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Monday, January 13, 2020

Want Proof?

By Anna Von Reitz

Even by my standards, I've been exposing some pretty outlandish things, and I understand that people will want proofs and basis for the credibility of what I am saying.

The existence of another version of Homo sapiens is probably the hardest pill to swallow, but it's published worldwide in every Bible in existence.

Remember what I have said about the J - Haplotype?  That this version of man, the original Homo Sapien, lives hundreds of years? 

What does it tell you in Genesis Chapter 5?  Adam lived 930 years, Seth, his son, lived 912 years....?

And then, in Genesis 6:3:  "My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years...."

This is where we, Homo sapiens sapiens, were created as a new version of Homo sapien. We are literally an offshoot from the race of Adam. 

Our biology is different and our life spans and our brains are different, but we are still derived from Adam and are part of mankind.

So, given this, did God kill Adam's sons?  No.  Homo sapiens, the people we call "Neanderthals" went on living for many, many centuries after this.

They were giants compared to us, "the mighty men of old", and their cities can still be seen in the hill country north and east of Jerusalem.  David fought such a man, Goliath, and references to this Adamic race dot the Old Testament.

The "big news" I am bringing you is simply that a very few of them are still alive now, scattered all over the world, and with modern medical advances, they are now poised to make a comeback and advancing the idea that as our Elder Brothers, so to speak, they should inherit the Earth and rule over us by right of Primogeniture.   

Our answer is, and has to be, that they were passed over by our Creator, who according to his wisdom made the changes spoken of and told them why. Thus new sons of Adam were created and chosen, and thus we have prospered and they have dwindled.  

Primogeniture doesn't enter into it, where God has chosen.

Still, we don't bear them ill-will or seek to be their enemies. We would be pleased for them to have life and pursue wisdom.  The Father of us all made them and grants them life.  Who are we to complain, so long as there is peace?  Let them choose life for all of mankind, and not seek to enslave us by deceit or words of guile.  We, too, have a right to live and to live in peace.

All the sons of Adam, both Homo sapiens and Homo sapiens sapiens, have the same inheritance of the Earth and we all have the same duty to take care of the Earth and not destroy it. 

The second revelation that many people will find distasteful is that we are descended in part from reptiles and are in fact warm-blooded amphibians. We have fish, snake, and turtle genes.  We are born out of water onto dry land, and as anyone who has studied embryology can tell you, we pass through distinctive stages of development that clearly demonstrate our genetic heritage from the reptiles.

And why should this surprise us or be any great cause of concern?

We are familiar now with the Fossil Record.  We know that the dinosaurs, the Great Lizards, inhabited this planet millions of years ago. These reptiles gave rise to modern day reptiles and we take that for granted. 

Where is the big leap in accepting that we have reptile genes, too?  Lots of them.

When we fail to recognize our reptilian heritage, we can't properly observe and know ourselves and that makes it difficult to deal with some of the most problematic aspects of our nature.

Our snake inheritance is particularly troublesome, as it is both the source of our basic intelligence and our imagination. 

So we have a baby and bathwater situation built into us at a biological level.

The same foundation that enables us to daydream and imagine and create, also gives us the ability to scheme and delude and destroy. 

Thus, as the Bible explains, because of the snake (genes), we have the knowledge of good and evil ---- and the ability and responsibility to discern both. 

Would you give up your ability to imagine?  ---Or would you rather learn to choose and imagine what is good? 

The snake actually gave us a great gift, but it is not without equally great  responsibilities.  

Until we recognize this heritage and see the snake within us, we are ill-equipped to know ourselves and our potential for both good and evil. 

My attitude is that whatever is true, is true.  We have to know and accept the truth, or we aren't dealing with a full deck--- and are crippled as a result.

Let 'er rip.  I have snake genes.  Great.  So what?

It means that we have the ability to project our consciousness back into the past and forward into the future.  It means that we envision people, landscapes, and even emotions based on words in a book.  It means we can draw out architectural plans in our heads.  It means that we can create and hear a symphony without actually picking up a single instrument.

The Sacred Marriage between thought and feeling can take place within us, and our ability to create both good and evil is unfettered, waiting for us to use, like a two-edged sword.

It is in fact a power so magnificent and so frightful, that it has been deliberately obscured and withheld from the vast majority of mankind.

Unfortunately, those who would destroy us and destroy our ability to create, are at work in the world.  They see us as a dangerous and largely failed experiment.  So they work with might and main to focus us on evil things, in an effort to secure our self-destruction.

