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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Public Notice to the Pope and the Queen, Elizabeth II

By Anna Von Reitz

Americans have been the victims of an identity theft scheme on an unimaginable scale. The object of this scheme is familiar: access the victim's credit and saddle them with your debts --- just exactly as any Credit Card Hacker does, except the "government" scheme didn't involve plastic cards.

Instead, the "government" --- meaning a for-profit foreign commercial corporation in the business of providing "governmental services" --- used False Registration processes to mischaracterize and impersonate American babies as "United States Citizens" (Territorial Citizens, as if you were born in Puerto Rico) and "citizens of the United States" (Municipal citizens, as if you were in the Federal Civil Service).

Having deliberately misidentified and impersonated us, the same two corporations (Territorial and Municipal versions, both ultimately owned and operated by the Pope) were in position to evade their obligation owed to Americans under the Constitutions [so their actions become identifiable as Treason] and to subject Americans to foreign Territorial and Municipal laws that actually only pertain to our Public Employees.

The primary Perpetrators were members of the Bar Associations acting under the direction of Westminster and the Lord Mayor in violation of our Treaty of Ghent agreements.
Not only did they deliberately and with malice aforethought steal our identities, they kidnapped us into their foreign jurisdiction and subjected us to their foreign laws. And the object of all this? To gain access to our assets for use as collateral backing their debts, and at the same time, gain control of us so that they could arbitrarily come in and act "under the color of law" to pillage and plunder our assets and resources at will.

This was a considerably worse plan for us than just a simple credit card theft.

These Monsters have aimed at our total enslavement and the coercive extraction of the value of our labor (slavery) as well as the theft of our assets (phony mortgages, titles, and liens on property) as well as racketeering and extortion of our wealth and natural resources under color of law.

Having been caught in the act and forced to fold the cards on one of his crime syndicates (the Municipal Partner in Crime) the Pope has left the other side of his racketeering scheme, the Territorial Government, in place, and is attempting to present this as our salvation in a reprise of Good Cop-Bad Cop, ---when in fact both the Municipal and Territorial Government have been engaged in this scheme and acting in collusion to accomplish it since 1937.

All the purloined assets that have been siphoned off, all the false registrations and false titles taken to our land and soil and our labor and everything else, including our gold and silver, our patents, our copyrights, our trademarks, our DNA, all bonds and certificates and everything else that is owed to us, the American States and People, are due to be returned to us ---- not the Territorial Government.

Yet, the Territorial Government Corporation dba THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., registered in Scotland, has "offered" to step in and accept back all the assets and credit owed to us "in our behalf".

Next, they have tanked the stock market to reduce the "apparent value" of the stocks of major corporations, and invoked a bunch of war-time statutes to gain coercive control over all the Municipal Corporation franchises which are in liquidation using the phony coronavirus "outbreak" as an excuse.

Now, they are using our credit to buy up all the devalued stocks and ownership interests in the Municipal Corporations --- but this is all bogus bullshit, too, because we already bought those Municipal Corporations.

Pause. Think.

We already bought those Municipal Corporations. They are ours. We are both the Primary and the Principal Creditors of the Municipal Government and all its various franchises.

We paid for these corporations and their franchises already, and now, our feckless Public Servants running the Territorial Government---while receiving their payroll from our largess--- are using our credit to buy these same corporations back "for" us, again.

Goat-roping insanity and criminal insanity, combined, does not begin to explain what has been done here, again, done "in our names", abusing our credit and our assets----while we are standing right here, presenting ourselves, and needing no further "representation" by these cads, who never had any authority to meddle in our financial affairs in the first place.

Read the Constitutions. Who are the Parties and Principals involved?

The American State Citizens (not any "State of State" Citizens) and the Pope and the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of London.

We have gone to the trouble of explicitly correcting their False Registrations and have declared our correct political status as American State Nationals, and we have acted as American State Citizens to assemble our actual States of the Union and we have operated our lawful unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America and we have clearly told the Pope and all our respective Employees and Subcontractors where to get off.

The Municipal Corporations and all that they hold and possess, are ours.

