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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Please Note:

By Anna Von Reitz

Whatever law you stand under, you subject yourselves unto.  

Repeat: whatever law you stand under, you subject yourselves unto.  

Repeat:  whatever law you stand under, you subject yourselves unto.

How many times do I have to repeat this simple fact?  

If you occupy your proper birthright political status, you can act in one of two possible capacities:  (1) State National; (2) State Citizen. 

A State Citizen takes up the responsibilities of self-governance at the State and Local Level.  He or she agrees to serve as a Juror and may or may not be elected to various offices serving the actual State or County Government.  

Our States and Counties are all unincorporated.  

Our States and Counties do not recognize Dual Citizenship and do not allow Dual Citizens to participate in State Assemblies; our Forefathers considered Dual Citizenship a source of conflict of interest according to the Biblical injunction: no man can serve two masters. 

I know many patriots who spend huge amounts of time arguing about Federal Codes.  This only makes sense if you are a British Territorial Federal Employee, that is, a United States Citizen.  If you are a British Territorial United States Citizen, you stand under Federal Code.  

Otherwise, the only possible reason to study or know Federal Code is to hold British Territorial United States Citizens accountable to their own "law".  

But you don't do that by arguing with them about their duties in court.  If you are standing in their Court, arguing their Law, what is the Judge supposed to think?  Answer: they are going to think you are standing under that law, too, which means you are subjecting yourself as a Federal Citizen.  

Why on Earth would any American do that? 

If you are an American, and you are owed your Constitutional guarantees, say so.  Correct your political status. Place your declarations and re-conveyances in the public record.  

And the only purpose you ever have in learning or reciting any Federal Code is to spell back to THEM what their obligations are.  So what do you have to do when you tell them THEIR law so as to hold them to it?  You owe them full disclosure of the facts. 

And what are the facts?  

(1) You are not a Federal Employee or Dependent; (2) You do not stand under the Federal Code; (3) You are telling them their own obligations under their own law--not offering to stand under Federal Code; (4) You are not a member of a political party or any religious cult and are addressing them as one of the people of ____________.  (Your State, not any "State of State".) 

The Municipal Government is mis-characterizing you as the members of a :"federal" religious cult under "voluntary" contract to donate everything you are and own to them, including income taxes every April 15th.  Such a "citizen of the United States" is a slave by definition. 

The Territorial Government is mis-characterizing you as a British Territorial United States Citizen --- Federal Employee or Dependent, a member of a political party, "voter", "resident", ---a foreigner in your own country.  

None of these Courts deal in any kind of law that "generally" applies to you. 

These foreign courts are designed to deal in international and global contract law and proceed on the basis of legal presumptions to the effect that: (1) you are a corporation; or (2) you are a franchise of a corporation, or (3) you are an officer, either elected or appointed, of a corporation; and (4) you are a Party to a contract involving subject matter within the jurisdiction of their court.  

You must clearly state the capacity in which you are acting, and in which you are NOT acting, and when you walk into one of their courts, it's best to have evidence on the public record supporting your claim to be an American having the standing to act as an American already established.  

Otherwise, it looks like you are just evading and dodging consequences of foreign citizenship obligations.  

This is not rocket science.  It's just common sense once you step back and look at it.  They are they and we are we, and never the twain shall meet.  You cannot stand on the dry land and at the same time, be adrift on the sea.  

So.  Think about it.  Think about what you are doing.  Who you are.  And how you are presenting yourself.  

When THEY have controversies THEY take refuge in THEIR courts.  When we have controversies, we give them Notice in the Court and in the Administrative and in the Legislative and Executive Forums.  

As Americans we do not "generally" recognize their legislatures at the State of State level, nor do we recognize their Congresses.  Why?  Because we are on the land and they are on the sea.  So we don't address their congresses and legislatures the same way that their own "persons" do.  