They do everything they can to distort our vision into darkness and cataclysm and they profit themselves from it. 

These Evil Ones are here among us, and they have used the false power of idols --- idolatry is one of the dangers of our imagination --- to enslave us. 

As terrible as this is, as dangerous as this is, all we need to do is to wake up and stop listening to their propaganda, stop believing in their lies.  

Those who wish for our destruction have no power over us.  Their symbols have no power over us.  Nothing that they project has power over us.

As soon as we turn our minds toward happy things, and our emotions toward love, their shadows disappear and new images emerge --- images of peace, images of beauty, images of oneness, images of harmony.

Their lies are exposed and set aside, recognized as nonsense.

So, you want direct proof? 

Turn off your televisions and radios for the next thirty days, forget about war or politics or any of the other death and destruction propaganda----and during this time, go to your own mental Happy Place, instead.

Daydream about all the happy and joyous and fulfilling things you can think of and envision.  Paint that picture.  Write that book.  Play with that new recipe. Kiss your own  prince or princess. Watch the baby ducks paddling by.  Smell the wet Earth in spring.  Surround your loved ones in a golden cloud of love.

Imagine a crystal dish full to overflowing with jewels and gold coins, and you, just playing with them, running your hands through them, enjoying the colors and different shapes as baubles meant to be toys.

You are in a beautiful palace with high ceilings and bright windows. You can hear the birds singing and see flowering branches outside. All is at peace. The sunlight is warm and golden. The countryside stretches out before you, green and beautiful as far as the eye can see. You walk out on the balcony and feel the fresh wind flow over your skin like a caress. The stone floor is warm under your bare feet.  You can hear a fountain splashing.

You are perfectly healthy. Perfectly attuned.

All is well.  All is as it is meant to be. 

Want more proof? 

Make peace with the snake.  Tell him that you understand now and that you have chosen what is good and what is true.  Thank him for the gift of your imagination.  You will learn to control it and guard it and use it well.

Take a deep breath in and exhale it out.  It's over.  You've come home.

There is, in this world, a time delay between what you envision and its materialization, a natural pause of varying duration between cause and effect. Suspend any doubt or disbelief.  Just set such things aside. It's one way or the other, and you are here to find out what happens. 

For the next thirty days, everything is on the sunny side of the street.  Make the conscious effort to tune out the bad stuff and tune in the good.  Rest, relax, daydream, snuggle, play.  Be kind to yourself. Doodle. Daydream. Dance. Take naps.

You are on a thirty day vacation.

Yours is not to reason how or why. Just do it, if you want proof.

Take your mind to the South Seas and find a quiet beach. Watch the fronds of the palm trees playing with the wind. Smell the salt air.  Stretch. A long, luxurious stretch, head to toe.  Watch the tiny waves curl around your toes.  Pick up a shell and be amazed by all its many designs and colors. Everything is crystalline and clear.  You take a deep breath and wander along the beach, listening to the lapping waves, filled with peace.

It's late afternoon, July in Door County, Wisconsin, cherry season.... and the air is warm and the sand is golden and dusty underfoot.  The one-lane dirt track you are following takes a dip downhill and then through a pine grove where the air is shady and cool and pine-scented.  Just beyond the grove you can see the road winding on, bathed in sunlight again, and a small cabin built of stone looking out over the deep blue waters of Lake Superior.  You have a basket of ripe cherries you are bringing home and dinner with friends planned for the evening. You stop for a moment and look at your little cabin with its copper weather vane and blue morning glories running along the porch railing. It's such a quaint, quiet little place, so far off the beaten track....

Or, switch your gears, you're at your mountain place in Norway and the snow is very deep.... 

You're grateful for you thick wool mittens and thick-soled snow boots, and you smile at your dog, bounding through the snow while you stay on the path to the woodpile.  There is a cleared space in front of the woodpile already and the low-angled sun is amber-colored as you stoop down and pick up a last armload of birch logs. You can smell the snow and the saw dust as you turn back to the house.  It's a lodge house made of ancient logs, tucked against the slope and facing south, away from the wind.  Even so, the snow has drifted up, almost as high as the bottom of the windowsills....

Wherever your Happy Place is today, whatever it looks like, whatever season of the year it may be --- go there.  Go alone, or take your companions.  Commune with your cat.  Pet your dog.  Perhaps like my friend, Judy, you have a favorite bookshop in England where you like to roam.  Maybe you want to sit on an empty bench at your favorite stadium.  Maybe your Happy Place is in the Eighteenth Century, or Elmhurst, Illinois, in 1910. 

It doesn't really matter, because your mind can take you anywhere.

Do this for thirty days, consistently. Don't let your mind wander off into ugly places.  Erase any ugly, fear-producing images you happen to see. This is your time on Earth, not THEIRS. 

At the end of thirty days of doing this, I guarantee that your world will be changed and you will be changed.  And if enough of us do it, the whole world will be changed, for the better.

And then we won't have any arguments about whether I am full of beans or not. The truth will be right in front of your faces and within the bounds of your own experience and that will sort things out better and faster than any amount of question-answer or argument at all. 

You want proof?  I've given you a simple and pleasant way to prove it to yourself, and that's the best kind of proof there can ever be.  


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  1. stepping out of the matrix can and will changed your life and the longer the better. Try and live there, Thanks Anna

  2. Thanks for what I take to be your best response to my question "where is the proof or evidence of mans ancestry of aliens or giants, and where is the evidence of reptilian progenitors?

    I'm interested in sharing an unrebuttable rebuttal, but the hour is late tonight and I have committed to making a sincere daily effort to treat my body as the holy temple of the spirit of God, including not overtaxing it fort hours late into the night. Soon I will be pleased to provide a more enlightened response. Again, thanks.

    1. Unrebuttable rebuttal? More enlightened response?

      You are obviously reptilian. It's written all over you.

      Respectfully, your opinions only express out of your need to feel yourself.

      In your case for sure, the less you say the smarter we will think of you. But, it's almost too late for you.

  3. Proof??? sorry i always thought you needed some sort of evidence and not ideas, interpretations and thoughts of insane proportions. Anna thats heretic level delusions.

    1. Dear Anton,
      I offer the following just in case this might merit any consideration for you. -

      According to the Human Design System and based on a preliminary Human Design BodyGraph that I had generated with Anna's birthday it appears that she may have a Human Design profile that includes what Human Design refers to as a "Heretic".[1] The challenge with the "Heretic" is that: "The heretic's reputation is totally dependent upon the success or failure of their solutions to meet the other's expectations. If they have not provided something of real value they may be figuratively burned at the stake."[2]

      [1] This needs to be confirmed by having Anna's time when she was born as I have temporarily chosen 12 noon as the best time so far from among several other times that generated charts that did not intuitively feel correct.
      [2] "The Definitive Book of Human Design."

    2. Thanks Chef but when Anna is born to me is the same as astrology. Some truth in it but best for the lesser mind. No offense intended.

    3. Im sorry for needing some evidence. your the one believing something with no evidence and when challenged this is your best comment. Seriously if you dont like the heat get out of the kitchen. I am happy to debate with Anna or anyone else. You can believe whatever you want but when you you put it in public domain expect it to have some light shed on it and asked for "proof"

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. your right Anon i cant do it as i need some real evidence to believe in such incredible assertions. in fact it would need to be incredible evidence and lets just say Annas Proof was incredibly lacking. As for looking into it Anna knows who makes the claims has to be able to back it. You are free to believe any whim you like.

    1. anna isn't "full of beans" -- this is standard typical "american" "illuminized" bible-based "religion", identical to freemasonry. just rarely seen out in the open in its full dazzling/blinding light.

      where can anyone find better examples of modern illuminist philosophy? or more americanized?

      literal snakes. lol. the "occultists" are surely in hysterics.

      read rosicrucian books and albert pike "book of the words"

      see what jerome's method of exagesis was.

      note that old test. is all obsolete by roman catholic dogma for a reason.

      it's just standard "american religion" -- try to put everyone to sleep. hypnotism/etc. "enlightenment".

      illuminism. mind control. nothing more, nothing less. "the word".

      and after this new gospel is preached, "then the end shall come."

      very similar to mormonism. the modern "religions" have "science" stuff baked in.

      i stay clear of any fusing of dna with "bible" stuff.

      comes off to me like "secular" scientists are lukewarm and can't accept christ's blood, so in cognitive dissonance, a "compromise" must be reached i.e. rosicrucian "soul science"

      pretty much the same things vatican II is pushing -- little surprise anna "hates" them so much.

      these things were scripted long ago. there is always someone fool enough to blindly follow "bibles" and take them "literally".

      just stick with 1st coming christ and people can avoid getting crucified between pre-christ "old test." and post-christ "2nd coming" deceptions.

