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Monday, May 13, 2019

Special Maritime Territorial Jurisdiction

By Anna Von Reitz

These words mean "British Law of Equity" conveyed by the Special Supplemental Rules of Admiralty tacked on to the end of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. 

These six rules are what they have been using all these years to oppress and pillage Americans. 

This is what you need to pay attention to. 

True Admiralty Law concerns the Navy and operations of the Navy at sea and in port, but Maritime Law is Commercial Law and concerns civilian Merchant Marine services and contracts. In order for maritime Law to apply to you, you must be subject to a maritime contract or Party to a maritime contract or acting as a member of the Merchant Marine Service. 

Most Americans are identified as Warrant Officers in the Merchant Marines called "Withholding Agents".  From the Queen's viewpoint, Withholding Agents are "Taxpayers".  That is, Withholding Agents are actually Tax Collectors whose job it is to collect taxes and pay them to the Crown. 

This is why you get into so much trouble when you fail to do your "voluntary" job as a Withholding Agent for the Queen: you are considered to be a Warrant Officer in her Merchant Marine Service employed to collect taxes.

Anyway, that is the primary way that Americans get hornswoggled into the "Special Maritime Territorial Jurisdiction of the United States". 

Of course, any commercial contract that you engage in can also be construed to drag you into their jurisdiction. 

As a living man you are two steps removed from the realm of commerce, which is exclusively business conducted between two corporations. 

So how could you conduct business with a corporation like Exxon? 

First, you have to "cross the bar" in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and second, you have to accept the "privilege" of operating as a corporate franchise yourself from the Vatican's Municipal United States Government. 

That is, to operate in commerce, you have to either create a corporation with Articles of Incorporation and Officers, etc., or you have to "in"-Corporate yourself as a franchise of a larger corporation.  

The better to entrap you, the Municipal Government "presumes" that you want this "benefit" and confers a corporate persona on you, otherwise known as a STRAWMAN. 

Now you do have a choice-- you could conduct business with corporations as a Legal Person, instead of acting as a STRAWMAN or thinking up and maintaining a separate actual commercial corporation. 

A Legal Person is created when you cross the bar and enter the Queen's watery realm and take on the character of a Foreign Situs Trust.  Such Legal Persons are "dead" entities and can act in the realm of International Trade to deal with other Legal Persons and Corporations including Commercial Corporations.

This is in fact what the vast majority of us do on a daily basis, and so, we come under the Queen's Special Maritime Territorial Jurisdiction.  

If there is a contract in evidence that shows your name in all capital letters it is evidence that you were operating via the use of the Municipal STRAWMAN--- as a Municipal Franchise. 

We all have such a contract in evidence: the Birth Certificate. 

So there is the contract and the corporation made Party to any dispute about commercial banking, water and electric bills, college and car loans, mortgages and so on. 

You have to ask yourself --hmmm... do I want to act as a Legal Person in this transaction with the phone company and stand under the Queen's Special Maritime Territorial Jurisdiction? Or do I want to subject myself to a Municipal Court as one of their franchises? 

This is why our legal system has devolved into at best a Punch and Judy Show and why no issues of actual Public Law come forward in them--- everything is presumed to be either some kind of commercial or International Trade transaction. 

Your Lawful Person which can also engage in International Trade is routinely mistaken for a British Territorial Legal Person subject to the Queen's Special Maritime Territorial Jurisdiction or a STRAWMAN subject to the Pope's Municipal COURT--- and in neither case will you be able to be recognized as an American and as a Lawful Person without some hard work and creation of evidence on the Public Record. 

These two foreign governments-- the Queen's and the Pope's, have conspired to mask your identity so as to control you and pillage your assets using their foreign court systems to do it. 


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  1. We wouldn't have to worry about all you semantic bullshit if you would just put on your big boy pants, just one time, and declare war on the IRS and eliminate them completely...!! Everything you are asking people to do is to get around all the laws , rules, regulations of that one agency.....Anna , here's your challenge....cut the head off the IRS so everyone can focus on real problems....!! Jural Assembles will be the natural result..!! You are doing things "Ass Backwards" should be the one in jail , not Winston Stroud.....!!

