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Monday, September 16, 2019

More Useful Idiots

By Anna Von Reitz

So now we have Thomas Williams running around saying, "Anna von Reitz knows about this stuff because she is one of them."  

Once again, we see their modus operandi at work ---- always -- accuse your opponent of being what you are yourself.  

Ask yourself, if Kim Goguen, Thomas's pet, has all the secret account codes to the actual asset accounts ---- how did she get them?   

The deposit account records were stolen by the Central Banks and the accounts of the New Asset Ledgers were set up by the U.S. Military and its subcontractors at M.I.T. 

So how did she get them?  A little birdie just sat on her shoulder one day and whispered in her ear?  Hey, Babe, here's the goods we want you to manage for us.... put on a nice public show of philanthropy, but actually give the stuff only to those we control.... 

I educated myself for over forty years and my parents weren't stupid.  

My parents went to every Town Hall Meeting and dragged me along. 

My Mother worked on the Farm Union Claims that resulted in the original NESARA effort.  

I worked on the American Indian Movement Claims that have been the spearhead to restore Native Americans to their proper standing. 

We aren't your average working class family, no, we are not.  

But it's not because the Plotters responsible for this situation informed us about what they were doing. 

We come from ---- many generations ago --- the actual German and French and Russian Royals who were murdered and replaced just as the actual States of States were murdered and replaced via secretive substitution. 

We're not the "Wind-surs", not the Payseurs---- not the Banker's Pursers, we are the actual Royals: so I suppose we have a natural knack for seeing these mechanisms of government at work, but we are not the people that THEY confide in.  


Our relationship with THEM is that of Mongoose and Snake, Protector and Thief,  Shepherd and Wolf.  We are the ones who paved the way for people to self-govern. 

It was our ancestors that created and enforced the Magna Carta.  It was our ancestors who declared every American born on the soil of this country to be a sovereign in their own right.  We are not elitists.  We don't believe that men are supposed to rule over other men.  

We think that men have enough trouble just learning how to govern themselves. 

Unfortunately, learning to self-govern doesn't come easily or overnight.  

It unnerves THEM because we seemingly know everything.  We see through them.  We know their history.  We know their mechanisms.  We know who is responsible and accountable.  And they can't figure out how we know this stuff.

We've had no less than five "missions" come to our homes and plant bugs and listening devices all over, even in the bathrooms.  They are trying to monitor our communications and find out who is feeding us all this information.  We know the bugs are there, but we do nothing to remove them.  We don't care if they listen in, 24/7.  

They can chase their tails and phantoms and be bored silly until the cows come home and meet them in the back pasture.  

All that they plot in secret is brought to light.  Every lie they tell is detected. 

But then,  I have given them warning, which they don't want to believe, that absolutely everything they do and think and say and feel ---- is already a known quantity.  

I have told them flatly that there is no use in trying to lie about anything: the judgement of God, the True God, is infallible; and that is because His knowledge is precise. 

I know these things, because I am part of the One True God.  I can walk the time grid.  I can pass between the worlds.  I know my true identity.  I am a child of the True God. 

And that scares them more than anything, the confirmation that there is a True God who sees their idolatry and doesn't like it, and who will take the actions he has promised, if they don't repent and turn aside from their evil.  

These Jews --- and they are all Jews by blood --- regardless of their religion,  know that they have been here before, but they are having a tough time recalling the details.  I have no such problem.  

Once again, they are being given the choice of Jeremiah, Chapter 31, or, Jeremiah, Chapter 51.    Joy or destruction.  Life or death.  Sovereignty under the True King, or Death under a False Idol.  

The True God, our Creator --- or Mammon.  

Some of the Central Bankers, many of them, in fact, are scared.  They know they have gone too far.  They know that the misery they have caused has been lifted up to the highest heaven.  They can feel the ground shifting under they feet, getting ready to swallow them.  They can sense their carnival sideshow magic fading and the True Magic entering in. 

And then you have men like Mark Carney, who are already dead, who have no fear of the Living God, who think that nobody knows what they have done and nobody notices the self-interested evil they propose.  

