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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Status Report: Self-Government

By Anna Von Reitz

It's crazy busy.  That's the first circumstance. 

We are all coming together.  That's the second circumstance.

From all over the world, in all directions, people are waking up.  And what they are seeing is amazing to them, in the same way as Dorothy reacted to her first sight of The Land of Oz.  It's just plain strange and different from anything any normal person ever imagined, the same way that Technicolor is different from Black and White, and the landscape of Oz differs from that of Kansas. 

Then, having glimpsed the strange reality of the "government", people react in horror and fear and denial and disbelief.  How is it possible that we have been living in the midst of all this deceit and crime, and had no idea?  How is it that so many government officials have been duped in the same way?

One of the most difficult skills we have to teach is what the Hindus call  "discernment".  Discernment is the ability to discern the truth, to see through the veils of illusion surrounding us, and to pierce to the heart of actuality.  Discernment requires the desire and will to seek the truth in the first place, and then, also requires the tools to achieve it. 

The tools include quite a range of skills most of us have never been taught: grammar, phonics, the history (etymology) of words, Latin (and Hebrew and Greek), definitions of words and legal terms, logic, mindfulness, centeredness, self-awareness, and ultimately, self-government.

It was never intended by those who mean to profit from us, that we should ever learn these skills, ever discern The Land of Oz, or ever learn to rule ourselves.  Ruling over us is the job they crave: to govern us by manipulating our minds and limiting our ability to perceive and ultimately, to discern, what they are doing to us.  It isn't in their self-interest to educate us.  So they don't.

Imagine a loathsome viper biting through your skin in such a subtle way that you hardly notice that it is there, clinging to your heel. Imagine dragging this thing along with you every step you take, while its poison is very slowly drip-feeding into your blood stream, killing you a bit more every day.   

That is the circumstance that we all live with. 

In order to kill the viper and get rid of it once and for all, we must learn all these other skills and apply them. 

We must learn to self-govern, and never again leave that responsibility to other men, for the only men who desire to rule over others are, by definition, those who are untrustworthy to do so, and those who, unwilling though they may be to step forward, are called to do so in order to save the race of mankind. 

And then, as we evaluate the leaders who would lead us one way or another, either deeper into The Pit, or out of it, we must develop the skills of discernment ourselves in order to know the difference between the two cadres of leaders now emerging. 

We must also develop these skills for our own sakes, to use in our own lives and our own business affairs, and ultimately, we need these same skills to forge a future for our country and our world.  So let's set aside our astonishment and our fear and get on with the job. 

Americans are nothing if not task-oriented, so let's accept that our educations were deliberately incomplete and flawed, and we must now make up for it.

The school we will attend is not conventional.  The teachers don't have degrees in education.  The school itself doesn't have a street address.  We carry this institution of Higher Learning within us, in our minds and in our souls.  There are two Headmasters, the Devil and our Creator.

And we must learn to discern the difference between the teachings, ideas, and lies of the Great Viper, and our Father.  One leads to death and agony. One leads to life and joy. 

It's really that simple, and that difficult, and we each face the challenge alone.

So, I have learned and practice a high level of discernment.  My Shinola Sensor is acute.  I know when people are lying to me on purpose. I know when they are lying in ignorance.  And I know when they are telling the truth. This ability is a great natural advantage, but teaching it to others is not so easy.

There are other teachers and they vary from me, because of their own peculiar backgrounds and their path of learning and their own interests and specialties.  My only concern about them -- and you -- is that you understand where they are coming from and therefore understand what to expect and glean from them.  Also, there are a very few high level teachers who are treacherous, and those you either need to avoid, or approach carefully to learn from, but not as they would teach you. 

I have recommended Mark Emery and the Lighthouse Law Club.  This group is centered on learning to cope with the System in practical ways, how to handle traffic stops, divorces, foreclosures, and most of all, business affairs. They regularly come up with nuggets that are insightful and helpful when dealing with the Unreal World.

I have recommended Kurt Kallenbach and his seminars.  He currently has one going called "Where Darwin Meets God".  I caught the last hour of discussion last night and it was sheer brain candy for those who are already aware.  The only caveat I have about Kurt is that he has studied the issues of  the Jurisdiction of the Air, which is -- admittedly -- the most important jurisdiction in terms of understanding the whole scheme--- but to the exclusion of the other jurisdictions.  That can lead him to say some disparaging things about the realities we face day to day -- such as the need to own and control our own Given Names. 