    1. Why don't you take the reigns James, since you have all the answers and know who to blame and how to to things ass-forward. Maybe then you can stop whining about how Anna isn't doing her job!

  2. We need a brand new "Declaration of Independance" update to the old one calling out all traitorist govt agencies....!! When I learn how to do pdf file, I will post it to this site because I already have it and it is powerful document that spells out all the abuses of our current govt, not the one 200 years ago...!! Like I said so many times , contracts have to continually need to be do you think the banks are getting away with all these unlawful foreclosures...!!

    1. It is very easy to do a PDF:
      1 - Open your document
      2 - Click on file, as if you were going to print it
      3 - Click on print, and the choose how your printer
      4 - choose print to PDF and voilá, you've just created a PDF file.
      5 - Now Just save it

    2. Hey James,

      How about you publish your documents on the net so we can all use them to have everything done properly.
      I would love to get the IRS eliminate all together from the life of all americans.

    3. CZAR.....Its a complete waste of time trying to mach wits with an agency so big and with absouluty no oversite to get into a letter writing campaign with them...unless you want to go prematurely bald from the stress..After being in this movement as long as Anna I have only seen one "silver bullet that actually works and respected by law enforcement , the IRS, and the PSA....Its the American non- citizen National passport.....and it works..!!

      I have visited a ton of patriot sites and everyone that persevered until they got that passport (plus the ID CARD which is extra but necessary, plus expedited return), have all wrote back with fantastic stories without a fight...!!

      The whole thing should only cost you $300...!!

      If you already have a U.S. PASSPORT, you will have to surrender it, proving that it is a different status than a US CITIZEN, because countries do not allow for two different statuses...!!

      And you only have until the end of the year to get it because the DMV is cancelling DL and replacing them with "Real ID CARDS" which are chipped...!!

      So jump on it because it will stop all letter writing, unless you like that sort of

      This is the 10th time I'm giving you guys this site to take advantage of something I can't even get because I don't have an extra $300 hanging around...but that's ok I just want to hear some good stories when you get these passports. ..!!

      The passport itself is almost indistinguishable from the U.S. passport with one exception ....the one you will be receiving will have anywhere from one to 5 stars on it....thats how you can tell you got the right one....!!

      Here's the site...

    4. Now about foreclosures...some activist in Seattle got access to the country recorder audit dept and found a bombshell of incriminating evidence that the county was just sitting on for proves that all foreclosures are "VOID"...!!

      IF your going through a foreclosed than you need to read this...!!



    7. Unknown...i appriatiate your advice on how to create a pdf file, however I own an older MacBook (2004), and not near as easy as you said....i can crate the pdf but I can't email it , or do anything with it...and Mac cannot be synced with my newer android ...!! I am going to have to take this computer to Staples and have her either explain it or do it herself....does anyone know someone in Calif, specifically in the Hemet area that is an expert at computers that I can meet face to face with, so he can act as a teacher...!! I have a lot of info but I can't get any of it to you guys and my brother is no better....!! He had a desktop that was a PC with Windows that was at least 100 times easier to use than this Mac....we both have trouble with it...Anyone that says Mac's are easy to use are LYING to you...!! And Mac policy is to make everything only for Apple users, including all the hardware that is needed to link printers and anything else to it all have totally different connections...!! They were not designed to integrate with anything else except Mac...!!!

    8. James, What version OS X do you have- click the apple, top left, click About this Mac.

    9. Dan...thanks but my brother actually found it...its listed under pictures for some reason , then I had to scroll down past all the pictures until I came to MP Navagator, then it was listed by the date....!! We are using "TIGER"....that tells you how outdated this computer is, and there's no way to update it unless we had the next version after that...."Snow Leopard "...!!

      The best operating system Apple ever made to this day...!!

