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Monday, September 16, 2019

Calling All Continental Marshals, Constitutional Sheriffs, and LEO's

By Anna Von Reitz

There will be a special meeting lasting three days in Austin, Texas.  Speakers will be David Straight from Oregon sharing what he has discovered about the Congress and its actions and other topics, Ron Gibson sharing his information about patents, and me bringing up the rear on Sunday with a Q and A about Enforcement of the Constitutions, Identities, Different Kinds of Law, Sea and Land Jurisdictions, Commissions, Pitfalls, and everything else you guys need to know. 

I have been trying to reach Bella Haywood, who inherited the organizational effort from Bruce Doucette --- without success.  If any of you have contact with her, please let her know that she is invited and we have limited funds available to cover her travel costs.  Bella has been unfairly demonized on a number of occasions and I would like to clear the air and fully explain the whole circumstance with all parties face to face. 

Please pass the word.  The details will be posted on my website, on the American States Assembly website, and in my Articles.  


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  1. Please get the meeting recorded and put on you tube. This is important

  2. I would be very careful in Austin Texas
    Beto O'Rourke is on a rampage and Texas is considered hostile territory by their own admission
    The USAF special delivered many things to Texas it would seem in preparation
    Cannot stress enough that everyone be on high alert
    Remember these 'officers' take a j u s u i t oath and if you know anything about that oath it is not pretty
    It is also home to Alex Jones and company of which he is an agent as well
    Just sharing some links for those interested

  3. Just listened to the call from last night
    Anna mentioned new currency that they would reveal to the people
    Well look no further
    Have a look at the Earths Federation HOURS Currency
    Look at Earth Federations Currency Authorization
    Already working the 'legislative acts'
    Already working it through their WORLD PARLIAMENT

    1. The Earth Financial Credit Corporation (EFCC)

    2. Shelby, well it is becoming more obvious that from anna's statements about 'a new world currency and it will be revealed to the public'....pretty much tells us she is working with the One World New Government. Otherwise how does she know so much about that?

      OWG is not a godly government, keep that in mind. It is evil and very much controlling over the peoples of the whole world.

  4. What is the date and time for this event in Austin?

  5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 10:08 AM

    Why is "annavonreitz" involved with a world currency? I thought we were supposed to be buying American silver dollars.
    Is "Annavonreitz"'s claim to be the Fiduciary over the world the claimed Fiduciary over this new world government currency or over American silver dollars?

    1. She mentioned a worrld currency on her call is all - I made reference to the sites above as if no one hasn't figured it out yet that they are operating this scheme in parallel to the 'governments' that are being presented to all of us
      See they already working the world currency on the other side
      Earth Federation HOURS currency and the EFCC
      None of this is being addressed
      They already operating a world government behind the scenes with this world parliament is my take on it
      Anna did not say she was involved in a world currency she made a statement as to their next scheme which is why I pointed out this site and their next move which is you will get credit for work hours - this all ties in with crypto is my guess
      The Earth Financial Credit Corporation, hmm I wonder who is behind that
      An excerpt from the page

      Agencies of the provisional world government, World Economic Development Organization (WEDO), Earth Financial Credit Corporation (EFCC) and Earth Federation Funding Corporation (EFFC) shall communicate with persons and groups that are seeking global standards and a world currency, for the purpose of building a network for launching the new currency system.

      All kinds of these groups everywhere
      How about this one WPEDO

      So while they plunder the world and steal all the wealth from the people they have all these groups set up everywhere pushing the garbage for a better world while they steal kids, beat up and or kill the people leaving havoc in their wake at every turn
      Just sharing links so people can see just how embedded this stuff is

    2. Might it be that the FRN is the world reserve currency? It would be necessary to take a new money into consideration. You might be assuming that America would not seek reserve currency status?

      But it all would have to be transparent given the way Anna has positioned everything, and right now goodboots I agree with your overall concern with this and other issues that it isn't looking as clear as it should be. You are right to question the process.

    3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 12:57 PM

      Thanks Will. I appreciate your correct "read" on my motives and my comments.
      For every issue there is a connected and straight line from cause to effect, with no gaps, and when you have all of the puzzle pieces,
      you're not left wondering or hoping or guessing or trusting, because you have facts and you have the answer.
      THEN you are prepared to make wise decisions.
      We don't have the answers.
      There are cracks to fall into.
      I'm merely pointing out the cracks I see, hoping to prevent ANY of us from falling into them.

