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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Answer to "Information" Coming Out of "Texas Republic"

By Anna Von Reitz

Some people just can't seem to get it through their heads that there is a difference between a State and a State of State. 

I am reminded of Jethro Beaudine: "Naught into Naught is Naught.... Naught plus Naught is Naught...."

Look at the words on the paper:  "State" vs. "State of State".

States are sovereign.  States of States are not.

States occupy the land and soil jurisdiction. 

States of States occupy the sea jurisdiction. 

Unfortunately for them and their attempts to "dissect" anything, they are fundamentally too ignorant to know whether they are on the land or the sea, "afoot or a-horseback"----but they are trying to tell everyone else what to do and how to do it nonetheless.

If you don't get the jurisdiction right and don't act in the right capacity, there is no way to exercise the sovereignty of the land and soil jurisdiction States of the Union.  And there is no such sovereignty available on the sea, unless you: (a) abdicate the Constitutions or (b) can identify your issue as a Power Reserved under the Tenth Amendment.

What all these other groups and people are doing, whether they mean to or not, is to create corporations --- a "State of State" ---not a sovereign State.

Whether you call such a construct a STATE or a Texas Republic or Jim Dandy's Funland Theme Park ---- its all the same and just another incorporated boondoggle, inhabited by "Persons" not "People". 

The actual State is unincorporated.  It is populated by People.

States of States are incorporated.  They are all "inhabited" by Persons.

Look up "Texas Republic" on

What do you see?  Exactly what I am telling you.  Another incorporated boondoggle, no more "sovereign" than Burger King, International.

It doesn't occur to these "Persons"  that even their personhood vanishes  without the Constitutions.

Both United States Citizenship and Citizenship of the United States are created by the Constitutions.  Without the actual States and People upholding our end of the Constitutional Agreements--- there are no United States Citizens and there are no Citizens of the United States, either. 

I guess Destry will have to hitchhike back to his new home in Luxembourg.

Their whole incorporated house of cards goes up in smoke. And their political status disappears, but ours remains.  Fixed.  Rooted.  On dry land. 

All that happens to us is that our Delegated Powers return to us, and both the Queen and the Pope are left without a leg to stand on.

You would think that the necessity of being honest and providing Good Faith Service would be apparent to our employees, including those trying to get a contract by assumpsit, but no, instead we have incorporated businesses calling themselves "Republics" [Inc.] as if that changes what they fundamentally are--- and telling lies about their Employers, too.

Sound familiar?  Oh, right, that's what we have been suffering since 1860, all culminating in the False Claim that we are all "citizens of the United States" -- that is, slaves owned by the Municipal United States, Inc.
The American States Assembly, our sovereign States, and our People are not aligned with any of the incorporated organizations that are trying to take over and inherit service contracts from the bankrupt United States Corp.

We are safe and sound on our land and soil jurisdiction, operating the only States that are unincorporated and sovereign.

We are not fooled by the Doublespeak between "the" Texas Republic and The Texas Republic and the "republican states of the Union".  Those trying to pass off "the" Texas Republic for The Texas Republic can just go crawl back under their rock and hide, because once people really understand the deceitful language being used and figure out who was trying to bamboozle them--- that's where the Perpetrators of all this rot are going to need to hide. 


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  1. The Republic of Texas was a bona-fide NATION we have treaties with the Netherlands and other Nations . No state can make a treaty.
    Just like the nation states The United States of America .
    Null and void on any contract as its not fulfilled .

    1. A "nation" is just a group of people within a physically defined state. There can be many "nations" occupying the same piece of ground and getting along, or they may war against each other, but you will notice that there are many Indian Nations in this country, co-existing with our States of the Union.

      All the hotheaded talk in Texas needs to simmer down and you all need to think real carefully about the rats WANTING an excuse to roll in and murder their Priority Creditors by the bushel.

  2. Not to be confused with the Texas Republic Nation Anna? NOT Destry...

    I am the Lawful Vice President and Common Law Chief Justice of the Constitutional and Declaration of Independence of the Texas Republic Nation, as sealed by lawful International Treaties and by the lawful and legal petition of Declaration submitted to the UNITED NATIONS and the Secretary of State of the UNITED STATES Government dated 1 January, 2017. Furthermore, I am a natural freeman, jus soli, sui juris, a living soul on dry soil, dry ground, and dry land of the Texas Republic Nation, a Texian American National, born and reared in one of the several state republic nations, Kentucky Republic, of the united States of America Union of separate and independent republic nations of the world, transferred to the Texas Republic Nation by republic born birthright as a North American Common Law National who desires living without Residency, operating, and conducting my actions, affairs, business, and public conduct in Common Law, a U.S. NON-CITIZEN, NON-14th Amendment PERSON slave under peonage under God’s Law for all nations and the Texas Republic Nation Common Law.
    This is his ( David Allen's) rebuttal and affidavit to The Republic of Texas