Yes, they meet in secret, in a downstairs room, without windows, with locked doors and they face the East and they stupidly imagine that the True God does not see and hear absolutely everything.  Uh-duh.  

They think that there is nothing to stop them, that they hold all the cards.  They can almost taste all the power they will have if they can just bamboozle the rest of the world one more time.  

Just a little longer, they think, and there will be "endless credit" that costs them nothing at all, and they will parcel it out like misers, and use it to pay off their cronies, and pay off the military leaders, and nobody will see through the fraud and nobody will call them on it.  

So they think, but..... the beginning of wisdom is the love of the True God.   For one brings peace and light and life, and the other brings nothing but misery and death and destruction. 

Ahem.... so if you wonder how I know these things, think back on what I am telling you and trace it all through for yourself.  Just use your own horse sense and if you get stuck, "Ask, and it will be given to you."  --including what to believe about me. 


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  1. Once again Anna makes her attempt to make us think 'she is hearing from God'. Not so, anna. Not so. You make so many misquotes and mistakes and you would not be on the mission you are on IF you really 'heard from God'.
    Channeling is what this 'prophetic stuff' sounds like. How do I know? Because it does not line up with scripture, and God does not tell folks things that are out of sinc with His Word.

    As for the Kim and Thomas stuff, well you might be right, for all I know. They have not produced one iota of help to anyone in all this time they have been 'on their mission field'.
    It also makes me wonder how her life has been spared, untouched, IF she is not on their side. Just my curious thinking here; who is protecting her and why.

    1. Abby, why are you so right and Anna is so wrong in a discussion about "Faith"?

      By Scriptures meant to indoctrinate us to manmade religion and keep us all in a box???? Not able to think for ourselves?

      Does not the True Living God see alL good and evil as Anna has related in this article?

      Does not evil meet in secret and darkness to deceive?

      Can we mot hear the True God if we be still and listen?

      How are you so damn sure made written scripture is the word of the living Creator? Did you leave this earth and return with indispensable evidence no one else is aware of?

      I live by faith and hope but in no imagination do I have the right to hold another man to my belief in my faith which is only my hope good will overcome evil.

      Anna lives by her faith as I live by mine. If good triumphs where is the wrong?

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    2. Annie, I once discussed biblical matters with you privately, but even after my simple explanation, you did not 'get it'. So there is no way anyone such as myself, can just open you up and 'make' you see what is really so simple. And that is a sad thing.

      It seems your hindrance in understanding is due to your former 'brain burning' you received from your catholic upbringing, which really did not teach you or any catholic during your time of growing up, where you should have been nurtured in The Faith. That is what can sometimes become almost impossible to 'unlearn' for some people. That is where you got stuck and cant seem to get out from under.

      You see I KNOW the old KJV bible is true, because I have been seeing it ''perform' for over 40 years now. I have seen it come true, and work in real life, time after time.

      I also KNOW and UNDERSTAND it because I was taught by the Holy Spirit of God - - not some church, or some pastor, or some sunday bible school teacher. The Word even says ''for the holy Spirit will teach you ALL that you NEED to know''. And so I held God to that, and he has performed that word.......and THEN some.

      And so I know pretty quickly when I hear someone speak out of context of what it says, and when they speak from a carnal mind or perspective, or things that are in opposition of what He has said.
      It was written by a Spiritual Mind,and must be read with a spiritual mind; for the carnal mind cannot understand spiritual things. (that is scripture, too. Just as it tells us ''you SHALL know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free'. That too has proven to be accurate. But Truth must be sincerely sought after, and with a willingness to set everything else we thought we knew, or presumed, or what we were previously taught, set it all aside, and fully desire to receive The Truth.....for there is ONLY one Truth)
      And so I must point out there is also ONLY ONE Faith; there is no ''my faith......or their faith........or your faith''. There is no multiple choice, and some blind privilege to ''chose whatever faith suits You/us''. There is ONLY one. And we are given the 'choice' to receive IT, or else go bungling along, stumbling thru life, and arguing.

      Can one hear 'the True God' just by being still and listening? Well you can be still, and you can listen, but HOW would one know who they are listening to, if they do not have a firm foundation ON Truth - - since they say they do not even believe His Word, which IS the bible - - then how would one even know what they 'are hearing' is truth or bullschitt from demonic beings?

