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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Will Trump finish this job?

This speech for the 2016 election did help get him elected, so after almost 3 years do you think he is keeping his promises? Or are speeches like this just 'hopium' for the people?

When will we see the Clinton's take that perp-walk? Why does Donald Trump talk about supporting the 2nd Amendment and yet uses his power to ban bump stocks, and now is talking about banning suppressors?
Why has he surrounded himself with cabinet members and advisers that are NeoCons and establishment insiders?
Why have we not seen more firings of these treasonous underworld operators that perpetrate evil in our country and around the world?

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  1. I have watched trump say many times i am a national . I believe he has looked long and hard at the truth Anna has put in front of him . If trump looks at the facts that Anna has showed him and NOT listen to his LAWYERS the truth will be known and we will NOT have a ONE SIDED MEDIA to POISON the minds of a all ready supressed people we will prosper. Bless you Anna Paul and all that has made the truth open for all to decipher for our selves .

  2. HE seems crazy now......LIKE A FOX!! At lease that is my hope.
    HOWEVER it is not up to him.
    It is up to you and I.AKA We the people.

  3. I agree with Charles Walker and onetvjak. And yes, he will finish this job in 2024. Without any help from party or politicians. He will MAKE AMERICA GREATER AND GREATER and drain the swamp in the process. And once the swamp creatures have been indicted and tried and convicted, he will pardon them as well as anyone who was convicted of being on his side of history. Quid pro Quo.

  4. SEE: The Vicious Snake 7,215,403 views

  5. I watched my daughter disolve into tears several times the night of the Election as the numbers went up and down. She is a single mother financially raped by OBAMACARE. This was the first Election she voted on the "REPUBLICAN" side of the shit pile.

    My opinion is now as it was on Election Night: Don't put your hope in these people. They are all Corporate Tools. Trump is just a pawn. USA INC has shareholders and he is the elected CEO. US CITIZENS are DEAD and he has no obligation to living people who have no association with the DEAD.

    The people who have caused the problem are not going to be the ones to fix it and I seriously doubt Witch Hillary will ever see a trial much less the inside of a prison cell. They having enough dirty evidence to bury her under the prison but where is she? She is still causing havoc. I used to think it was Bill who was the moral degenerate. They make a good team.

    The Living are going to have to return from the Land of Nod. The CORPORATIONS only need one more generation of farm animals to indoctrinate and LEGAL FICTIONLAND will have total control.

    As much as I Love my daughter and son I am so sorry I brought them into this evil world. No man deserves to be the slave of CORPORATIONS. As sad as the figures are representing the aborted babies it's no life being a slave.

    That right to vote everyone is clinging onto for dear life, give it up, it's an illusion. People gave up their rights for the Grand Illusion of Safety from Terrorists and in exchange we get pillaged by Pirates armed by those we believe are going to protect us. How inherently Evil is that scenario?

    No matter how many times Trump claims to be a state national, which he most probably is, just like the rest of us, but he still holds the position of CEO of a Private Foreign Corporatation national or not.

    We all need to be working on a plan to wake up the indoctrinated as there lies the problem.

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware

    1. I agree. The biggest problem we face is ourselves. U can't get anyone to even entertain reading let alone comprehending what needs to be understood. And this non violence approach everyone has is just another example of lack of comprehension. When did taking what's yours at any cost become violent? When did reasoning with someone who trespassed on your property become reality? Most of you won't like this comment I'm about to say but you are probably one them anyhow. Christianity and all their bands of demons unleashed every Sunday on the communities is the sole problem in America. They hold the most jobs retain the most money and can offer the most Influence on the community yet look at the streets in America. Just saying

    2. more right than you know, the illuminists/rosicrucians/masons/british israel/luciferians LONG AGO figured out posing as "christians" was a good way to take back america and control/enslave people. 2nd coming in particular.

      they literally ARE demon-possessed "mark of the beast on the forehead" -- false baptisms in 2nd coming.

      in other words, deceived into denying christ, waiting for the next "messiah"

      see "memoirs illustrating the history of jacobonism" -- weishaupt knew to have a "priest" degree which supposedly taught "the REAL christianity" was a good way to get many dupes. he is astounded they actually believe his made-up nonsense.

      i really believe england sat around

      british bar attorney 1: "how do we get america back? they are convinced their churches/priests keep telling them they are supposed to free?"

      british bar attorney 2 "just tell them it is their destiny 2nd coming to merge back with england and mexico and world gov. tell them the bible says they have to"

      "sun day" before that it was "saturn's day". this is all paganism. amen-ra, see . re: easter see hour of the time frontpage, william bill cooper's former site (he is passed now).