      Like I think you said, and others, these are/ are potential issues of life and death.
      I'm just asking logical questions based on the puzzle pieces I see are missing.
      All of the puzzle pieces need to go onto the table. NOW.

      We ARE the true American *people* (living souls), not the People (Fictional Persons).
      No one else is us and no one else can speak for us.
      They all know that.

    4. It's not a good sign that this blog is attracting trolls to shill for Anna. What is happening to make that necessary? I think the winds are changing somehow, goodboots and Abby are picking up on it.

  6. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 10:12 AM

    I thought that was a hugely weird place to meet too.
    Austin?... Isn't that the South's equivalent of Portland?

    Something seems off. I wouldn't go! Especially since "Trump" is not sure yet whether he is going to protect the Second Amendment.

    1. yes, it is supposedly very "liberal"

      really, they are both "cities" -- incorporated. roman civil law. see "city" and "bishop" bouviers 1856.

      i suppose maybe they are trying to reach the "masses" or got an invite. but that is not how "cities" work. for one, cities have no "freedom of religion" even in secular america, it is still a "religious" type of law. it was in pagan rome, it was in vatican roman catholicism, it is in vatican II masonic "civil law", and it is still a religious type of law even in masonic secular "america" too.

      "city codes" think "religious commandments". religious type of law. no trials either (although jefferson wanted jury of one's peers for civil trials too).

      portland as well, anytime you have a "liberal" town, there is a strong "anti-" sentiment as well. the masonic/rosicrucian "opposites" spring to life. (see e.g. "secret doctrine of the rosicrucians")

      so, you kind of get worst of both worlds. clueless liberals and clueless "anti" movements.

      all promoting foreign types of law. and no freedom of religion from either "side"

      that is not to say i support "the radical center" which is how hegelian dialectics works. make it seem like "compromise" when really it is radical and far off track.

      according to edward mandell house diaries, all of texas is/was historically "liberal" despite the cowboy/bible "image".

      really, there is little difference nowadays between "liberal" places and otherwise. roman civil law pagan incorporations versus roman civil law pagan incorporations.

      e.g. fox news so-called conservativism, all they do is law merchant/wall street/roman civil law incorporations. same with trump.

    2. IIRC "liberal texas" that's how edward mandell house, promoter of the federal reserve as "socialism as dreamed by karl marx"

      got honorary "title" of "colonel" -- he was a texas "kingmaker". "liberal" texan politicians liked his assistance with campaigns/etc. behind the scenes.

      woodrow wilson too, virginian, but resented it and all it stood for. so didn't like to tell people where he was from.

      eustace mullins, a native virginian IIRC, was quite fond of pointing out how come virginians do so much damage to america? and that it was and largely is, in reality, masonic, not "conservative" at all, despite the image.

      i mention w.w. and house because 2 "liberals" from supposedly "conservative" bastions running amock decades later, people are still trying to clean up their messes.

      ironically, eustace mullins said the "south" is routinely depicted in movies/etc. as drunks/hicks/etc.

      but that is what "liberal" towns many times are too. they are supposed to be more "classy" about their alcohol i guess.

    3. (paraphrase) if we ever allow cities to spring up here, like they have in europe, we will become as corrupt as they are -- thomas jefferson, friend of humanity, gentleman farmer, supposedly turned away from "illuminism" in the end.

      because they are roman. and he had nothing against europeans, but didn't want anyone to try to bring back "the monarchy" over here (we the people joint kinghood is basically diversified/spread out "monarchies", so many many kings theoretically lessens tyranny, "balance of power" if you will.)

      not that i think it is practical/feasible for joe average to avoid incorporations and cities. for one, homesteading/free land is not much of a thing. for two, can't even legally/lawfully get a mortgage or buy a house/land nowadays. for three, who has the skills/training, have to start from scratch for most people.

    4. edward mandell house diaries IIRC basically says you had to be polite in texas with everyone locked and loaded. so he seems to say it was not genuine "hospitality" so much as things just evolved that way.

      even back then circa 1900s, they were looking at getting rid of guns. because he'd seen family members and people who "dueled" for in his mind dumb reasons, etc.

      point being, again, texas may have legitimately been "conservative" at one time, but that also breeds "liberalism"

      this may go a long ways towards explaining colonel edward mandell house and woodrow wilson. they both resented their idea of what they grew up/what they thought was "conservative"

      so they went 180 degrees into "liberal" land as an attempted "escape".

      i dont know w.w.'s father's beliefs, but he was a preacher in the south, during civil war, etc. see "woodrow wilson: disciple of revolution" out of print but e.g. .

      explains why w.w. went 180 degrees into full rosicrucian mason. [*]

      [*] once you know how much pagan/masonic/gnostic stuff is in scripture, or justified by it, 180 degrees is perhaps overstating the "shift"

      IIRC house's father was a rothschild agent. smuggled stuff during "civil war" and perhaps other things. i believe it was to the "south" but with rothschilds, perhaps they funded both "sides". i don't recall if they were the ones who lincoln supposedly turned down because too high interest, hence greenbacks.

    5. anther thing may explain some of modern texas/around the area "liberalism" too -- pancho villa and co. were hailed by "marxists" as the first "communist" "constitution" (he had no ideology, but supposedly stood for farmers/peasants having rights/land/whatever).
      zapata oil too -- bushes/CIA doing business under "communist" names.
      "first" because this was before 1917 "soviet russia"

      trotsky fled to mexico for asylum, supposedly was invited. supposedly stalin's orders got him. perhaps a fake "invitation"/setup.

      hence, supposedly catholic "mexico" also certainly had "liberal" elements circa 1900s (nowadays google says 83% catholic, but that is likely 82.999% vatican II masonic "catholicism" nowadays)

      i don't see any evidence w.w./house and co. supported pancho villa. if anything, the u.s. gov. couldn't stop guns from flowing, and told americans to come back over the border, no protection from us. gov. if they stay in mexico where a potential "revolution" was brewing.

      IIRC w.w. called up the state militias and/or national guard to "protect the border". (i may be mixing up with other movements). because it was cheaper than the army. (possibly the "states" of whatever form of "states" there were, had to pay them?)

      however, if house and w.w. really were promoting their idea of "marxism" makes one wonder why they didn't like villa.

      wells fargo came down to fund villa's army of course. he could've just printed paper notes/"credit", but i guess the bankers sold him on it is better to have notes other banks will take. wells fargo had/got lots of gold from/for this. which villa's crew IIRC confiscated when they found out. sounds like perestroika/glasnost.

      devil's dictionary author disappeared down there. is only reason i know that stuff.

      when wells fargo banker went down there to try to do business with whichever "side" won, as bankers are wont to do (somehow manage to avoid all sanctions, even during times of "war") and was stopped/questioned/gun pointed at him and asked which "side" he was on "viva villa?" "viva (the other guy) ?"

      his response was "viva wells fargo".

      this supposedly "spared" him his life because they were too busy laughing.

  7. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 10:18 AM

    Also, what an unimaginable coinkydink that 18 months ago "Trump" was saying they have to take immediate action and pass strong legislation infringing on the Second, but it isn't substantively coming up again until this roll out of the new world currency?
    Well, isn't it strange?

    1. I'm telling you humpty dumpty is part of the scheme and he has been from the start
      None of these people have authority over any of us
      The whole damned set up from nation to nation was a scam from the word go and their next move is to impoverish the world, kill off 6 billion and chip the rest for their heaven on earth
      5G is a weapon and these idiots just rolling it out
      Tell ya whole lot of things just do not add up all the way around
      They want war and gun control is how they will spark it and they know it, IMO

    2. If one reads and understand the book of revelation, we can see everything is lining up in preparation for the antichrist guy who will be world dictator during the 7 years of tribulation here on earth. He will rule over everyone who is still on the earth during that Time. Folks ought to be seriously seeing the correlation between the Book of Rev and the reality of all these things shaping up, just like IT is Written. I told ya'll IT is a book of Foretelling of what is to come, Authored by the One who has the ability to foresee what Mankind is going to do before mankind does it and is loving enough to warn mankind beforehand.

      We often hear from folks who get slammed and destroyed by tornadoes and they complain loudly that their community did not give them a Forewarning so they could take the necessary steps to avoid their destruction. But oh, dont tell us 'your ridiculous nonsense of forewarning of this coming destruction upon the earth'; dont give us that nonsense from some silly book; thats just coincidence. Yeah, uh huh.'

  8. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 10:41 AM

    Yeh, thanks for pointing all this out.