      So he missed it by one year...but it's only now that we know that...!! No one knew "Snow Leapord" was going to be the best version of Apple at the time...!! Of course they are way above that now too....these eggheads can leave anything alone....every year is a new version from last year...!!

      Neither one of us have even tapped into 80% of what our computer is capable of doing...and it was brand new in 2004....!! Now your obsolete after 6 months....!! The cars can't even stay the same after only one year....they have to at least change the lights or something, from the previous year....!!

      My brother has more of the creative (Right brain dominent) side, and I have more of the logical and scientific mind (left brain dominent)....two bad God didn't put us together instead of splitting us in half...we are identical twins..!!

    10. Anyway, I will be sending that that New Declaration of Independance to Paul and he can post it, or maybe I can add an attachment to my comment...!!

      By the way, I would love to take credit for this work of art, but I got it 35 years ago, before computers and Android phones were even out...back then we showed up to special classes , actual classroom settings with a blackboard with the patriot teacher in front and the class of people behind him like regular school.....there is no better way to learn something than a regular classroom, where people can freely ask questions and everyone learns at once...!!

      These computer blogs just don't cut it....its to impersonal and we can't ask the teacher questions and have it heard by the whole class....!!

      Computers are good for a lot of things, but not for technical training.....that takes a classroom setting...a Real classroom, not a virtual one where the course is taught online...!!
      My brother signed up for one and dropped the class before it even started because he didn't like the idea either of learning online....!!

    11. I bought my first macbook in 2007 and found a real help. He still has quick tips, usually around the 5-6 minute mark. He was using YouTube as well up until a few months ago. If you search YouTube, you can find many very useful short videos designed for newbies, easy to follow and implement.

      I have been involved with computers since 1969 up to Senior Programmer/Analyst with an accounting background and can say that classrooms have both pros and cons. I began teaching people to use computers in 1972 and stopped in 2011 from a classroom environment. Today there are so many versions of computers and applications it is difficult to set a course in classroom environment.

      I too am a twin, but not identical. I gave my bro a computer in 2010 and he played with it for a year or so and hasn't touched one since. He relies on TV and newspapers and I cannot convince him of anything different. So don't beat yourself up.

      You won't be able to add your pdf's here in a comment, you will have to send them to Paul directly as an attachment to email.

    12. James have you looked at the PDF Creator printing software? It prints in pdf and I am pretty sure it was free.
      I create docs in Win and Linux and simply print to pdf.

  3. Note....

    The prosecutor is to seek justice NOT indictments....!!

    Note the prosecutor is to seek justice NOT indictments.

    Berger v. United States, 295 U.S. 78, 88, 55 S.Ct. 629, 633, 79 L.Ed. 1314 (1935). “These principles are likewise embodied within the ethical considerations of the Model Code of Professional Responsibility governing the conduct of prosecutors: The responsibility of a public prosecutor differs from that of the usual advocate; his duty is to seek justice, not merely to convict. This special duty exists because: (1) the prosecutor represents the sovereign & therefore should use restraint in the discretionary exercise of governmental powers, such as in the selection of cases to prosecute; (2) during trial the prosecutor is not only an advocate but also may make decisions normally made by an individual client, & those affecting the public interest should be fair to all; & (3) in our system of criminal justice the accused is to be given the benefit of all reasonable doubts.”

    Foute v. State, 4 Tenn. (3 Haywood) 98 (1816). The United States Supreme Court has said that a prosecutor:

    “is the representative not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all & whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done. As such, he is in a peculiar & very definite sense the servant of the law the twofold aim of which is that guilt shall not escape or innocence suffer. He may prosecute with earnestness & vigor-indeed, he should do so. But, while he may strike hard blows, he is not at liberty to strike foul ones.”