We aren't offering to extend our credit to buy them again.

The Queen and the Pope need to buy them on their own nickels and give them back to us, along with everything else they have purloined that properly belongs to us.

Apparently, the majority of our Territorial Employees including the members of the Territorial Congress now representing "the" United States of America, and those running this renegade Scottish corporation that is merely infringing upon our Good Name and working a credit fraud scheme based on similar names deceit (see our publication of their charter, posted on our websites as a warning to all those who would otherwise do business with them and think they were doing business with us instead)---- are either:(1) none too bright, or, (2) think that we are multiple bricks short of our load.

In either case, this is Public Notice of what the Pope has pulled here, both directly using the Municipal Government, and indirectly, using the Territorial (Commonwealth) Government which he operates under the Queen's Oversight. Caveat emptor.

This is also Public Notice that a Credit Theft by the Territorial Government and the characters operating the Scottish entity dba "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" --- INCORPORATED, is underway, as described.

The essence of the crime is to liquidate Municipal Corporations which the same players paid for using our credit and capital to buy, pretending to pay us back via the liquidation, but at the same time turning around and improperly accessing more of our credit via the Scottish Ringer and the Territorial Government to buy back what we already own "for" us, and never in fact returning the assets or the profit from all this skullduggery to us or to our control.

This is the fault of the Generals and their Bankers. They have been entrusted with the care of our money since 1863 and made a total botch of it.

Whereupon we are over-riding General Order 100 as the actual civilian government of this country and officially removing these Bankers from any further position of trust or authority related to us, our country, or our assets.

Our assets are to be returned to us and to our control without further obstruction or continuing nefarious self-service by the Generals or their Scottish collaborators.

Mr. Mnuchin has been instructed to open a mercantile account for us with fifty sub-accounts and has been instructed to roll up and rollover all assets including the municipal franchises into these accounts as "deposits" for the benefit of the American States and People.

This is simple, logical, up front instruction. Set up our mercantile accounts, transfer the assets, fire the Scottish Bankers for malfeasance, and stop thinking that we are brain dead or still asleep.
General Order 100 is hereby rescinded by the actual civilian government of this country. The Commander-in-Chief is directly responsible for his commands.

The Territorial Government is to resume normal operations at the earliest opportunity and to cancel the "National Emergency". Their Government is not under attack and is not suffering any emergency as a result of any infectious disease or other actual cause beyond the infestation of their own ranks by criminals and perverts--- which we expect them to handle without any big "Hollywood Production" or gory excuses for exposing the public to the depths of criminal depravity these Governors and Generals and Admirals have allowed on our shores and perpetuated in our names.

If they value their lives, they should be silent with their excuses and simply remove the False Registrations, the predators, and the scum, without further adieu and disruption. There is no reason to expose the Public to cannibalism or witchcraft or the hideous sins these madmen have perpetuated against humanity. The sickos among us simply need to be gone, including Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and all the "Central" Bankers who have participated.

Tell the Generals and the heads of the DIA, CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, et alia --- that exposing the stupendous sins and criminality of others, does not make up for their own. If their predecessors had been doing their jobs and acting in good faith, none of this crime would have ever happened in the first place, and we are not likely to miss that point.

So please cancel plans for any grandiose "National Expose" and save us the trauma of having to witness child sacrifices on video tape and the slavering up of adrenochrome by bankers and politicians and Hollywood stars acting like crazed banshees.

Take these practices before military tribunals as crimes against humanity, bring forward the evidence, and execute the perpetrators. This is not rocket science.

If you kill, molest, or kidnap children in pursuit of a drug-induced "religious experience" --- you die under our Public Law and under abundant international law, both.

So there is no excuse for pandering to silly sentimentalists or jurists lacking fortitude and moral purpose; anyone indulging in such "religious" rites is to be hung by the neck until dead, shot via firing squad, sent to the guillotine, or dispatched underwater with an infrared laser through the eye-socket, as may be necessary in some cases to accomplish the necessary dispatch.

As to other business....

