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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Please Get This Out

By Anna Von Reitz

Paul, I am working remote, attending Kurt's Seminar, and correcting IRS Operations this week--- please help me keep up by posting this on my Facebook wall as well as on the website? 

Lord knows I have tried to explain this many, many times --to a point where  I am tearing my hair out. So here it is again and as plainly stated as I can make it for people: 

We are living under a military Protectorate. 

We have been living under these conditions since 1863. 

They have been waiting for us to wake up and finish the Reconstruction of the Federal States of States. 

And confiscating civilian property in the meanwhile to pay their bills. 

They have done this by misidentifying us as "Persons" who are not owed the guarantees of the Constitutions and as "Enemy Combatants". 

This then allows the military to prey upon us at will under "the Law of Necessity". 

Conveniently, the only ones empowered to actually determine our political status are military tribunals, which are allowed to use their "discretion" in these matters. 

So, it's time for the people of this country to get organized and bear down on the Pope and the Queen and the Commander in Chief to get this Mess straightened out and to get the proper identifications made and our proper IDs as Third Parties owed the Geneva Conventions issued by DOD.

Their present assumption -- that we are all either Fourteenth Amendment "citizens of the United States" amounts to a claim that our country and government no longer exists and that we are all Negro Plantation slaves and public property-- or "Enemy Combatants" in commercial mercenary wars that are over a century old --cannot be allowed to stand. 

We rebut the Enemy Combatant claim by taking our exemption under Title 50 Section 7 (c) and (e). 

And we rebut the enslaved Negro Fourteenth Amendment "Citizen" claim as we see fit.  The so-called "Amendment" is in fact a corporate By Law adopted by a Scottish Commercial Corporation merely doing business as "The United States of America, Inc" (1868 charter) and that corporation has been defunct since 1907 -- so the most appropriate response is to to say, "What are you idiots even talking about? What "Fourteenth Amendment? Whose "Fourteenth Amendment"? That corporation was a foreign fraud and has been defunct since 1907."

All this crappola has to end. Mr. Trump and the Secretary of Defense are responsible for making sure that it does end. Now. 


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  1. Anna, GOOD LUCK this week in correcting IRS operations!!!Please come back and let us know how you fared! Also DOD I.D. info!!! God Bless you!

    1. ANNA . My associates and I applaud you because some of us are ex-military and all are Christians WE DO NOT LIVE WITH THE GIANT OF FEAR ! We have discovered how to approach CID tribunals at both the local bases and Induction Centers where we took our oaths with the proper docs,complaints and petitions of redress . I am curious about Kurt's seminar since I have been in 7 different courts in the last 9 years and am currently in State,District, Circuit, Tax and Supreme Court right now with over 300 motions provided by the Author of the American Tax Bible( that knows the tax law and it's relationship to us and Article 1 sec 8 clause 1 better than anyone in the country but doesn't understand this thing of ours. However Father uses the saved and unsaved to accomplish His desired plan which is now ,right now balancing the scales of justice by running at Goliath with Joy in our hearts knowing as David did we will have his head. God Bless P.S. We can not destroy the "Prince of Persia" and/or "Principalities in high places" without Him and without unification. Fear not nor be anxious you are not alone the Lord of Lords and the Host of Hosts is using you as He is using me and many others.

    2. ATTENTION Michael - Please review number 59 on the list in the link provided below
      You need to also know the following
      Scroll down the right on the below link and see how it relates to the above article

    3. They don't listen to anything here in California. This State is already communist. As far as they're concerned ,might makes right. Take us to our corrupt court if you want, but you'll still lose. Satan seems to be in charge of our banking, Justice and legislature still.

  2. Little complicated in that you can not waiver your right to trial and get your judge /captain of ship.
    This is what we see , and rigged jury trials jury tampering etc .etc.judges disallow defense exculpatory evidence .
    will take common law councilors well versed in all that tricks.
    until assembly can field a COMMON LAW grand . jury

  3. Highly recommend u tube video with actor John Quade 200 IQ.
    He is sure we are subjected to summery court Marshall military courts.
    to see how the operate need military court Marshall manual 1994 ish.
    We will have to endeavor to wash them out of our lives ss card, driver's license , voter registration . etc

    1. Thank you bubbapatric, my wife and I studied with John Quade (Williams) in the 1990's when he, Randy Lee and John Joseph were teaching how to organize under a "jural society" and held many seminars across the country. Based on their extensive travels to uncover the truth, compiled and published the "Book of the Hundreds" - a well researched history of the events that befell our Nation. Here's a link to a pdf posted online:
      He really was a very kind, funny and brilliant man!!

