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Friday, March 27, 2020

Public Notice -- What to Think About All This Whole Situation

By Anna Von Reitz

It's a smoke screen.  They were planning the national black out and broadcast of hideous portrayals of child torture and "sacrifices"  as part of their show over a multi-day broadcast extravaganza, but we shut that down as more unnecessary trauma and BS.  The military and agency thugs wanted to demonstrate the evil that they have purportedly saved us from, albeit not mentioning that their laxity and lack of performance is what allowed all this in the first place.  They also wouldn't want to admit that they profited from it for several decades before growing a spine and taking action against it under the constant prodding of the Trump Administration.  

The actual answer is that BOTH the Municipal Government and the Military (Territorial) Government have betrayed their trust and operated in violation of their obligations to us and have BOTH done so for a very long time.  

Having indulged in this criminal behavior toward the American States and People they are clinging together trying to brave it out and utilizing a "Good Cop/Bad Cop" strategy, in which the Municipal Government was to be demonized and the Territorial Government presented as the Good Guy alternative, when in fact, BOTH organizations have proven to be wildly abusive and grossly mis-directed and mis-managed.  

And BOTH are ultimately owned and operated by the Pope --- the Municipal Government is directly managed by the Pope and the British Territorial (Commonwealth) is operated by the British Monarch in behalf of the Pope --- and they have been operating in open collusion since 1937 under the provisions of a document called: The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States.  

We have dissected the entire history of this and have taken action to enforce their contractual obligations.  The assembled States of the Union have additionally taken action to preclude the deceptive flip=flop of one side of the Pope's coin to the other side of the Pope's coin as any answer to the fundamental wrong being practiced against this country by both the Pope and the British Monarch.  

The Covid-19 Virus is nothing but a more infectious (but not overall more lethal) strain of the Common Cold.  The mass hysteria response is nothing but a convenient smokescreen invoked to hide the ongoing settlement of the UNITED STATES, INC.  bankruptcy and the attempted seizure of our assets "in our behalf" by another Scottish Ringer operating as "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" --- INC. --- which we are protesting in the strongest terms possible.  

Neither the military nor the military bankers have proven reliable or honest in the handling of our assets since 1863 and we have ended Lincoln's General Order 100, otherwise known as the Lieber Code, as of yesterday, and fired the military bankers responsible for this Mess.  

Mr. Mnuchin has been given his marching orders and Mr. Trump has been made responsible for his directives as Commander-in-Chief, meaning that he is fully empowered to operate as Commander-in-Chief over all air, land, and sea forces with the caveat that he does so while assuming the associated responsibility for his actions.  

We do not think that he will have any trouble with that acceptance. 

They've all been told to bring this pandemic nonsense to as rapid a conclusion as possible.  China is back at work, Japan is back at work, England is back at work, and so should we be back at work.  

The trillions of dollars being dumped into individual and business accounts to help remedy the forced work shutdowns, business losses, etc., are hereby accepted as gifts from the Pope and Queen Elizabeth II.  

So, enjoy your vacations, and don't worry about the gift income being provided --- it is not taxable and it won't be used to claim that you settled your personal accounts via the acceptance of this gift or used to support any claim that you received any voluntary "equitable settlement" of the UNITED STATES, INC., debts to you as a result of it.  

We hereby reject any claim or notion that the funds backing this appropriation of trillions of dollars by the Territorial U.S. Congress are to be charged against the people or the persons receiving these disbursements nor are these extensions of credit to be held against their assets, either.  All funding for Pandemic Relief approved by the U.S. Congress is to be charged against the personal assets of the Pope and the Queen, Elizabeth II, and is accepted as gifts only, not as benefits, and not as any equitable settlement of individual and State claims against the municipal bankruptcies. 

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary


  1. I thought I read instructions to accept the checks, but to sign it with the note that this is not in payment for bankruptcy. No?

    1. I read that as well, Kathy, but seems like more has developed and the circumstances have changed.

      Let's keep our eyes and ears open in regards to the acceptance of checks, etc. from the vermin

  2. James Belcher acting as Head of State of The United States of America is here declaring any checks sent from the Territorial United States to Americans are gifts, not benefits with obligations to the issuer of the check. The implication is that by any method of acceptance, American State Nationals can reference this Notice to rebut any claim that an obligation to the Territorial United States arises in consequence of accepting the gift.

    Another scenario by the check issuer will probably or likely will be attempted with persons who admit or claim to be United States citizens or citizens of the United States.

    1. joel I think you nailed it!
      As it says "Public Notice" in the title.

