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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Dear Mr. Trump -- We Have the Cure, So Round 'Em Up

By Anna Von Reitz

This ridiculous "simulated war exercise" is going to turn hot, comet or no comet, and you might as well know that you are facing the actual, true, Living God as a possible adversary.  That is not a good position for you or this country to be in. 

Our lawful government has the cure for the corona virus and every other SARS virus on the planet.  It's a technology that can destroy every such virus, natural or man-made.  

We also have the cure for what ails the Treasury.  Re-venue our assets ---physical and credit -- to us, and we will pay everyone. It's simple bookkeeping.  Do it now, or you will cause a global meltdown and everyone involved in causing such a meltdown, including you, will die.  

These are simple facts, published in the Bible. 

Continue on the path you are on and you will find no answers, just more problems set up like a maze or obstacle course.  Continue to listen to Gates and Fauci -- the self-interested monsters -- and you and your Administration will go down in history as a grotesque failure.  

Pay attention.  The CDC is a private vaccine manufacturer.  The CDC is a private vaccine manufacturer.  The CDC is a private vaccine manufacturer. 

Fauci is nothing but a self-interested rat, and so is Gates along with Soros, --- all engaged in causing a problem in order to profit from it.  

Arrest them.  Hang them by their heels and force them to divulge what they know.  And then put them before a Firing Squad for their crimes against humanity.  7 Billion people will applaud.  


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  1. The appointed Dr. Anthony Fauci said he touts results of trial examining experimental COVID-19 drug treatment | ABC News

    Fauci was aware of his toxic secret vaccines to kill, not to save life. That's why he uses the word "tout"

    1. To solicit customers, votes, or patronage, especially in a brazen way.
    2. To obtain and deal in information on racehorses.

    verb, transitive
    1. To solicit or importune: street vendors who were touting pedestrians.
    2. To obtain or sell information on (a racehorse or stable) for the guidance of bettors.
    3. To promote or praise energetically; publicize: "Projects for . . . construction of a deep-water route . . . to reach ports in the continent's industrial heartland had been widely touted" (Kenneth McNaught).

    George SOROS has very High-Negatively-charged energies in his House #12 (secrecies against people), BUT Gates has so much higher -Neg. Dr. A. Fauci secrecies are in his evil works. Their evil works checked, verified by me and others, their data received from the Angels and heaven, beamed to my antenna.

    Jg. Anna and her Group have a natural Instinct to detecting Good and Evil people. The databank of the alleged people can NOT be manipulated, it's not possible for human to touch, they came in like a 65-core CPU circuit, so complex to manipulate.