The reality is that we all interface with all three jurisdictions and have to know the ropes in all three.  We can indeed return to "Kansas" -- but The Land of Oz will continue to exist, and its best to have one's plan to deal with Flying Monkeys.

Ken Cousins and the Panterra organization has a wealth of information to offer at their Gemstone University.  Again, it is a mixed bag coming from many directions, many subjects, and not all absolutely correct, but overall solid and worthwhile and well-intentioned. 


David Straight is wonderful.  Karl Lentz is wonderful.  Romley Stewart is wonderful. The list of worthwhile teachers goes on and on, and each one of them has something well-worth knowing to offer. 

It's the same with all the groups and individuals coming together.  We may not have it all absolutely right, and so once again, we come to the issue of discernment.

We all tell lies by accident, if nothing else.  We are all fooled to one extent or another, it's just a matter of degree.  "All fall short of the glory of God."  So while we all deal in facts to the best of our ability, we all make mistakes. We are all impacted by our own experience and limitations.

Imagine a group of people standing in a circle with their backs to each other, all looking out from a mountain top, and shouting out what they see. 

That's the situation that we have right now with all the various teachers and preachers in the worldwide Patriot Movement. 

And on top of that, we have paid Disinformation Agents out there pounding the streets and the internet, trying to muddying things up deliberately. 

Use your Horse Sense, but don't rely on much of anything you learned in school. 

Use your instincts and your ability to reason, but don't take recourse to what you have assumed to be true all your life.  Assume nothing and evaluate everything and you will be far better off.

In many ways, the Path to Discernment is a path of forgetting what you were taught and learning to see things from different angles, and most of all, becoming aware of the serpent you have been dragging along at every step --- the falsehoods and false assumptions that have crippled you.

For those of you who have a solid background and are already pretty far advanced and know the differences between the jurisdictions and the role of  semantic deceit in all of this--- and who have resources to make a hefty (recommended $600 donation) -- I can already recommend Kurt Kallenbach's "Where Darwin Meets God" seminar. 

The most valuable thing this seminar will help you with is to demonstrate how the air jurisdiction functions, is organized, and the thought processes and definitions underlying it. 

For similar help with the international jurisdiction of the sea (which is where most of us get walloped day to day) our friends in Australia have put together a fabulous presentation on YouTube called "Justinian Deception (Law)" ---

I personally guarantee that if you are ready for it, you will learn vast amounts of useful skills and information from these two teachers -- Kurt for the jurisdiction of the air, and Rom for the jurisdiction of the sea. 

You will also learn a lot about courts from Karl Lentz (and some good attitude adjustment, too!) and you will learn more about courts and American History from David Straight, who has his head screwed on and a fine sense of who he is and "where the bear went through the buckwheat", too. 

There are many good teachers and good organizations now entering the arena and helping to dis-spell the illusions and lies and semantic deceits that have enslaved people for centuries.  In the midst of all this revelation it is easy to get confused and to get side-tracked down rabbit holes, and also fairly easy to be deceived either because of deliberate manipulation by Disinformation Agents, or because of honest ignorance. 

The best safeguard is a healthy awareness of The Big Picture, and an open-minded but also skeptical and questioning attitude. 

As you study and learn, you will notice that things begin to "fall into place" and make sense.  When you are offered a new piece to the puzzle that doesn't seem to fit, you will be aware enough to question it, and that will lead to either: (a) recognizing it as a lie or mistake; or (b) expanding your view of the puzzle.

I am not the best teacher for everyone.  We all have our strong suits, our strengths, our weaknesses.  I strive to give you a vision of the ultimate goals --- the ability to discern truth and achieve self-government being two major goals --- and a practical pathway forward.  I also try to point you toward developing the skills and "ways of seeing" that are necessary to succeed.

It's a long haul to arrive at the point of being "in it, but not of it".  God bless each and every one of you who aspire to be free and self-governing.


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  1. Thank you Anna, for these useful referrals. I signed up for the Kurt Kallenbach teachings and I simply could not adjust to his teaching style. I listened to a portion of one seminar and I couldn't bear it. I found him to change the subject repeatedly while making a single point, and I got very frustrated by that. I asked for a refund and didn't get it. So, I recommend that folks watch some of his free videos and try to get a feel for it before you invest.

  2. Thanks, Anna!

    Godspeed to us all on our forward journey.

  3. Have a listen this is exactly what they have been doing
    And this is from 30 years ago I believe
    This is what free trade is all about, but it meant that they got slave labor wages from third world countries while they stole their resources doing it
    Like I said long term planning they do

  4. The truest statement you made early on was that 1) First there has to be a willingness to "want" to learn...because then they can learn...But there are too many people hopelessly commented to the matrix and unwilling to connect, whether they know or problem or completely ignorant of it all...they still represent our enemies and have to be perceived as much...!!

    That s unfortunate, but we untlimatly cannot change people's minds that that are either not ready for such a reality or totally unwilling, or arrogant (and there are plenty of those) to change for any reason.....until they wind up in Epsteins situation...!!,How much you want to bet me Epstein finds God in jail....!! That's the only thing now that will give him "hope"...!! Without hope, there is no reason to live...!!
    It's really sad that he has to face what's coming, but I really think that God is still willing to forgive him if he truely ask for it with all his heart...!! Too bad that kinda of love doesn t exist in this dimension ...!!

    One more thing needs to happen before the people can be in charge and take responsibility for their govt, instead of assigning that responsibility to "BAR ATTORNEYS"...!! They can never be in charge of the law again, or we deserve everything coming to us again...!!

    1. James, I believe the main reason why so many people do not learn even after being repeatedly given proof of truthful info, is because they have been rejecting truth for so long, and fighting against it like forever, that they have been send a strong delusion by God.
      There comes a time in life when God says, ok you are so determined to wave off truth and show disdain for it, that I will fix your mind so you CANT receive truth ever again. That is in scripture, not MY idea.
      As for this epstein devil, his mind is far too warped and ingrained with evil, that God would not even offer him the opportunity to repent which is required for being given forgiveness. The major problem for him is that he crossed the line long long ago and there is no possibility of 'return'. We also have to consider all those untold hundreds of people whose lives he has completely destroyed. Why would anyone even give a sh*t about him anyhow? To hell with that bastard and all the other pervs like him.

    2. James, I agree with Abby. You seem like a really wonderful man but I was surprised that you would think god would forgive him.
      That to me was an insult to the God I know.

      because James are you aware that there are videos

      WARNING ,,,WARNING. Very very sensitive, graphic information. Do not read if you cant handle horribly graphic info.

      Supposedly where these people peel the skin off of the little boys and girls faces while the children are still alive?

      And then the one who peeled it off, puts it on their own face while the child is in excruciating pain and scares the children so their adrenachrome Level goes up and then they kill the child and eat the adrenal glands right away raw and warm so they get the most adrenachrome and get a better high.

      James, I would not serve a God who would forgive that.

    3. goodboots...I was only talking about taking advantage of young girls, which compared to the scenario you are describing, I don't even want to think or see any of that...!! There are truely evil people out there who deserve the worst possible punishment God is willing to dish out...!!
      But none of us really understands the or comprehend the extent of God's love...Its always the first thing that people talk about when they have "Near Death Experiances "(NDE)...!!
      I'VE heard of a little girl that had a dream where God took her to see hell and she was shown POPE Paul the 2nd burning down there and begging the Lord for mercy...upon which he told the pope to shut up, you knew exactly what you were doing...the little girl said she didn't understand..isnt he a priest and good person...!! The Lord told her no, he lived for himself only, and deceived everyone....except me..!!
      It seems to me that agenda 21 is going to be carried out in the next life, where these so called 1% enters are going to wind up along with 80 % of the world, since it has become so evil...!!
      But the ones that truely have the right to judge them, is the victim themselves...!!

    4. "But the ones that truely have the right to judge them, is the victim themselves...!!"

      Agree. 100%. That is exactly what our American common law is all about.

      I can tell you're a man of excellent character james and didnt figure you were aware of the literal unimaginable heinousness of these peoples *intentional*, ongoing crimes.

      I haven't seen the videos.

      What I heard was that the NYPD had them and now William Pelham Barr and Donald John Trump have them.

      I didn't watch the video of Barr playing the bagpipes when it came out on the news... There was something disturbing about it to me. I sensed it was more than him just playing a song but had no idea what that might be.