      The Truth can only come from God, and it is written, and it is the People who must MUST line up with IT, because He will not line up with just whatever Man wants to call ''truth'.
      And so it is, that since that is the case, then it is impossible for 'each person to have 'their OWN' faith' that fits each of their own ideas of ''faith'.
      Therefore..........there are a whole lot of people walking way out of step with The Truth which is THE FAith.

      I just happen to know the difference because I asked and got taught By The Master Himself, via his Holy Spirit.

      (I do not say this with any pompous superior attitude as you may suppose, but I say it with confidence.........again, for the same reason. I also do not say it to put you down Annie, nor to pound on Anna. But I cannot sit here and allow all her errors to go without correct, for the sake of those who read but never speak in here, who may get the wrong ideas, otherwise)

      Good cannot triumph in the midst of lies. And Annie, just what is ''your faith that you say you live by'' since you seem to have almost zero faith in His very Word??

  2. Made a comment here this morning it was the only one here - now it is gone??

    Lots of good information in it too, now gone

    I always ensure that the comment is published and I go back and reread it after it is published and now it is gone??

    Paul can you check spam?

  3. The BRICS deal, the Amazon and Brazil
    This would be part of USSOUTHCOM
    The Bush connection

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 12:14 PM

      Will, Abby, and I have been having our comments disappeared.
      Mine often disappear when I get to the preview stage. Its almost like there might be a live troll on /assigned to? this blog... seeing what is agreeable in troll world to be published and what isn't...and censoring information that marxists/trolls don't approve of?
      Because it seems like everyone of your posts that get disappeared, you say its really important and really relevant. ... But those especially relevant posts that it sounds like you spent alot of time putting together seem to be the very posts that are being lost, stolen or misdirected.
      I know that EVERY post, EVERY post I've ever had disappeared has been one with lots of info, with references and proofs that it has taken me much time to put together. And I don't have a bunch of links in any of my posts either.
      I have never lost a post that did not take lots of time to put together.
      I seriously am beginning to wonder.
      There is an awful lot of truth coming out in the comment section of this blog that is damaging to the Marxist/ Stalinist mindset and philosophy (the stupid people who slobber over somebody else's life and property and want to take it for free for themselves since they are too defective to actually earn it or build it themselves IMO)

      Just some thoughts from observing what might be emerging "patterns".

    2. Oh there was a whole lot of information in the post I left here this morning
      Like I said I double check after I publish and I reread it to see if I left anything out
      All gone unless of course Paul can retrieve it?
      I will try and put it back together and post again
      In the meantime, anyone on the east coast be aware that they have a boat sitting outside of Jekyl Island and in the area of the Georgia Guidestones
      According to some things I have put together be aware that they print their destructive intentions right on the money and new york and the UN building are sites to be aware of at all times
      Their intent is to destroy UN and bring in their COG's and their 'government' operating out of Colorado
      First was the League of Nations, 2nd the United Nations, next is their One Planet global serfdom for all complete with your very own microchip for their cashless society
      The ROCKY boys are the four horseman from the bible
      The Colorado Rockies and IRON MOUNTAIN is their base is my guess and they running things in and under the Denver airport
      Check out their published document ENDGAME

    3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 1:56 PM

      "Yes, they meet in secret, in a downstairs room, without windows, with locked doors and they face the East and they stupidly imagine that the True God does not see and hear absolutely everything."

      This is in Ezekiel CH,8.
      Where God tells Ezekiel about the hole in the wall to the underground rooms where the "leaders" meet in secret under the city/[ies].

      IMO, we've already entered into CH 9. Especially to note: vss. 1 through 6. So, there is no use for anyone to try to apply either Jeremiah 31 OR 51 now.
      That day has passed. They cannot chose anymore. That has been removed. They are stuck with the "reward" they earned according to how they lived their lives.

      The "weapons" have already been called and are in motion against them.
      The one man clothed in linen with the inkhorn is already at the brazen altar and has received his instructions to set a mark on the foreheads of those who are in mourning over the abomoniations committed.