      IMO there really is next to zero genuine "christianity" or "catholicism" just miles of dupes.

      see: 68th convocation fundamental laws of the rosy cross order, and see also and helen peters "the union jack" book. and rob ager "the shining" analysis.

  6. While we all are waiting for Trump, I suspect he is waiting for us. The real question I have is: "Are the State Assemblies" organized enough to take the reigns if he is going to turn the job back to the people like he promised?"

    I submit that while he is collecting the evidence to make his move and juggling keeping the deep state somewhat consoled at this stage, he has to have the confidence that the people are ready to take on the task.

    1. THat's it Dan it is a 2-WAY Street.... too much second guessing..... step in his shoes....

  7. Consider this possibility w/ much behind scenes happening for the People:
    "Lisa Southwick: Y'all understand what just happened with Iran; right???? There's more to this, than even this goes. Click on the link, see what POTUS says, and what Judge Judy says on a cut from her video:

    1. Deep State hits two tankers and then shoots down an American drone, which is an Act of War.

    2. President Trump calls Pelosi and Schumer into his office and details the American response to them which is retaliation using military force.

    3. Pelosi and Schumer celebrate outside of Trumps office (captured on film) because they are Deep State and they finally dragged Trump into war.

    4. Minutes before the military operation was to launch President calls the mission off.

    5. Why? Pelosi and Schumer left his office and contacted Brennan, who alerted the operatives in Iran to the location of the strike so they could move as many woman and children into the hit zone as possible.

    6. Once all this played out and President had it all recorded, President called off the strike."

  8. I'm sorry but this is just alittle to much like WWF wrestling for me. And why not just study Common Law and then u can operate in this illusion and destroy the delusional persons lawfully.

    1. it is called hegelian dialectic. it is a deliberate tactic. it is centuries old. marx modified it (put himself/the environment in front of hegelian philosophy, so that the 2 "Sides" people see are those they are programmed to see; hegel was still "morally relative" and basically statism, but at least it was theoretically up to "the people" to "converge" out of free will what they thought was best; with marx it was put thought control in front of this)

      some people say problem/reaction/solution but i would say that is wrong, because it assumes they create the "problem" every time, when in reality, any "thesis" preexisting will do just fine, just set up an "antithesis" and off it goes. once they synthesize, this may or may not be used as another thesis or antithesis.

      problem/reaction/solution i would say is bad to describe it, because it is already falling into the trap, assuming there is no truth, everything is relative, everything is a problem to somebody, so all ideas are "equal" and there is no real truth, and it also assumes things havent already been synthetically/falsely "merged". i.e. after a false merger has already occcured, then people can accuse anyone who tries to undo this falsehood of p/r/s. which just cements the deception further.

      see "Red symphony" "new lies for old" "perestroika deception" deliberate dumbing down of america. "deception" edward jay epstein.

      also see 68th convocation of the rosy cross order, fundamental laws,

      it is all about thought control.

      see getty alchemy collection, 52 english books -- compare to rosicrucian/masonic/mormonism "soul science"

      i imagine long ago there were genuine philosophers/alchemists, and then "bad people" got control of this technology, so nowadays they use it to try to brainwash everyone else.

      really, that is all spinosoan philosophy/hegelianism is, is alchemy regarding ideas instead of chemicals/nature/plants/etc.. to them, nature is god, everything god created is part of god, so you can merge/mix/match/separate and create any kind of illusion you wish.

      pushed to its logical end, theres no devil or sin or need for christ either, because everything has a purpose. theres no right or wrong, just nature in motion, everything playing a part.

      so, it is perfectly fine to manipulate people/their environment. it will make them "Wiser" (if they survive)

      it is very much a philosophy that the satanists are very compatible with.

  9. I doubt the pardons will spread to the swamp dwellers. Trump would lose his base, and then impeachment would be valid for aiding and abetting criminals.


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