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Monday, September 16, 2019

Identity Theft and Fraud

By Anna Von Reitz

If you are an average American, you have been misidentified as a member of a religious cult that requires all its members and employees to "donate" their estates -- defined as "the net worth of a man or woman, alive or dead" -- to public trusts set up "in their names".  

Since you have the unlimited right to contract guaranteed by the Constitution  and since you also have guaranteed religious freedom, you can do any ridiculous thing you want to do with your estate --- and it is all considered "voluntary" and a "donation" ---- a "gift".   That is what "federal income taxes" are, too.  All your voluntary donations of your earnings are processed as "Gift and Estate Taxes".  

Because this is something that you are presumed to do as a religious choice, it is a private and civil matter, and doesn't fall under the heading of crime even though it is criminal. 

When you go into a court you need to very clearly state that you are the victim of organized crime and identity theft, that you have been misidentified as a Municipal "citizen of the United States" when you are in fact a State Citizen of The United States with a capital "T" on the "The" ---and you are here to collapse the presumed Public Trusts and Transmitting Utilities that have been attached to your estate and reassign all such property interests to your Proper Name standing under the protection of the unincorporated United States of America. 

I am not a member of the Federal Religious Cult and I never was.   

Thank you, very much, Mr. Prosecutor, for offering to administrate an estate trust that has no business existing, and as the presumed Original Issuer and Donor, I deny you any ability to exercise a position of trust related to me and I require the bonds posted in this case to be returned to me, right now. 

He had better have his checkbook ready, because the Judge isn't going to take responsibility for him. 

So put yourselves back in the driver seat and start pushing these vermin right off the checker board. 


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  1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 11:00 PM

    "I am not a member of the Federal Religious Cult and I never was."

    ROFL :):):):):)
    This is so serious, but some of this stuff they claim is so unbelievably insane that you just have to laugh.
    No wonder people won't believe us when we try to explain what theyve been doing. It truly is unbelievable until you get stuck in the middle of it... "Trusts? What do you mean, trusts? WHAT trusts. I've never heard a single thing about any trusts in my entire life!"
    They obviously planned it that way,... like they do with the MKUltra victims... To make it harder for people to believe them when they tell what was done to them.

    1. Paul posts - 10:17 PM, 9/16/2019.
      Goodboots publishes - 11:00 PM, 9/16/2019.

      Goodboots "rolls on the floor laughing" within 43 minutes!

      But what else where you doing, during those 43 minutes?

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 11:24 AM

      I understand that cyberstalkers get paid "per comment", leaving a paper trail of their crimes behind them.

      If you turn that comment in and get paid, you are cheating your cyberstalking contractor, if you have one, that is.:)

      Your comment makes you sound young.
      You guys have been totally ripped off by the Corporation posing as "our government".
      Its been proven that you have several Trust accounts that they set up in your name that YOU are supposed to be benefitting from.
      As a matter of fact, because of those Trusts that you weren't told about, you actually have no bills because everything was prepaid out of those Trusts when you were born.
      Your college is supposed to be being paid for already.
      Forget Bernie Sanders.
      He knows about the Trusts.
      You are supposed to be able to "sign" for your own house. All utilities are prepaid, so is medical, and more.

      They've kept all that.
      Get on this website and read the comments.
      Copy my comment and start discussing it with your friends.
      Look into it for yourselves.
      See if what I'm saying is true or not.

  2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 11:22 PM

    "you are here to collapse the presumed Public Trusts and Transmitting Utilities that have been attached to your estate and reassign all such property interests to your Proper Name"

    "and I require the bonds posted in this case to be returned to me, right now."

    Why are you telling the people to collapse the trusts and then collect the bonds on the collapsed trusts?
    The bonds would be worthless if they are issued on a collapsed trust.

    What do you plan for the people to do with the bonds after they collect them from the prosecutor?
    You didn't say.
    Please explain where you are leading the people with this.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 12:50 AM

      I believe I may have just discovered why you have told the people to demand that the prosecutor hand over the bonds; and if this information (from someone who is closely connected with you) is correct, THEN IT WOULD SEEM TO *NOT* BE WISE TO COLLAPSE THOSE TRUSTS!!!!

      Why are you telling people to collapse the Trusts AND collect the (logically) then-worthless bonds from the prosecutor?
      How would one go about redeeming bonds on a non-existent /collapsed Trust?