We can issue Notice of Infringement, Violation of Contract, Breach of Trust or any number of other offenses.  We can issue Declarations of Protest and we can issue Declarations of Remonstrance, both, but Writs do not "generally" appear in their courts or legislatures at all.   

Most of those who contact me are in trouble of some kind.  While I sympathize, the help that I can offer is limited to sharing information that numerous people can take advantage of.   I have too much work to do to provide counsel to individuals, and the members of The Living Law Firm are equally overwhelmed. 

Likewise, unless you have something that you really feel is of importance on a broader scale, please don't write and send me details of individual cases.  There is no way that we can help at the individual level.  

What we aim to do is force systemic change affecting everyone for the better: end the foreclosure frauds --- all of them; recoup the assets and credit owed to Americans --- all of it, for everyone.  

Or as my friend said, "We are after the arsonists.  We can't stop to fight brush fires." 

Not only that, we are after the arsonists on an international level, so, that is yet another step beyond the normal fight.  

The United States of America [Unincorporated] is your Federation of sovereign and unincorporated States, the lawful government of this country, and the only entity that can step up and as a Lawful Person, reclaim the land, the gold, the silver, and all else that is owed to the American States and People.  

Please help in any and all ways that you can.  With prayers, with love, with forbearance for all the things we can't do with a wave of our hands, with faith and with generosity, with determination, and with time, with volunteer work, with efforts to educate others and spread the word, with might and with main, with pennies and with dollars, with ideas and with hours ---- this is our country and our government of the people, for the people, and by the people.  

There is no other --- no other State Citizens properly declared and "returned" and able to act as "People", having the standing to claim and demand the return of all American assets, able to enforce the Constitutions, and able to stand before the nations of the world with sovereignty equal to any.  

Please, look around you, think of what you can contribute, what you can do, to help yourself and others.  

There are times when I get thousands of emails in a single day, hundreds of cards and letters, packages, court filings, copies of records, books, publications from decades and centuries past ---- it's often a mad house trying to sort through it all, and though I try to read everything and respond as I can, the response time is slow due to the sheer volume of mail and the work load.  

My advice to everyone is --- don't wait.  Don't think that you can ride the fence. Almost every day I get communications from people who are desperately trying to resolve problems that arose because they didn't take action to reclaim their correct political status sooner.   As a result they are being prosecuted as Federal Citizens, and have to fight from inside the box ---- a much tougher proposition than would be possible if they had acted to reclaim their correct political status earlier.  

Are you an American?  Or a Federal Employee or Dependent?  

It's really a pretty easy question to answer, once you understand that Federal Retirees, both Military and Civil Service, are NOT "Federal Dependents" just because they get health care or pensions.  Neither are people receiving Social Security.  If you are getting payments or services that you worked for, contributed to, and earned --- you are NOT a "Federal Dependent" or "welfare recipient" ---- you are an American Retiree receiving Earned Program Dividends, not welfare "benefits" ---- and you are free to live where you like and adopt the law and the political status you are owed.  


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  1. Arguing, conflicts with understanding, understanding conflicts with truth, truth conflicts with logic, and logic is in conflict with understanding. I just want you to show me the law, and see your oath and affirmation to who is the master that you serve. Free as a bird?? Are birds free?? Even Hummingbirds understand when they need to fly back to the area that lets them survive! So who is better equipped to survive, you or the Hummingbird? I have a basic tolerance to what I see, and what I hear! But when in the woods I hear a bear, I do not need to see the bear to believe! By: Giglio-John: Miglietta Jr..

