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Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Pope, The Chemist, The Truth

By Anna Von Reitz

It may have bypassed most people, but Pope Francis has an advanced degree in Chemistry.
He's a scientist under those priestly robes with a mind like a steel trap.

So how has it escaped his attention in the midst of all this talk about "Climate Change" ---that the atmospheric content of oxygen has dropped from 21% to just above 16%?

And that that is what is causing the gravitational shift and unsettling the magnetic dipole as well?
We know that oxygen is Anion ions in search of Cation ions. At the level of keylons it is highly charged and generating more than enough magnetic field force to cause gravitational attraction.

Read that: gravitational attraction has nothing to do with mass. It has to do with the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere and the magnetic field generated at its zero point. When you drastically reduce the amount of oxygen, you reduce the magnetic field strength and Earth begins to "wobble" and the magnetic pole begins to "walk"---which is what it is doing right now, straight toward Siberia.

It's not a matter of too much carbon dioxide.

It's a matter of too little oxygen.

If we increase the amount of oxygen instead of depleting it, things will return to normal. Minus, of course, the big fake emergency you've all engineered and the excuse you've drummed up for "carbon taxes" and oppressive "carbon regulations".

I suggest that you and all the Bully Boy corporate bosses and the P2 all do a 180, reverse throttle, and shift.

As we all know, oxygen is created by our little green friends, the plants, and especially the algae in the oceans (which the vermin have killed off with radiation) and the trees (which they have cut down and not replanted).

As we also have cause to know from recent events and the historical records and the United Nations ENMOD and Geoengineering and Weather Warfare treaties, that their Sky Jockeys have been "driving" the jet streams around like mobile water flumes and causing drought in one place and monsoons out of season in others.

The drought caused by this criminal idiocy is then used in an opportunistic fashion to set the stage for gigantic wildfires, exacerbated by spraying a bomb-like cocktail of flammable industrial metallic wastes all over the landscape --- and burning down more trees, causing more air pollution, and further depleting the atmospheric oxygen.

Pope Francis --- you have an advanced degree in chemistry.

I don't have to tell you that Lithium and Magnesium and powdered Aluminum Oxide are flammable. Turns out that all the other elements and compounds commonly found in "Chemtrails" are too--- every single one.

Are we supposed to believe this is a coincidence?

That all the industrial waste products that these corporations are spraying on us day after day just happen to be highly flammable materials that generate metallic combustion fires?

What plausible deniability do you have as a chemist for this apparently deliberate mis-representation of the whole situation?

Please tell us how you keep a straight face?

While we are on these subjects, let's give this factoid a thorough review for all the completely clueless politicians who flunked Eighth Grade Science.

Carbon dioxide makes up one three-hundredth of one percent of our atmosphere. That is: 1/300th of 1%.

Now, I know that thanks to dumbing down we have fewer and fewer math geniuses out there, but anyone can imagine cutting a big sheet cake into a hundred pieces and then taking one piece of that cake and cutting it into 300 itty bitty tiny little slices ---- and we can all see in our mind's eye what we wind up with: virtually nothing. Maybe half a crumb.

We are supposed to believe--- and you are standing there with a straight face telling us--- that this ridiculously small component of the atmosphere is causing any such affect as "Climate Change"?
Unless you are proposing that carbon dioxide acts as a catalyst in some as yet undiscovered, unpublished, undisclosed secret process, there is no way in-you-know-where that carbon dioxide plays any significant role in changing the climate or much of anything else.

Deliberately depleting our oxygen is a different story.

Any atmospheric scientist, any chemist, any oceanographer, anyone with any background in science at all has cause to know that all this talk about "Climate Change" being caused by carbon dioxide is complete and utter bunk.

Anyone who has thought about the "Greenhouse Gas Theory" for more than five minutes knows that that is complete bunk, too.