    1. You say UNITED NATIONS the corporation,what about the founding member state of the General Assembly of the United Nations'1945 that's vote on any agent or resolution coming from the United Nations'Central Government that been part of Geneva Convention since 1920 a Sovereign Nations' and the peoples are sovereign through their Nations'

    2. Reply from Anna Von Reitz:
      The key word in all of this is "lawful" --- and lawfully applied. Our Trade Names, our Lawful Persons, naturally populate the land jurisdiction of our respective countries. As long as we know that and operate in our correct capacity, nobody has any right to interfere with us or to abrogate our lawful government and our treaties, etc. The problem is that people have been so dumbed down and mischaracterized and misrepresented that they can't adequately develop the evidence that they are who they say they are and defend against these commercial pirates. That's why we have the whole reclamation process and the reason everyone has to do the work and learn --- because, of course, they won't just take the "good word" of a slave that he is not a slave.

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  4. Oregon 'senators' walk out over bill about climate change
    Yet another staged event in my opinion to get the public to chaos
    I would bet that all of these 'senators' are part of their brotherhoods whether democrat or republican
    Pope just met with energy executives over climate change and now 'nations' around the world are throwing out climate change bills
    Recent CO2 Summit - hmm summit, sound familiar
    Part of the UN agneda 21 intiatives to destroy all manufacturing and only jobs left will be computers and service jobs which means, healthcare jobs, fast food restaurants, cashiers, etc etc etc
    They call it the post industrial zero growth society

    1. Great videos Shelby. Thank you. Undeniable proof it all is coming so fast and surreptitiously that people will just wake up one day and say what happened...........

  5. Halliburton, Dick Cheney and FEMA camps
    Public private partnerships
    For profit corporations in the know getting awarded contracts for the execution of their plans

  6. I am the Lawful Vice President and Common Law Chief Justice of the Constitutional and Declaration of Independence of the Texas Republic Nation, as sealed by lawful International Treaties and by the lawful and legal petition of Declaration submitted to the UNITED NATIONS
    How many terrorist has been lock, under the law of USA, you in America everyone fake not real

  7. is the united states of America actual constitution a tri-lateral international trust treaty and service agreement and is a public covenant of guarantees owned to and by the sovereign states operating in international jurisdiction. These GUARANTEES INCLUDES THE Bill of Rights

    Everyone is in violation of Human Rights nobody is trying to uphold Human Rights so let Earthquake, lighting , storm, brimstone, judgment fall own there head.

  8. Hires for civil service employment must be veteran Position Peacekeeper Ethiopia Interpol to serve America stating salary 16.00 hour male of female, job title serve each state send resume back to website Law Enforcement call your friends, anyone who:

  9. There has never been a constitution for the people...every and all constitutions have always been "commercial" in nature or why would the add that "No one can interfere with a contract" , without adding except in the case of "unconsciousable contracts"...the founding fathers were certainly smart enough to know there are plenty of "unlawful contracts"...!!

    And furthermore, why give Washington DC the 19 delegations of authority when those 19 delegations virtually gives the Federal Government the power of a dictatorship through "military power"..!! And they were the ones who first betrayed us...!! The "PEOPLE" not Washington DC have to be in charge of those 19 delegations of authority and no one else...!! How stupid can the founding fathers be to give the keys of the kingdom to Washigton DC and a bunch of fearless attorneys...!! Don't tell me the founding fathers were intelligent....!! All govt degrade into corrupt controllers of the people...!! And yet everyone still pushes for some form or any form of govt as if that is the answer to everyone's problems in life...!!Haile, you are one is upholding "human rights" or the "Bill of Rights"...!! Instead, we are forced to fight over the meaning of the constitution and it's perverse language for eternity....!!

  10. I have explained the situation many times, but here goes again -- at the end of eight years of war, the Colonies were existing on fumes. We had a huge merchant fleet, but no Navy. We needed to get our raw materials and commodities to foreign mostly European Markets to sell, but our commercial fleet was being preyed upon by privateers---so we cut a deal with the British to protect our fleet and they agreed, since they needed our raw materials to stoke their factories. THAT is what drove the deal that gave the British control of "our" Navy under Delegated Authority. It's also the reason that the British Monarch is still obligated to act as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.

  11. If the ocean is always going to be problem, then it's up to us to re-define what an ocean is...!! It can easily be define as the "LAND MASS" that completely surrounds the earth, with no water except lakes and rivers..!! That way the NAVY becomes obsolete and not needed can be absorbed by the "LAND MILITARY BRANCHES"...No more internation commerce ....problem solved...!!


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