      This is a very good "notice" to stop any idea that direct deposits will automatically obligate the named citizen.
      And we nationals, I would think, still need to protect our signatures, right.
      There is nothing wrong with protecting your signature with a "by: line" and copyright symbol or using statements like "accepted as a gift" or "without prejudice or settlement" above your protected signature.
      We are state nationals... Thank you Anna and James, thank you for looking out for your neighbors and friends.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  3. That's what I'm talking about! Gifts, not benefits, after everything "they" have stolen from us, and this is just the beginning!

    Sock it to them Anna! And God Bless! I love reading your articles which are factual and not fiction!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. .
    Well, what can / do we do now that will have a huge effect on reestablishing Liberty? Will people realize that they need to unite?
    since the American people have no choice about anything in there lives - as viewed by examples.
    There is still the following required or the fiction / cake person - will go to the gray bar hotel:

    2.) marriage license
    3.) drivers license
    3.) CONstitutions (4) or have been archived around 1860
    4.) CONgress 70% attorneys - original 13th amendment replaced
    5.) Incorporation - license
    6.) April 15 IRS paying taxes (April fools day)
    6.) car insurance - on something you dont own
    7.) House you dont own - tenant
    8.) property taxes on property you dont own
    9.) children can be taken - you dont own
    10.) birth certificate – creates the illusion – fictional reality
    11.) attorney license - that does not exist - certificate only
    12.) car you dont / cant own
    13.) Cestui Que Vie Trust that you are declared a decedent
    14.) currency - Federal Reserve Notes - IOU
    15.) interest charged by the IRS on an IOU
    16.) IRS a corporation of the FRB / Banksters
    17.) oil is a reoccurring natural resource
    18.) gasoline shortages

    The CONgress people [over the last 150 years] we allegedly trusted told us lies and we were to willfully ignorant to learn and seek out the truth. WHY?
    Because we were put into the position (they had control over the money supply for 120 years) such as the great depression 1929 - caused by the Banksters .

    Possibly the same thing is happening now (virous) as a result of the oligarchy becoming rich and controlling the news the American people have been seeing over the past 50 years - now more prevalent and controlling with new technology.

    Its just all smoke and mirrors to have an NWO and all peoples to be vaccinated - real direct control along with the invention of digital currency! Possibly killing millions?

    With digital currency they can turn off you money at any time.
    They can turn off your cell phone at any time
    They can us 5 G at any time as a weapon

    Well I may have missed a few things

    However - where do the people get the authority and enforcement (any control) over the people that are controlling everything you see and hear ?

    Gratitude - keep moving forward [The Matrix is alive and still running]

    1. You do have to sign up to read all of the 200 layers of their plan.

  6. .

    Men in Black "I am here from the government to help" .............

    Hi my name is Sargent Schultz -- "I know nothing.....I know nothing...."

    Gratitude - keep moving forward [The Matrix is alive and still running]

  7. My friends in England just say that everything is still in lockdown...

  8. YOU DONT GET THE "CHECKS" UNLESS YOU FILED YOUR TAXES! REMEMBER WE WERE TOLD WE CAN'T AND DONT FILE TAXES AS ASN'S. YOU WONT GET THE CHECK. And just because Anna says it's ok now when earlier it was "be careful" how you sign or endorse the "check" doesn't mean that with this announcement all is well.Mostly they are to be direct deposited if you FILED!
    Are we to think that this proclamation really has any effect at all with anyone?
    Trump is clearly following the new boss (same as the old boss) and is not in "our" camp.He doesn't even know we exist. THEY won't let him read any correspondence from Anna or anyone else they don't approve of.
    Again, we are being mislead here, I think, as just because you object, reject or otherwise resist doesn't mean anyone ( in any office) takes any notice or actually cares about the letters and notices.
    No effect.

    1. Also makes you wonder what strings are attached that cannot be seen. Its to tank the dollar. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, something vile may be coming out of it. lol Furthermore, I did a video on my youtube channel wheeping willow2 4U showing something VERY strange about Trump, lower lip cut, eyes with Q in them, dolls eyes, inhuman, and THAT was NOT his signature he signed that 6.2 Trillion bail out for the banks and corps.

  9. Anna,
    I think it would be helpful if people were to see the depth of depravity that their (idol) is/was doing. Also, many have put their life on the line to expose these evils. Some didn't survive. I have tried to enlighten my family about these evils. But I was disregarded as stupid and believing in conspiracy theories. How else do you get the average person to wake up? How else do you get people to see that what they were worshiping was doing evil. I think everything should come out into the LIGHT. It would help me at least.


  11. How did you stop "them" from televising child torture. How did you end the Leiber code as of yesterday? Anyone?

  12. Accept the check, use signature copyright and restricted ‘All Rights Reserved’. You could also use ‘accept as gift’ line. Things have changed a bit however, but until we can clearly see the whites of their eyes we should stay with what we know IMHO.


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