The enhanced coronavirus bugs belong to the Brits, and the Total Mismanagement belongs to the Pope, so our counter-offer is that the Pope and the Queen, together, pay for all costs of all relief and stimulus packages in any way related to the enhanced coronavirus, pay for all business and employment losses, remit $1 trillion to our account for every innocent American killed, and have no recourse or access to our credit to fund these remedies.

Chief Justice John Roberts is to be arrested under Order of the Lord Mayor, pursuant to our Treaty of Ghent, for the illegal and unlawful transfer of three trillion dollars to his own bank account, siphoned from looting that occurred during the George W. Bush Administration's "911" attack. He is, self-evidently, removed from office, effective immediately, for cause. In addition to his financial crimes, he is to be held and tried for treason and crimes against humanity.

We recommend that Mr. Trump stop playing with the stock market, stop wasting our time and assets, find an appropriate excuse to end the "National Emergency" for the Territorial Government, and start thinking about a good replacement for Chief Justice Roberts.

We also recommend that all and any plans to pass a "National Sales Tax" be strictly and explicitly restricted to actual Federal Government Employees. We can't say anything about your shameful mistreatment of your employees, but we can certainly raise the bar and prevent any further "misunderstanding" about your statutes having any application to our populace.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary


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  1. Concerning comments on March 11, 2020: If anyone uses the 1099 OID, be sure to fill out the form 8281 correctly. Otherwise the Inter-Rev will not be pleased.
    Annie McShane, I would to get your guidance as to where I can learn how to handle Billing Statements.
    I am willing to make things worthwhile for you. Edward Novak, 415-269-9776.

    1. Good topic, would you please share, so every one can get the vermin at the same time. Thanks.

    2. Edward Novak, could you elaborate and give an example? Thank you.

  2. I wish Anna would just lay it straight out without all the mumbo-jumbo talk and Backwoods hillbilly statements just get straight to the point.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. .
    Titles - where did the authority come from to have a person declare themselves the King; attorney; pope? What happened to the genuine original 13th amendment ?

    Did it come from God? [God= The Creator of the Universe and not otherwise]

    Where is the written [proof] Contract - covenant ? NONE!
    Except at the point of a gun - death by someone who is paid to commit the atrocities to other people.

    Why did the church punish people with putting their hands in boiling water to make a confession to an alleged violation of the church’s rules?

    Which Pope- there are two? Which Church - there are two? Define church!

    The people live in a system - society by some power over them by corporate rules and punishment - is this the illusion created by the Banksters and oligarchy?

    People will go to the grave believing in things that they are told is [a lie] part of the fiction - illusion without ever knowing reality of Life.

    Has anyone read the Deceleration of Independence? What does it say - define the actual words within?

    Has anyone read the Federalist Papers and the Anti- Federalist papers?

    How about Thomas Pain and Patrick Henry works and speeches; the real heroes of our time ?

    They do not teach anything in the Govt schools about our real history - do they -NO!

    "The fact is that the average man's love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty-- and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies." -- H.L. Mencken

    "The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words you can control the people who must use the words." ~ Philip K. Dick (1928-1982)

    "There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against argument, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. That is condemnation without investigation." - Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)

    “Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.” - W. Clement Stone

    “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” - Socrates

    This staying at home will have a very troubling effect upon people especially when the truth starts to be revealed in the coming weeks.

    I have no agenda except the real truth!

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

    1. Maximus,
      Particularly the EU Kings normally appointed their Attorneys to create fake Bonds, Stocks, to alluring common people to fall into their traps, the GB QUEEN just did this process recently. To see their pattern, Look up the older Webster dictionary, for the word "attorney, King". It said the same corruptions happened long ago, until now.

      I have evidences of older fraudulent Stocks & Bonds the French and UK attorneys created in 1860's - 1927's, defrauding my ancestors. They're doing the same things to me now, via bogus foreclosure.

      The French was the front-runner on the east side, England was/is the front-runner of the west side. They all were/are the same team, defrauding the whole world, pretending to help us. They shared their stolen assets of ours, they used some countries to be their their brokers (the Philippines, and Indonesia) to claim the ownership of our assets like MERS for them, to switch position later on. Now killing people is their option.