  3. This is all easier said that done. One would have to be so well versed and expert in all the fine little details of all such defense because you know very well the judge would ask questions, knowing full well most People, defendants are not seasoned or skilled at boldly handling themselves in a courtroom. And right there its just too likely that 'the devil in the black dress' could order a Mental Evaluation for you.

    Anna, oh its real easy to sit at your computer in alaska and type out words telling people what they should do, how to handle things, what to say - - BUT by now you should have figured out, doing it is quite another story.
    Several years ago, outside a small traffic court, I overheard a rather young attorney talking to his client, so as he started to part ways with his client, I stopped him and asked him straightforward, what about using some of these defenses ......I forget now exactly what it was now....but it was related to the stuff we talk about in here..........

    And he very sincerely quickly told me, please please dont bring any of that up, Im telling you you will be open yourself up to more troubles than you every dreamed.......and he looked up to the sky, and I could see it in his eyes, he was very stressed, and he continued by saying 'just pay the fine and walk away; you will be far better off, then stay away from ''these guys'' ......meaning cops.

    I put his words together with the words I had heard from another attorney a good number of years before.......''its just a game, this is all just a game they play'. (and he said it in disgust, as if to say he thought it was a sick game they play.....with peoples' lives.)

    1. couldn't agree more abby !! where is the "simplification" in all this process ?? only way to turn all this around is to call these / this 'legal' system what it is and that is TRAITORS ! criminal traitors !! scroll down to video showing characterization of 'sharks' LAWYERS VESVES THEIR SUPPOSED AUTHORITY ; 56 minutes of rod class explaining in detail on september 12, 2012 . rod class is brilliant in this episode #615 from aib radio,-Corpus-Non-Judice--The-Ultimate-Jurisdictional-Challenge-Pt-2---Rod-Class---YouTube-flv?stype=videos&cmd=list&sml=vieooNH-SkE&cr=1

    2. lut, that is exactly what is wrong with all this. There is no simplification for things that should and could be very simple...
      as I have iterated in here at various times. Anna is talking from her perspective, and not at all from the average man-on-the-street perspective.

  4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 12:52 AM

    Hi Abby! Looks like were both up burning the midnight oil!

    1. goodboots, lol, my body clock is turned all upside down; I am more a night owl and most awake and alert after sundown, LOL. Especially if I eat any kind of food in the later hours.....

  5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 1:30 AM

    Yes with anything I have done, I'm doing it through the AGs office after or as I Record it myself... So far. The people out in the counties are really just not going to understand anything much about what you are saying. They seem to be very delighted to have the opportunity to do their job of capturing those scary sovereigns and straightening them the hell out!! :):)

    You can tell that these people omGOSH, do NOT want to tolerate you. They are sizing your "dam" hinnie up for where to apply the kill strike. They want those BONDS!!!

    They seem to relish and find it exhilarating and invigorating when they get a chance to apply their "power" on someone.
    Now that I know what the "game" is, its very apparent that they are taught how to pick a target. They size people up. Then, it seems like if they can't get you at one level they just keep ratcheting things up, til finally they work you into a position where you're dealing with the IRS.

    I am still appalled. Sometimes I still can't fathom that all of these people are working this theft and abuse system against other people, mostly with a seared conscience. But they are. Its about those BONDS!!! And those BONDS, in their system, belong to US, not them. That's the craziest part.
    Them purposely withholding the BONDS that they KNOW belong to you, WITHOUT TELLING YOU the BONDS are sitting right at their elbow ready for you to discharge the "debt" with... and THEY are the Trustee! But they all agree to defraud you out of what is yours! While charging you for being your Trustee!
    Even when I keep saying it, it still seems impossible that people would agree to do something this egregious to other people.
    It's simply unforgivable.

    1. goodboots, I too have often thought how can ''our fellow man' work hand in hand with the culprits to put the screws to 'their fellow man' such as we are. Well I guess the answer is.......they do it just to keep their job; Ive seen it plenty of times over many years.

      But boots, I am lost on these Bonds you talk about. Like I said before I am absolutely out of the loop about bonds. Can you elaborate some on that; like what bonds you talking about, and how are you saying ''all it takes' to get them from prosecutors? And what and how do prosecutors have ''our bonds'' in the first place?

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 2:12 PM

      I would love to Abby. I'm so glad you asked, because it looks like this is the chain wrapped around the gears that keeps pulling the gears into action.
      The more cool and persuasive, logical-thinkers we get understanding how this system is "geared", the more we will be able to "explain" the fraud back to them, so they understand that we know what they have been doing.
      And that it is HORRIBLE.

