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Sunday, May 12, 2019

More Corroboration -- From David Straight

By Anna Von Reitz

I love David Straight because he tells it straight. No candy corn. No self-aggrandizement. No ego. Just the facts, ma'am. I love patriot guys like him, because they get the job done.
They may not be as aware of all the frou-frou-rah of the High Courts and diplomacy and history as our group tends to be, but boy, when it comes to nuts and bolts, some of those who are rising up now have got the weather gauge on the carpetbaggers from DC and they are bearing down on them at last.
It's like George S. Patton's character said at the beginning of the movie---Patton: -- "I actually feel sorry for those dirty ......" Sometimes I just sit at my desk and think of what happens when 300 million Americans wake up and really see what these goons have been up to? And I smile.
I want to thank Mike, one of my regular contributors, for sending the link to "CPS FRAUD & CLAIMING YOUR NATURAL RIGHTS" on YouTube at
This is real help for parents and grandparents struggling to curtail CPS, but it is even much more than that. It's a gem and worth watching clear through. Heck, even though it's long, watch it again.
Some of you who are just waking up are still in a daze and you think all this discussion of the Civil War and issues arising out of it makes no sense. That's a 154 years back in the rear-view mirror, you say. How could that still be causing problems for us today?
As David Straight points out in this video, every Act of Congress since 1861 contains a one sentence Disclaimer: "This Act shall not affect any right thus previously established."
Okay..... are all your cogs turning? What does this mean?
This is an admission, folks, that everything we've told you about the history and the capacity in which the Congress is acting, is true. They aren't passing any Public Laws; they are passing private corporate by-laws. And that is all they have been doing since 1861.
It's not a theory --- but there is a conspiracy. It's a conspiracy against fulfilling the constitutional agreements that the States and the People of this country are owed, a conspiracy against our form of government.
About an hour and a half into this video David lays out exactly how you can lawfully and legally take back control of your county. This is work that will have to be undertaken county by county.
So far our group has been concentrating on getting the actual State Assemblies resurrected and functioning with the proper political status and with the proper standing and in the right jurisdiction to conduct business --- but the assembly of the counties which takes place in tandem with the assembly of the States, is where the pedal really hits the metal in our daily lives.
As you do your paperwork to evidence your "return" to your birthright political status and join your State Assembly, you are also at the same time re-populating your county.
Now that you are assembling at that level, what do you do? David Straight tells you, step by step:
1. Run an ad for 21 days announcing a Public Meeting to be held at such and such a time, day, and place (at least 30 days out from when you start running the ad), to discuss the administration of county government.
2. Hold the meeting. Tell everyone the history and what has happened and what they can do to regain control of this runaway train. Take a vote to hold Public Elections.
3. Begin the next cycle of Public Notice. Run the ad for 21 days and announce that Public Elections to fill vacant County Offices will be held at such and such time, day, and place (at least 30 days out from when you start running the ad). Advertise a place where people can be nominated or self-nominate to fill a roster of County Offices ---- everything from Dog-catcher to County Assembly Chairman.
4. Hold the Election. Only people claiming their birthright political status and actually living in and having property in the county can vote as an Elector. If not everyone wishing to vote has papered up yet, they can sign an Elector's Declaration at the Polls before two qualified and verified members of the County Assembly saying that they are operating exclusively in their birthright political status as (Ohioans, Virginians, etc.) and have lived in and owned property in your county since ________ the date they were born in or moved to your county. They have to have been living in your county for at least a year and a day to meet the General Residency Requirement.
5. Then you begin a 90 Day Notice Period. Again, you publish an ad in the newspaper and run it for 21 days, announcing the results of the Public Election and giving Notice to all Incumbent County Officials that as of such and such time and date (for example, Friday, October 10th, 2019, at 4 p.m.) please have all personal property boxed up and removed from the public buildings and keys ready to turn in.
6. Public Elections always trump Private Elections. This is perfectly lawful and legal to do, and should meet no resistance. Upon the newly-elected cadre taking actual Office, they can bring forward a secondary Election using the same Notice Process to collapse the Municipal Corporation and operate the County in its unincorporated capacity.
It's worth saying the obvious: these Municipal Corporations shouldn't be operating on our soil. The Municipal Government is supposed to be strictly limited to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia, not hiring private security agents to patrol the streets of Rye, New York.
So, this is the "Next Step" coming right behind and in tandem with the assembling of the actual State Assemblies. As more and more counties are restored to operation, the County Courts will resume operation as American Common Law Courts. Ditto all the State Courts. No more surreptitious and deceitful rule by British Maritime Courts.
What, you say? We can get rid of these courts? Not exactly. There will still be legitimate Admiralty and Maritime Court business for them to do, but the end of their meddling with the people and with trespassing on the soil and land is already set aside for them, by the US Supreme Court in Milligan Ex Parte.