    2. re: Why did the church punish people with putting their hands in boiling water to make a confession to an alleged violation of the church’s rules?
      that wasn't "punishment" to boil someone's hands -- that WAS the method of "trial" "ordeal"

      that was simply how first-hand witnesses (the accused) were questioned
      that wasn't "punishment" to boil someone's hands -- that was the "trial" "ordeal"
      this is just an example of trial by battle (see: dueling), trial by ordeal, trial by fire -- no different than drowning witches.

      if they were "innocent" the theory was "god" would intervene, an "innocent" person "god" would not let their hands be needlessly boiled.

      on the other hand, say they drowned -- then if they were "innocent" they went to heaven.

      so, you see, to the torturer, "god" will save the innocent either way -- either in this life, or they will go to heaven.

      so it is a license to torture, you see, with no consequences. because "god" will spare the innocent and not allow anything "bad" to happen.

    3. i say that it was no different than "trial by battle (duel)" because that is in many ways a specific type of "trial by ordeal"

      and the same theory "god would not let an innocent person by slaughtered/killed, or a guilty person win" was in effect.

  5. .
    "The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words you can control the people who must use the words." ~ Philip K. Dick (1928-1982)

    Most people are unaware that the BAR Guild and attorneys change everyday words into "TERMS" to create what they need to deceive and prosecute the people. This includes an attorney in a black dress acting as a Judge when they are only an administrator of the US Bankruptcy.
    Just as an attorney has NO license!! It is only a certificate given to the applicant when they take the BAR exam and is given to the applicant when passing the test - FROM the Board of Examiners ( a corporation) A corporation can not issue a license!
    The alleged attorney license is signed by the secretary of the BAR Ass. NOT by the Secretary of a state!
    Gratitude – keep moving forward

    1. Very good Maximus, but the BAR Ass. sounds funny and has double meanings. I am always careful when dealing with the crooks. I don't want them to think that I insult them. So I would write "the Bar Assoc."

  6. Trump appears without presidential flag, nor seal & podium sign says Washington, no 'D.C.' just Washington.

  7. Dear Anna and readers I just wrote a long letter explaining everything your witnessing and your frustrations because of what is going on..I will not go into the whole story hopes you can understand what I am saying in are up against the same system of players..using everything you have worked so hard's our God vs their their laws of God vs our laws of's their laws of the land vs our laws of the not believe for one minute that these laws are not worthy by them and their ilk of being implemented worldwide..b/c they are and they have been..they are overriding all of your work and what is true and real..with what they believe is true and real..they are using everything you have done..same concept..ideas people..places and things..with their way..please go to
    and you must watch Adam Green at Know more News and Steve and Jana Benoon at Israeli News live for they are the experts on the take over by these Noahides & ZiOnnists they are using Our real system and changing it all with their system..but because you have all the real truth of how the whole of the world and our government is run..they have their Satan's cheap imitation..God Bless you all ..this 7 Noahide Laws is what is in the bible of beheading Christians for the worship of Jesus Christ..They are near completed now..

  8. Dear Anna the first letter I tried to send didn't go through..the next I wrote made it..even though the other letter was much more detailed..I wanted to explain that I understand the work that has been done by you the people..the setting up of the state assemblies and that their laws have no bearing on all of us or this..however the the Pope and Queen along with other players are very much involved in these laws being implemented worldwide..Pope possibly using the Terriorial Government to move this all in place..please forgive my lack of knowledge of how that could happen or if it is even a possibility..all I know is that GHW and every president after him has signed the 7 Noahide Laws..this stuff is very them..I Just was giving you somewhere to look..since many of our States are signing laws for this country in favor of Israel..foreign laws..antisemitism laws good example..the Pope and Queen the U.N. and 100's of Nations are involved in this takeover..including Putin to has added these laws to their Constitutions..all my best Anna

  9. well, a "sales" tax is a tax on sales -- i.e. a tax owed by people who sell things.

    they just happen to pass it down to the "purchaser"
    sounds just like the flip side of the "income" tax (read: anything that passes through federal zones)

    so far as federal zones go [*] they are effectively territories and any type of law (or not) is "allowed"

    [*] notwithstanding the countless frauds re: citizenship, banking and financial frauds, fake states; at this stage they are effectively claiming every 1) person 2) dollar 3) state are all "federal zones" (nevermind the worldwide frauds)

    i am not justifying any of that -- just that is what a "national" "sales tax" sounds like to me -- another "federal zone" "income tax" type thing, but on people who "sell" things -- and they WILL pass it on to everyone else, if only by factoring it into the price of things

    just saying -- they are technically allowed to do a wide variety of crazy "taxes" within "federal zones" -- such places are all "zoned" as being outside of state and federal constitutions.