    3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 2:37 PM

      I have to get some things done this afternoon but I will be back tonight at around probably 9:00 pm blog time with more. I believe this is so important that I am making learning about BONDS "my project" now.
      I'm so glad to have your sharp mind on this.

      I have to say from the beginning that probably everything I write about BONDS will likely be incorrect in some respect.
      I expect that.
      And am prepared to adjust, adjust, adjust as I go.
      Also this seems to be of utmost importance, if anything is:
      There is hardly ANY intelligible information anywhere about these BONDS.
      But it is starting to dribble out, like they've been doing with the other shocking and gruesome information.

      To me, this is the worst, because they couldn't do any of the other horrible stuff without this piece.
      It literally seems to be how they are financing their crimes.

      I am going to go tediously through what I find out,... as I find it,... pretty much step-by-step, at least at first, even if it is redundant, so you might want to prepare yourself for reading things you already know, probably much better than I do.
      But at first, I'm thinking I need to keep lining up all the pieces all the time to make sure none are missing and also to lay it all out there for other people to put their pieces onto, if they want... Kind of like playing scrabble.

    4. goodboots found some information for you on BONDS all of this is put out by the GSA (General Services Administration, an independent agency of the US GOVERNMENT, est 1949, right after the UN in 1948)

      District Courts use standard forms 273, 274 and 275 these are what is called Bid Bonds and everyone should have a copy of the bid bonds
      Performance Bond is standard form 25
      Payment Bond is standard form 25A

      What I read is that these courts are suing you for debt collection
      Every one of these bonds, the Bid Bond, Performance Bond and the Payment Bond all have a PENAL SUM attached to them

      The Penal Sum is if you do not pay the debt you are entered into default judgement

      I know Anna does not like this outfit but at the 23 minute mark of this video just this past week this is the information they published about bonds

      They also go in to underwriting insurance companies too
      There are 300 re-insurance companies that buy these bonds

      These insurance companies are buying these bonds when you go in to default judgement

      Hope you can watch the video
      I tried to capture in this comment what they discussed for you

      Now mind you this is all about plundering the people and stealing their monopoly money

    5. Now I find it interesting that the link I left above is titled borrowed into existence or labored in to existence
      Sound like work hour dollars to you?
      Check out the middle coin, 5 earth hours, sustainability
      See the plug in car and riding your bike symbolism on that one
      The first 'coin' look at all the symbolism on that one, that is the peace earth hours 'coin'
      The Peace Coin, the Eco 'coin'

    6. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 6:23 PM

      Shelby thank you!
      I just sat down here for a bit, to eat something and checked the blog... Going to go back to work but:

      Abby, I hope you are finding Shelby's post.

      Shelby I will try to listen to the TROH show tonight I've listened to them before a time or two, way back.
      SHELBY, you need to give notice of copyright on your work.
      We seem to be attracting attention perhaps, you, abby, will and me?
      What I am hearing is happening is that they have the trolls find info that they dont want the people to see .... like disappeared comment type info, perhaps and if its not copyrighted, they are copyrighting it, taking it out of circulation and sometimes suing the author or artist, vocalist, and so forth for using *their* copyrighted material.

      ALL of my words, thoughts, ideas, expressions, compilations and so forth shared on this blog and anywhere else are my own private property that are and have been and will continue forever to be held under American traditional common law copyright and authorities and other protections, from the very beginning, for my sole and exclusive benefit, use, enjoyment and enrichment/ other, and may not be re-copyrighted and/or used for any purpose whatsoever at all without my lawful, lawfully-obtained, express, hand-written notice of limited use permission.
      As so it is established.
      September 17, 2019 by: jan-marie on bluebird acre.

      Those BONDS sound like DEBT BONDS from OUR, the sole and exclusive true and natural Beneficiary perspective.

      ...They represent DEBTS the Corpse hypothecated against our secretly-stolen PRIVATE PROPERTY that is being used in commerce by the Corpse and its Officers and Agents, and so on, without our lawful authorization....
      secret DEBTS that are claimed AGAINST the (til-now) secret Trust, strawman, person, citizen, fiction'S *CONTENTS*.

      SO, the Trust is the "container" "vessel" that has a NAME and IDENTIFIER that all BELONG to their Creator, the Corpse..