  4. We are all being subjected to these military courts however the states of states are totally fake and not one agent, lawyer, judge, prosecutor has taken a proper oath of using their full legal name. Not one swares to anything and in real military tribunals they do.

  5. I sent this to The President via Contact The White House. Hope he see this. I also have sent many of your posts to the white House this way. For those who will take action here is the link:

    1. I am of the opin that anything sent to him is being screen and kept from him as I too have sent him things with only one having been acknowledged yet NO REPLY. I would caution and send it REGISTERED MAIL possibly youd have a better chance reaching him. His handlers are in my view allowing all his mail if any to reach him!

    2. I agree carol, things I have sent to w d.c., and even just to "courts" have taken, it appears, up to almost two weeks to show up as delivered even though I sent the ones to w. d.c. registered.
      Also have sent mail to "law" enforcement with green card that comes back to me unacknowledged when i paid to have it acknowledged to use in "court" claims. My own registered mail i sent to myself to record it, has come back to me torn AND also some "court" mailings I sent *overnight* took around two week to be delivered... And much more.
      All this happened to just one woman.... Me.... In two or maybe three years. All, ALL involving "court" or "govt" papers
      Too many of "mistakes" all involving government type papers to be a co-inkydink.

    3. Also carol, what are your youtube news channel names? I don't use YouTube, are you on bitchute?
      (I posted this message in the wrong place earlier).

  6. What the *heck* are they doing telling us what we have to do?...

    ....and before they *stop* committing CRIMES upon us no less!!

    So... Lemme see... We have to,.. they have been...ummmm.. committing crimes on us until,. because we....
    Ummmm ..don't... Ummmm... have.. federal states of states,.
    so ummmm.... They are killing us and robbing us, lying about us, stealing our names, murdering people with our funds, committing securities fraud, spraying us with chemtrails, stealing our sons and daughters, putting children in cages at their naval bssez that they say belong to us, sacrificing people, their pentagram/gon/dod (Military "Protectorate"?) is 19th of 3000 worst child pornography traffickers--using "military" time, equipment, contracts; doing cannibalism, raping tiny Americans, stalking and harassing good people in their homes, doing psyops, slandering people who stand up against them, doing psych experimentation on military and veterans, medically experimenting on men and women without consent, poisoning our water, putting ground.up "meats" in our food, selling baby body parts, and on and on (see Shelby and xerces and James pansini and winkwink's posts for more complete lists of heinous, premeditated, unforgiven, unforgiveable crimes and the potential perps.) .... Because they CAN.... since we did not choose to reconstruct (fiction,) another "state strawman" for them to use to siphon off our property through...

    Oooooooooooh!! well shucky-darn, why didn't they tell us sooner? We coulda taken our orders from them earlier and gotten right on that federal-states-of-states-construct-thingie that they require as a condition for not murdering people. Smmfft.

    Glad you delivered their message for them Anna. Thank you!!

    Did I get dropped into Stupidsville?

    ..... Anna, here you are chiding the people on Paul's blog again as if we were too dense to understand what you are saying, so that you once again have the wearisome task of repeating yourself over and over again to us American dumbbells who are too thick to understand what you are saying.

    No Anna, we get it.

    You start at 1863 and list out all of their claims of what they claim is theirs BUT YOU/THEY NEVER SAY WHAT IS THEIR LAWFUL CLAIM OF RIGHT TO MAKE THOSE CLAIMS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    There is no claim of right to commit crimes because a nation does not have fictional states!!!!

    You need to hear us getting it.

    They were NOT *our* Military Protectorate!! Their Admiralty only lawfully protects actual true COMMERCE, not piracy and then only in battle on the High Seas.
    The people, the militia, was and still is the "military protectorate" on the land and soil.
    What you said... that you acted like were too dumb to understand... doesn't even make sense. That's why you have to keep repeating, because we're rejecting: were not "falling into the Trap", if any, as a follower put it.

    Here let me break it down for you anna: but before I do I want to ask one thing:
    Pertaining your packet #928:
    Why is your Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney effective on the peoples' nativity day?
    As written, taken conversely, it means that:
    effective *on* "my" nativity day,
    All Powers of Attorney PRIOR to my nativity day are cancelled.... Well, there probably weren't any powers of Attorney *Prior* to my nativity day, which of course would end up leaving
    all Powers of Attorney AFTER my nativity day, in force and active...?? Smmfft.
    And you are having people pay to have that recorded?, thinking they are correcting their status when they are just "lawfully recording" that all the Powers of Attorney AFTER their nativity day still stand lawfully, except now from their consent, ....on the record?
    Maybe I'm mistaken, I don't want to jump to any wrong conclusions here.... So, Would you please tell me if I am reading it incorrectly Anna?
    I hope I am wrong, but just verify that for me will you please? Thank you.


  7. A thing is unbound as it is bound thus action to unbind years of false bindings, like a cord that gets all tangled up. Patience, paying attention and keeping on it will unbind it.

    More and more it is my belief that the names, calling physical things around us a name is not really true in the first place. I know this because of the awareness that myself, my existence, me is not in fact a name but much more as is everyone. I would much rather just say I am me, and have a name that can be used if so allowed or not used to harm someone. Due to the tangle up its a long time comin seems but is on the way thanks to those working on it.

    1. The name is not the thing, the description is not the thing described. 101

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. ...Continued...
    Pertaining to their claims that you seem to be trying to foist off on us as truth for some reason:
    None. They don't have any.
    You know this....DON'T You????
    Of course you do, you've said it yourself dozens of times!
    We know it too.

    So what are you doing?

    1. *We're* not under military protectorate, were under undisclosed fraudulent criminal military-style occupation in commerce.
    We are having commercial crimes committed upon us under color of military authority!!
    Huge huge huge huge huge difference.
    But if they can get us to screamin' that it's MILITARY tho and not *commercial*..... Then guess what!!!! They think they can get out of all the commercial claims and private claims for damages that we the people have against them.... Cause there's a LOT less liability for them if they can get us to start squawking that "it's military!!! it's military!!!!" No insurance and indemnity claims to pay!!!!! Its not working!!!! Too many of us are fully awaKe and our brains are fully engaged
    So no, no it isn't. It's commercial. And private. And so are our claims. And they're going to fully and quickly pay every last one of them. That's what this is all about.

    Their crimes have been commercial and private crimes against us the people and they are on the hook to pay aaaaaall those daggon claims. Jmo. :)

    2. We don't care what they are waiting for.
    We don't have to construct fictional states.
    Maybe we never will: maybe we don't want to be in their fraud commerce system. Maybe we want to limit ourselves to exchange and trade.
    They don't get a "vote" on that.

    3. They don't get to steal our property to pay the bills for the expenses they incur in connection with stealing our property.

    3. Their "misidentifications" of us are fraud.
    There is no venue or authority in which fraud stands.... Except theirs.

    Are you in theirs Anna?

    If no, how can you justify the next sentence you published:
    "This then allows the military to prey upon us at will under "the Law of Necessity". "

    You truly are leading people astray with that comment. Hope you correct yourself.

    How about the next fraud you seem to be endorsing:
    "the only ones empowered to actually determine our political status are military tribunals, which are allowed to use their "discretion" in these matters."

    Oh plaaa-leeeze.
    According to whom?
    By what lawful authority?
    It's all criminal.
    Look at Louis T McFadden's, James Trafficant's, congressional records,; djts EO13818 12/21/2017; Franciscus' 2013 Moto Proprio!!!
    Even their "own" are publicly announcing it on the record that they are CRIMINALS!!
    Their crimes cannot be justified or covered up.
    The trickery is over. The dream state is gone.

    Haven't you been telling everyone to go hurry and correct their status four years or so Anna?
    Which of the above two pieces of information are correct??

    We really *do* "get it".

    Here, here it is, in a simple summary:

    1. It was all premeditated, unforgiveable commercial and private crimes on innocent people that have to be "remedied".

    2. They had no lawful authority for any of it. Ever.

    3. They have no lawful authority to make a determination of anyone's anything when it is NOT lawfully in their inferior manmade (criminal) "jurisdiction".

    That's about as simple as it gets and we knew all that from the start.