    2. people wise about "snakes" will easily recognize how old test. and "2nd coming" are being used in conjunction to eliminate christ, who gets trapped in the "middle".

      "transcendental magic" is also a good read re: how "the word" of illuminism works.

      same old sanhedrin. christ is dead, long live the king.

      maybe some day people will learn not to take things like "snake" literally. if someone is telling you about literal "snakes" re: "bible stuff" it is a good chance they are being used at best.

      that is a good way for snakes to hide -- tell everyone things are "literal", while they keep their "private interpretations" to themselves. such is masonry. such is/was sun worship. one message for the elite/initiates, another message for the outsiders.

      us "outsiders" just get "literal snakes" -- we aren't "worthy" to know their full "plans"

    3. literal snakes?

      a lot like the humanists/atheists who say "this man is not real" next to a picture of a guy in a devil costume.

      bible worship many times looks like it is just a disguised form of atheism.

      literal snakes is an all-time new low in theology.


    4. First of all, Genesis 5 states that, "This is the book of Adam and his generation, genes genome, blood line. Not all races came from Adam, only the white race came from Adam. We are no doubt in the second creation. The first creation is when Lucifer fell, then God created a second creating and created Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden. In Genesis 3 it talks about the serpent or snake. The Hebrew word here is Nachesh. It doesn't mean a snake or a reptilian. It actually means magician, soothsayer, one that is serpentine like, that speaks with a serpentine tongue. The sin in the Garden of Eden was sexual. The serpentine one (fallen angel) had sex with Eve. Even the book of Enoch names this angel. The angels name is Gadrelle. Basically, Eve was seduced by a fallen angel (raped) and Cain was the result. Cain and Abel were twins with different fathers. Cain the fallen angel, and Abel's father was Adam. True Israel are the descendants of Jacob who's name was changed to Israel. These people are the white Caucasian, Celtic,Anglo Saxon,Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today.

    5. I am shocked that there is actually somebody posting on Anna’s site that knows the truth!
      They are called Caucasian because they cross the caucuses mountains.

      As usual, Anna it is way off base and that is one reason why I asked Paul Stramer to remove me from her emailings.
      She’s been rambling on all these years about a way out of the situation and has yet to show proof that she is actually out, others are out, and that any of her stuff actually works because doing all her paperwork 2 years ago did nothing for me.

    6. So good to see kindred comments, BI proof in in the London museum carved into the Behiston rock, also explained in the prophesies.
      As for Roman Catholic misunderstanding, 'The Two Babylons' by Rev Alexander Hislop may help if not affected by that modern disease of cognitive dissonance.

    7. We also have a situation developing with the African black American claiming to be His people when record states 'White as wool and red as ruby'.
      This is verified by a genology extending from Jacob to the present time also in extended prophesies.

    8. From Anna for Fruit Inspector:

      You expect everything to be handed to you with no effort on your part and no commitment, either. Go join the Federal Citizens on welfare. A great many people have received relief from the IRS and property tax claims and other commercial fraud as a result of doing their paperwork BEFORE getting engaged in one of these foreign court actions and more people have been taught how to best defend against attacks in these courts when they have lagged behind and been snagged into court actions.

      If that isn’t benefit enough, many Americans have been taught how to claim the benefit of their exemptions and many thousands of government employees have been educated.

      And we have done all this and made it available to everyone for free—even to ingrates like you.

      So get off my page, off my site, and stop bothering Paul with your senseless “complaints” about nothing.

    9. Anton and Abby, yep must be co-workers.

  5. In contemplating on the knowledge that the world includes a tremendous spectrum of unique differentiated individuals who each have their own perspectives - and that these perspectives extend in unlimited directions and include (what may often appear as) opposite points of view - I have often considered the perspectives the devoted rationalist, the devoted materialists and others who essentially deny the reality of the non-physical AKA the metaphysical dimensions.

    Consider the "heavens" where you might be able to see the stars and/or refer to the astronomical reports of the conjunction that is now occurring with Pluto and Saturn along with the Sun and Mercury and know that this is not an everyday occurrence and in fact if you were to study this placement from at least a couple different perspectives you would realize that this event has never ever occurred before. However, if you don't look in this direction it is not "real" to you!

    You have to be willing to see in order to actually percieve a thing!

    Physics has shown a constant oceanic stream of the smallest particles in the universe called neutrinos. Neutrinos originate in the stars and pass through the planets. These particles are so small they pass through everything all the time without exception. This means that the neutrino stream passing through this unique grand conjunction is also passing through every individual no matter what they think, believe, do or say. None of their behavior, activity or non activity makes any difference on this level.

