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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Self-Governance for the Rest of Us

By Anna Von Reitz

Having a right to do something does not equal doing it.  

I can have the right to pick blueberries on my neighbor's farm, because we have a written contract between us allowing that, but if I don't hike up the hill where the blueberries grow at the appropriate time of year and actually bend down and flex my fingers and pick the berries off the bush, it doesn't matter that I have the right to do it. 

It's not my neighbor's fault if I fail to exercise my right to pick blueberries.  

I have the right, but to accrue the benefit of it, I have to exercise my right by taking actions of various kinds.  I have to locate the berry patch.  I have to notice the time of year.  I have to find a pail.  I have to hike up the hill.  I have to exert myself to bend down and I have to move my fingers to pluck the berries and put them in the pail.....   

It's the same way with the American Government.  You have the right to organize it and operate it and enforce its laws and do all else that is necessary, but if you don't do it ---- guess what?

It doesn't matter what you say.  You can talk about blueberries and argue over where the best patch is and whether or not you should use a pail or a basket for the rest of your lives, but unless you get yourself up that hill and actually pick berries, it's academic.   

It's the same way with the American Government. 

You can huff and puff and talk about your rights all day long.  You can argue about the meaning of "unalienable" and "Inalienable".  You can make all sorts of claims about your rights --- but it is not a matter of what you say, it's a matter of what you do.  

I have raised the alarm and pointed out the fact that you are being misidentified as a foreign citizen, and that as a foreign citizen, you lose your rights as an American.  Things have slipped a cog beyond just not exercising your right to self-govern.  If you don't object and correct these falsified political status records, you won't have the right, even in theory, to walk up the hill and pick blueberries anymore.  

If you don't answer these false claims you will lose your right to self-govern--- and your failure to exercise your right, will result in denial that you have the right to do so.   

So correcting these "registrations" and recording your counter-claims and serving Notice on the Perpetrators making "presumptions" about you and about your political status choices --- that is Job One.  

And this is why everyone needs to go through the effort to reclaim your political status as an American State National and everyone also needs to step forward and populate your lawful State Assembly.  

You have to take the action to self-govern before you can claim to be "self-governing".  

People in a majority of States of the Union have done this already, and have "populated" their actual State Government as a result.  They are, in fact, exercising their right to Self-Govern at a State level.  Their unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, is now fully operable. 

Why?  Because people have done the work to Self-Govern.  

They have made the effort to not only exercise their own rights, they have empowered their government "of the people, for the people, and by the people" by taking the necessary action to do so.  

They walked up the hill.  They bent down.  They picked the berries.  

If you consider yourself an American and you were born within the borders of one of our States, and you are not directly and actually employed as a Federal Military or Civilian Service Employee, you can do the same. 

The actual Government of this country is not an exclusive group.  

You don't have to do anything beyond waking up and reclaiming your birthright political status to be recognized as an American State National.  

And having gotten that far, you need to take additional action and accept the rest of the work of Self-Governance.  To do this, you accept your responsibility to act as an American State Citizen.  You agree to act as a Juror and stand as part of your State Jural Assembly.  You agree, if you are able, to serve as part of the State Militia.  You may even have to serve an elected State Office or County Office.  

Generally speaking, we all know what it takes to pick blueberries, but on a stormy day, it might take a raincoat. 

You agree to take the actions and accept the responsibilities that go with Self-Governance, or you are just talking about picking blueberries and eating blueberry pies.  

And that simple fact is what is escaping so many would-be patriots.  

They like to strut around and talk about their "rights" but they aren't even taking the most elemental steps to correct the identity theft fraud that has been practiced against them by their Federal Employees.  

They spout endlessly about these "rights" but not about the responsibilities and actions necessary to exercise those rights ---and they take no actual, factual, sufficient, and necessary action to Self-Govern this country.  

As a result, their rights remain stuck in the airy-fairy realm of yes, you have the right, but exercising that right and actually Self-Governing requires more than talking about it.  

Nobody is keeping anyone from walking up this hill and exercising their rights. 

The doors to the State Assemblies stand open, waiting for all these patriots to come home and straighten out their political status records, fill all the jury pools, occupy the vacant offices, and do the actual work of Self-Governance.  

Without which, they are stuck standing under foreign governments, presumed to be foreign citizens in their own country, and generally speaking, up a creek without a blueberry in sight.   


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  1. Perfect explanation Anna......

    1. and i second that, Ralf. with love, by: Alice (honeymooners, Ralf n Alice)

  2. That’s being done ! 5 common law juries in effect and one common law court they will ignor all your paper work up until we set precedent by beating them in thair court .

  3. They avoid a direct challenge by dismissing cases however one brave soul needs to counter claim and get a case in our camp.

  4. Not saying anyone’s wrong build your case always .

  5. bubba p, no, no, are you, YOU, going to beat anyone in their own playground of games. A game they created and control all players while rewarding them handsomely, thats like saying you're going to go enter someone else's 'clubhouse ' and demand they change their rules, and oh btw, give you monetary compensation for it! good luck. You are a fictional dead thing to them, especially in their house...of cards! period. I take it you have NOT done the paperwork?

    1. I agree with you rene', IMO it would be foolish to fight in their "clubhouse"... the house always wins.

      Documented American Assemble

  6. Anna, love your visual explanation for exercising your rights.

    I don't reserve my Rights I exercise them, starting at the United States Post Office. USPS a private corporation "Carrier" is a primary criminal to conversion of your Name. I did a change of Post Location for myself. I wrote my name in all small letters mcshane,:anne-frances: with a copyright symbol. I used "In care of" the entity having the contract for the PO box, not my all caps name, and they converted it to their liking. I even used a privately canceled postage stamp. USPS is a major player in this criminality.

    I am going to move my business to another location and get my Post general delivery. RURAL FREE DELIVERY is military in nature. People believe the postage fee covers the delivery to the door. It does not. It was always an extra 2 cents fee from the post office to your door. DE is a federal district. Del. or Dela. Is the abreviation for Delaware State. I recently had a BAR Attorney make a declaration in a correspondence that "DE is the abreviation for Delaware" and 19968 is the "Towns" Zip Code. I politely asked him to prove it!

    It's not big things we have to stand against all the time, it's the small things. They are asking us now at the Post office, when sending Registered, Certified and Priority mail if the address they convert to the fiction district and Fiction zone is correct on their screen? If you don't agree they will not accept the Article even if you have already affixed postage stamps. I challenge this a couple weeks ago. This is coercion, without remedy.

    The people in line behind me were disturbed they were being held up. There were 5 people behind me when I addressed this issue. Not one asked a question. If someone had questioned this in front of me it would have piqued my Shinola sensors.

    To agree you live in a Federal District is to agree there is a piece of you out there in the public and they have a superior claim upon that material.

    I don't want to cause a disturance with the postal workers but they are committing a crime. I had one lady tell me over two years ago when presented with a certified mail article, " That's you" all cap name. I've known her for years and vice versa. I asked her if she would testify to her statement under oath on the record and she had a different outlook.

    This is a constant battle. Do I do this for me? No. I do it for Lexie, Jake, David and Abby, my progeny.

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware