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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Please NOTE:

By Anna Von Reitz

Quote from Second Comment About Michigan General Jural Assembly: 

"Anyway, the people running the Michigan General Jural Assembly have resisted the necessity of correcting their own political status and making it clear that they are acting exclusively as American State Citizens --- that is, as one of the People --- and without this "singular allegiance" being plainly executed, adopted, and on the public record for each one of the Jural Assembly Members, it's not possible for them to act in the capacity of "one of the People" and it is not possible for their assembly to act as a Body Politic for their actual State.
All their work is invalidated for failure to clearly and unequivocally declare their political status as American State Citizens with no other citizenship obligations.
Our Forefathers did this to prevent conflicts of interest. They did not intend that people holding Dual Citizenship of any kind would be empowered to make decisions affecting our land and soil." 


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  1. Our government is captured by dual citizens with loyalty to Israel .
    Wish it was a clear case of being a a state national but the fact is our courts don't care they deal in equity you have to deal with them in contract law showing your new contract in attempting to settle the matter and and arrobertration.
    This becomes your counter claim .
    Prove your the the trust owner and tell the judge to settle it.
    This is what they understand .

  2. In regards to citizenship, besides the oath of allegiance and expatriation, do we not need a sworn oath to said “country” otherwise known as states for correct standing?

  3. I noticed a newer color of law law that makes police or law enforcement officers off the hook, not liable for not seizing property.
    So this reveals is what I am getting at is that employees in an office or job of police officer can be charged with failure to seize your property and lose their job. Just following orders mostly blind but need a job. Seems they would be more mad about being used like dogs than anyone and would be helping out like the constitutional Sheriffs actions in dealing with the crimes.