    And just as sure as this is really occurring now is the fact that change is inevitable! And the record shows[1] that when these planetary bodies come together their impact is magnified.

    The full impact of the current conjunction is unknown at this time however the impact of previous conjunctions can give us hints if we want to know. I have a perspective on this in case you want to know. Pluto offers us purification and joined with the influence of Saturn this enters forms, structures, rules and the rest of what we think of as reality. Knowing this can be a major "heads up" for the inevitable bigger changes in the world from this time forward and that we have choice most essentially to either resist or allow. We can actually participate in the change through our own purification. A mental "vacation" away from the world's programming certainly can be part of the purification process and there are proactive things one can do for their own transformation by actively reprogramming their mind. In any case we can choose to cleanse ourselves and thereby minimize our natural resistance to the externally imposed changes that are being activated now.

    [1] for one see: "Cosmos and Psyche" by Ricahard Tarans.

    1. Chef i have looked into planetary alignments and all that stuff. I know about neutrinos and the quantum realm. My Point is God said He created everything and no other God has made that claim and wrote the book on it. If you can show me better than that please feel free


  6. Well this is getting interesting because proof in this context is scientific evidence as in fossil records of one species 'evolving' into another species, into another species, into another species, etc, etc, etc... Now in 150 years since Darwin’s "THEORY" of 'The Origin of Species' we have invented first steam, then diesel, and atomic energy. We have also dug tunnels, for railroads, highways and drilled literally millions of water and oil wells everywhere and logged and analyzed the geology of the earth into various 'layers of time' such as the Cambrium era where there was an explosion of 'new' species. Now I am open to the strong possibility of space travelers from other solar/planetary systems having transported various life forms and transplanted them on planet Earth… But nowhere in all the mining, tunneling, or drilling of the last 150 years since Darwin has anyone ever found one fossil that proved that one species 'evolved' into another species! If there is no fossil evidence there is no proof! And the only thing we have proven in Darwin’s work was the ‘extinction’ of species over time and not the evolution of new species. So Anna if you want to imagine that ‘you’ are evolved from frogs, snakes, lizards, dragons or dinosaurs, I am ok with that because you have free speech, and thought. But don’t expect me or anyone here to follow you down that rabbit hole based upon alleged DNA proposals.
    Furthermore, Darwin was outraged when 'they' started teaching his theory as if it were scientific fact. And even on his deathbed, he was still demanding that the so-called university scholars present evidence as proof of claim that evolution was factual science and not vain imaginations. Now let's get Biblical, parabolic and metaphorical. The Bible says God created the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and the amphibians, reptiles, and mammals of the land and they reproduced after their own kind! Yet man in Genesis 1:26 was created in the image (root word of imaginations and magic) of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. My interpretation is I am a powerful eternally created spiritual being and temporarily reside in the weak, corruptable human flesh which is a transmitting utility allowing me to guard and protect God’s creation as beneficiary executor of the Divine Trust which is the first trust on planet Erath, and allowing me to enjoy the pleasures of the Garden of Eden...
    To my knowledge, my spirit entered my mother’s body when the sperm penetrated the egg also known as an ovum having come from my mother’s ovary. Nine months later, I was born from the water, into the air, and have walked upon and inhabited the land of the planet ever since and for now over sixty revolutions around the sun. When I AM THAT I AM, the spiritual being leave the flesh, I return to my father in Heaven and my flesh body returns to the mother Earth. Now I may still be learning and I am prone to error, but to my knowledge my daddy was not a monkey, and my grandfather definitely was not a snake! Now Anna, I suggest you inhale some of the smoke from the Tree of Life, calm your imaginative ass down and allow the Lord to speak to you like he did Moses who stood near that burning bush on Mount Horeb in Exodus 3 and on Mount Sinai… Anna, I don’t question your attitude, but your elevation I am wondering about very much… Isn’t our purpose to lead the children of Israel out of slavery to debt and into freedom, sovereignty and independence in the promised land of milk and honey? You know like doing our status correction and filing it in the land recording office? Has some one got off track? Let me put it another way: why are we all here?