    18 U.S.C. § 1342. Fictitious Name or Address

    Whoever, for the purpose of conducting, promoting, or carrying on by means of the Postal Service, any scheme or device mentioned in § 1341 of this title or any other unlawful business, uses or assumes, or requests to be addressed by, any fictitious, false, or assumed title, name, or address or name other than his own proper name, or takes or receives from any post office or authorized depository of mail matter, any letter, postal card, package, or other mail matter addressed to any such fictitious, false, or assumed title, name, or address, or name other than his own proper name, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

    Come out of the beast & get control of your life.

    15 hours ago

    And that 18USC1342 reminds me, how can I know that the organization which contacted me by mail, is using its PROPER NAME if they refuse to reveal who they are and how they were created? The very fact that they refuse to fully identify themselves, makes me rightfully suspicious and gives me a good cause NOT to regard their letters as valid.


    18 U.S.C. § 1342. Fictitious Name or Address

    Whoever, for the purpose of conducting, promoting, or carrying on by means of the Postal Service, any scheme or device mentioned in § 1341 of this title or any other unlawful business, uses or assumes, or requests to be addressed by, any fictitious, false, or assumed title, name, or address or name other than his own proper name, or takes or receives from any post office or authorized depository of mail matter, any letter, postal card, package, or other mail matter addressed to any such fictitious, false, or assumed title, name, or address, or name other than his own proper name, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.


    14 hours ago

    5 members like this

  4. There are several of us that are so deep in this mess we can’t break ourselves free much less help others. We need tutorials on how to use our paperwork to defeat these crooks. I have had 3 court appearances since I started searching for help over a year ago. I have been all the web reading and watching as many articles and videos to free myself of my ex wifes abuse of the family court system. I am a peaceful man who did nothing wrong other than marry the wrong person. I have been abused to the point of considering fleeing the county to escape these snakes. WE NEED TRAINING COURSES AND LEGAL ASSITANCE TO DEFEAT THESE CROOKS.

    1. Have you corrected your political status and expatriated from US Citizenry? That is your first step. Article 928.

    2. Getting my paperwork notarized tonight then I will be recording it.

    (by Jaro)

    Since the world is full of corporations pretending to be governments, we should never assume that any agency has a valid authority over us and should always ask them to FULLY identify themselves. On top of that, you don't know if the letter you received from some official agency, is really coming from them or from some fraudster pretending to be that agency in order to defraud you. So the below questions are APPROPRIATE since only the official agency would know the answers to them.

    So first off, DON'T assume anything. Don't assume that they're the gov't, or that they have authority over you. Make them put everything on paper. That is, I'd return all the paperwork they sent me with a demand that they identify themselves. Here are some questions I'd ask them in writing:

    " I don't know who you are. Please identify yourself by answering the following:
    1) What is your organization's full name and date of birth?
    2) Are you a private organization or a public one?
    3) If public one, what is the legislation which created you?
    4) If private one, provide the contract or other agreement which makes you my creditor.
    5) If you don't claim to be a creditor, then identify the creditor and your authority to act on his behalf
    6) Do you claim to be a holder in due course?
    7) Are you an agency of the United States or act on its behalf?"

    And then:


    You have 14 calendar days from receipt of this letter in which to respond, otherwise I will consider the matter closed and the presentments, assessments and claims VOID AB INITIO. If you do not answer this request in the time specified, then you have agreed that your presentments are invalid and void, and JARO HENRY SMITH is under no obligation to regard them as valid. THIS COUNTER DEMAND SHALL BE ENTERED INTO THE OFFICIAL RECORD OF ANY AND ALL PROCEEDINGS ARISING OUT OF THIS MATTER, AND SHALL BE PRESENTED AS EVIDENCE IN A COURT OF LAW."

    And if they fail to answer these questions, they failed to verify their IDENTITY and their AUTHORITY, so their presentment was thus INVALIDATED. And you are ENTITLED to get answers to these questions, since without them you can't determine if their claims are valid since you don't know what they are based on.

    BTW, this would be especially good for freemen, who aren't US citizens and aren't State residents, since in that case the only gov't authority to enforce their statutes and codes on you, is being a HOLDER IN DUE COURSE for the United States, since you use its internal currency instead of real money. And they aren't gonna be too eager to disclose that, but even if they do, then you can use it against them at a later date.