      When Anna disclosed that her sources said it was a call to war, I did listen to it. Several times. Crying every time, hoping what Anna said is true and that the war, if any, would be upon the pedophiles. And not a call to war upon us.

      Now after having shared the info about what's on that video with you, and realizing that Barr played the bagpipes call to war (if that's what it was) with the NYPD, it makes me cry again, hoping that these men are truly banding together to lead our brave and wonderful and honorable American men (and women), to jump in that snakepit badgerhole and clean it.

      God protect them and us with his holy ministering angels if that is truly what they are doing.

      And may God stick his foot out and trip them if its not.

      So intended, so declared and so it is established.

      by: jan-marie on bluebird acre

  5. My comment just got completely wiped out while I was entering it! And
    There have been eight or more air craft go over my house in less than an hour. Plus twenty or more cars and trucks. Four of the aircraft looked military... But its dark so I can't see for sure. They were flying low. Right over my house and land, bluebird acre, while I'm on my porch.
    I just called and gave Notice of Information, liability, claims, intent and understanding, with context, to the dept of justice using 1-202-353-1555.
    I have it in my phone. I have been furnishing lawful Notices
    for approximately a year.

    I suspect that there is some kind of trafficking going on out here and there are a lot of military looking aircraft so I don't know what is going on, but the doj knows as much as I do, because I call whenever something looks weird like that,... And a LOT does, unfortunately.

    When my comment got wiped I was commenting that it is my HONOR to be able to bring my lawful claims against these thieving, lying criminals. I feel stronger and stronger everyday and more ready and more prepared.

    Part of it for me is dropping the false sympathy that I learned to pick up in the 501c3 corporations called churches. That was the biggest emotional hurdle for me, but, no they actually deserve the.punishments they have coming, quite unlike their victims who are always small or sick or old. The Filthy cowards. For me, not forgiving is very much a part of the discernment Anna was talking about, as how can you have a peaceful, lawful nation when... Well I'm not jumping down that rabbit hole.

    No, actual criminals need to be punished.
    People who aren't criminals need to be left alone.
    Its bcakwsrds (luciferian) right now.

    I do feel it is a blessing and an honor to have the strength to stand against these filthy lying criminals and not allow them to slither off. For me that would definitely be dishonor and they can't have my honor. They are filthy trash.

    We need to have our trials for their crimes against our people.

    If they don't like it, they shouldn't have committed the crimes.

    They participated in crimees against innocent people enough, ....then when it comes time to stand trial for the crimes they actually did commit, I'm sure the big heroes will be wallowing on the floor begging for the mercy they didn't give the innocent.

    I am completely resolute... I've seen enough..........
    And Look at what Shelby posts... Nope, I'm not moving, they are going to have to stand like a man for once and face what they have done.

    And I'm not backing up on it.

    1. goodboots, you are absolutely correct.......these mushy fake 5013c joints are nearly ALL fakes, peddling mushy false ooey gooey huggy muggy kissy faced LIES. They are unbiblical. There is NO scripture that demands any such 'forgiveness for all, across the boards''.
      And it was your god-given discernment that clued you in to that, which is why you could not go along with it.
      Sad, but today, all those places have been taken over to the point there is NO truth coming from any of those pulpits today. And that especially includes the lutherans.........and any of the other 'mainline names'.
      They have become just about the worst places that anyone can go. They are empty vessels, meatless, and serve no purpose except to deceive folks into thinking it ''is their ticket into the pearly gates'.

    2. goodboots I hope you are armed and have plenty of provisions
      You get a crew with you on that land and have them all bunk out
      JMO but these freaks have planned this take over for decades and their schemes to disarm all of us while they got all the brainwashed idiots to scream take their guns
      Telling you, you get back up put cameras everywhere, traps, whatever
      Stay alert at all times
      Remember until we know otherwise that military is not here to protect the people
      With the likes of this one one the shores of California being given carte blanc over military bases it should come as no surprise that most if not all in comand are working for the enemies of the people as a whole
      They planned it all using the bible and other religions as their brainwashing tools to keep all people in line while we did all the work
      Weather warfare will take care of wiping out the crops and starving half the world to death - and while we're at it we can develop our new commerce routes too like the NAFTA Super Highway
      Guy in Missouri still looking to see what happened to the farmers in all these floods that they created to get the people off the land
      See mike morales on you tube for details on his extensive reporting on mid west floods
      Now get this they now saying that this nuclear plant in california is sitting on top or magma chamber - hmm I wonder how that is
      I say bullshit - nuclear power plants are their targets this is energy for the people they want that green new deal and doing shit like this is how they will produce it to
      How about our power grid
      This is what the military industrial complex is actually doing along with NASA who by the way is working to free up 'space' on the ground
      They will use this magma shit to get people off the land is what they will do - read the article says it's been sitting dormat for 100,000 years and they just now figured out it was there?
      More babylonian bullshit is what it is
      They have it rigged, no doubt in my mind what so ever

