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Monday, July 22, 2019

The American States Assembly with Anna Von Reitz Zoom webinar.

You are invited to The American States Assembly with Anna Von Reitz Zoom webinar.

When: July 22, 2019 5 pm Alaska 6 pm Pacific 7 pm Mountain 8 pm Central 9 pm Eastern
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  1. Can you please record and publish with your other video calls are for those to view and listen who cannot join the call
    Thank you

  2. Is there anyone in north Idaho that can hold my hand and help me correct my political status? the best way to reach me is at thanks.

  3. Just listened and viewed the call from last night
    Everyone needs to look in to the Councils of Governments they got running behind the scenes
    It all relates to their regionalism that goes with their FEMA Mega Regions SMART Cities (it's their ecofascism, climate change, reduce your CO2, aquarian age, blah blah blah)
    Ecofascism, UN Agenda 21, 2030, 2050
    Like I said they make long term plans and the agenda to one government is in step with the Bible and the eclipses' (7 year tribulaton)
    Sept 2017 eclipse, revelation 12 in the bible - next eclipse is 2024
    X across the continent of the United States of America
    That is not a coincidence
    They are now working to remove any wording in documents that refer to man at all - this is actually happening in California
    And as per the conversation about 'human'
    So where does this leave the UN's Declaration of Human Rights?
    Again the UN is a private corporation

    1. To them, Hu-man would be okay, since in "legal" terminology I've read that means "monster".

      Somebody,anybody: is that def. in Blacks law dictionary?

    2. Somebody, anybody tell me who the hell makes up the words and what they mean? Who has the authority to change the definition at will? Encyclopedia Britannica? Blacks Law? Well who makes this stuff up to put in those books?
      For example ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes for medical billing purposes
      Bet you can't guess who comes up with all the diseases and diagnosis codes and procedure codes for that mafia
      Non other than the Rockefeller Foundations, AMA, ADA, American Cancer Society, and all other healthcare related entities follow the rules set out by non other than this clan
      Can you say petro chemical big pharma
      They don't call it practicing medicine for nothing
      Or how about how we have all said something about their hypocratic oath?
      I still say they leading this all to us not wanting to use gas and then not having an alternative - problem, reaction, solution
      Chemtrails - problem, they spraying them on us, people react and now they tell everyone Trump is spraying healing chemicals
      What a crock of shit
      Ahh the wiki - I wonder where all that information comes from? Who puts it there? Who wrote it? Who can change it and by what authority?
      They changing the verbage of manhole now to not reflect the word man at all????
      Oh I forgot, we're cattle, nope monkey, nope human, nope man, nope, lets change the verbage again and don't forget to change it at the wiki level and google so that when the brain dead ask alexa what it means well heck they have the answer and the latest and greatest one too, bitty, bobbity, boo as goodboots put it

  4. Anyone in Wisconsin - have a listen
    They are now burning down court houses to destroy evidence
    Saying that they do not keep electronic records it was all on paper and they have no record of receiving documents etc etc etc
    I believe that I heard on another call that they are now closing down land recording offices - this is part and parcel why they are closing these down so you cannot get it on the record

    1. "They are now burning down court houses to destroy evidence"

      They've pulled that one before... After the war of 1812 and also after the so-called civil war...
      That's what they did to *our* govt and buildings in Philly, isn't it?

    2. Even if they do destroy/ close their offices and documents, it DOES NOT AFFECT US, it affects U. S. CITIZENS ONLY.

      We are NOT U S. CITIZENS people!!!!!!!!

      We are American state nationals, the people!!!!!!
      We are American state *nationals*!!!!! :):):):):)

      We are not their corporate "citizens".

      Look at them!!!! Burning up proof of their crimes against us now? Really??!! That's pretty desperate.
      Shhhhhhh, don't tell 'em...they didn't have the only copy... :).

      If they are really trying to destroy their own records, that should tell us something.

      We are the *people* from whose consent
      were cre-a-ted :).
      They are not sovereign or Sovereign.

      We are.

      Don't forget that!:

      We. Created. "Them"., not the other way around.

      It doesn't matter what they say, it doesn't apply to us.

      If your neighbor tells his wife she can't drink beer, does that affect you? No.
      If he comes to your house and tells you that he won't let his wife have a beer and you can't have one either, you'd probably more or less politely tell him you don't give a shit if he wants you to have a beer or not, if you want a beer, you'll be drinkin' a dam beer and to get the hell off your porch, ... Oh, and by the way, don't come back either.

      Same thing.

      They are like the overbearing neighbor man trying to enforce his "rules of the house" on the entire neighborhood.

      Thanks Shelby, we need to know how out of hand these halfwitted loser twits are getting and get a jump on letting them know we've never been a part of their system.

  5. The truly comical thing about all this whole thing is that its the people doing it who actually are the property, collateral, chattel.

    Say there is a bar attorney pretending to be a judge. He has taken an oath of fealty to "the Queen"/"Pope"/"Temple"...

    *he* is the *property*, not Amer state nationals,... because he gave up his natural status; and took an oath, willingly, knowingly, and with intent, in EXCHANGE for receiving the "privileges and immunities" of being owned.

    It is really funny.

    They are the ones who will be held as collateral... hell, they are the collateral/property, not us.

    We're just innocent, peaceful, honorable living people who they OWE all that to.

    Oh my gosh, I just get to chuckling every time I think about it.

    What a whamboozle was played on them.
    And they are all like: yeah, man, go ahead and add to the "deficit", do more damage, we'll just charge the Americans and screw them more.

    No they won't!!

    *They* are the property of their Masters, not us.
    They have to pay US.
    They will pay the charges.

    All of our claims are still owed, due, past due and constantly and immediately payable until paid in full.

    That will be them being used to pay us.


  6. Everyone and I mean everyone be aware of them selling services to protect your kids from pedophila
    This is their MO with this Epstein crap
    Oh my with all this going on we have to do something to protect the children, enter more CORPORATIONS to provide services like
    National Child Identification Program or CHIP
    They collect pictures, DNA and fingerprints to go along with the SSN they provided the child at birth
    Selling it as a service for 'safety' reason, 'national security issue'

    1. Meanwhile in the public edjucation centers they are teaching kids sex education and gender confusion at the age of 3, drag queens reading them stories, there are no genders, be what you want to be no matter if you're a male or female, again selling this stuff then on the back side of it ole Rickefeller and Co will supply the medical drugs surgeries, adoption agencies will adopt stolen shildren out to same sex couples furthering their depopulation agenda
      I know Anna does not care for this site TROH but you have to see this magazine cover out of Colorado

  7. And this is how they will starve people to death
    Take away their food stamps - again made up program, rules made up by them, can change them anytime they want to, but oh well who cares that those people won't be able to eat now?
    Walmart doesn't pay a living wage, makes billions upon billions in profits every year and pretty near all their employees are on food stamps
    But wait you can opt to stay in the program provided you carry the global citizen id or proceed to participate in the National Child Identification Program
    Anyone who thinks any of these pucks are working for the people are off their rockers

  8. And how about that, a new bill to combat child trafficking
    They will collect the DNA of the immigrant children
    See how this works, ICE a for profit private corporation says that the children don't belong to the people bringing them over, well we can't have that, set up new for profit private corporations to start collecting DNA from the immigrants and it feeds right in to their green new deals of the companies in the know set up to handle the problem
    For every problem they create they have the fakers on the other side proposing 'bills' to combat the problem they created in the first place, while they set up in the know corporations on the back end with the solution - all the while creating profiles and getting critical health data like blood type, etc etc etc for their data collection of the new and upcoming slave class, once of course they have eliminated the ones before them
    Remember the guy whos kid was stolen out of Sears years ago? He went on to become big tell lie vision star and advocate for children, or was he? Walsh is his name. Hmm sound like a set up to start a data collection process and spin off new corporations to deal with such events
    Kinda of like how Rockefeller has set up Resilient Cities for the terrorized victims of weather warfare, staged school shootings, the list goes on and on
    Problem, reaction, solution

  9. Need help in Florida! I will not give up my rights as a parent or allow my child to be used as collateral! He will be born 11/11. is my email! I'm willing to pay in silver!

    1. From Anna:
      So if your baby is due 11/11, it's estimated day of fertilization is nine months prior--about mid-February.

      You would wish to claim your baby as a zygote and place its fertilization date as February of this year.

      Use the Baby Deed found as part of my Article 928 paperwork, replacing "baby" with "zygote" and fertilization day instead of birthday or birthdate.

      We are moving toward this as more is being discovered about the history and practices of these fakirs.

    2. Jatii4783, thoughts to consider for you:

      From the miraclesecond of the lightoflife, that is your son or daughter/natural offspring/fruit of your body alone!

      A zygote is a "thing"; and also zygote is a sterile, scientific word like fetus or "the material". Baby is, some say, too much like baby-lon. Child/children are commerce words, I'm told. Boys and girls are too, (I'm told).

      ....Just laying out another perspective.....

      The son or daughter being formed inside you is your natural offspring coming from the wellspring of your unique vital energy and of your and your family's natural gifts.

      Your son or daughter is the fruit of your body your gift from God, just especially for you.

      In a way, your son or daughter *is* your "property" until they become of age, but in the sense of responsibility to put them ahead of you most.of the time, for a few years.

      I know you get what I am saying!

      Son or daughter is a familial word and a bible word.

      The people doing this to us use the 1611 KJV bible whether we do or not.

      If it was me, I would think about possibly using more than one descriptive word, even using "forward slashes".... I use them all the time in my papers.

      Ex: ..."I claim my gift from my and my son or daughter's creator: my son or daughter; who, being as yet unborn, i recognize and receive to be my very own, with love, thanksgiving and joy; wholly accepting full responsibility for the care, nuture, and well-being of my son/daughter, who is, from the very beginning, the fruit of my own body alone from the scientifically -acknowledged so-called 'zygote stage' that I recognize to be the moment of conception, on through to age of full maturity" ....

      and so on and so forth....

      .....just adding to the cache of ideas.

  10. Weather warfare
    Lying to all the public about their operations