So seven billion people want to know how a guy with a degree in chemistry missed all of this?
We all want to know exactly why, in view of the facts, we shouldn't haul you and your guests and every politician who voted for the Paris Accords to the nearest dock?

We can give you all one-way tickets to Australia and a lifetime supply of garbage bags so you can help clean up the mess.

Pick up the bones of the billion-plus animals you killed for no good reason, animals that died in terror and torment because of Thugs and Liars and Evil-Doers ----and Fools who have believed this crap and shoveled it for you.

You should all be ashamed beyond all shame, especially when you reflect, that for all you have killed and destroyed, you can't give as much back as the life of a single ant.

My decree and judgment stands: all Catholic priests and all Bar Attorneys worldwide can have new jobs as gardeners Down Under.


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  1. This is very interesting. I was not a science student, do I did not know this. Thank you for elucidating this more clearly!

    1. Proverbs 24:1 Do not envy wicked men or desire their company;

      Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, or set foot on the path of sinners, or sit in the seat of mockers. Of David. Do not fret over doers of evil; do not envy those who do wrong. Do not walk the road with them or set foot upon their path.

      1) Pope Francis main Interest is in secrecies, in Gov't or Large buildings, palace.

      2) Pope Francis 2nd main Interest is in Self-Image. How do we know? 3 High energies Illuminating this Self-Image position (#1, appearance and fame),

      3) Pope Francis 3rd Interest is in the powerful Earnings, Vulkan.

      4) Pope Francis 4th Interest is in power, and/or Freebee stuffs. 5 Energies Illuminated his house #8. So this means, his Chemistry knowledge maybe just a good title, he doesn't know how to make good use of his chemistry degree positively.

      Pope Francis is smart in negative way, meaning he could poison someone and no one can trace him. Sorry, I don't mean to accuse him, there is a potential of neg. energy there, linked to his 12th house of secrecy. I would not dine with him.

  2. What? I'm not feeling any of the wobble or walk.
    If we are spinning at 60+ thousand miles an hour, then even a little wobble would be devastating.. Right?
    Sorry, no spin, no tilt, no wobble that I can tell.
    Stationary, immovable according to our book..

  3. Free-Market Analysis: With nary a ripple in the mainstream press, the US Government Accountability Office has released an "audit" of the Federal Reserve loan program in 2008 that, according to the Washington Post (see above excerpt) highlights possible conflicts of interest in the issuance of some SECRET US$16 trillion bailouts, on top of $29 Trillion NOT Secret, Bailouts. SIGTARP Inspector General said so. We would bet it's more than these.

    The GAO found two things wrong with the "bailout." First of all there were conflicts of interest; second, in making the determination that an emergency bailout was called for, the Fed's leaders imputed powers that probably were not really there. They acted like an entirely private enterprise even though they clearly are not.

    The GAO made recommendations that the Fed's top men are vowing to take seriously. But this is a joke. An institution that has in the past several years printed some US$20 trillion or more (including QE 1 and 2) – and no one really knows how much higher it is – is not going to voluntarily limit itself or its actions based on bureaucratic recommendations.

    In fact, without the agitation of people like libertarian-conservative Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), there would have been no audit to begin with. It wasn't something the Fed sought. Even so, the US mainstream press is not exactly providing aggressive coverage. It's not of great import, apparently. That's certainly the dominant social theme.

  4. What is happening to the weather is being driven by our sun. Go to:
    Watch the videos on climate forcing.

    Also, an interesting tidbit. The carbon atom has 6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons. There's your 666. WE are made up mostly of carbon and that is why there is this carbon hystaria being perpetrated. These elite varmints want to reduce the population and they are manufacturing an excuse to do their disgusting deeds upon mankind. They are loosing ground everyday and have been in panic mode. People are waking up and what we do has an impact on everyone.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. I suspect with all the scientific knowledge abound, there are some beneficial perspectives of weather manipulation for the good of mankind, however since this practice has been going on for over 50 years, and the degree with which it has been increasing, it doesn't take a science degree to know that what is happening is harmful.