    1. Marcus, yes: why are we all here? I've been searching for the Truth, for a long time...

    2. Why are we all here?
      Different reasons. Some to fire arrows of Truth at Anna's hog wash, while at the same time gleaning an occasional Truth? We even hope and pray that she too will receive the benefit of our thoughts and views.
      Also as a witness to others who are doing much the same.
      I would ask Anna, if she recalls the flood?
      i wonder sometimes how many times the earth and the people need to be cleansed of all the garbage. Seems like an eternal never ending cycle?
      Literal or not there is no way a Bible believing, Word believing person could rightly state some of the things i read in these blogs. i wonder sometimes how Paul can even be Joined to such a Blog?
      Anna- "Make peace with the snake. Tell him that you understand now and that you have chosen what is good and what is true. Thank him for the gift of your imagination. You will learn to control it and guard it and use it well."
      So we are to thank the snake for the gift of our imagination?" Should we also spread this love to the Dragon?
      Shall we humble ourselves before the snake?
      i could go on, but surely you see the contradictions, surely you see the lies?

    3. Well I'll give you this follower. You may well be stupid, but you're not very bright.

    4. Thats the way Net, when you got nothing to back up this heretic trash then always go for the personal attack. Some of know our bible to discern what the lies are. So far nobody including Anna can back up the incredible tales that started this storm. Logic wins everytime.

  7. If it wasn’t for the written word in the oldest records 6,000.years ago we wouldn’t have a clue .
    All indicators clay tablets point to manipulation by advanced beings that gave us thair favorite number system base 60 that was so useful it is in use today 360 degrees in circle 60 minutes in hour. All of our government our astronomy music domestic grains animals given to sumarians one place at one time.
    So creationists are correct so is evolutionists, we are hybrids!

  8. Here are some links to further elucidate this topic for those who continue to seek truth based upon a good mix of common sense, facts and good faith discernment...

  9. Evidentally some do have a more powerful imagination than others. I've always been told, if you can imagine it, you can do it. I've done a few things that has scared a few off.

    What I did was something that we all can do. But it's withheld from us intentionally. Hint, they don't want to relinquish their control.

  10. I suspect that the "spectrum of unique differentiated individuals (here who) each have their own perspectives" include some who have defined logic via what is known as: "The Channel of Logic" and that links the Head Center to the Ajna Center through the Gate of Doubt (63) and the Gate of Formulization (4). This is known as "the doubting mind." Doubt is absolutely essential to logic because logic can be impeccable in its formulization and still be wrong! Channel 63-4 constantly filters patterns to see if they are consistent or not. The moment a pattern is inconsistent, pressure intensifies and finally becomes a question which demands an answer.
    Background: The Channel of Logic's fear takes the form of doubt, and pops up somewhere between the question and the answer. Such skepticism must be addressed by logical experimentation leading to proof. There is little room for unsubstantiated belief. An answer is just an answer until a consistent and reliable, practical and 'provable' pattern emerges from it. The Collective fears the mutative impact of the Individual because mutation is a transformative process that breaks down the patterns. For example, someone with definition in Channel 63-4 cannot logically accept the truth of the Human Design System without experimenting with and proving it. It must work to be logical, and it must be logical to work.[1]

    I accept Logic's necessity as it is described in the above. In fact I have that channel defined in my Human Design. I also accept that "logic can be impeccable in its formulization and still be wrong." If/when logic falls short of directly knowing of truth then are we without answers? ......... Is logic the only way to see, to recognize, to realize and know a thing? It might be for the left hemisphere of the brain however there are two hemispheres and there is a relationship between these two! Logic has a polarity relationship with imagination and the two are "interconnected" to such an extent that "they can not be easily separated."[2]

    [1] "The Definitive Book of Human Design" By Lynda Bunnell.
    [2] "Gene Keys" By Richard Rudd, 63rd Gene Key - most highly recommended!

  11. i do a lot of reading but as mentioned spirits abound here. When I felt I had to ask for sprit help or die a spririt came to me and healed me in a moment. I stood back up from kneeling in prayer, alone and no one else around in a small apple pickers cabin. Once the peace, love and forgivness and the healing light is allowed by you to come, the understanding comes and is seen, still using the above largely to stay on the positive side, use your powers for good and avoid the death or negatives that drag things down in to the swirling evil abyss and stay high, floating above it all, let it bounce off and disentigrate and smile and be peaceful through it all. A goal that when sought will come ever closer.

  12. Here's what I imagine. Whenever I send people here to check out a potential clear path out of legal bondage, they see this kind of malarkey and run away. And anything I have to say after that point is counted worthless.

    1. Anna replies:

      As if they are all having such a good time that they should stay and be experimented upon by demented individuals like you?