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  1. Even in Codes they will step on your Rights if you do not know the full context of the codes. Here is a great example I discovered personally and should apply everywhere you see "Notwithstanding" and if you dont see it there may be another governing code over that one. The first code mentions "Notwithstanding" and nowhere in the 2nd longer more complex code is it mentioned. So what the city is doing here in NYC is going around and giving violations/tickets under the 2nd code to single family home owners where the code DOES NOT apply. The first code clearly states if your an owner occupant of 4 units or under which include every single family home, then you are not responsible for fixing the sidewalk the City is, BUT they do not mention the first code they ticket everyone under the second code which is meant for 4+ unit Commercial properties.

  2. Need a project manager for this entire process and a huge project it will be
    There are a whole lot more other organizations to take down than at the county and city levels you got COG's and Councils of Councils and a slew of others operating in their public private partnerships
    We need to recruit top notch developers to help us map all this out and track what is happening county per country, city by city
    Go look at this web page
    This is for the regions they have set up in California alone - and they have set these up all over the country
    Multiple COG's in the state responsible for certain counties
    In North Central Texas there is this one
    Again they operate multiple COGs within the state repsonsible for their respective counties
    Each county is not operating separately we have to take down the entire COG which operates multiple counties within their assigned regions
    This guy here is filing all kinds of stuff against the courts, police and other entities within Fort Worth Texas and he is rattling some cages for sure
    This entire country is under martial law, foreign occupation
    Just some thoughts but as you can see by reading some of these COG pages they have been in operation for 50+ years guiding us right into the NWO and into their regional global government
    Regionalism and how they have been sneaing America in to global government for decades
    They have even planned the educational needs of the region based on the business' they know will be in the regions
    The DOT is part of it too as with this North Dallas Toll way and the highway system here is all being mapped and planned for their North American Union
    And when you read the following you will see how the Bish family is front and center in all of this in the United States
    Bish family owns huge portions of the land that the NAFTA super highway is being put up in
    This is very complex and deep folks we need reosurces like developers, programmers, web designers, data analyst, the list is endless
    No doubt we need to deal with CPS, this is child kidnapping and trafficking, again another part of the fraud but these organizations too can be tracked as we attempt to eliminate them one by one and prosecute
    Just my two cents
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. There are groups all over working to free Americans from this tyranny
    And I am sure there are others - maybe not all doing the same thing but we need to get everyone on the same page and bring all this together and work as a whole
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. Here is the link about how the Bush family has many many dealings in this NWO and are specifically buying up land and fresh water rights all over the world
    This is the link I should have left above - directly relates to NAFTA Super Highway and the North American Union
    Jenna Bush going on trips under the UNICEF banner buying up land in Brazil which just happens to sit on top of the largest fresh water aquifer in the region - water is the new gold and under thier UN agenda they pplan to take over all water - no coincidence folks
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. Pardon my ignorance, but what does "CPS" stand for? Would someone enlightened me, please?

  6. Admiralty has become a four letter word to many folks, but before Winston Shrout was silenced he was on record via a Goldfish Report video.

    He described the dispute settlement mechanism in Admiralty and it was not a scary process it seemed quite reasonable if what he said was accurate and it did seem ok. He expressed his support for Admiralty was being "good law" he liked it. It is clear that some reliable mechanism like Admiralty was required for maritime commerce to function, but as Anna said it never should have been dragged onto the land to usurp the common law. Thieves and criminals will always try to expand the borders of the operation, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. We just shouldn't remain ignorant of the whole thing.

  7. Ever hear the saying it's all in the family
    Disney family, Desilu family, brainwashing the masses for decades
    It is my opinion that William Barr the new attorney general is actually John Goodman from the Roseanne show
    We are dealing with a world wide family of frauds and mafia and evidently they are at every level of society
    Can you tell if an assembly member is also one of these family members?
    Read the following with caution
    Just information for those who want to review it
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  8. Just wanted to say that I just watched the video and I will be pssing it everywhere, thank you
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved