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Thursday, March 26, 2020

How you can make real money from home.

Who is Paul Stramer
From Paul Stramer

Many of you know that I not only run this blog and publish Anna's work, but that I am involved in network marketing on the Internet, specifically in the field of Precious Metals, mostly silver.

I want to help you increase your ability to survive, while working from home, and help you preserve your wealth and financial stability in the rough times as well as the good times.

I helped start up Mint Builder and their sister company called Quicksilver.

Any networking opportunity requires duplication. What the successful people use is duplication and automation to find new people for their business, therefore it makes sense for me to try to make duplication in advertising as easy as possible for the people I have in my downline.

The other component that makes success is a system where people can come in by their own choices without being pressured by a salesman.  "People Love to Buy, But They Hate to be Sold"

So the system must be set up in such a way that people can find an ad that gives them an idea that creates curiosity, and requires the visitor to plug in their email address and name to get the answers they are looking for.

At both these companies those ideas are what drives their wild growth. They have systems that are all tied together by the ID number of the new distributor.  There are three parts to these systems.

1. The advertising that I build for each new distributor who starts up a subscription. I have my own server, and I place up to 10 pages of ads on that server for each new distributor. Those ads can be run on many hundreds of places on the Internet and will find new people who want to make money on line and when they answer the ads it puts them in the second part of the system.

2. The second part of the system is the marketing funnel where people sift and sort themselves as to what they are interested in. It might be just buying silver at retail, or they might want the wholesale price on everything. It might be that they want to just buy silver, or they might want to do the business.  In the marketing system they can make these choices and they will be getting all your member contact information so they can call or email you with questions.  When they come in this part of the system they also get emails from you contained in the system and written by the company that leads them to the answers to all their questions. When they have most of the answers they can go to the main website.

3. The main website is where they can actually finish their education and take action to buy products or join the business. It's where they see all the precious metals offered and can compare pricing etc.
When the visitor does anything on part 2 or part 3 you are updated as the owner of the system to what they did, and you can contact them to follow up.  Remember the "Money is in the list, and the fortune is in the followup".

My offer to you all, is that we have done all the difficult and expensive work of creating all this for you AT NO CHARGE and even that advertising I create on my server is free to everyone in my downline down to level 5.

I also will spend whatever time it takes to get you up to speed on using these systems.

As an example of what I can do, I am giving you my own links here to my system starting right from my server and showing you the flow of the whole system. Notice that my ID number is in every ad and flows through to the end and into the main website so that anyone who joins ends up in my downline.  Remember you get paid 10% of everything they buy from then on.

Here are my links.  Check out each link and enjoy the ride. This list is for Mint Builder

If you want a system like this just follow through and Get Started.
If you are already a member just call me to reactivate your subscription and I will build this for you.

This link is for one ad that I am doing for QuickSilver.

I will show you dozens of places to run these ads, and many are free.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183


  1. I'm going to call you paul that way i can have you build it for me & pull my collar thank you

  2. Any Morgan Silver Dollars pre 1921


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