      Why don't you just start chanting your Borg-Mantra in public?

    2. My statement is not some blanket attack on the expatriation shindig, and a commensurate implication that I support staying in deception and legal bondage. To the contrary, I still believe yours is the only viable path out, Anna. I send people here for solid info, and when they discover this kind of foolishness - lizard people, aliens, bigfoots, metaphysics, esoteric mashups - the response I get is "you must be joking". They don't even stick around to say bye. I'm be able to filter it out, and stick by the logical principle that a thing can be true no matter who says it. That is far from a universal trait. This article and others like it are going to continue to kill the credibility of your ad/education campaign. It has gotten to the point that whenever I see one of these I just facepalm. It seems I'm not alone in that.

    3. For Gumm from Anna:

      I am telling you the Truth because it is the only way forward. Absolutely everything I have said is critical for you to know. You may not believe it now but this is preparation for what you ultimately have to deal with—- a world that is very different than you have been led to believe.

      As the world comes into view you will have a basis to understand what it means —- thanks to me.

    4. It is critical to know that we are the progeny of Snakes and Lizards and Aliens from the Planet Sirius B? Can anyone be 100% certain of this so as to make such a critical claim?

      I do not begrudge your beliefs and opinions, however, please at least admit that you might be wrong about that. I get that many things are hidden from us and that it has been that way for some time, but please reconsider the implication that if one refuses or denies his/her "reptile/alien" origins that it somehow negates one's ability to prepare for, participate in and inherit The Kingdom of Heaven promised to us by our Father/Creator.

      That is a bit of a stretch for me and I have shed from my belief system most of the B.S. that was fed to me in every aspect of life.

      I believe God created me; not that some alien bred me or that I am the result of a millions-year long series of mutations.

      Should I stop doing my paperwork?

    5. Anna, I assure you that your words have undergirded the hearts of many who are coming to these realizations at an ever increasing pace. As far as those who are too small minded to ever come to the knowledge of the truth, such as those we are contending herein, it can only be said that it is shameful how deep their feet are cemented into the false beliefs they have built their pitiful lives on.

      On another note, things are progressing nicely with the Minnesota Jural Assembly. Thanks for your valued leadership Anna. You are much loved and appreciated more than you know. We will continue to hold you up in prayer before our Creator. Keith/Net

  13. AirCavings, what you said was beautiful I am happy that you experienced that, I wish more people could

  14. Planning and rollin out their fake deceptions for decades, compliments of the all seeing eye, illuminati rockefeller bunch

    The Nibiru and Annunaki CON

  15. One value of Anna’s blog is providing opportunity to evaluate and comprehend political conditions we are witnessing today. When she wants to put her narrative into a global or all inclusive view, she sometimes ventures into realms beyond the political, and begins to construct her own understanding of things past and present. I am confident her writings are intended to educate and promote understanding. Like all of us, she uses the information she has been exposed to, some more reliable than others. Some is personal speculation.

    Because it is important for all people to become informed of the true facts of the nature of the universe and the condition of mankind, I wish to offer what I have found to provide facts showing harmonious, fully credible, teachings from God intended by Him to allow man’s mind to have a sufficiently complete understanding of the facts for our individual salvation, to return to dwell with God after living a temporal life on earth.

    Today we are learning that man’s gut is central to his/her immune system and health, and obtaining nourishment to sustain life. The gut is called “the second brain”, with more nerve matter between the spinal nerves to parts of the stomach and from there to other vital organs than was previously appreciated, rivaling the mass of nerves of the brain. It is also amazing to grasp the fact that the lowly earth worm, being constructed mostly of a single organ, a primitive gut, is an extremely important contributor to all life on earth by reducing organic matter to rich material supporting soil microbiology in turn supporting nourishment of plants to flourish in living soil. So we learn that the lowly worm is critical to the sustenance of all of earth life. These and actually all living things are said to be inextricably connected, dependent on each other for their complex existence. (to be continued)

  16. That people have guts however does make them descendants of worms. That our brains have various parts including simple parts and more “advanced” complex parts does not make us descendants of snakes or reptiles. A distinct creation to fulfill Gods purposes came to be created advancing Gods first spiritual creation from a pure spiritual matter into a corruptible earthy material when God created Adam and Eve. God’s creation of man created beings constituted of individual intelligences united with God’s created spirits, then these were made a fleshly creation consisting of individual intelligence, spirit, and fleshly body, which God called “son of God”.

