looking out for your health were all trained by ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION MEDICAL SCHOOLS

      Do you know anything about NCQA? Here have a look at how they using your medical data

    2. As a matter of fact, I am on the clinician side in case you can't read. No. I am not familiar with the NCQA, what is the significance of your point in relation to the article written above?
      Are you just so angry you expect everyone to know everything and were all idiots except you?
      What is your background? professional criticizer? How are you qualified to answer? Just because you can find information doesn't mean you understand the application of such. You get more flies with honey. Be respectful and inquisitive. NOT angry and condescending. None of us are above learning. Dan 12:4

    3. I don't know why you are attacking me personally except for your anger issues don't allow you to see what I am saying. You are correct in that they are using the medical community in ALL ways to bring the people to heel.Most of your information is spot on. The issue I was addressing was Anna's comments. I am a 35 year Medical Clinician in my field and as such am at the bedside making the decisions for medical treatment. She has no idea of how we asses and treat patients. Furthermore, we are Patient advocates and take our commitment to saving lives seriously.I too chose my field to "help" people. About 15 years ago I discovered the truth about allopathic medicine and have become very disillusioned by field as a whole. You would or should be heartened to know their are many of us feeling this way as actual cures and therapies that work have been mitigated or discredited in front of our eyes. We have seen the switch from ICD-9 TO ICD-10 and the new descriptions/guidelines/practices in there, a nightmare for all of us. Since most facilities are accepting of CMS patients, especially with immigration recipients, all are regulated by such and have to follow their guidelines. This agency in cooperation with HHS determines what care a patient can/will receive despite a clinician's or physician's determination via best practices and pre-established medical guidelines for the particular disease or injury, thus limiting us. Lately doctors (who are supposed to be acting in your best interest) have been utilizing their license to determine who has "quality of life" going forward (based on CMS criteria) and then they actually bypass your medical directives for your care as stated by you, and implement their best determination of your quality of life and will change your directions, explicitly stated, to what they feel is "best" for you. Of course their medical director has already been shown by administration the plethora of "data" that shows if you are "coded" in such chronic, debilitating, categories that you are a drain on the profits of the hospital that you should not be extended any life saving efforts (different codes)because your outcome is not considered to be "good". Many factors are included in such algorithms, Age, comorbidity, education, work status and previous admissions as well as adherence to prescribed medications. Interestingly, patients who are developmentally delayed, have severe limiting traumatic injuries such as quadriplegics, tetraplegics and bodies for organ donation get top of the line care, period! No ethics boards for them, only regular non-contributory, chronic patients with no Alot of us vocally object to these doctors practices and then receive a lecture from them. We have also reported them to medical boards and been summarily dismissed. It is an outrage as we see what is happening is all about money and social selection. That is why I told Anna to stop, as she really has no idea of the war in the hospitals and what we, as clinicians and patient advocates do to make sure our patients get the best care despite any doctor or guideline or best practice limits us to do.
      Peace be with you.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.