  2. You know it's just not that simple for me. You have to work to live. Employers don't want any of your W8-BEN's your P-1, your explanatory statements and such, especially if when you first went to work you were a normal hire with all the DL,I-9,SSN, electronic deposit and W-4. If you rescind your SSN you get nothing. The SSN (franchise mark) is the key to everything. If you want disability or workmans comp it is essential you have NOT rescinded your SSN. My employers takes out nearly 40% of my pay for SSI,medicare,OASDI,FICA,STATE 3 different pension contributions, etc. They hold my pay at single and zero due to a 2800c letter from IRS years ago,despite doing Anna's process using the AMR bond to get rid of this IRS assesment. I am hopeful the SIA process works but that won't change my employers mind about my status.I can't go in there and change my status as I still am required to have the license to perform the work and that alone keeps me in the same employment status of citizen. I can proclaim all I want that I am not a "citizen" that I have expatriated that citizenship and am now an American State National, and they would just escort me to the psych unit. Everything is intertwined and inseparable.I completed all paperwork and passport and recorded and it seems there needs to be more. I believe it is a SPC and UCC-1 so that we can operate the ens legis entity. There has to be something that pulls it all together so our standing is recognized and accepted and we can ACTUALLY live and prosper. Then we can share the fruits of our labor with all (including Anna) and stop living 2 lives!!! This is very stressful to live like this. And one you know, you can't un-know!
    So please help us help you and ourselves, as you partially did in you article "answers to questions" and you said: Yes, there is need to do it if possible. The UCC-1 Financing Statement and Addendum are used for
    three different processes.
    We should all be able to complete the UCC-1 correctly, file in the right states, open an SPC account without having to spend 1700 to do it. All of the companies I have contacted about this basically use our processes! So perhaps the "law firm" can focus on this to immediately help us all get in the right commercial standing and retain our Sovereignty too. We can be taught to do this and help others!!!

    1. Now just think about how many people, using the data they collect, have been flagged for no employment opportunities at all, those who oppose their grand plan and speak out about it?

      Specifically say a race of people you trying to genocide quietly
      Take away their jobs they have no means to support themselves, beg state for help? NUTINYAHOO saying they will make the United States the biggest welfare state ever
      21 goals list vast unemployment as a goal

      Shipping in their replacements in droves through NGO's and other factions, like HIB Visa and by the truck load up through Mexico on the NAFTA Super Human Trafficking highway no checks - free trade zones - goes along with the SPP ole Poppy Bush signed with Mexico and Canada

      doonstr this is where they claim living in the private versus public comes in, all kinds of outlets selling this service and assistance, see HISAdvocates on you tube

      Exitthematrix another one I have heard of?

      State of State or STATE OF STATE selling more services??

      Robots roaming around walmart now, pretty soon even those jobs will be gone not that they paid a living wage in the first place

      Grand theft of land and everything else and yet the so called heros of the military participate??


  3. One Navy insubordinate fired: Spencer - Now for US Navy Admiral Philip S. Davidson & US Navy Rear Admiral Collin Green. Clearly Trump does have some recognized capacity w/in the Navy:

    Navy Secretary Richard Spencer fired in dispute over ...
    14 hours agoNavy Secretary Richard Spencer was fired in a dispute over the president's order to overturn a decision to remove Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher from the elite SEALs.

    After Spencer exhibited this:
    Navy Is Said to Proceed With Disciplinary Plans Against Edward Gallagher The secretary of the Navy and the admiral who leads the SEALs have threatened to resign or be fired if plans to expel a commando from the elite unit in a war crimes case are halted by President Trump, administration officials said Saturday… Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher, should remain.. The Navy secretary, Richard V. Spencer, later denied that he had threatened to resign

  4. Common Sense show reported yesterday they now dropping 1080 pellets over Oregon and Washington State
    Go check it out

    1. Sodium fluoroacetate - Wikipedia
      McIlroy (1992) calculated that even if lizards fed entirely on insects or other animals poisoned with 1080, they could never ingest enough poison to receive a lethal dose. Laboratory trials in New Zealand simulating worst-case scenarios indicate that both Leiopelma archeyi ( Archey's frog ) and L. hochstetteri ( Hochstetter's frog ) can absorb 1080 from contaminated water, substrate, or prey.