    1. You go goodboots!
      I've been saying it forever that they have no right to my name or any part thereof, it's all fraud
      One huge ponzi scheme that they have cooked up to fleece the people and then herd them into their mega cities for the final blow
      Setting us up in cities with full surveillance and EMF radiation surrounding us, smart meters, biochemical vaccines, the list is endless
      Extortion, fraud, pre meditated murder of billions of people
      And they are stealing all of our technology and moving it to the so called other 'nations' so they can destroy this one, just like they destroyed Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Syria so they could steal all their resources and enslave the people of those nations not to mention open up green new deals abound for the crooks in the know
      One belt one road new commerce routes being built over in the middle east, that's why D C sent our men and women in there to kill those people for the oil and the new Vatican commerce routes and the ecofascism UN agenda 21
      5G is a military weapon and it is being deployed all around us
      It is for IoT the ecofascism scheme they got going with climate change and CO2 stock exchanges
      Everything will be monitored and controlled, data collection abound to modify your behavior - turn off your electric whenever they feel like it, poison your water while they bottle and sell the water back to us for their private reserve notes

  10. If you have not read any of the united nations bullshit then read on
    This organization doesn't give a rats you know what about the rights of anyone and yet this is what is being rolled out all over the world?
    The vatican sitting on billions of dollars and these so called scum bags sitting on billions more while they bomb the hell out of country after country and they want to say they are working for solutions and equality
    You don't see these rich bastards giving up their money or land or homes or cars or jets or yachts do ya

  11. Off topic:

    Does anybody know for sure if the Calif earthquakes on July 4 and 5 were the result of "nuclear" baams blowing up the DUMBS at China Lake where the "Navy" was torturing children in cages for mind control/monarch/mkultra so called "mindsplitting" experiments?
    They're saying all the bees died after the quake/baam. Was also
    Where the west coast chemtrails were supposedly coming from.

    We haven't had a chemtrail here, Midwest, that I've seen, for a week to ten days. Stunning.

    1. Still chemtrailing north dallas
      As I said I don't believe a thing they report
      Military bases scheduled long ago to be shut down by none other than their stooge Gorbachev who is living large on the west coast of California in a posh place on the coast that Pelosi set up for him there
      Read down in the bottom right the plans they made decades ago to close military bases
      Their global 2000 report compiled under Jimmy Carter, which by the way he is now one of the ten elders of the world - huh who knew we all had 10 world elders
      They openly advocate for the starvation and elimination of billions of people in third world countries as per their statement their is no hope for these people it's best to exterminate them
      Meanwhile they neglect to tell the truth that the reason these third world countries cannot excel is because of the banks in the first place that's why the people are poor
      Enter Bill Gates and co to deliver his deadly vaccines and to steralize the women
      Yes I do believe they are taking children, CPS does it here every day
      I listen to this one every now and then
      It's controlled demolition and bringing in the NAU plus setting us all up in an open air prison with 5G and the IoT
      I'm even seeing job descriptions for sustainable development analyst
      While the circus continues on the tell lie vision they working the UN plan at all levels before they claim to destroy it? And wala you have the One Planet Foundation to save the day
      While they herd us in to stack and pack cities and immigrate millions in on top of us they displacing people of all nations for the agenda and depopulating as they go
      The Wildlands project calls for 80% of the entire US land mass to be off limits to humans
      Now just who gave them all this power to declare this?
      While Bush purchases his 150,000 acres and the largest fresh water aquifer in the world the rest of us are crammed in mega regions with homeless population and no housing except for the newcomers?
      Ted Turner who is planning with Gorby lives on a nice spread and raises buffalo, says there are too many damned people in the world, he owns TBS (Turner Babylonian System) and I believe he has 5 kids, hmm
      Tellin you the BRICS deal is what it's all about, upward mobility for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa while they steal the land in those nations for big agra to move in and start with their slave labor there
      India bimetrically marking all of their people and you cannot do anything without having their identification
      Taking retina scans, fingerprints, etc Infosys is doing that project is what I read
      ID2020 here in the United States is UN agenda 21 it's the UN's ID for global citizenship
      These id's have a gold star in the top right corner you know like you were a good little slave you get a gold star
      And not a word from the media who is solely owned by the very bankers driving this train wreck

    2. I do the news on yt, two channels, Fukushima Daiichi is still being affected by earthquakes, I had a reading that Ive never in my life seen so high, I can't even count the height of the one I did last week. The bees/everything is dying as a result of Daiichi nuclear power plant and its been smoked up for a week! We are down wind, its a global event, E.L.E. End life event! They will NEVER stop the vile radioactivity coming off that plant. The MOX fuel melted through the concrete containment and is melting into the EARTH. tc

