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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Never Trust the Navy

By Anna Von Reitz

The US Navy is controlled by the British and if it had been doing its job the last 150 years we wouldn't have had British pirates on our shores plundering and pillaging and unlawfully converting our assets. 

The Navy was allowed to take over our Coast Guard so that we had no Coast Guard--the better to expedite the inland piracy we have suffered and the drug running and the human trafficking. 

The entire British Government and that of Westminster is filthy dirty. 

The Navy is part and parcel of the problem, not the solution. So when you see an old Admiral come out of dry dock you know that the Rats are at it again and are about to launch something nasty. 

Sure enough. 

"ISIS" --a division strength multi-national mercenary force bought and paid for by the Bank of England and financed through Quatar has been retasked and sent to America, to our Southern Border, where they intend to engage domestic police and normal US Troops. 

The Queen, Mr. Trump, the Bank of England and the Bank of Scotland will all be very, very sorry if any such plan is ever implemented on American soil. 


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  1. Rothschild started the SERCO.the octopus face flags,regime Change inc.
    The Vatican uses Rothschild to invest and collect revenue TAX.
    Navy is just a tool that obeys orders.

  2. The central node of deep state American style is the CIA. started by CFR.
    J.Edgar Hoover said it there is a dark force that runs everything that is beyond the compression of ppl.
    Mobsters have taken control since the Karl Marx pen pal.molto jew Lincoin. who locked up news paper Editors and warned the south in his first innergural.south try to leave there. Will be blood in the streets.hired 800, 000. Mercinaries.told them if you kill them you get thair land.

    1. If you take the time to do simple grammar searches, write with good grammar, people will listen to you. As you write the way you do here, why would anyone believe anything you have to say? You sound dumb.

  3. everyone know when great British Sign contract and put the peoples out the sea, 1868, and these state take hand out from Washington D.C. states become private, peoples loss there sovereignty,whoever decide to work come under this Royal International Tribunal Zufan Chilot Crown Mix/Court of Ethiopia, England has everything tied up,used what the almighty give america, a righteous sovereign nations to regain back there land and the peoples. the peoples is lose. This Crown Court of Ethiopia has so much power, more power then England, You don't pay your court, let get these 30 body and run this Common law Grand Jury quickly through Ethiopia Crown court and let England fall by your foot stool; the heck with England, nobody care about England except one shot to the dome, world trust holder let paid these peacekeepers of Ethiopia and the rest of the peoples Ethiopia Interpol and take all properties of USA, back and run our Unified United States common grand Jury under paper trail and deport all illegal immigration: If these terrorist violate the Attorney General/International Law commissioner law, by the paper trail, they be remove from the country we don't care, don't mess with America/Ethiopia, and we start liquidating these corporation and there children.
    Whenever the peoples in these state wake up, take back the trade name form there assembly, in mean time Ethiopia House of Federation Parliament, 1270 B.C. Aksum shall run this: We must do something, Now. leave England State department along and use Ethiopia until we get these peoples out, under title 18 section 219 the law tell you, we must use Ethiopia or the belligerent Occupier, shall continue to occupier that why we used Ethiopia embassy and the crown court to remove.
    We must protection the persons in the event of disasters. We can't force Assembly just urge in they decide they have no time ok, We must have a back-up House of Federation Parliament has the power to remove congress and the Director General has the power to remove if he suspect Terrorist:

  4. This from a person who never defended the country she degrades and lives in

  5. Dear Anna, you are absolutely right about most of what you say, of the many traitors; Military, Navy … etc.

    However, we are Not alone!
    We could have never won this fight, if Not for our Galactic brothers and sisters; they had to intervene, against their own principles, of Non interference.

    there is Also an Earth Alliance unit, with the best Military personnel, operating under the umbrella of Marine units, many, many of them... doing clandestine clean up missions... of scum bags around the world.
    All these units, operate independently from any Government, and all troops carry international jurisdiction... and most importantly; Superior Technology!!!

    Please rejoice... given from an insider.
    The job nearly done.

    1. my my my bruno and where's your PROOF of what you say !! i 'studied' that nonsense yrs ago and still have found NO EVIDENCE of what you state !!! give us PROOF !

  6. Thank you lut … I guess if you couldn't find the PROOF or any EVIDENCE to support this nonsense... the thousands of Marines involved in these CLANDESTINE operations [meaning secret], worldwide, should all blow their cover, so that you can believe they are REAL?

    Patience, Faith and Trust lut; and at the END, you will have your proof. Meanwhile, feel free to condemn any such nonsense, to the Realm of Crack Pottery! [LOL.]

    LUT... I must ask... how could you even begin to think, that there would be PROOF... on such a VITAL and IMPORTANT operation, where the whole of Humanities future is at stake!

    SORRY... this is the best I can do for you. [THINK.]

  7. You could discuss some of their operations so far...who they have taken out and why. Not mentioning the names of marines involved in past operations means no one blows their covers.

  8. Thanks Darling.... I understand your curiosity, and even if I did, what would you cross check it with?

    These are secrete missions, mostly in jungles, or specific targeted areas, where human traffickers and other degenerates congregate to do their evils. The last mission between the borders of Mexico and Brazil. Before that South Africa... and like I said, there are many such International units; each specialising in their particular field of operation. [with superior technology!] - [MED BEDS.]? [Anti Aging foods.]? [etc... etc]

    Other than that, you may need to draw comfort, to whatever best suits your belief system.

    1. lots of talk and no action ! very simple post YOUR PROOF OF WHAT YOU MENTION ! you are behaving like just another shill ! no PROOF no CREDIBILITY ! PROVE YOURSELF or shut up. you are controlled opposition way it looks to me so SPARE US your BS !

  9. I can really sense how starved you are for TRUTH and I pity your DULL mindedness that prevents you to get to it!
    WOW... what a genius you are!
    And what is a SHILL but someone preventing TRUTH and hope from spreading!
    Thank God you are NO gatekeeper for TRUTH, NOR an AUTHORITY on FREE SPEECH... WHAT ARROGANCE DO YOU POSSESS?

    Go ahead and believe what your limited mind allows you to believe!

    Nothing can STOP what is coming.

  10. Thanks lut… you just exposed yourself.
    I should think it's obvious to anyone with a good heart, and benevolent intent.

  11. thanks bruno all you have to do is PROVE yourselves ; and you can't because you don't have factual PROOF of what you shills preach plain and simple. you can preach all you want and you don't fool anyone that follows this blog because we deal with liars, con artists and disinfo agents, shills such as yourselves all the time !!! go ahead and try and brow beat anyone on here just shows what you really are . you shills get paid for putting out your comments on here and many other places ; SHOW US PROOF OF WHAT YOU SAY and if you can't or don't have the mental fortitude to do that then what are you doing here other than getting paid for wasting our time with your disinfo showing YOUR TRUE ARROGANCE ATTITUDE . you aren't fooling anyone here. can't PROVE what you say like everyone else that posts here ? because you exposed yourself like your limited mind allowed for your dreamworld fantasies of non factual statements ! you shills and trolls sure make yourselves look like true idiots that you are .

  12. "lut"... isn't that an obvious shill's type of name, meaning nothing?

    Aren't shills devoid of creativity, and original thought? Hence why... you have used and copied all my mental constructs!

    Unfortunately, there are quite a few shills on this site, such as yourself, where much light is shed for all to benefit and express their view. But shills, such as yourself, even attack people for having, supposedly, bad grammar! Totally ignoring their genuine intent of sharing their notion.

    Similarly, I also intended to uplift those who would care to consider my insider information... but what does a shill do... with such an honest intent? Exactly what you did... try and crush it... with childish and shallow attacks... for which only reflected your mean nature! And that... is the only thing you own, and Not this site, thank God!

    THE END!!!!

  13. so bruno uplift is with some PROOF ! your responses are typical of shills and you can't proof squat


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