    In fact, it is to the point that we don't even know anymore what real climate is. While it is reasonable to understand that our position within the galaxies has an effect on climate, we have absolutely no idea what that really is. I dare any scientist to tell me otherwise.

    All the statements that the sun is causing all this disruption is hogwash fed to the newbies to justify the spraying. Question everything, especially the media and acedemia. What if all the reports from NASA and such online monitors have a basic flaw in the fundamentals used to program the computers? What if there is deliberate design to prompt justification to the spraying?

    Can anyone be so deluded to think that the content of the chemtrails is beneficial to anything? Really?

    1. The weather modification and their science is to get everyone to the Earth CONstitution and SAVE MOTHER EARTH while telling the people they are the cause of the destruction

      Meanwhile they got UN agend abeing rolled out at all levels through Councils of Governments set up all over the world which these COuncils of Governments work with the regional planners

      I've posted many of the links previously

      First was League of Nations
      Second United Nations
      Third Earth CONstitution, SAVE MOTHER EARTH and World Parliament

  6. No imagine the oxygen supplies they selling to the seniors in this gambit

    1. I kid you, not after I posted this comment about oxygen, I received an email about taking oxygen with you - Inogen One is the name of the outfit

  7. And dis info agents about - the rich kids are sent out to spread the dis information

    Someone posted that this miles guy is a fraud, but he does give some telling information about geneologies

    1. They destroyed Louisianna on purpose and they used the climate change narrative to do it

      And the army corp of engineers was in on it

    2. The dis info agent rich brat from the lineage spreading the fake narrative about Australia's fires - go have a look at where this rich brat grew up and went to school - now he is an agent for the family

      Anyone following him?

    3. compartmentalization could be a significant factor with regards to the corp of engineers.

      people are carbon and water- carbon reduction?

    4. It's the deliberate killing of the poor is what it is and if this system was not set up to make us all poor in the first place those folks in Lousianna would still be with us today

      God only knows the true numbers of souls they killed

      And the ones that did survive where moved to other areas like Houston and then they hit Houston with Harvey which I suspect was named for Harvey Weinstein at the time - that was the story all over the news prior to that planned event

      The amrny, navy, airforce, marines are all in on it at least at the top levels all creations of those in the know

      Low wages for military men - keep families in poverty so their young sons have no opportunity and they enlist in the services to be farmed out to kill off others

      Create wounded warriors after the fact because you know they can't be responsible for the care of those they wounded on purpose

      This is some sick ass shit

      In the process of lowering the standards of living across the board

      Those approaching retirement being forced out of the job market to pay lower social security benefits depleting their later years to mere survival

      It has all been planned and carried out by the very same tribe for centuries - their geneologies more than prove it

      Ask yourself this, why is it our geneologies are based on the paternal line and theirs on the maternal???

  8. And you can bet not one of these rich brats has ever been vaccinated while they make laws ro prevent anyone else from opting out of their toxic injections

  9. Intersting read about Sacha Stone, how about that also of the bloodlines and he brought us the woman named BiBi, remember

    Information that was also shared on this site (BiBi)

    Also associated with Robert David Steele

    Some nefarious shit going on here folks

    1. Notice the logo on his site - jesuit sun at the top

      Notice on the below link, one world one humanity

      Sound like the UN agenda and green global serfdom for all except of course the bloodline rich kids like Sacha

    2. Sacha Stone and the UN agenda - he is a rich brat fraud

      UN map - I remind you what the UN map of the new 10 regions groupings of the world are

      This snake is in on the deception

    3. You can bet this initiative has absolutly nothing to do with the starving Africans or the ones that Bill and Melinda Gated poisoned with their tainted vaccines

    4. Shelby - Yep the Shyster Stone, RDSteel & clutch of B'rats are ONLY THERE TO MALIGN, redirect, pose, promenade, perform, display - ICC a concocted income producer for themselves.

