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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Notice That I Am One Lawful Person

By Anna Von Reitz

I don't have super powers. I don't have unlimited time. I don't have unlimited space. I don't have unlimited help. I don't have unlimited resources of any kind. I don't have the immediate answer to every question and every need.

I get on average several thousand emails a day. I get several hundred pieces of mail every single day.
We, my team and I, do our best to share the results of our research and our legal and diplomatic work, but it is a gross understatement to say that we are stretched thin and often exhausted.

It isn't that we don't sympathize. It isn't that we don't want to help. But you are all grown ups and you can see that there is no way for our relatively small organization to assist 320 million people one-on-one. It just isn't possible.

That is why we have made and continue to make the effort to educate your State Coordinators and also to educate you directly--- to better enable you to "know who you are" and defend yourselves and develop court-admissible evidence in your own behalf in support of your position as an American.

There are many, many issues to address --- everything from "lawful postage" rates to child custody to income taxes and beyond. As we are currently set up and funded --- by donations --- we can't address them all.

Every day I get up and I have to pick and choose what I can do today.

Everyone reading this needs to consider--- what can I do today to help myself or help someone else get through this? --- in exactly the same way I do.

There are those who are used to the Nanny State, and who assume that we should be able to hand out welfare and do all the things that they are used to receiving from THEIR government, but that is not and never was our government.

Self-governance is an entirely different prospect.

Nearly every day I have to reply to people whining that they aren't getting enough service. Where do they think these services are coming from?

If you self-govern, they come from where?

We have to do this ourselves, all of it. Our own court system. Our own peacekeeping. Our own money. Our own record keeping. Our own political system. Our own elections. THINK!

We have boarded our Ship of State and we are running it on a skeleton crew. We are making headway and maneuvering skillfully. We are doing all that we can possibly do for the country and the people as a whole, and as we can, for individual people, too.

But----- that said, we cannot and do not propose to do everything for everyone and that is not the proposal we have set before you at all.

You have the right to self-govern, but you have to have the will to self-govern, too. You have to grab an oar and do the actual work. You have to fund it. You have to participate in it.

You have responsibilities that go with the rights you are heir to, and sitting around carping about your "rights" while failing to exercise them, is just so much hot air.

We have developed effective information to help you safely stop paying Federal Income Taxes.
We have developed effective means for you to reclaim your birthright political status and lay claim to your assets.

We have developed an organized government in most States of the Union and through these organizations are training more people to assist people in reclaiming their birthright political status, do credit exchanges, fight illegal foreclosures, and provide more support for individuals.

Your State Assembly is the place where you need to go for help with these sorts of issues and if you don't have a State Assembly yet, you need to form one.

This is self-governance in action.


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  1. I cannot stress enough that across all spectrums they have supplanted falsehoods


    2. Shelby, your laugh for the day....

      Trevor Moore - The Illuminati

  2. Henry Makow@HenryMakow
    5 explosive links sent by a reader … … … …

  3. 40 Techniques of the Illuminati to Bring About the New World Order

  4. ANNA- "Thus, as the Bible explains, because of the snake (genes), we have the knowledge of good and evil ---- and the ability and responsibility to discern both."

    "Would you give up your ability to imagine? ---Or would you rather learn to choose and imagine what is good?"

    "The snake actually gave us a great gift, but it is not without equally great responsibilities."

    The snake did not give us 'great responsibilities.'
    God through Jesus brings us responsibilities. The snake brings us temptations. God through Jesus enables us to overcome the snake and the world as He has done.'
    God through Jesus Gives us all gifts from above,including our imagination and the ability to discern between Right and wrong.
    With every Freedom and Right God has provided and given us comes great responsibility! This is why we, the usa, and the world, finds itself in such a precarious situation, at the edge once again.
    we again have largely went astray from God, falling again for this worldly mumbo jumbo that the snake speaks so cunningly with manipulation.
    The snake gives it away and also sells it in the guise of providing Truth!
    As far as i know, a close and personal relationship (One on one) is still available if we each as 'individuals' 'Truly' repent and return to our one and only Creator and His ways.

  5. All of this Snake talk (Kundalini Power?) Sounds a lot like Neo-Gnosticism; a bad mix of Old Gnosticism, Hinduism, Theosophy and New Age. The "All is One" philosophy negates the Creator/created paradigm in my opinion. I believe "All is Two"; there is our Father in Heaven, the Creator of ALL and then there is everything else that exists.

    If the Knowledge of Good and Evil is a good thing, why was partaking of it specifically prohibited in the Garden?

    I will ascend into heaven,

    I will exalt my throne above the stars of God;

    I will also sit on the mount of the congregation In the sides of the north;

    I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,

    I will be like the Most High.

    One might want to reconsider their stance if any of these desires seem similar to what one strives for.

    Rebellion, disobedience, self-sufficiency, self-worship, self-exaltation, pride and arrogance are traits one can adopt if one so chooses or transgresses via temptation. However, whether you resist or fall short, that does NOT mean you are part Snake in my humble opinion.

  6. The Rockefellers and the NFL

    You see everything they do has been planned out for decades/centuries

    Even the creation of the NFL of which all the owners are front men and of the families or servants of the familes - stealing your money anyway they can

    And how about the stadiums that cost billions of dollars to build
    And how about their efforts to wire 13 stadiums with 5G for their goy to have complete connectivity

    Read the paper within the link I left above about the Rockefeller plans to destroy the United States

    This is what BRICS is all about building up the other nations just enough and using the American populace or the immigtant populace as the slave labor to supply the goods

    1. Interesting read on where those protocols came from

  7. I still cannot stress enough that you become self sufficient and create your own currencies

    These old world jewish merchant families have worked to ensnare everyone and every nation on this planet in to their trap

    I am by no means against the efforts being made but what happens when they kill the dollar which is their plan?

  8. The magic of hollywood and tell lie vision - the biblical and other holy book end times as scripted by hollywood and the kabbalist

  9. Shelby, thank you for posting the article on BRICS. I agree with the self sufficiency, barter,etc. It is the only way to escape. It has been suggested to read Protocols by several people.

  10. other words the piper is calling and the words of S o m e r s e t B e l l e n o f f from glamiscalling(.org) will be heard (read).


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