    3. Nuclear power plants are targets - everyone be aware
      See number 8 on the list
      Turkey Point nuclear power plant was hit during Andrew - nope not a word at least I don't think about this plant being hit
      FEMA was onlt there to pick up the dead bodies - they helped no one

    4. Shelby I worked in an insurance company with the woman who for our company was handling the Andrew claims.... The biggest claim in our company's history. We were very good friends and ate lunch together alot and the Andrew claim just kept getting bigger and bigger and she was amazed and stressed out for months because.of handling all those claims. She was the lead on that account.
      Shelby, she never ever once mentioned anything at all about anything nuclear. She would have known.
      Maybe she was told not to tell. That's possible. Or maybe someone higher up was pulling the nuclear portions of the claims before they were forwarded to her. But she talked about Andrew all the time because of her stress and she never mentioned nuclear at all.

      Also a man I know very well works in the nuclear power plant engineering part of his engineering firm.
      He has said for twenty years that he and his co workers are worried because they "run the nuclear power plants 'to failure' instead of doing the maintenance" that his firm tells them to do. I don't know how he would know that, maybe he is just thinking they don't, but he isn't a liar or a storyteller type so I always figured he knew what he was talking about.

      William Mount on stateoftoday dot com says they want to open the CERN Stargate thingie-ma-jig on 12-21-2019 and get rid of everything on the surface of the earth.

  6. Yes a great dilusion God has allowed to be and now being revealed since the end of the gentile rule is near. The remedy? Come out of her my people, this includes you Anna and your Magnum Mysterium from the Mistery School. Kurt, Karl ect full of worldly knowledge but lack of spiritual maturity like all men. Karl will not or cannot help HIS OWN DAUGHTER out of the iron clad of CPS, child custody which they took from his mother. Believe she needs to learn so when she grows up she will know never to trust the government. Unbelievable!! Smart men but lacks Godly love. Not to pin point at him specially, just the uncanny action of a father to his daughter. PS. you should not have to pay for freedom!! AND you better follow instruction to the "T" or they will blame it on your lack of follow up. No guaranties but will take fiat currency!

    Good things are happening right on God's time and the 99 percent of the world will be suprise soon when as Johnny Cash put it in one of his songs " When the man comes around"

    2nd Thesolonian 2

    1 Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him, we ask you, brothers and sisters, 2not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by the teaching allegedly from us—whether by a prophecy or by word of mouth or by letter—asserting that the day of the Lord has already come. 3Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness a is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. 4He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.

    5Don’t you remember that when I was with you I used to tell you these things? 6And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time. 7For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. 8And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming. 9The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 10and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness

    Be blessed Benelyon

    1. Anna,-"We must learn to self-govern,"
      Or do we need to each recognise and accept God's governance?

    2. What do you mean she needs to com out of the magnum mysterium of the mystery schools? Then you quote the Bible? Lol the Bible was one of the first psyops to make you a slave the mystery schools are where the real knowledge encoded in the bible for initiates comes from, hidden in the texts is the science and math and astrology, the real knowledge, the stuff you are quoting is for the simpletons that don' understand the true knowledge hidden in its pages. Stop trying to encourage people to be ignorant and superstitious with your bible thumping nonsense

    3. DEdesign, I concur.
      Soon, and perhaps sooner than anyone thinks.
      And must take note, the book of Thessalonians is addressed to the church followers of Truth and the Gospel as preached by the Apostles, To those true believers.
      IMO, trump is the last president and next will come the antichrist who will be the world dictator of the one world government, and who has no intentions of allowing anyone to ''self govern'.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. wow great article ty for the suggested sources. I have been to the sedm Path To Freedom pdf and it is decent but I fel my knowledge is already as advanced of not more than what they have in it but they certainly have tons of material which is thorough and nice. At my level I feel like I know the ins and outs as well as most people involved in this field of occult knowledge but am looking for a place where people actually discuss it in a real time basis shooting ideas and questions/answers of different approaches/sources back and forth. The forums on famguardian and sedm don't appear to have much traffic though does anyone know of a place like this?