      So just how in the hell, I ask myself, do they "present" us, the beneficiary and Beneficiary, whose own PRIVATE PROPERTY, that has UNLIMITED value and is held/posted as UNLIMITED CREDIT on their books... HAVE ANY DEBT AT ALL?
      ALL OF OUR DEBT WAS PRE-PAID. We all know that by now.
      Just what in the hell are they doing?

      That's the missing puzzle piece now.

      Didn't someone just post recently that it's like we're playing chess, monopoly and poker all at the same time with word salad thrown on it?

      Well, to me, this piece is like putting together a 100,000 piece puzzle of a picture of a still lake, while playing hide 'n seek, scrabble, and blindman's bluff.
      We're getting ready to play pin the tail on the donkeys though!

      ALL of my words, thoughts, ideas, expressions, compilations and so forth shared on this blog and anywhere else are my own private property that are and have been and will continue forever to be held under American traditional common law copyright and authorities and other protections, from the very beginning, for my sole and exclusive benefit, use, enjoyment and enrichment/ other, and may not be re-copyrighted and/or used for any purpose whatsoever at all without my lawful, lawfully-obtained, express, hand-written notice of limited use permission.
      As so it is established.
      September 17, 2019 by: Shelby

    8. I listened to a video the other day that said military has now taken complete control of internet, not that they didn't already have that??

    9. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 8:14 PM

      "military has now taken complete control of internet, not that they didn't already have that??"

      Depends on which PART of "the military" got ahold of it.
      I think its the good guys!!!! Our HEROES!!!! WooooooHooooooooooo!Yaaay!! GO TRUE WHITE HATS!!!!! WOOOOOOHOOO!!!!! Hugs, love, unicornnz and rainbows!!!!!!!!!!! Loool!

    10. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 9:24 PM

      Now on a more serious note:):):)

      So, we have the Territorial Birth Certificate that is an UNLIMITED CREDIT BOND. That was supposed to have been given to our parents to show that their son or daughter has ALL of their DEBT PRE-PAID FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIFETIME.
      We should be physically holding those CREDIT B C BONDS, as Shelby has warned.
      But I only got photocopies of mine. Not THE bond on bond paper.

      But they passed it to the Vatican? (they say... sometimes), to cover their TerrirCorpses debts.
      So now rather than us being recognized as having unlimited credit with the Territorial Corpse, they say we are in debt to the MuniCorpse.

      Well, for one thing that makes no sense.

      Because we have with the TerrCorpse: UNLIMITED CREDIT.
      So was that just from the Criminal Mercenary Occupation in around 1865 until around 1935? That's 70 years. The length, I've read, of their contracts.
      So, even if the MuniCorp "picked up"/assumed the unknown claimedcontracts around 1933, how the hell did they turn them from secretly claimedCREDIT contracts into secretly claimedDEBT contracts in their fuzzy little minds?

      You can't do it.

      If you start out with UNLIMITED CREDIT, there is no way to use it all up and make debt out of it.

      PLUS, nobody even got into their Trusts because they didn't tell anyone the Trusts were there! They kept 'em a secret! So there weren't any charges applied to the unlimited credit balance for, say, 70 everything was still in there!

      OH PLUS, you know as well as I do that THEY were using it, making money hand over fist for 70 years... With no charges made against the Trusts, at least not by US.
      So at the end of seventy years there should have been everything that was put in them to start with, all the gain, increase and enrichment, made from the investments of it, MINUS reasonable and customary charges for the Admin.of it.
      Those Trusts should have been jammedandcrammed full of "assets".... And I'm pretty sure they were. And still are.

      And now with avr coming out and saying that now they're saying that our Lives were a religious gift!! Oh paaleeeeze.
      Non catholics are NOT going to give their sons and daughters to the Pope or to anyone else! Don't make me laugh.
      Did they ever think about TELLING anyone they were supposedly giving their precious children to the Pope?
      No. They kept it a secret.



      So, right there are TWO MAJOR POTENTIAL FRAUDS even if we go no farther. But, sadly, is much, much farther to go.

    11. goodboots, yes I am seeing shelby's comments. But still 'greek' to me. I am seeing the 'activity' of bonds, but I still dont know what the hell a Bond even is. My only experience with any bonds was back in the 50's when I worked for fed. gov. and they twisted our arms to all 'buy u.s. savings bonds'. That of course was a case of us paying out our money and got a bond back in return, which was nothing more than an I.O.U. piece of paper that we could cash in for actual cash into our pocket.
      To be really clear..........u.s. savings bonds were people loaning the u.s. govt. our money, and at the end they would return our money plus interest, which then = the face value of that bond.

      Thats all I am familiar with. So what these bonds are here, and who puts up the money for them, where does that money come from, how are they initiated to begin with............etc. ??



    14. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 10:01 PM

      I just lost another comment after I finished typing it.

      I just found out on Daniel Lee stateoftoday d0t ©om that RAINBOWS are part of the child abuse programming for the MKUltra programming.

    15. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 10:04 PM

      Gee *if* I'm being live trolled, what I'm saying must be pretty damaging to someone!!

      Since I'm just exposing what looks to be crimes, all I can say is Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! :):):).

    16. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 10:21 PM

      Anyway, I was taking back the unicornnz and rainbows nonsense that I was sending with hugs and love to OUR *TRUE* WHITE HAT HEROES!!!!
      And replacing the unicornnz and rainbows with protection and the presence of God .... That's alot better anyway,... I should have just said that in the first place instead of acting silly.

      But I did also claim the butterflies that they use for MKUltra and the other abomination AND RAINBOWS, too, back for us, the people and for God. We have a superior claim on them and they can't use them anymore. I'm making that superior claim on butterflies and rainbows and anything else that was supposed to be for our enjoyment that has been stolen and misused by them. I, for one, am dam sick and tired of them claiming everything belongs to them when they don't even have sense enough to feed themselves honorably.
      Especially since they always grab the best stuff... they can just remove their grimey clawed paws from our treasures. And God has a superior claim on it all that I'm in agreement with.
      And so it is in accord with my spoken words.
      Oh, and I'm taking bluebirds back, too.
      They can't use them anymore either. :):):):):)

    17. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 11:35 PM

      Abby, I had trouble understanding what bonds are too, and now I see why.
      Its like all the other crap they pull, they call a lot of different things "bonds" so one never knows what the hell they are talking about. It seems obvious to me now that it is more of their having one word with many definitions, so that unless you're in on the game, you can never figure out what it means in context, so you never know what they are doing. Which is just the way they need it to be.

      Avr and others have already shared the basics of the info on the Birth Cert BONDS, and Shelby has really pulled some real hidden (to us) Info out, exposing about the DEBTOR and CREDITOR versions of the BCerts.
      These COURT BONDS tie into the BCerts ---we already know, just saying so for newer people.

      [There are also corp. Bonds which I guess are sold to raise capital.
      There are Municipal Bonds that I think tie in with the court bonds, and I have a hunch how, but can't explain it in words yet.]

      The BC BOND (Credit version) *represents*/stands for a credit VALUE in their FRAUDULENTLY ADMINISTERED financial system.
      And that VALUE *AMOUNT* is UNLIMITED.
      SO, basically we should all have anything and everything we want all the time, and loads of it all, too. But that's what THEY have! :) Not us, and THEY are the employees.

      The DEBTOR BCERT is,
      to me, just blatant FRAUD because:
      If our Trusts with unlimited credit were purportedly being used for the TerrirCorpse to pay itself AND pay all of ITS bills, INCLUDING ITS BILLS TO THE VATICANINC.and it is part OF the Vatican Inc. Who APPROVED of it giving the Trusts a value amount of: UNLIMITED, then the MuniCorpse/ VaticanInc cannot claim that the Trusts did not have enough VALUE to pay the Vat!!!!!!
      Its the Vats secret system!!!! THEYRE the one who set the ARBITRARY VALUE on the Trusts and recognized the value of the Trusts in their own secret system to be unlimited!!!!!!!

      I mean its exactly like you going into a restaurant and ordering a strip steak, eating it, and then after you eat it saying you didn't want a strip steak so you're not going to pay the bill.
      That's one way of looking at what they are doing with saying a Trust with unlimited credit suddenly has negative value because its their system and they decided to change it and you agreed to participate and so you have nothing to say about it. ESPECIALLY since they never told us anything about them until now!

    18. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 18, 2019 at 12:39 AM

      When,...back to the restaurant comparison: NO, the restaurant did NOT agree to let you hog down, for free, the food you ordered! It doesn't work that way and you knew it when you walked thru the door.
      Well, the Vat and Qwhine know they can't do that either.
      They claim their position "over" us on a spiritual basis and it is all biblically based whether people can believe that or not, it is. But twisted.
      So they are held in the actual spirit realm before creator to certain infallible principles that go along with making a claim, before him and us, of spiritual superiority.
      They know very well what those principles are.

      The foremost principle that I can discern presently, is THEY HAVE TO GET OUR CONSENT!!!!
      There is NO wiggle-room.

      Well, I'll just say right now, that you and I and the rest of the world can see that they didn't do that!

      People from different beliefs say: oh, no, it's ALL good!
      Well, that may or/may not be so, but it doesn't apply to them because they took oaths on THAT spiritual book. The 1611 KJV.
      Those, then, are the spiritual principles they are held to.
      And that's another UNBREAKABLE SPIRITUAL LAW:
      if you make an oath or covenant or promise, you had better KEEP it. Oh, especially if you take the benefit from the oath... Again: its like eating that strip steak.
      You're going to pay for it.

      There seem to be the four basic DEBT BONDS connected with the CorpseCourts.
      The DEBTOR BCERT BOND being in first position, because the other three "derive" from its "existence".

      Then there are the BID BONDS

      I haven't.

      What they have to do with "your" "case" is that when you don't pay "your" "charges", "you" are deemed the debtor /criminal/ slave /incompetent.

      Well, what the hell are they yammering about? Your debts for life were all PRE-PAID and that CREDIT version BCERT BOND PROVES it. But you don't have the Creditor version of the BCERT, THEY have it.
      And from what I presently understand, it is a Bearer Type BOND, so that whoever is physically holding it, is deemed to be its owner! Like with federal reserve notes. Even though your BCERT is heavily identified.
      If that's true, then they are sending me half sheets of ten cent photo copies instead of the actual physical CREDITOR BOND on BOND paper because keeping it makes them the "owner" instead of me... In *their* FRAUD system.... Even though they KNOW it belongs to me. They're stealing it. And they all agreed to do that including the Poopster and Qwhine.

      So they can send me the DEBTOR BCERT BOND, or a photocopy of the CREDITOR BCERT BOND... And either way it still leaves them in physical possession of the BEARER CREDITOR BCERT BOND and they, the Trustee, continues the FRAUD of claiming to be the owner of the Beneficiary's CREDIT(and)BOND Which is FRAUD because they are the Trustee and the Bearer should only be the Beneficiary of the Trust.

      So when we walk into one of those CorpseCourts, they all know the game is to f¥€# the stupid serfsmerf.
      THEY all know that THEY have participated in STEALING the CREDITOR BCERT BOND from you when THEY are the Trustees and mere hired-hand Administrators and you are the Beneficiary the one who is supposed to be giving the orders. See: Frank O'Collins on Trusts.
      Hey, but the Pope gave them a license to $¢π€# you worthless little smerfserf and they have taken their oaths to serve the Qwhine and each other and themselves... At your expense. Dead or alive, preferably the former.

    19. The numbers on the back of your SS card (you get it) read the below link and you will see where the SS comes from)
      Those numbers on the back of your social security card are linked to one of their federal reserve banks, that is where the accounts are
      I believe this is where the regionalism set up comes from
      And the FEMA Regions
      May not line up exactly but pretty damned close
      They assign a value at birth to the bond
      Here is a site that tells you how to pull the bonds up
      See this site I posted above is now selling a 'service'
      Year or so back people where actually accessing these bond accounts and getting things paid
      You bet your a$$ they know the bonds are there

    20. Wow Bodhi the information from the one link above is off the charts
      Just this one link here has tons of information
      This entire system needs to go but we need an alternative and IT SHOULD NOT BE THE ONE THAT THE BANKERS SET UP TO BE THE SOLUTION EITHER
      And no I'm not all about their prophecy to kill off the planet and make us take chips either - we the people have the power to change this outcome, IMO
      I don't think claiming the death certificate is the solution either, we need the LIVE BORN RECORD, IMO

    21. goodboots, Im quite sure the vat. hold NO special place at all in the Spiritual Realm as they serve the 'black forces of evil'.

      A question for you: My BC is typed in upper and lower case and is pasted onto black bond paper which is from the '30's. So what do I have then?