      All of everything they pretend to 'investigate' has already long been done by Kevin Annett & ITCCS. Nothing good will come of this JEW BAALSH*T CON-CLUTCH. Nothing. They are PARASITES, funneling funds for their own benefit. FAKES FRAUDS prancing in Black Robes like little Priest-kings. Or, as Shyster Stone prefers, button-open shirt exposing his chest like some aged drained stoned over-the-hill rock star pervert who can't get enough gimmies.

      Is "ICC" in existence distract from the efforts of genuine Kevin Annett, ITCCS. See how they can only copy, simulate, whats already creatively, caringly done? All pretty much using the same witnesses & testimony as ITCCS, same victim disclosures, same victims, same modus operandi only Imposter Over-Load.

    5. @Wink Wink: I agree that the ICC appears to be legit. I watched the installation of the 'board' and prior to the Stone denouncement of Robes and what did we see? The Religious guy and the Justice all robed up and then the tribunals, the rest robed up. Kevin Annett did the ground work and if nothing else, this shows his credibility but it is a shame he is not recognized for his efforts with this tribunal farce. They have no power or authority to do anything meaningful other than awareness which Kevin continues to bring forward.

    6. Dan I do think that Kevin is credible from the vantage point that he has decided to take, but sometimes seems naive about things like wanting to start a new federal political party here in Canada. Surely someone with his knowledge should know that this is not the way to disseminate the truth.

      I do have to hand it to Anna for going where even Angels fear to tread. Surely she knows the reaction that some of her posts are likely to attract, yet she gets it done and puts it out there. She is just the messenger folks.

      I am referring now to her post about Homo Sapiens which she stopped short of referring to as Anunaki (see Ken Cousens - Gemstone University whom Anna called upon publicly at one point to "help") and introduced some new information even for me which came as a surprise.

  10. My decree and judgment stands: all Catholic priests and all Bar Attorneys worldwide can have new jobs as gardeners Down Under.....finally we agree on something...!!

  11. And the script as written

  12. Guess Who's Behind The 'Pedophile Protection Act'? - Many are Jewish activists who work behind the scenes in governments to pass hate crimes legislation and run hate crimes bureaucracies. ADL efforts have been spectacularly successful. Whether in California, Canada, Iceland, England or Australia-ADL's terminology, twisted definitions and pretexts for hate crime indictments are identical.

    Israel becoming 'safe haven for paedophiles' with laws that ... - Nov 30, 2016Activists fear Israel is becoming a safe haven for paedophiles thanks to the country's unique Law of Return for the world's Jewish people. A Jewish person from anywhere across the globe can be ...

    Diaspora pedophiles increasingly use Israel as 'a haven ... - Diaspora pedophiles increasingly use Israel as 'a haven,' activists charge As sex offenders flee their home countries for the Jewish state, grassroots efforts at raising awareness of their ...

  13. Jimstone
    "EVERYONE CLICK THIS LINK AND LOOK AT WHAT COMES UP VERY CLOSELY. YEP, He's GONE. Dutchsinse was sort of like this site but not as careful with accuracy. However, he had an amazing number of absolute blockbuster revelations.

    Field McConnel update: Not ONLY IS FIELD MCCONNEL STILL GONE, THE ASSOCIATED WEB SITE HE DID NOT OWN OR ADMINISTER, A SITE WHICH HAD OTHER PEOPLE ON IT, NOT JUST MCCONNEL IS NOW OFFLINE. ABELDANGER.ORG IS GONE.What's worse? When they took offline, they made a porn site. That proves right there who did it. For now, is putting up a landing screen but when it expires out you can safely bet what they are going to do with it."

    THEY ARE STRIKING OUT ALT MEDIA NOW, IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR OWN DEDICATED IP SET UP THE WAY THIS SITE DOES, WHERE IT FORCES IP ONLY ACCESS THE WAY THIS SITE DOES, YOU ARE GOING TO BE A GONER,…. FIRST I warned you that Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress and others were traps that grew big on trust that would eventually ban truthers, and it happened.” Read more….