    3. The powers that be are behind nucelar power plant events - it is not nuclear weapons they are after it is the nuclear power plants - these plants provide upward mobility to the people in the regions and they cannot have this - also used as weapons
      See number 8 on the list
      Hurricane Andrew there was a nuclear power plant targeted
      but no one knows that
      There used to be a website up - he reported that the reason that Japans nucelar power plant was targeted is because Japan had just unveiled a car that would run for thousands of miles on little to no fuel
      His website has been removed from the internet now
      Global slavery is what they after whoever survives their onslaught of death and destruction will be their grounds keepers/slaves in the true sense
      I have read that they have the means to clean up nuclear but will not use it until most of us have been exterminated?
      Lets face it they are probably lying about nuclear too, do we really know what it truly is?
      It's planned destruction across the board - if they can't have it all, jmo

  12. (((((((Big T))))))))
    Your now-deleted comment was very heartfelt.
    Made me stop and think.

  13. Aaaaah coffee!
    G'mornin' everybody :).

    They did not "win" anything, they committed crimes.

    by: jan-marie on bluebird acre

  14. Corporations cannot be sovereign because they are created.

    by: jan-marie on bluebird acre

  15. Only sovereigns who are the actualliving can make a declaration of war.

    Deadfictioncreation corporations cannot make declarations. Only the living can because you have to have a voice to declare.

    Dead fictions have no voice to declare anything with.

  16. Any declaration of war has to have living voice to declare it.

  17. In order to use *Military* force, there has to be war declared from a living voice.

    War can only be declared for just cause.

    War has to be approved by the rest if the world, like our grandfathers did in the DeclofIndep ... That is one of the reasons the DeclofIndep is still standing... they set their complaints out before the world in parag.1, and the world "acknowledged and accepted" that their complaints were valid and true.

    It's still standing, still active today, because living men's voices declared it and other living men's voices "acknowledged and accepted" it.

    There is no higher lawful authority on the earth than that.

  18. Declaration of War also has to be widely-published like our grandfathers did in the DeclofIndep.

    All declarations are done the same way: publicly, using a living voice to make the declaration.

    If its not public and no living voice says it and its not "acknowledged and accepted" to be valid and true, then the declaration is not established...

    And in the cases of military force being used without declaration of war, then its does not qualify as war crimes, but are private and commercial crimes done using military force. HUGE difference!

    Use of military force does not create a military action! Declaration of War does.

    Proper, lawful Declaration of War creates and establishes military action.
    Nothing else does.

    So that use if military force is misused, outside of Declaration of War to perpetrate commercial and/or private crimes upon the living people
    OR to carry out and/or en-force commercial and/or private crimes upon living people,
    then it STILL doesn't qualify as a military action. It is still a commercial and/or private criminal action!

  19. Pertaining. to. the. CLAIMS.
    that all true Americans have against the corporation and others, it is extremely important that we understand that no LAWFUL military action took place involving us, the people, after the War of 1812.

    Understanding that will be, IMO, of utmost importance.

    You might want to say it outloud to reinforce it or establish it.

  20. And finally for now, the reason knowing that is so important is:

    Lloyd's of London England (and others) holds almost all of the policies/bonds /other from which all of our lawful claims will be paid.

    Almost every single policy I've ever seen EXCLUDES "military actions" / "crimes of war" / "war crimes"/ "acts of war".

    There IS no compensation for war victims.

    Not only is there no such compensation written IN to policies, it is specifically written *OUT"... It is a specific *EX*clusion.

    1. I have heard on I believe that Lloy's of London is not covering any claims when it comes to wireless technology?
      I will see if I can find her video, she has a lot of them not sure which one she may have said it in?
      Others can look at her sight themselves see all the information she puts out

  21. If they can con us into accepting that the use of military force upon us created a military action and was therefore a war action for which they are not obligated to pay claims, then they will skip out on paying the claims owed to us.

    We have to be, from the very beginning of bringing our claims forward, able to dismantle any claim by them that their commercial and private crimes upon us were "military".

    No, they were NOT.
    They were commercial and private crimes.

    We're getting down to the nitty-gritty here...
    We have to be THINKING now instead of waiting to be spoonfed predigested info.

    We also have to SIMPLIFY...
    Life and good and law are simple and almost everything LAWFUL can be boiled down to 3 basic premises, principles or steps.

    On the other hand,
    Tangle = cover up, in my book. All Jmo.

  22. I could not find Title 50 Section 7. It does not exist. Is that a typo?

    1. Hi john,
      Paul might be able to contact Anna...
      I think his email contact info is on this website.

  23. Again I put lengthy comment out here this morning and it is gone?
    Lots of good information and gone
    Paul did it go to spam again?

  24. The people have to step out of the half-brain-dead stupor they have constructed for us and told us to stay in.

    We have to understand that it is up to us and is our election to boldly say "No! I want something else."

    Their constructions are damaging fictions/ imaginations of *their* liking that they want to make actual upon *other* people!!!

    whether one likes the thing or not, the 1611 KJV bible is what they are MIS-using for their "magick" on the living people. For their "spelling"(s).

    It is absolutely FULL of curses.

    And blessings.

    For *us* to choose between, if we want to use it at all. Our choice.

    Nevertheless, it is the "Law Book" they are using for pronouncing judgments on the people.

    Judgments are curses.

    Obvious Example: genociding people on paper...
    Now you're dead.
    You have no voice when you are before us, your "betters".
    We can't hear you.
    The dead can't speak.
    Oh, you prove you're not dead?
    Well, there are more curses for you, abracadabra and bibbity-bobbity-boo:
    You're not connected to creator.
    You're a debtor.
    You're incompetent.
    You're a criminal, lost at sea, presumed dead, an enemy combatant, blabbity-blah-blah-blah.

    They are going to start pleading that they are insane
    that they are nuts
    that somebody chipped 'em
    Or maybe it is going to be that the devil made 'em do it.
    For a tiny few that will be true but most were told that they could have part of what is stolen if they helped steal it and they agreed.
    They took a solemn oath knowing exactly what they were doing. They have purposely lied day after day about innocent people. They have stolen what other people worked for and have participated, directly or indirectly, in the murder of or damage to innocent people in order to receive their piece of other peoples' belongings and work.

    THEY are not forgiven. They're not sorry. They're still trying to do it. Again. No repentance there.

    The pit that they dug for another is the pit that they have fallen into themselves and the curses/judgments they sent out to others have returned again and landed upon them, the sender: in accord with their own "Law Book" and so it is established upon them just the way they spoke it. Jmo.

    by: jan-marie on bluebird acre

    1. Absolutely correct
      They are using their military industrial complex and NASA to create the havoc on the earth to make it look like God (biblical) is doing it when in reality it all lines up perfectly with the land they working to steal to create their planned new commerce routes
      Ecofascism is the plan and that is what UN agenda 21 is all about and they have the half brained people around the world working to enslave the rest of us

  25. Not only did they fleece the United States with their NASA lies they are now fleecing the other nations as well
    I s r a e l tried to get there but they crash landed - oh well it's only $100 million of taxpayer money, we'll have to fleece some more people to try again
    Look at this fake shit
    And did you know that India can now go to the moon, how about that
    NASA - weather warfare
    Rockefeller oil moves in to gulf
    So while Berkely California just banned the use of natural gas, natural gas from the gulf is being sold to Saudi Arabia
    They targeted that region anfd the people of the gulf and took the land to redevelopand sell their wares to the highest bidder
    while here at home they working to put everyone in FEMA Mega Regions SMART Cities, control your electric, gas, water, EVERYTHING
    What they poured on the gulf oil spill of which was no accident
    How about Bush and I G Farben or the Du Ponts or Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America) supplying the aluminum to be sprayed on the people all around the world
    They're all in on it
    Former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb Joins Pfizer

  26. Read down in the middle of this article about who the Rotchilds really are
    Same thing with the lying Rockefellers
    Again I think it goes even further

  27. Paul's contact info is on here, Im pretty sure he has contacted Anna in the past if there seems to be a mis-print/communication.

  28. Carol, I don't go on youtube but are you on bitchute? What are your channel names anyway?

  29. Is anyone like me sick about hearing about the great achievement of the "moon landing"..!! These people have stolen the American dream not only from us but the entire world...!!
    There is nothing left to dream about...!!
    If they are intent on destroying us, let the first nuke fall straight over me so I don't feel a thing...!!
    I'm good with that....!! What I can't stand is a slow miserable death...!!

    Patrick Henry said:
    "Give me liberty or give me death"
    At this point I would just shorten it to just give me death....please..!!

  30. They have us running on fear from their threats and abuse.
    Right where they want us... Making crucial decisions on the spur of the moment without apparent assistance that would ensure that we obtain true justness.

    That is a technique of behavior modification.

    If you look at the mind control experiments and techniques, they place the "subject"/victim under concocted/made up/constructed/fiction horrible circumstances and make them make a critical decision.

    They have found that under such circumstances, people can be *plied*/nudged (Obama word) into doing what they would not ordinarily choose to do.... They forget to ask questions... They are open to suggestions from people they don't know... And so forth.

    The tactic is basically: to put people in horrible circumstances and then see if they can be manipulated into doing what is NOT best for them but serves the manipulator, with the added "nudge" that if you don't, they will use physical force/ make it even worse...

    And all the rest of us having been purposely subjected to having to watch all this be carried out against people we knew were innocent of any wrongdoing, then the purpose is of course to put on display the fact that they are going to do what they want and if you don't like it then you are next.

  31. The main device they have used to prep us for that is to train us that the Invisible isn't "real"... that if we can't see/touch/and so forth it, it doesn't have any bearing on what is going on.

    The exact opposite is true.

    They call people *as* "cattle" because we have turned loose of and disengaged ourselves from what is invisible... Like cattle.
    We have unknowingly turned over the things of the invisible to them.
    We believed them/others when we were indoctrinated into believing that if it isn't matter/material that it doesn't "matter".

    That truly is like a cow or "sentient creature", which is what they say we are and desperately need us to believe.

    That is what they know we are NOT but spend nearly all of their time and energy trying to convince us that we are.

    It must be awfully important to them.

  32. People on here have said "As a thing is bound, so it is unbound."
    I agree.

    They are acting on us physically/visibly, but their pre-conditional false claim to do so is an invisible/spiritual claim.

    We need to take note of that for our unbinding process.

    Essentially, their chains/bonds/binding is that:
    we are sentient creatures with no soul, and that they, therefore, rule over us in the same way they rule over their cattle.

    They are liars.

    We know they are and so do they, and they don't care.

  33. In bringing forward our commercial and/or private claims against them, (in accord with my present understanding that would be: that our states will have commercial claims and we, the living Americans, will have private claims against the private men and women who harmed/other us,) we need to understand that their material claims are being made upon false faulty foundational spiritual claims of fake superiority over us, when in fact, they are inferior and are jealous and spend their time trying to steal from us.

    How could we be inferior when they are so desperate to get what we have?

    We're not.
    They are.

    Once again we see them trying to switch positions with us!!!!! That's all they have.

    This is important:

    We can easily prove that particular claim to be false:
    (That we are sentient creatures)

    1. They said we are debtors
    2. They said we are criminals
    3. They said we have "estates"...
    I've never heard of a cow with an "estate" that could be probated, have you?
    Can a cow be a debtor? No.
    Have you ever seen a cow commit a crime? No.

    Of course they explain that away by jumping from one of their inferior man-made "jurisdictions" to the other... Oo! Under "silent" "judicial" notice!... when they get their weinie slammed in the door by us when it dawns on them that we know what they are doing.

  34. Summary:

    To unbind from the root of something, we have to use spiritual principles opposite to theirs:
    1. recognize and receive our spiritually superior position in relation to evil or people doing evil.
    2. Claim it out loud/publicly.
    3. Use it.

    Those are the three things of our common law:
    Recognizing it establishes our intent.
    Claiming it out loud declares it.
    Using it is the final step in establishing it in common law for the living people on the land and soil.
    That is not fiction.
    Just because we use what is invisible, does not make it fiction.

    Fiction is a lie.

    Our use of invisible spiritual principles that are in accord with the laws of nature and of nature's creator [who I *SAY* is my heavenly father, and it is established so as I spoke, in that that pertains to me] are not lies, they are truth. Mine.

    The defeat of the fictions/ vain imaginations of other men upon us are "cast down"/destroyed by the truth.

    It is overarching all of us, including them.

    We are responsible to start using it.

  35. All comments made by me are my own opinions; so intended, so declared, and so it is established.

    by: jan-marie on bluebird acre

  36. Even if someone only takes it as allegory (I don't), the man they call Jesus didn't pray for everybody.

    John 17:9
    I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for those that you have given me: for they are yours.

    He doesn't forgive everybody either.

    Should we?
    I say, "No".

    We're not taught those things in the 501c3 corporations called "churches".... Hmmm I wonder why.

    by: jan-marie on bluebird acre