    22. Yah freedom school is great but if you don'y already have a decent understanding of what you are looking for it can be information overload and take a long time to sort through to get your bearings. You gals are sharp enough though so I thought you would like it. It was actually the fist place I stared really looking into in depth to learn about all of this stuff (not just bonds but the entire financial system and frauds)

    23. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 19, 2019 at 9:13 PM

      I'm making *Addition #1* to my Declaration and Claim:

      ALL of my words, thoughts, ideas, expressions, compilations and so forth shared on this blog and anywhere else are my own private property that are and have been and will continue forever to be held under American traditional common law copyright and authorities and other protections, from the very beginning, for my sole and exclusive benefit, use, enjoyment and enrichment/ other;
      *private men and women are welcome to use same for their own private use, free of charge, but do assume all risks, obligations, and responsibilities connected with such use for I am not under obligation for any other man's or woman's decisions, actions, or obligations;*
      and same may not be re-copyrighted and/or used for any purpose whatsoever at all without my lawful, lawfully-obtained, express, hand-written notice of limited use permission.
      As so it is established;
      September 17, 2019 by: jan-marie on bluebird acre.
      *And is amended this the 19th day of September in the year of my Lord, 2019.*

  6. Yes difficult but we know she’s right and David Straight says mental evaluation if a last ditch effort on their part we should be able to show compentancy. Schooling ,acomplshments etc. practice practice practice is what we need they deal in fear only confidence derived fro practice can defend.

    1. you can find many "communist" documents about anyone who tries to stop "the revolution" psychiatrists who are "fellow travelers" should lock up ASAP. it is not just cognitive dissonance and people who dont know anything, it is also a deliberate strategy.

      perhaps in many ways WHY the "communist" chose it. they knew it would sound to crazy. of course, cointelpro/etc. the "good guys" do this too. discredit, character assassinate, etc. fear, uncertainty, doubt in the software world. but they never say where those "methods" came from.

      that would be good to present in evidence, "communist" documents, preferably FBI or CIA-authorized stuff e.g. from the 1950s. this is a known tactic of "subversives" to try to lock everyone else up, and ask the judge if that is their goal?

      that would be great fun. if their is a masonic edication plaque to the "courtroom", masonic police lodges/brethren/etc. this could be great fun asking them if this is a freemason court or a real one, etc.

      sad thing is, many of the powers that be, are not "communists" ... but they blindly follow the propaganda, and end up promoting the same.

      as author of "brainwashing: the men who defied it" edward something or other wrote many decades ago, in "communist" countries 99% of people are not "communists" they just go along with things. perhaps hitler too.

      there is also a great description of playing invisible cards, flying an invisible helicopter, driving an invisible motorcycle, playing invisible pool, the supposed OSS/CIA and british POWs used to remain sane when in "reeducation" camps. [*]

      that is the financial system in a nutshell. invisible "dollars" that don't even physically exist as pieces of paper 99% of the time nowadays.

      [*] many "leftists" will be first to point out CIA exaggerrated/exaggerates "communist" things. on the other hand, the technology/methods/means of today is much further along. "mastery learning". really doesn't matter who is trying to "brainwash" you, whether a "communist" or "capitalist" or whoever.

      see the story of ezra pound too of course. locked up, then released years later. no charges.

    2. bubba, I too have mentioned before that one never knows just when a Judge can get so fed up with us, that they CAN just demand a mental evaluation anytime they decide to do so. And THAT right there IS the whole reason why I am just not gonna mess with them, just stay out of they way, mind my own business......and if I am not going to be able to proceed to actually USE paperwork, for that reason, then what good does it do me to bother doing it.

  7. i;m on australia, but when i read some of the comments here, it makes me wonder just who is American and who is an 'AMERICAN CITIZEN' or a 'CITIZEN OF THE USA. maybe you are all still confused?? It is the same here, people don't know 'who' they are, so many are happy to be a 'what'. There are basically 2 jurisdictions: legal....and.....lawful. Most people here cannot distinguish between, because they don't look up the definitions of words and understand English. What are people doing in legalese land when they have no qualifications to be there? Ask your accountant why he operates in legalese, when he has no qualifications to be in that jurisdiction. The law is simple. Do no harm. Legalese takes 6/7 years of study/programming and does the exact opposite to the law.