    1. Folks, if you have your own website, DO click on the Jim Stone link in Ready's comment. Stone gives instructions on how to create your own site that can't be taken down. I'm a techtard and can't explain it, but if you have your own site you'll probably understand.

    2. Ready - don't know if this helps: Tim Holmseth has been in communication with/for Field McConnell, has a couple of updates. &

    3. Heres Field McConnell jewtube. Has a couple recent vids.

  14. I'm telling you they are all in on it

    And the BRICS deal is the front

    1. All I know is, Obama and Putin WWar3 was about to happen in 2016-17.

      I’ve seen complex Theory like this before, and I don’t know how to make of it. If the Theorists were wrong then we would have NO recovery at all. If the Theorists are right we still would have NO recovery bc of the messes, and loss faith in all parties.

      There is a mix and match, old and new photos, events in the events.

      All I know or see, based on the signs, the Corruptions will come down, so the world can rebuild. Why? The Corrupters are human, they want to live too, some will repent, and some won’t.

  15. And I'm tellin you this is not good for the world as a whole if these psychpaths succeed in there manifest destiny

    The Noahide Laws and their hasidic interpretation of the Bible and other holy books they have brainwshed the world with

    1. re:

      it is nice to see that site studied "jewish" things and can point out why 2nd coming "jewish jesus" is not who many "christians" think it is.

      likewise, "jewish" "satan" just means "opposer" so can be any number of things. it is vastly more wide than "THE" opposer. again lost on many "bible" commenters. more or less concurs with this.

      such is in the talmud. such is in the masonic and "magician" books. such is in rosicrucian books.

      it is people who only read "bibles" or one bible that apparently get deceived.

      well, with the "catholic priests" all gone, there is noone blocking "mosaic law" anymore. so

      back to pre-christ times we go i suppose. the king is dead, long live the king.

      just like old times :/ perfect set up for a "2nd coming"

      there is no way everyone (especially on this site) amongst protestants or people who don't want to be subject to "the pope" are all "jews" -- but the silence is deafening why people meekly blindly would accept "mosaic law"

      the whole point of bible christ was a new commandment was needed. even stephen colbert notes "old testament god" has nothing to do with christ.

      bible christ "i came not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it" (also said to be quoted by equity judges) --

      going backwards to mosaic law amounts to returning to a time when nothing was fulfilled.

      it is spellbinding. oh, and the link specifically allows "witch hunts" just like king james' books do.

      quite amazing.

      i can get non-religious people want to be "neutral" or left alone. i don't get why evangelicals/protestants can go along with this. or trump, etc. for that matter. or anna.

      if christ meant anything at all, for ""christians" or "catholics" it meant people no longer having to be under rabbinical rule and 2nd class citizens subject to a corrupt theocracy. they had a choice of a "new testament"

      looks like the final vestiges of that are being wiped out.

      it is surreal.

      the whole "one god" thing is like anna's "we all have the same father" -- bible christ says the opposite of course.

      "noone goes to the father except through me"


    2. those 2 links explain quite well (even though i don't necessarily "agree" with everything they say) where sola scriptura leads people -- to 2nd coming "jewish jesus" -- a world without christ, a world where christ never was, is, or ever will be.

      a world where nothing was fulfilled. there was no messiah. a world without a commandment of "love"

      a world where everyone has the same "father of all lies" (at least for 1000 years), and christ doesn't exist anymore, so he can't offer any salvation/escape.

      should also note "welcoming jews back to "post-soviet" russia" is another perestroika thing. it is like the billy graham thing -- meant to show the world how much more "liberal" and "modern" and "tolerant" they are, unlike the czar. very much just a re-run. the prior step involved dangling them out as "refugees" and "dissidents" meant to show why the "soviet" system had to go, so this "bring them back" stage indicates things have gone along as planned

      those 2 links, at least the author understands how images are created, then destroyed, to create illusions of "change"; very much like perestroika.

      it is good at least someone understands such techniques, as there are many such "scripts" being done in such a manner. very 1984-ish ever-shifting "enemies", etc.