    Before there were sons of God there was a “Son of God”. He came into being as the first son, by the process we all came into being as spirits, as offspring of spiritual parents. A scripture confirms this when the story of Moses is told. Moses Chapter 1, verses 1-4, 7-8.
    “The words of God, which he aspake unto Moses at a time when Moses was caught up into an exceedingly high bmountain,
    2 And he asaw God bface to face, and he ctalked with him, and the dglory of God was upon Moses; therefore Moses could endure his presence.
    3 And God spake unto Moses, saying: Behold, I am the Lord God aAlmighty, and bEndless is my cname; for I am without beginning of days or end of years; and is not this endless?
    4 And, behold, thou art my son; wherefore alook, and I will show thee the bworkmanship of mine chands; but not all, for my dworks are without eend, and also my fwords, for they never cease.
    God then calls Moses to do a work: 6 And I have a work for thee, Moses, my son; and thou art in the asimilitude of mine bOnly cBegotten; and mine Only Begotten is and shall be the dSavior, for he is full of egrace and ftruth; but there is gno God beside me, and all things are present with me, for I hknow them all.
    7 And now, behold, this one thing I show unto thee, Moses, my son, for thou art in the world, and now I show it unto thee.
    8 And it came to pass that Moses looked, and beheld the aworld upon which he was created; and Moses beheld the world and the ends thereof, and all the children of men which are, and which were created; of the same he greatly marveled and wondered.

  17. These scriptures provide a clearer comprehension of the relationship between man, God, and the Son of God, “mine only Begotten” Jesus Christ, than any other of which I am aware. Because these revelations are not clearly extant in other widely accepted scripture, the serious student can appreciate the necessity for God’s continuing revelations, and not of denying or rejecting the power of God to communicate with his children in modern times, as well as in biblical times. “for my dworks are without eend, and also my fwords, for they never cease.”
    With these clarifications of the relationship between God and His creation man there is no need to speculate about man having progenitors of more primitive creatures. Such speculation can spread to more speculation and then more confusion. There is no need for confusion with the scriptures God has actually revealed in our day. Having body parts that may be compared to serpent’s or reptile’s organs does not give the reverent respect to the marvelous achievements of God’s creation. Creation was not causing something to come into being from a void. God’s creation was an organizing of preexisting elements already found in the universe into the complex systems of life and inter-dependence of all life forms which is visible in the natural world. It is perfectly natural that there are lower and higher expressions of the forms of life. Man is the creation of God, organized from His spiritual creation which preceded the physical or temporal creation. Man is created in the image of God. Man is God’s pinnacle creation.
    I hope that when pure revelation is set before readers you will see the perfect love of God manifested toward His children within these scriptures. Yes, there exists across this world under the powerful influence of the adversary, opposition to God’s light, by the almost overwhelming effects of rumor, deception and disinformation, causing the degradation of God’s truth by anyone who refuses to accept the light of modern revelation. But what about you? Does the light of truth cause you to want to become more perfectly informed about God’s plan for His creation – literally sons and daughters of God? You can become fully informed about our divine relationship with God if you will diligently search all the scriptures God has provided his sons and daughters. God created every form of life to find a fullness of joy in the measure of its each particular creation. Man’s possible destiny - by faithfully following His Son - is to become like God, our Heavenly Father. Or we can ignore His Word, go by our own darkened understandings, and dwell in a lesser kingdom, forever, in consequence of our own choice to misjudge and ignore God’s modern revelations of words which “never cease”.

    1. Keep it Simple often comes to mind.
      We find ourselves surrounded by over complication, extremism. Code breakers, etc.
      We are told in the books of John that When he comes, He will no longer speak in parables, etc.Ask and You will Receive
      …24Until now you have not asked for anything in My name. Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete. 25I have spoken these things to you in figures of speech. A time is coming when I will no longer speak to you this way, but will tell you plainly about the Father.
      Plainly and simply, This new age same as the old age complicated mess, chaos and confusion is the doctrine we have been warned about.
      We are told:
      Douay-Rheims Bible
      I John, your brother and your partner in tribulation, and in the kingdom, and patience in Christ Jesus, was in the island, which is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus.
      i take this to mean, all the books of John, and i do receive peace in these days of madness and confusion.

  18. Anna- "As the world comes into view you will have a basis to understand what it means —- thanks to me.'
    Thanks be to you?
    Do you even see the flaw? If you could you would know, none of this is thanks to you!
    Your doctrine does not line up with scripture.


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