  10. I knew the "virus that no one has" was a total false flag, but that's all the "puppet media" will talk about. Meanwhile they say absolutely zero about the chemtrail planes zig zagging all over the skies for hours on end and the effect that might be having on the health of the populace. All these networks need to be shut down and/or restructured into some kind of useful news reporting firms that are actually held responsible for knowingly spreading false propaganda and lying to the public.

  11. Paul this March 26 issue I take this and seal everything you are seeking as long as the assembly member have my back, as one common law government to the others Belcher it seal have my back

  12. Correspondence from Dr Vladimir Zelenko on Treatment of COVID-19 in New York

    Dr. Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko
    Board Certified Family Practitioner
    501 Rt 208, Monroe, NY 10950

    March 23, 2020

    To all medical professionals around the world:

    My name is Dr. Zev Zelenko and I practice medicine in Monroe, NY. For the last 16 years, I have cared for approximately 75% of the adult population of Kiryas Joel, which is a very close knit community of approximately 35,000 people in which the infection spread rapidly and unchecked prior to the imposition of social distancing.

    As of today my team has tested approximately 200 people from this community for Covid-19, and 65% of the results have been positive. If extrapolated to the entire community, that means more than 20,000 people are infected at the present time. Of this group, I estimate that there are 1500 patients who are in the high-risk category (i.e. >60, immunocompromised, comorbidities, etc).

    Given the urgency of the situation, I developed the following treatment protocol in the pre-hospital setting and have seen only positive results:

    1. Any patient with shortness of breath regardless of age is treated.
    2. Any patient in the high-risk category even with just mild symptoms is treated.
    3. Young, healthy and low risk patients even with symptoms are not treated (unless their circumstances change and they fall into category 1 or 2).

    My out-patient treatment regimen is as follows:

    1. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days
    2. Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days
    3. Zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days

    The rationale for my treatment plan is as follows. I combined the data available from China and South Korea with the recent study published from France (sites available on request). We know that hydroxychloroquine helps Zinc enter the cell. We know that Zinc slows viral replication within the cell. Regarding the use of azithromycin, I postulate it prevents secondary bacterial infections. These three drugs are well known and usually well tolerated, hence the risk to the patient is low.

    Since last Thursday, my team has treated approximately 350 patients in Kiryas Joel and another 150 patients in other areas of New York with the above regimen.

    Of this group and the information provided to me by affiliated medical teams, we have had ZERO deaths, ZERO hospitalizations, and ZERO intubations. In addition, I have not heard of any negative side effects other than approximately 10% of patients with temporary nausea and diarrhea.

    In sum, my urgent recommendation is to initiate treatment in the outpatient setting as soon as possible in accordance with the above. Based on my direct experience, it prevents acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), prevents the need for hospitalization and saves lives.

    With much respect,

    Dr. Zev Zelenko

    cc: President Donald J. Trump; Mr. Mark Meadows, Chief of Staff

  13. Wall Street Jews Do A Lockdown

  14. The Lord Mayor of the city of London or new Jerusalem is a private jurisdiction that run 90% of off shore corporate world trade . The bankers or Rothschild business also started the BAR as Debora Travoris explains &SERCO the master control falce. Flag nerve center .
    Yes the popes the idiot fall guy that’s responsible for trusts and corporations and completely asleep at the switch so (((city of London ))) is using corporations and trust to hustle the world !

  15. I've heard Q Elizabeth died in August of 2019 hence why she was not in attendance of Lord whomevers burial. :)


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