  16. The end times script

  17. It sounded like FDIC is NOT really Insured. So why did they invent it?

    Section 122. Increase in the Statutory Limit on the Public Debt.
    Raises the debt ceiling from $10 trillion to $11.3 trillion.

    Section 123. Credit Reform.
    Details the manner in which the legislation will be treated for budgetary purposes under the Federal Credit Reform Act.

    Section 124. Hope for Homeowners Amendments.
    Strengthens the Hope for Homeowners program to increase eligibility and improve the tools available to prevent foreclosures.

    Section 125. Congressional Oversight Panel.
    Establishes a Congressional Oversight Panel to review the state of the financial markets, the regulatory system, and the use of authority under TARP. The panel is required to report to Congress every 30 days and to submit a special report on regulatory reform prior to January 20, 2009. The panel will consist of 5 outside experts appointed by the House and Senate Minority and Majority leadership.

    Section 126. FDIC Enforcement Enhancement.
    Prohibits the misuse of the FDIC logo and name to falsely represent that deposits are insured. Strengthens enforcement by appropriate federal banking agencies, and allows the FDIC to take enforcement action against any person or institution where the banking agency has not acted.

  18. The reason they want i r a n

  19. Ron Unz, a Jewish Theoretical Physicist has a column with some fascinating articles written by him and others. Information you will not see in the mainstream media.

    American Pravda: Oddities of the Jewish Religion

    "Furthermore, religious Jews apparently pray to Satan almost as readily as they pray to God, and depending upon the various rabbinical schools, the particular rituals and sacrifices they practice may be aimed at enlisting the support of the one or the other."

    "And while religious Judaism has a decidedly negative view towards all non-Jews, Christianity in particular is regarded as a total abomination, which must be wiped from the face of the earth."

  20. Beware of the scribes

    We are all being lied to and we must WAKE THE HELL UP

    The script writers and the many scripts they have in play at once

  21. From Pine Man

    Everyone should know the truth about the real shape of our planet. We were all taught another lie. A seven-year research

    Wow , well that just falls in line with all the others lies.
    Steve “ the pineman”

  22. 2019 - Those Protestants have the nerve to blame Catholics!
    A letter to the Protestant church about sex abuse: We are not ... Aug 26, 2019In June 2019, at its annual meeting in Birmingham, the nation's largest Protestant denomination voted to change its constitution to expel churches that do not report abuse.

    MAJOR: Germany's Protestant Church Reports 770 Sexual Abuse ... BERLIN - The Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) identified around 770 victims of sexual abuse in the year since it launched a process to review the crimes. Many of the victims were orphaned or abandoned children cared for in church facilities, but assaults also took place in parishes, Bishop ...

    2018 - What is with those Protestants?? Wow a well kept secret!
    Sex Abuse Scandals: Catholic, Protestant and Secular - You ... Dec 3, 2018 Sex Abuse in Protestant Churches: Three insurance companies in the United States that provide liability coverage for 165,000 Protestant churches revealed data to the Associated Press that they typically receive 260 reports every year of children being sexually abused by Protestant clergy or other staff.

    2007 - gee things just won't change w those Protestants! Been going on a very long time! But it serves those who wish to destroy Christianity, Catholics by refusing to see their own!
    Sex-Abuse of Minors Higher in Protestant Churches Jun 17, 2007 Sex-Abuse of Minors Higher in Protestant Churches (Chicago Sun Times): The three companies that insure the majority of Protestant churches in America say they typically receive upward of 260 reports each year of young people under 18 being sexually abused by clergy, church staff, volunteers or congregation members.


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