  6. James please do not address Anna in that manner. We are all on the same team...

    1. A good teacher should recognize that her students are not up to her level of comprehension, and that she needs to take 10 steps down and start with basics before she tries teaching them about something she spent over 30 years studying....!! That is totally unfair to her class and her students.....i know because I was taught by someone good and patient, and I try doing the same with others...!! In other words Anna, first start with addition and subtraction , before you teach your class "quantum physics".....!!

      Anna, did you take notice of Floyd's predicament ...!! Jaro would have addressed his problem and so would all the commenters who are all quit brilliant themselves....I want to know what you ultimate goal is...Do you want to head up all the "jural assembles" in America, or do you want us all to have freedom from ALL GOVT CONTROL (Your "jural Assembles" are still in my book considered govt)...!! The last thing we need is another Bureaucracy of stiff ass Brits....!!

      We need freedom from govt at all levels....and in order to keep the peace, everyone, I mean everyone has to carry a gun , because that's how "the people" stay in control.....will there be accidental shootings or ones that take place strictly out of anger.....YES..!! But how is that any different than how we live now...!! The only difference is law enforcement can kill any one without taking any "LIABILITY"....Who many have they killed what would normally be considered "murder" by any other standards....!!

  7. I can understand James' frustration - these acts against all mankind are just horrific - it took centuries of laying this ground work for them to pull off this heist - it's very sickening to think about
    And to have to jump through all of these hoops when every single one of us has been an innocent victim just compounds the frustration
    These entities will fight to the death to keep this beast in place and you can bet it's coming
    To think of all those suffering right now because they have no money nor food while these entites hoard everything and have financial wealth beyond imagination makes my very soul ache
    Just some thoughts is all
    Thank you Anna for your continues efforts
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. would make a good teacher if you had the background Anna has...!! And I do appriatiate your comment...!!

      People are suffering beyond imaginition, and foreclosures are still at an all time high....who weeps for them...!!

      They are systematically destroying families who would otherwise be close without all this nonsense of globalism...!!

      When I say "declare war on the IRS, I am speaking figuratively. ...What I mean is we need a groundswell of normal everyday America's that want to "picket" or do anything necessary to get right in there face and make the news....!! Today, there was a huge rally of Christians who came with picket signs and finally saying they want answers to the problem of abortion....and they got air time on the MSM...!! That's what we need to do in front of every taxing agency out there....and we should bring some tea with us and throw it in their fountain (hopefully there is you all know what I mean....!! I'm willing if every one else is...but I won t do it alone ....not this time..!! If you guys are serious than we need a focus point that everyone agrees with....I couldn't imagine anyone protesting for the IT'S against us, like they do with every other controversy....abortionist are always going to be confronted with anti abortionist...but who in there right mind and right in front of the MSM would be pro IRS...if the public ever saw the faces of those people, I bet there lives would be in danger....and the IRS agents and supervisors can't take part because all they want is their jobs...they will look foolish....and Trump needs to see we are sending a large and stern message to him....!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. You may find this article of interest
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  10. I'm new to all this and so far I am overwhelmed, I'm not a quick study. To know when something is or isn't what it says it is just to trick for control, boy how will I ever know? Also as in any sport the defense has to figure out what the offense is going to do and then the offense changes its tactics when they think the defense has figured out their play. It seems to me that whenever we (or they) go from bankruptcy to bankruptcy they are rolling with the punches and we have to regroup and refigure what is what. Boy that is getting so complicated that I'm not sure I will ever keep up. If we learn this system will there be any guarantee that they won't change everything again and again? Trying to keep up but when this means that and that means this, it is mind boggling at best. Has anyone made a game book that has all the scenarios that can be studied and used? Thanks

    1. The answer is yes....and all it involves is a one page form, properly filled out of course, and 90 % of your problems will melt away like ice in a hot summer day.....its called an American non- citizen National passport...Completely different than a US passport because it automatically changes your status to one of almost "diplomatic immunity"....not the cops , the IRS, or any other law enforcement officer or govt agency can ever bother you again once you have this passport...and to prove to you how different it really is, the State Dept wants you to relinquish your U.S. PASSPORT, because no one can have two statuses at the same time...if the IRS even tries to tell the State Dept (it's happened already) that they want the state dept to change your status back, this is the only time the state will actually stick up for you and tell the IT'S to go to hell ...!!