  9. lol sorry for the misspellings I am typing this on the bead on my laptop

  10. goodboots...its nice to see someone with a "pair" these days...!!
    I used to be more like you but sadly as a senior citizen, I'm not quite the man I used to be....!!
    But I agree with you that these people are finally running scared, which makes them really dangerous...!! They seem to have secret societies infiltrated in every organization with power...Just recently the news said that within their own police depts, there are secret societies working against us and them...then today 6 marines were arrested right in front of their peers...!! Supposedly for drug running and sales...!!
    There is very little chance anymore of people making an honest buck, because of all the corruption...It is a cancer that is bound to start feeding on itself, like it's already starting to..!!
    Jeffrey Epstein was found strangled almost to death , but they don't know if he tried to kill himself or if someone else did...he has to be high on the list of the Clintons deadlist...!!
    He is walking napalm to very important people...!! Why isn't he being watched 24/7 by military police, since he is such a high profile informatant...!!
    Now he's a liability to the very people he helped and partied with...!!
    My guess is he doesn't last to a trail...!!

  11. James, you still have your "pair", you (men) were just told to sit down and shut up by the fake gubmint and bsbykilling feminazis since Kennedy was murdered and have been trying not to "offend" anyone by "being a man".

    It is my generation of women's fault that our men have been disrespected.

    I am sick and tired of having white or other *men* put down.

    For the last 55 years it has been nothing but that white men are bad. Well, yeah, some of them are. But little did any of us see the ploy to take our dads, grandpas, brothers, cousins, boyfriends, husbands, others beneficent influence out of the way so that *actual* bad men could take over.

    The whole capitalism, theft selfishness mess is being wrongly plopped onto the shoulders of white men and it is going to take white women to push it off now

    About two or three years ago all that I have just said became glaringly clear to me and I just decided that no one was going to make blanket statements about how white men are thisorthat anymore without me politely pointing out how well I, generally, in my lifetime, have been treated by white men, specifically.

    I say "oh, The men I grew up around put their wives and children ahead of themselves.... And start giving example after example of the men in my family or family friends having fun providing great things for us to enjoy until I see their eyes glaze over or until they leave.

    Really. That's all its going to take.

    i do make a friendly, fun challenge to all white women who have been treated well by white men to not allow people to make awful statements about white men in your presence.

    Many of us know and understand how hard our "white" dads worked to try to provide a healthy safe secure fun life for us. We recognize that they enjoyed seeing us enjoy our lives and got enjoyment from making us and our moms happy.

    So for us who were around good men, when people start bashing on them, you know it isnt true..., so Say something, un-argumentatively, good about your own dad or grandpa or teacher or neighbor or uncle.

    Yes, there are a lot of all kinds of men who are creeps but they are not all white.

    I for one have had 80% wonderful, not just okay, experiences with white men.

    Its white women's fault that good white men are being silenced and being treated poorly. We should have been defending them instead of letting the babypartsselling feminazis bark their orders at everybody and think they can boss all of us around. Its our to place answer the feminazis, not the men's.

    We've been way too nice way too long.
    I'm not going to allow any little smurking smurf to goad me into reacting to their 5th grade antics and nonsenses since I couldn't care less what white trash losers think; but we, the women, we get to pick who we want to support.
    And if the feminazis don't like our pick well I guess they can just keep dating each other.

  12. One day during a time (a long time) when I was building my home and doing a lot of carpentry and electrical and insulating and all that stuff and putting just about every bit of my energy into it, I was driving to the lumber yard/hardware store and noticed the telephone poles and realized that men--wonderful strong men--had busted their humps to place every single one of the millions of poles across this nation. Then I noticed the roads, drainage ditches, bridges, cars, trucks, houses, stores, churches--practically EVERYTHING had been designed and built by men. My respect for men is profound.