  8. From listening to this guy even using the zip code puts you in their jurisdiction
    I understand that part of the process here is to get the DOD or whoever to issue proper means of identification for 'those who have exited' their system?
    He also has a topic at the beginning about how they slowly train the people to conform using a good instance as to their tactics
    Tell ya the truth this is how I feel all the time, they have cameras on us everywhere like we are the thieves and villians and people just lullabyed to sleep and don't care that every move you make they got on a friggin camera somewhere with the data stored
    Funny how that works when on tell lie vision they can't seem to capture the perps that pull off 'events' but they got the time, energy, money and everything else to capture billions of peoples every friggin move
    Just think of what good could have come if the efforts had been for something good instead of the bullshit they selliing
    Anyway just thought I would put this out there

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 19, 2019 at 7:38 AM

      Subtitle on a news headline:

      "Always changing definitions to fit an agenda"

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 19, 2019 at 9:55 PM

      I just lost another comment as I was entering it.

      What I am reading now is that instead of trying to finance the govt through USSavingsBonds/prob others, TreasuryBills?/other, they decided to do this BOND thing they're doing now -- or at least ramp it up.

      The info I can find is that if you get the speeding ticket and you don't pay it, they put it out for BID to the BANKS, using the BID BOND where they have taken the $200 ticket and put $50,000.00 (or something outrageously high) value on it, then they multiply it by 8 to, usually 10, times.
      Yes, it looks like they just shittin' make all this stuff up.
      Then put it out to the BANKS for BID at $500,000.00, looking for an ACCEPTOR.
      As already said, the bank may bid $250,000.00 on it and buy the ticket's liability for $250,000.00. The bank pays that, and then THEY get to multiply it by 2 to 3 times. Then they bundle the purchased liabilities at the inflated price values and sell the bundles on the bond market as BANK SECURITIES.

      I guess then the Bank goes after the collateral to "pay themselves back" for that $250,000.00 they put out even though they made a profit of $250,000.00-500,000.00.

      So, back to the BONDS at the fake court.
      There is also a PERFORMANCE BOND

      THE BID, PERFORMANCE AND PAYMENT BONDS all have to do with the imaginary DEBT they say is owed for the TRAFFICK TICKET.
      They are all financial DEBT instruments or are derived from DEBT instruments.
      So where the hell's the CREDIT?
      The ticket, the original charging [financial] instrument, is a DEBT instrument.
      Anything we know about any of these BONDS is they are all DEBT instruments.

      We ask that being a Union...where's the credit?
      As states...where's the credit?

  9. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 19, 2019 at 10:51 PM

    Well, one of these sources I have says that if we knew what was going on, we would go in and ACCEPT the charges (conditionally) and USE OUR EXEMPTION.
    Annamaria has touched on this -- our "exemption"/s. Her editableforms say we claim all our exemptions.
    When we go to court she's said a time or two to say we claim our exemption/s. But I don't recall her explaining what that means or is. May have missed it?

    So I asked myself "hmmm, is the EXEMPTION the CREDIT? Does it FUNCTION/SERVE/STAND IN as the CREDIT?
    I believe it does in some way or other or at least NOTIFIES them that your DEBTS in their system are PRE-PAID.
    So, YOU, the living woman, thr Beneficiary, would then would become the BANKER ACCEPTOR they are looking for? I suspect so.
    ---They say we are all their Bank Representatives having personal/public?/corporate? NOT PRIVATE accounts.---

    This is complicated. But not insurmountable.

    FINALLY, I've got one lil ole source tho, that just happens to mention something I've never ever ever seen anywhere else, or noticed:

    It's called an "ACCEPTANCE ***BOND***".

    Now, just what the hell is THAT?
    That wouldn't be the CREDIT BOND that gets issued in the NAME and SOCSEC# of the legal fiction in the first place would it? ---- the CREDIT that corresponds to the original charging instrument's DEBT in their system??
    Because they SAY they are our Trustees and Executors, but they have made oaths to their Queen and gotten licenses from their Sovereign, the Pope, to commit crimes against us while pretending to fulfill a service contract?


    The one that, perhaps, when you bring in the CREDIT Birth Cert (or maybe even the DEBT one--As both show the Legal Fiction NAME and Numeric ID... The DEBT Certif. Shows the fraud better though...which may not be an immediate advantage at the time.)
    to show your position being Beneficiary and owner of the CREDIT in the account, allows you in their system to ORDER the pretend "judge" to apply THE CREDIT ----- ****BOND****?? (THE ACCEPTANCE BOND???) to the account to SETOFF the charges.

    Well, I'm just "logicking" here.
    But even though the details are fuzzy and so forth, I think the concept is correct, mostly correct, or getting really really close.


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