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Sunday, April 5, 2020

So What IS Going On At The Treasury?

By Anna Von Reitz

The "United States Treasury" is actually the IMF, so the IMF is rolling out a new military script called the Treasury Dollar.  

Here, attached, is the copy of the in-house verbiage. FB Readers go to my website to see it for yourself. 

None of these Bozos have the brains to come to us and issue an actual asset-backed currency, even though we are standing here with ownership of the assets telling them how to do what has to be done.  

None of them will face facts and do the required re-venue of assets and credit to the people it belongs to.  

Pray down the vengeance of Heaven.  

Pray down the vengeance of Heaven upon these criminals. 

Pray down the vengeance of Heaven on these liars.  

We have the cure for the "corona virus" and these rats are trying to prevent us from deploying it.  They will not succeed.  

Pray for the destruction of the British Crown.  

Pray for the destruction of the Bankers who did this. 

Pray for the destruction of the Politicians who did this.  

Pray for the destruction of the Military Officers who did this.  

May they all disappear. 

May they vanish in the twinkling of an eye.  

May their fate be sealed.  


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  1. There is a time for everything under the sun... Ecclesiastes Chapter 3

  2. its quite clear from e.g. just checking the wikipedia description of the guy who came up with this plan

    - it is just a method to try to implement a "green new deal"

    its not a lack of brains its a lack of ethics, truth, reality, justice, integrity, honesty, fairness.

    regardless of how one feels about the "environment" or not.

    like many "environmental" things, the corporations who pollute the most pass on the costs to everyone else.

    socialism for them, capitalism for us.

    socialized profits for them, capitalist debts for us.

    the entities that cause all the environmental destruction swoop in to "rescue" everyone and stick everyone else with the bill. same old script.

    this is the type of thing where the "conservatives" will say all the "environmental" stuff is just a means to an end i.e. control.

    true or untrue, that is how this type of thing looks -- just a power grab -- the reasons are quite irrelevant.

    even assuming it was "genuine" attempt at anything -- it is quite clear they have been "co-opted" and forced to "compromise" i.e. it is something that is meant to look like a "change" when in reality, meet the new boss, same as the old.

    i suppose anyone doing "policy" has 2 basic options:

    -- fine/punish/tax people for doing "bad" things
    -- reward/grant/fund people for donig "good" things

    so rather than e.g. "carbon tax" etc. this is the latter -- if they can control their (IMF/BIS/bank of england/etc. in reality) "treasury" then they can -- just like the current "federal reserve" -- dole out "rewards" to people they like, and cut off funds/not give loans/not give grants/not fund projects/not fund research to anyone they don't like.

    long long ago it was pointed out why "socialists" as well as "capitalists" love fiat currency and such -- they can attempt to "manage" everyone else in this manner, inflate and deflate as needed to serve a social or political or other agenda.

    just more of the same endless fraud. regardless of whether any of their "environmental" stuff is real or not.

    it was also noted long ago that both "left" and "right" "socialist" and "capitalists" purposely create "crisises" so they can swoop in and "rescue" everyone.

    so, looks like just more of the same old players doing the same old frauds.