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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Transcript of "The Illuminati and the CFR by Myron Fagan (1887-1972)

The link here leads to a 30 page transcript of an audio recording made in 1967 by Myron Fagan which Anna asked me to put on her website.

The title of the talk is  'The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations.'

Anna's note to me was:

Paul -- is there any way that the attached transcript could be posted on the website?   The information is so important and succinct I think it would help people cope with all the bumps along the way.  

So here is the link:

And here is Mr. Fagan reading his document.   Thanks to Ed Movius for this.


  1. Posted many times here by yours truly

    The Illuminati Agenda and the liars of the CFR

    Part one of four parts, links to 2, 3 and 4 found at the bottom of the first page

    I have been posting all of this stuff for months now

  2. Illumiti is a Rothschild agency same as CFR.who created the CIA. as x-CIA whistle blower.Shipp lays out.Jesuit Jewish/catholic prist Adam Wisap.commisiond by Rothschild to construct a world domination blue print.
    We do know Catholic Church is completely bought by Jewish oligarchs as Dr E.micheal Jones explains editor of culture wars and prolific writer author all catholic university’s bought.with monolopy money (FRN’s).
    League of Nations first attempt at one world order derailed by czar Nicholas his whole family Jewish ritually murdered.

  3. Napoleon lost to Rothschild who he once obeyed destroying Europe but woke up and became a nationalist protective of his ppl. Wellington didn’t beat Napoleon Rothschild secret society’s did intelligence network was best in business.
    Hitler Honored Napoleon by finding hie sons body and burying it next to his father.brothers in Arms.

  4. Gavin Newsome signs 15 bills prior to power outage

    Weapons confiscation related

  5. Say a prayer for California people and animals:

    Porter Ranch, Saddleridge fire. Fire coming from manholes. #CaliforniaFires Video: Matt Dejoy