    "annavonreitz" says she's the Fiduciary of the world though, and so that means she is claiming to be handling "the money" for the world.

    My specific question to her is:
    Has that claim been/ is it now that she is claiming to be Fiduciary over the new,
    World Government currency?

    Iow, WHAT currency system is she claiming to be Fiduciary over?

    1. goodboots, thats a really great question, and yes people ought to begin to also question these matters. All I know at this point for sure, is........something has been fishy about so many of her open-ended statements for a very very long time now.

      Anna, just who do you serve, and why have you always made sure to avoid the fine points, but always say just enough to make your followers, Assume it is for their good. But in fact, I have never seen you pointedly speak of any hand to hand direct funding to the People. Nor have I ever seen you address any specific Helps directly for The People, again, always leaving things open-ended ...enough to let Minds wander in whatever direction suits each of them.
      And while we are at it, exactly what ''fiduciary work'' do you do, when you have no literal funds to work with? Why dont you explain exactly what it is you do, in that line of work?

      Strange and trump both june babies, and both of you talk out of both sides of your mouth, till nobody really knows what either one of you Really means. Both of you have everybody totally confused, due to you both being very ''wobbly'' and all over the place.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 12:24 PM

      "And while we are at it, exactly what ''fiduciary work'' do you do, when you have no literal funds to work with? Why dont you explain exactly what it is you do, in that line of work?"

      Shelby just posted that on one of the recent calls(?) "annavonreitz" (?) told the listeners that she/ they/ it/he/ other needed $60,000.00!
      Wheeeeew! :)
      Would that be paid in Silver dollars, rainbow currency, frns, HOURS, or just disappeared credits on a computer screen?

    3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 12:39 PM

      We all need to find out just what in tarnation is agoin' on.
      'Cause it sounds like that big dark bird, ugly and misshapen, is circling for a landing and is getting ready to try to SQUAT its stinky self right on top of all of us, including the ones who've thrown the rest of us under the bus in exchange for part of our property...
      *They* will come for you all first, because they are more afraid of what they've seen you agree to do to the innocent for money; and they know that you will do the same to your present Masters if someone offers you more money than your master is paying you.
      You will very likely, NOT be paid by anyone for your services.
      Templars doublecross?
      Wake up!
      Don't harm the innocent who have creators mark on them!

    4. goodboots, did they bother to say what they needed that much money for??

    5. No there was no mention of what the money was for, but they did report in yesterdays video that they received the $60,000 with $25 left over
      It's in the videos they publish, look under videos instead of the blog, last two videos

    6. Lots of good points being raised here. Again I agree with Abby, Anna says a lot of things that might be fine but we can't entirely see because of the annoying details that are missing. You can't really get to the core of it. I am sure many people might sense it but aren't offering opinion.

      goodboots, you are feeling anxious about it now. Something feels like it is shifting, the center is not holding anymore. It's very subtle you have to know how to read the tea leaves.

      It won't be quite as easy as Anna suggests to disentangle from the matrix, and I don't think she necessarily believes that it can just be undone.

      The world is secretly brutally corrupt with a thin veneer of civilization that is only held in place very loosely if the system continues to function. Anna appears to have expected there could be trouble at times previously but guarded her words carefully and implied the people should prepare quietly.

      The tenor has been different lately too, more aggressive. And yet there is a kind of logic to what she has said, but at this point it could be expected, maybe inevitable that even she could become swept up in events that she neither wants nor can control. Despite all the best intentions, she may have to capitulate and compromise, maybe even stand down because they just won't let it go.

      And there will be conflict anyway, goodboots said it they are desperate for gun control.

    7. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 6:47 PM

      "goodboots, you are feeling anxious about it now. Something feels like it is shifting, the center is not holding anymore. It's very subtle you have to know how to read the tea leaves."

      Will, if you mean by this that I am sensing their abject desperateness demonstrated in their rushing and cramming with no diplomacy and little pretense anymore at finesse or cover-up, you are right on the "money". :)

      They are acting clumsily and oafishly and stupidly and showing that they have no idea that anyone of us have an IQ over 68.

      I say their most fatal mistake is going to be that they won't give us credit for being and smarter or anymore disciplined by than they are.
      They are way the @#$%&-+ out of their league.
      We are smart, we are kind, we are not jumpy, we are thinkers and even if we weren't fully aware that they are sad bumbling boobs, we would still not be scared.

      Do you see any "tea leaves" I didn't see?

      Is that what you meant Will Smith? :):) ;).

    8. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 6:53 PM

      Great find tony.
      Thanks for sharing that.

    9. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 7:11 PM

      Will, I want to add to that:

      The people, the ones who have been wanting out of the system and I believe there are many many many more than we even dream, are seeing their one and last chance to escape.

      Many of these people participating in harming people, who knew only: "ahh, yeh, we're going to put the screws to the serfs if we want to" have been pressed waaaay past the point they ever thought they were signing up for. They were just going to make a little money, that's all.
      Little did they ever dream of the things they would end up finding out about and have to keep secret about under threat of their families being harmed or such things; thereby inadvertantly making them as much an unwilling participant as we are.

      They may still be sitting there, but they have already taken their exit in their head and they are on the look out for the escape hatch, cause if they see one open that doesn't a trap, they're going through it, do or die and God will be protecting them as they go.
      God bless them.
      All but the lunatics are escaping.
      Watch! :):)
      Things are NOT going to go the way people think.
      I sense that were getting some kind of a second chance before the end of the age. JMwhatever.

    10. seem to have covered all the tea leaves I had in mind actually LOL.

      I just noticed Shelby's post about the One World System, the website is very preliminary but if Anna is involved in that then all is lost going down that road, but was easily predicted that the attempt would be made.

      You can't undo the explosion of information and connectivity that exists now, some say they did not see that coming.

      And it will only be a matter of time before the 9/11 UofA, Fairbanks report bleeds into the mainstream as I said prior in another topic post. It is inevitable, a fait accompli that has been like a snowball rolling downhill every year, and after 18 years it is reaching critical mass now.

      Your quote: "We are not "after" anyone, we just want to make a world where we can mind our own business and allow everyone else to do the same...."

      Yes perfect, that is what the whole world wants and deserves, that is enough, they need to see their comeuppance for what has been done, the filth and evil.

      I get how Abby feels it is too immense of a problem for mankind to get control of and that is needs to be corrected by divine intervention. It does feel that way.

      But thousands or millions of people meditating or praying at once on something simultaneously has been able to accomplish things that divide and conquer cannot. The mind is very powerful too. All those metaphors are true. United We Stand-Divided We Fall, all that stuff.

      Gosh I wouldn't want to be accused of indulging in my "ignorance" on things :)

    11. Will I believe they did see it coming as far as the information sharing
      Have a look at this site where they talk about connecting the world - global connectivity
      It's all connected

    12. Shelby thanks I will look at the link tonight probably. I would be surprised if they really thought that. I know that they believe they can control the message and narrative when it comes to social media that crap is MK-Ultra. That is sick too.

    13. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 18, 2019 at 11:26 PM

      "I say their most fatal mistake is going to be that they won't give us credit for being and smarter or anymore disciplined by than they are.

      .....and smarter or anymore disciplined by than they are....

      I read most, not all, of my posts out loud before posting -- professional proofreaders used to do that, prob don't do that anymore -- and even though I don't always punctuate properly and leave a misspell sometimes because I'm pecking all this out on a smartphone, I NEVER purposely send through wordgarble. I've been noticing wordgarble showing up in some of my posts, especially where it would take away from the specific point i am making.

      Like the example above.
      It should have read...
      .... ANY smarter or anymore disciplined ×× than they are.

  9. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 11:05 AM

    "They want war and gun control is how they will spark it and they know it, IMO"

    That's sure what it looks like!
    We are such good people, and so fair and peaceful... We do not bully other people or take what they themselves have earned. We are not "after" anyone, we just want to make a world where we can mind our own business and allow everyone else to do the same....
    So they have had one HELL of a time trying to push us into the violence they habitually use.

    They apparently believed that everyone is as touchy and pushy and narcissistic and angry and violent as they are!
    They just very simply do not know how to deal with people with balanced minds and spirits!

    I'm just sitting back watching more and more, the ridiculous goading and childish tactics, accusations, bullying, threats, "pushing", cyber stalking... they use to try to push us into the positions or actions *they* need to have happen, and THOUGHT they could generate in us by doing things that would trigger "outrage"! in them.
    But that is their warped and pathetic mini-brain trying to cope with beings who are their superiors :):):):):).