      We've already been marked, upon the basis of whether or not we've grieved over what has been done to the people, who are the image and likeness of creator himself.
      We are already marked by the man in linen carrying the inkhorn,... or not marked.
      If you have knowingly made merchandise of mankind, then you will be weeping and howling soon for your losses that you traded your soul for,... they are now already being permanently removed from you.
      And so it is.
      Rev. 18 (esp. vss. 9-19).

      In my minds eyes and ears it's like a huge giant metal gate has already dropped and is about two feet from hitting the bedrock of their caverns. Some of them are trying to dive under it to get out.
      It's far, far too late for that. And no "ink" mark on their forehead.

      Whether taken symbolically or not, it rings true to me both ways.

      There are instructions in Ezekiel 9:6 not to come near anyone upon whom the mark has been set.

    4. I pray to my creator that I am worthy, mistakes I have made but I have repented and pray constantly to be forgiven and for the suffering on earth to be stopped

    5. Suggestion: Make your post in a Memo app, create a date and copy and paste, that way you don't loose your information if a post dissappears and you have a record of your post. I research all info as I have time even if I do not totally agree with the poster... so i look forward to links.

      Abby is learned in scripture and I believe she is bound by it and unfortunately can't see outside the box. I hope her Jesus comes soon.... but her belief in written scripture should not keep the rest of us from taking a stand today to free our families from this deceit.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    6. Annie, be made aware, there is no Freedom by rejecting written scripture. Your statement is an oxymoron. I am Free, it is you that is bound.

    7. the reason for catholic baptism/holy ghost is so you dont get mixed up with the "mark of the beast" johns baptism aka 2nd coming "holy spirit" antichrist.

      that's also the reason for "our lady" -- so you dont get mixed up with old testament/egyptian alchemy/gnosticism "light"/masonic "the lord" and his 2nd coming pagan jesus.

      even to an atheist/marxist [*]/materialist, it is easy to see the benefits, stick with one so you dont fall for the second coming. no "superstition" needed, as catholics are always accused of.
      [*] marxism is really luciferianism, it is spiritual, but the goal is materialism/material control. they are "atheists" insofar as denying christ, although 2nd coming has lots of overlap. 2nd coming antichrist == satan takes control of everything. so both satanic spirituality and denying christ materialism.
      ezekial is just do as they say, not as they do.
      it is the masonic/pagan interpretation of "judge not lest ye yourself be judged" -- they feel it is their turn to "judge" everyone. just another hegelian false "merger".

      RITE, n. A religious or semi-religious ceremony fixed by law, precept or custom, with the essential oil of sincerity carefully squeezed out of it.
      ezekial's prophecy is just another spiritual "mark of the beast" (2nd coming, false baptism, believing in pagan jesus). protestants tend to not be big on baptisms, but all the same. johns heretical masonic baptism is the "bible" one, "holy spirit" from before christ came. water only. no spirit, christ hadn't arrived. they revived it now, water + fire (spirit of "the lord") for 2nd coming.

      so nowadays johns baptism does have a "holy spirit" it is the spirit of 2nd coming pagan jesus/antichrist.

      it will taste like honey, but be bitter in your stomach (johns apocalypse, "revelation").

      ultimately it is along masonic/"marxist" lines as well. an attempt to unite/destroy all religions, replace with "the lord" and his 2nd coming son. i.e. everyone is "integrated" one way or the other, either "the lord" alone, or try to get all the christians/catholics doing 2nd coming.

      they believe 1st coming christ was an alchemical invention, hence in their minds this gives them the green light to set up a false 2nd coming etc. because they think e.g. the roman catholics invented christ, so they will return the favor.

      with that "prophecy", it is better to be an atheist/agnostic against satan/antichrist/2nd coming. if they say christ is here or there, "don't believe them"

      ezekiel is more of the alchemical everlasting fire. "for our god is an all-consuming fire" (masonic alchemy slang for spirit, aka zoroaster, aka egyptian alchemy, aka old persian religions). just a fancy way of saying they want everyone under "the lord" and don't want any followers of christ unless they put "the lord" first, hence 2nd coming.

      ezekial and the "prophecy" is promoted by masons doing 2nd coming antichrist/pagan jesus.