  5. The Poisoners

  6. Wildlife has long been & is purposefully decimated. WE are being purposefully, specifically decimated. All water, water beds, streams, rivers, seas, oceans, air, land, forests etc life are purposefully being destroyed be it poison, fire, drought, flood etc. How is it we refused to see this when its right before our eyes?
    Look at the bird populations in our parks. Duck families as in a few, 4, 5?? Oh look, ducks. Bird song in the morning, reduced. Wildlife entering populated areas to feed becuz their range has been threatened, food supplies diminished.
    AND WE LET THEM & participate in completing their agenda process. Are we as a majority just too stupid to see whats going on? Are we too stupid to run our own areas, to be stewards, much less counties, states, nation?

    stupid - adj. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse. -adj. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes. - adj. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless.

  7. Whenever we go in to town and buy something at a commercial outlet we use either paper money or a credit card. Buying habitually like that essentially supports the system, the system we must overturn. Their federal reserve notes are not money, they are interest bearing interest notes of debt, payable in income taxation by slaves who have not figured out the entrapment mechanics of their masters.

    Everyone interested in developing freedom must learn to live outside the slave system and instead use silver and gold commodity money, buy their necessities using private type outlets: neighbors, open markets, cash exchanges, barter, trading for things of value with others and passing things down, re-cycling, re-purposing, all this works well with very little FRN's or credit required. Barter, passing things along, exchanging what you have too much of for what another needs. Working for commodity exchanging. Barter is a complete exchange with No money, a very clean method of getting what is needed. We need very little of monthly consumption to stay healthy and active. Avoid the trendy offerings of the artificial commercial world, as most of it is just more junk that has planned obsolescence built in, so next month you will buy again to keep the commerce stupidity alive for their benefit. You must make another purchase and stay on the treadmill. Live simply. Avoid debt. Live within your means.

    Invest the dividend of saved time back in to re-inventing our better world, the sovereigns world of free American State Nationals.

  8. I am an American National, fully papered up with all documents in the public record. I have been fighting a foreclosure attempt by Ocwen Loan Servicing for nearly 10 years. At present, I have a mechanics' lien on my property that has stopped them for almost a year. Next month, the lien expires and I'm expecting their unlawful foreclosure attempts to continue. With their continuous ignoring of my status as well as their unlawful foreclosure actions, with the full complicity of the county and district courts (Georgia), what course of action do we have open to us? I sometimes feel the only course of action left is a drastic one, but what are the alternatives? What options do we have? I don't have any faith in my state assembly (Florida) in offering any assistance, they seem more interested in developing marketing plans and arguing over having an opening prayer at the beginning of each meeting rather than accomplishing anything meaningful.

    1. From Anna:

      If it’s an American States Assembly member and properly constituted as a result they can best assist by sending Notice of their existence and the overall circumstance to the members of the Territorial-Municipal Congress as Nevada and Texas and other states have already done. Robert Hale in Nevada developed the template and each State is filling in their own special concerns.

      Foreclosure reform is part of bank and debt reform and it is on the way. It is an issue that is also impacted by court reform that is about to take off in a big way especially in Florida.

      It turns out that THEY are using court practices from 400 years ago at the time of the Great Fire of London—- and we have just discovered what our ancestors did to shut them down. Ten courts in the Deep South have been shut down using this method thus far and Florida is an epicenter for this effort. The “new improved” version is on a test flight in Florida today. If successful it will have almost instant disciplinary results on all courts in Florida.

      Meanwhile, we are having very good results sending Credit Collection Letters to the banks and the Vicar General in the area closest to where the property is located. This is also working to shut down court actions against Americans across a broad spectrum of topics.
      The Vicar Generals are just coming in and shutting the cases down and paying off the mortgages, loans, etc.

      So great strides are being made and you are in an excellent position to see the changes in the immediate future.

      I just want to say—once you get your immediate problems resolved— don’t do what so many people do. Don’t fall back into being fat, dumb, and happy. Remember that your country is still at risk and millions more Americans need to awaken. Relief and remedy is very nice, but the only lasting solution comes when people understand and accept the responsibility of self-governance.


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