      Hers the site, but read all the comments because the state, for obvious reasons are under pressure to deny you for the least little mistake you make on the DS-11 form.....the form for getting this passport...!! Don't give up for anything no matter what they say or do...keep demanding that they give it too you even if it takes 5 months to get it...but if you pay extra for an expedited return you you'll have way more success ...!!

    2. James, what are the 10 % of problems I should worry about?

    3. James this informarion is gold! Thank you very very much!
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    4. In all fairness though I must stick up for Anna because I think what she is trying to do is bring the whole babylonian system down
      This is a world wide con designed to entrap every person on this planet - they have every intention of rfid chipping their chattel
      I for one want to know where the freaking money is in these accounts with our names on them and I believe we all should get these accounts period
      No way in hell should these freaks be able to come in here and kill us all off and collect the bond and insurance estates they created to enrich themselves while we're out here struggling to survive as they ship illegal immigrants in to take the shot jons they have planned for the new crop of slaves who too have been defrauded
      Just my teo cents - pisses me off that children, parents, elderly are suffering, being poisoned with vaccines, killed off every single day while these pricks collect on these bonds and insurance money
      Need some serious ass kicking all the way around if you want my honest opinion
      Now they looking to go after Iran and it is my personal opinion that Iran will kick their asses?
      North Korea same thing North Korea didn't buy in to their banking fraud scheme that's why they want North Korea too
      Anyway just some things I've read and my opinions
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  11. The sustainable development plan
    Going on all over North Dallas Texas even have their SMART city sign up
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  12. Dan...thats exactly what I did just this morning ....but thank for caring...!! What bugs me so much about computers and phones is that no matter how good a system is , and how well formatted for idiots like me is that they always feel the need to change something when they already reached perfection....!! Why is it necessary to constantly update everything.....the people coming up with all this shit are all eggheads that couldn't possibly interact with normal society and have no clue as to how far behind most of the lay public is....!! Their world is outside of ours....!!

  13. The passport James refers to is a nice idea.and a nice way to apply to be a u s citizen. Only a us citizen can get a u s passport. The 1 thru 5 stars is on all port passes. The problem is we have no proof that the passport you receive has any special powers, no way to verify it either.

  14. growroom.....not only do we have proof of that passport, we have first hand knowledge from people that got them, what it has done for them.....go to other patriot sites and see comments from people who got it....!!

    And the proof it is different is that if you already have a U.S. CITIZEN , PASSPORT, the STATE DEPT will ask you to surrender that passport in order for them to give you this one because no country offers dual- citizenship at the same they know an American is different than a US CITIZEN...And don't forget the important word...."non- citizen"....!! We never want to be known as citizens ever...not even State citizens...!! Under this legal system , it's better never to use some words because you never know who is interpreting that word and others and how they define them...especially in our foreign owned courts....!!

    But just the way you have to fill the form out is evidence that you are not asking for a U.S. CITIZEN PASSPORT...!!
    Every place it says to check this box if your a U.S. CITIZEN, we leave it blank....and your address has to reflect that it is a rural route, or postal route, and "without the United States", and zip code exempt....!! The site I gave you for that passport gives you an example of a properly filled out DS-11 form....!!

  15. People are having trouble getting these passports because #1, the State doesn't want it advertised, and 2, people make simple mistakes on the form like checking some of the boxes that you are a U.S. CITIZEN, instead of leaving those blank....!! And making sure you have a certified copy of your "live birth (COLB), and not a "birth certificate"....!!