      it is just a fancy way of saying they want to merge/blend east and west (2nd coming pagan jesus, son of "the lord").

      after that, they dont want anyone either doing west or east "religion" alone, only "mergers" allowed.

      identical to communism. after their "revolution" they try to make it "permenent"

      thus, it is masonic overthrow of christ. but they wrote it in "scripture" that only they can "decode" because only they supposedly know both "east" and "west" philosophy.

      the solution to avoid antichrist is easy. stick with old catholicism/first coming for protestants/holy ghost (not holy spirit).

      denying the masonic prophecy of ezekial is a good thing.

    8. do as they say not as they do. ezekial is just merging of "east and west" as promoted by the UN.
      QUOTE "whether it be theological dogma or Marxist dogma" ...
      QUOTE "You may categorize the two philosophies as two super-nationalisms, or as individualism versus collectivism; or as the American versus the Russian way of life" ...
      QUOTE "East and West will not agree on a basis of the future if they merely hurl at each other the fixed ideas of the past" ...
      masons used to ask each other as code "are you travelling?" "yes, i'm travelling east". to identify a fellow "brother"

      the "communists" many were masons, so just borrowed this.

      hence "fellow traveller" (also shared goal to overthrow 1st coming christ and catholicism, and eventually all of christianity (i.e. protestantism) )

      nowadays that "merger" of east + west "religion" and everything else is "done" in their minds. so they don't want anyone travelling "east" anymore (trying to study their alchemy to avoid it, or magicians might try to "fight fire with fire").

      they also don't want anyone travelling "west" (e.g. sticking to catholic dogma and catholic books, instead of 2nd coming "bible" prophecies)

    9. the prophecy of ezekiel is just more just more masonic witchcraft/egyptian alchemy. UN "one world religion" "new world order" that all-seeing eye pyramid "light" (knowledge, what the serpent aka satan gave adam and eve in the garden) stuff.

      it is explained in "Transcendental magic" books available on e.g. and and many other places.

      on false "side" number one, they have the masonic "catholic" vatican II doing 2nd coming.

      on false opposition door number two, they try to get "protestants" doing the same based on "bible" stuff.

      for a "comedy" see e.g. "the death of stalin" movie (lots of adult language, but nothing you haven't heard before), re: "russia" bringing back the "orthodox church" for false "liberalization" in the 1960s.

      see also "the perestroika deception" "new lies for old" re: false "right wing" "conservative" movements.

    10. Xerces, you are one very very very mixed up dude.

  4. Just want to note that Jonathan Kleck did a video yesterday that if you can go view please do
    In this video he explains that through eminent domain the Rocky boys kicked everyone out of the area where the twin towers were to be built and that the towers were built and resembled DNA, the twins
    I posted it here for those who can go view, it lis long but there is a whole lot of information in it about the entire history of the bible and how it relates to why the buildings were put up where they were and how they were and that they were situated between the arch of washington and it all goes back to Titus and so much more
    Hope you can watch - you may or may not agree but some pretty compelling information

  5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 2:38 PM

    Shelby I am praying for you.

    Do you have Gods mark on you? Are you his? If you have never allowed him to put his mark on you before and mark you as his property, you can do it.
    You will no longer be your own.
    You will be giving yourself to God like: turning loose of ALL of your life, even the parts you don't want to give up. :)
    Its scary, like the first jump off the high-dive at the swimming pool!... Shinny out to the end of the board, hold your nose, and leap!
    Then the rest of your life will be lived that way.
    In somebody else's hands.
    Not your own.

    Well, you've probably already done that, but just in case you haven't, you can choose to be Gods property that he is responsible for!
    He loves it!

    They, on the other hand, ARE at their defective, cobbled, wobbly Endgame, covered with their crimes and ready to take their place *as* God.
    They are rushing.
    Time is very, very short.
    They know better than we do what time it is and how little time they have left.
    The spiritual nature of the battle is pretty much out in the open now.
    They are making mistakes.
    They're having to cram stuff together that needs more time.
    People are failing.
    They ARE scared of God now.
    They realize how puny they are.
    They are looking for a way out, searching. But all the hatches they've been watching are closed now and they're panicking. They don't want to do this anymore. They thought they could get out. They want out.
    Now they're distracted and of a double mind. They can't focus because they are seeing the whole picture of what they've been involved in and they are scared because they are seeing the frailty and falability and fragmented minds of those who promised them the 'kingdoms of the world if they would just fall down and worship them.'
    See: fall of Lucifer, Isaiah 14.

    1. Thank you good boots
      I have been on the side of my creator forever
      Mistakes I've made but I have never lost my faith

    2. goodboots, how true it is. There does come a time when people cross the line of no more return. Their chance to be redeemed has long passed them. As soon as a person realizes they are doing wrong, yet continue in that path, then they have sold their soul to satan and its way too late for them. No more options exist for them; they ought to just go ahead and remove themselves from our midst; at least it will be ONE thing in their life that they did right.

  6. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 3:24 PM

    We're not worthy, none of us are. We've all goofed things up, made mistakes, made big messes, gone the wrong way, been self-centered, and worse.

    And were sorry we did things and corrected ourselves and made the promise not to do those things again and we havent done them again.

    All in all, were pretty decent and good people.

    But there's another step you can do if you want and that is to pick it all up and give everything back to God. And tell him to pick out what is best for you and to only give you that.

    We GET the whole kit and kaboodle.

    But in Romans it talks about being a *living* sacrifice. God doesn't need or want dead sacrifices, or death served up to him as a sacrifice, he's the God of the living, not the dead.
    The living "sacrifice" is y.o.u.!

    In Psalm 51:17 it says "The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, thou will not despise."

    Romans 12:1 KJV: "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which is] your reasonable service."

    In the true Israel custom when a man marries a woman, he takes his tallit (blue and white shawl) from off one of his shoulders and puts it over the shoulder of his bride, bringing her in under it with him. It's called a "wing",... he's covering her with his wing and telling the world that all that he has is hers too.
    That is what God does with us.

    Psalm 91:1
    "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."
    Everywhere we go he is hovering over us. We're his beloved.

    Psalm 91:4
    "He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler."

    There is so much more. But Psalm 91 and 51 are great places to start.
    I've heard that quoting scripture, Psalms in particular can get you trolled by those who consider the bible to be ...well whatEVER they say it is.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 3:27 PM

      Just saw your comment above shelby.
      The comment I just posted must be for somebody else. :):)

  7. Accuse others of what you do your self....Blatently. The democrats utilize the same playbook. Open your heart to your perfidy.
    Peace. ra

    1. ra, I just want to inject a little note here: The bible instructs us that ''if we do the same things, then we are in no position to condemn another for doing the evil thing' that is being spoken of.

      So it is evil doers that do the ''pointing fingers at others about the things they themselves do'' using that to try to fool people.
      They should be counted as evil people. They are not only evil in their ways, they are also liars and deceivers and the Truth is not in them. They can even be those in pulpits known as ''wolves in sheeps clothing''. Largely condemned by God. Hypocrites I like to call them lol.

    2. goodboots: the question is which part(s) of the "bible" you are quoting and what is the context. psalms is old testament jewish psalms. for jews and other deniers of christ. "christians" shouldn't be praying for a 2nd saviour unless they deny the first coming.

      that stuff is all obsolete at best, heresy/satanic at worst. catholic dogma is it is completely useless. as is circumcision, more jewish/moses/mosaic law.

      QUOTE Blind guides, who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel!

      beware the scribes. especially those pushing moses law and old testament.
      QUOTE saying: “The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat.
      Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of [h]hell as yourselves.
      Woe to you, blind guides, who say, ‘Whoever swears by the temple, it is nothing; but whoever swears by the gold of the temple, he is obliged to perform it.’ 17 Fools and blind!
      bible christ and/or jesus says he is before [the gods of] abraham. that's one reason he was crucified.

      according to that jesus and/or christ character, the old testament "the lord" is a fake. as are the psalms to him. and "noone goes to the father except through me"

      another jesus and/or christ cries out "eli, eli, why have you forsaken me?" this one seems to be doing 2nd coming, and is son of "the lord". one of the masonic/pagan jesuses.

      people doing psalms are attempting to BYPASS and CIRCUMVENT the words of the former bible jesus and/or christ.

      it only makes sense for "jews" and people doing 2nd coming son of "the lord", who is of the root and stock of david, to do "psalms" to "The lord" hoping he will send his "son" down, which is similar to the latter "jesus" character crying out to what appears to be jewish elias, who is old testament "lord god". (see nominum interpretatio)

      people seem to do psalms because they think the 1st coming was a fake and they reject and hate him.

      so they want a new saviour.