    1. This 'group' here says they want to do away with the need for self defensive weapons
      See how this is going - falls right in line with the UN agenda and yet no one sees it
      Published documents prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they intend to murder us and yet this 'organization' with their billions of dollars says we are 8 billion as one??
      Starving people to death for DEPOPULATION and this group here touts they are the saving grace of humanity?
      And according to this, all of these are connected as far as I can see to the illuminated agenda
      Their First Testament


    nullius filius (n<>-lI-<>s fil-ee-<>s), n.[Latin “son of no one”] An
    illegitimate child. [Cases: Children Out-of-Wedlock 1.C.J.S. Children Out-of-Wedlock §§ 2–11.]
    nullius in bonis (n<>-lI-<>s in boh-nis), adj.[Latin “among the property of
    no person”] Hist. Belonging to no one. • Wild animals were considered to be nullius in bonis. —
    Also termed in nullius bonis.

  11. My parents were married 7 years b4 i was born i have there marrage lic.JUST WHOS ASS DO I HAVE TO GO KICK TO FIX THIS.I have been hearing the dept of commerce has our info??????? any help

    1. tony, who says there is anything to fix? Those jackasses who dreamed up and wrote their own Dictionary?? Who are 'they'? Well, 'they' are the same jackasses who sit up there in their 'black dresses, the color of evil' looking down on those they think of as ''nullius in bonus'' LOLLOLOL

      Im sure you realize that both marriage licenses and birth certificates and what is put on them, is/are all part of 'the devils evil system' we all live under..........(for now).
      So why would you want to cow down and even recognize what 'they' say or do.

      Now if you want to go way back at what the Creator says about all this - - and it IS His World, He owns it, not these idiots who have you jumping to please - -
      He says that marriage is when a couple unite, that constitutes marriage. Look at Abraham, how he sent his servant to go into town and fetch a woman who would be at such and such place, bring her for a wife for Isaac.
      And so he did just that. And (rebecca, her name) was taken by Isaac into his tent, his home, and she became his WIFE. There was no paper work, no license issued, just in the eyes of God, as was ordained by God, they were Married. Period.
      And so too, with the children they had. No paperwork, no BC, but they were natural born children in the eyes of God.

      I put3 very important comments on a cia art on annas look up pdf.It will blow your mind

    3. To Tony from Anna:

      I think one of the places we need to hit are all the Banking and Securities Offices because they have "securitized" us which is against the law. But the ones really responsible for this horse crap are the politicians and the Generals.

  12. Henry Makow‏ @HenryMakow 1h
    Huge Break in Las Vegas Shooting Case: Municipal Camera Shows Aircraft Heading the Wrong Way..!!
    The Helicopter deniers are toast. This was an aerial attack.

    1. At the end of the video, The Ostrich Effect
      How about the Liberty Mutal commercials with the ostrich in them now
      Just an observtion

  13. Central Bankers' Desperate Grab for Power

    Central bankers are out of ammunition. Mark Carney, the soon-to-be-retiring head of the Bank of England, admitted as much in a speech at the annual meeting of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyo., in August. “In the longer-term,” he said, “we need to change the game.”

    Carney suggested that the new currency might be “best provided by the public sector, perhaps through a network of central bank digital currencies.” This raises further questions. Are central banks really “public”? And who would be the issuer—the banker-controlled Bank for International Settlements, the bank of central banks in Switzerland? Or perhaps the International Monetary Fund, which Carney happens to be in line to head?

    1. It's a set up I'm telling you, that is what crypto currency is all about

    2. Shelby, I cant say Im any expert on crypto currency, but I do know a little about how block chain works. It is the method by which crypto is transmitted from one place to another. It bypasses the central bank and the fed. reserve. That means I can buy wiggits from you and send payment from my Account directly to your Account and it is there immediately and done. Banks dont even know I bought or that you got paid, or how much. Transactions are much more private. Banks dont like block chain transmission, and you can see why. No paper trail, not easy to get Records, etc etc.

    3. I see holes in what Carney is saying here. Its a lot of double talk....first he insinuates to public sector currency, but then turns around and says ''perhaps by a bunch of Central Banks digital currency'' ! ! Really? Isnt that just exactly what we already have? Everything they do is just digits in computers as it is.
      But here he is slyly trying to keep the central banks in control of all the money and all transactions. Maybe he is trying to tell all the attendees not to let go of their power, and to try to prevent the Peoples from having their blockchain system.

      That sly ole snake, that one. I think we have to read between the lines on his speech there.


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