    3. hmm, my post went to the wrong reply. nevertheless:

      re: the QUOTE
      Woe to you, blind guides, who say, ‘Whoever swears by the temple, it is nothing; but whoever swears by the gold of the temple, he is obliged to perform it.’ 17 Fools and blind!
      that's yet another argument against "mormonism". see "invisible contracts", george mercier.

      their take is people have invisible contracts with "heavenly father" in the "pre-existence". so yet another contradiction of [one of the quite a few] bible jesus and/or christ's words.

      of course the "heavenly father" thing in general also goes against: QUOTE The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat
      beware the scribes. seems to be this especially applies to people pushing old testament/moses law/mosaic law/jewish psalms/etc.

    4. seems to me many false "fathers" all around.

      what is truly amazing is catholics get rebuked for having "fathers" [bible jesus and/or christ says call no man "father"; catholicism of course might argue that baptized in holy ghost people are no ordinary "men"; this is hard for protestants to argue against, because they would have to argue 1) they are correct/saved by whatever means, baptism or scripture or grace or good deeds or a simple heart or whatever 2) noone should follow them/their books/their beliefs/etc. because noone should call anyone "father"

      "the lord, thy god". which denies christ of course.

      that's the problem with "psalms" -- reversion back to paganism.

    5. i should add
      since bible jesus and/or christ says: QUOTE Do not call anyone on earth your father;

      where does that leave "the lord" and "honour thy mother and father" ? dead in the water. caught with their pants down. liar liar pants on fire.

      from what i see, it is one or the other [well, christ was supposed to fulfill all prophecy, "the lord" had no "love" anyway, hence need for a "new commandment"]

      only jews and pagans and other deniers of christ should be doing "mosaic law" "psalms" "the 10 commandments" etc.

      bible jesus and/or christ's "new commandment" is supposed to cover/be good for the 10.

      anyone who studies the evidence, even sola scriptura, there are many reasons "the lord" and "psalms" are incompatible with even bible jesus and/or christ .

    6. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 2:00 PM

      I want to take time to read your comment again. Maybe more than once.

      This comment is kind of a hodgepodge:
      In general, what I am seeing is that, part of being "people", is *that* people wrote down truths they believed they had discovered. So they preserved their wisdom by writing it down and I think its valuable. They also made crap up and tried to jam it down other peoples throats in order to control them.

      I can see what you mean about it being important to know the origins of what is written.
      But really, how are you ever going to do that?
      Lying isn't new unfortunately, and neither is changing records!!
      So, to me, one would have to cast away all writings because as people often point out, we don't even know what time it is.... And we have no way of finding out.

      My present conclusion is that :
      I was aware of my connection with "God", it was natural. Nobody taught me.
      So, to go to a bible later, honestly, for me, was a "formality", but there is truth in there so it was productive.

      The thing that I'm aware of though is that we already know God and don't need to be taught.

      And another thing that I'm "chewing" on is that the writers of the Declaration of Indep. avoided outright "religion" /religiosity: denominationalism.

      I don't mind swimming in all the possibilities that there are.
      I don't feel like I have to sort through it all and find the right decision, like we DO have to do with our government, financial and defense systems.
      Because I've found I often won't know what I should do until its time to do it. How can you? You can and should plan wisely, but things often take unexpected turns.

      I feel quite comfortable and also very securely connected to my creator..."God".

    7. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 2:04 PM

      "beware the scribes. seems to be this especially applies to people pushing old testament/moses law/mosaic law/jewish psalms/etc."

      Yes, thank you. Something to seriously look into. Thank you for bringing that to our attention.
      Those are very important words.


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